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Tees Valley, UK
Freeport Status for Teesport
Procrastination is the thief of time.
we hate to waste a good idea to
not invented here syndrome
there are 4 local authorities on
north of the river - Newcastle and North Tyneside
south of the river - Gateshead and South Tyneside
on Teesside there are
Stockton-on-Tees on the north of the river and
Hartlepool nearby
and Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland on the south of the river
similar things can be said about the river Mersey
and the river Humber
each of these conurbations has a name
on weather maps to in almost all cases
select one local authority from a group
to mark on a map
Lets have
Tyneside not Newcastle
Teesside not Middlesbrough

3rd February 2020

have you heard about
The Old Man's Friend
this is a piece about
infection control
we could leave the answer to that question
to the end
but Ricker may forget, so
is - was for a long time - regarded, referred to as
The old man's friend
euthanasia for people
a part of the
balance of nature
it's a bit like saying
we define death as
the heart stops beating
everybody dies of
heart failure
the question is...
was it
Primary Heart Failure
Heart Failure, Secondary to Something else
such as
blood loss, or respiratory failure, or
insert here any medical text book
pneumonia is the old man's friend because
death from pneumonia is the
least unpleasant way to go in
an undeveloped community
with primitive or non-existant health care
we have said before
in other words
how shall we express this?
if you have a stoke
and collapse and cut yourself
and you are not treated for the stoke
but are treated for the cut
then a month or so later you have another stroke
and die
will there be - in the absence of brain scans down your street
a temptation to think that
your wound got infected and you
died of sepsis
Ricker has tales of relatives he never met
one such relates to a bloke who
rode a motor bike
one day he got a rap on the ankle from
some sort of incident with the
kick start
some time later he died of cancer
the family concluded that if he hadn't
missed his footing on the kick start
he would never have got cancer
some may say that he lost the ability to
manage his bike
because he as dying from undiagnosed cancer
there is a thing
disclosure or disclosing tablets
they used to get kids in school to chew on one of these
little tablets and
essentially they contained a dye
the dye was designed to
and not
it was a technique designed to encourage kids to
clean their teeth more effectively
in that vein we have never seen
toothpaste that stains plaque and not teeth
sounds like a good idea
at this point we pick up on those
sun screen ads
that use ultraviolet light to
dead skin on kiddies faces
we can put these two ideas together and test
the effectiveness of hand washing
we also have ads running now that introduce the idea of
the natural ecology of the skin
in essence we have people selling yoghurt type products
designed to introduce
good bacteria
into the gut
there are also
good bacteria
good secretions
on our skin that make our skin
a massively successful
protective barrier
that we should not be so quick to
wash away
at the end of the day we have a core message
have you seen those taps with paddles on them
in hospital dramas?
and the super vet?
do you know what they are for?
here's the idea
so you are being all trendy and
baking your sour dough bread
and the 'phone rings whilst you are in the middle of
kneading the dough
you dash to the sink
turn on the tap
wash your hands
turn off the tap
and, AND
you get dough on your fingers from
turning off the tap
in controlled conditions where
infection is a problem
no skin flora inside a surgical or traumatic wound
turn the taps
off and on
more importantly
on and OFF
with yer
gowned elbow
Ricker thinks
aside from those taps that turn on when they detect
your hand under them and off when you walk away
taps should always be activated by a
foot pedal
otherwise all this hand washing is
pretty much pointless

at this point we need to comment about
barrier nursing
reverse barrier nursing
if you are dealing with a number of patients who
have a serious infection
that is easily transmitted
each nurse and other medical practitioner involved will
be in contact with several patients
if you are dealing with a
devastating infection
for instance
you will assign several staff to work with
just the one patient
in the UK that is
in the first situation
you are not wanting your
carer to become ill
and you are not wanting the carer to transmit the infection
from one of their patients to others
and so to the protective equipment
patient A is infective
nurse A attends in a suited up condition
patient A contaminates the outer surface of
nurse A's suit
nurse A then moves on to tend the other patients
and then gets colleagues to
help her out of the suit
nurse A never becomes infective
but her suit
and then there is the problem of classification
and another scenario
Ricker comes home with
cold sores
herpes zoster??
let us imagine that Ricker has a baby sister
let us imagine that
Ricker's mam has a baby daughter
let us imagine that mam
shall we say
fingers Ricker's cold sores before
changing the baby's nappy - diaper
at what level do we define an infection that is
difficult to transmit
sexually transmitted
does this problem feed into the whole
vexed question of
what constitutes
kiddie fiddling
and why is it a
bad thing?
there is herpes simplex and herpes zoster
they are very similar
some may say they are the same but
characterised by
where they have been found
in essence...
herpes simplex - cold sores
cold sores are
crusty bits on the lips
they may also be referred to as
chapped lips
herpes zoster is for
genital herpes
similar crusty bits on yer
girl and boy bits
mostly girl bits
chicken pox
so essentially
mums with kiddies with chicken pox
also changing a bathing baby girls
transmit the problem and
once you have the virus in yer girly bits
not easy to get rid of
especially if you never had a
chicken pox vaccination
and you will be infectious at the time you have
leaking eruptions
the virus tends to retreat into the spine
and hide there
as previously pointed out..
beyond the
blood-brain barrier
Ricker lives in a house that was built in
what that doesn't immediately convey is that
it was built with a
in the kitchen
that is long gone
and the scullery is now the kitchen
and the kitchen is now the living room
and it was built with a toilet that was built into
an extension that had a roof and two walls
to try to explain this
think of a roof with two pitches and a ridge
the ridge running away from the back door of the scullery
and seven feet from the back door
under this roof that ran for around twelve feet from the
back door
were two doors
the one on the left opened onto the
toilet - the WC, the loo
and the one on the right opened onto the
coal store
and under the kitchen window was
the kitchen garden
and ther was no wall under the kitchen garden side of the
extension roof
the toilet and the coal house had a roof and four walls
but the seven foot square corridor between
the back door of the house and the WC and coal house had
a roof and three walls
and htis was a remnant from the idea that it was
the smell
of toilets
that spread disease
and the range had a coal fire and an oven heated by the coal fire
and a
back boiler
a back boiler was like a model of a railway bridge
it was a tank around 14 inches - 40 cm - wide
8 inches - 20 cm - high, 6 inches deep
with a tunnel running from front to back through which
the gases and smoke from the coal fire
travelled on their way to the chimney
and that initially was the source of the
hot water in the house
the electrical water heating tank in the
airing cupboard was
well it was an afterthought
there was - and is - a big cast iron bath in the bathroom
and a copper hot water cylinder with an immersion heater
in houses like that at the time they were first inhabited
the coal fire produced the hot water via the back boiler
and it was tiny and it produced small amounts of hot water
and the scullery would have had - it's a planter in the garden now
a Belfast Sink
a large white glazed earthenware tank for washing up
and babies and children would be given a
daily 'canary bath' in the sink
and this being done without switching on the immersion heater
and it was probably not possible to run an immersion heater before
the electricity had
added to the original
lighting only
the back boiler would only produce
one sink full of hot water
at a time
and so
all the children
would be bathed
one after the other
or in pairs
in the same bath water
what has reduced that these days is more that
families have less children
not that the late lamented
never sold baby baths
the upshot being that
the kids probably got bathed in order of seniority
the eldest first
and so a baby without chicken pox
would probably eventually be bathed in water that
a big brother or sister with chicken pox
had just been taken out of

regarding all this washing
we have over the years promoted the dea of the
Fire Triangle
for a fire you need
fuel, oxygen (air), and starter heat
for an infection to thrive you need
moisture, air, and whatever the pathogen
uses as food
water, air, food
possibly one of the most basic methods for
keeping food safe is
dried meat
we have systems in place that we do not explain
in public places at washstands we provide
hot air hand driers
it is almost more important to keep your hands dry
as to wash them
most pathogens will die if dried out
and quickly
the one exception is spoken little of
we speak of people working with old things needing
tetanus shots
we rarely refer to
anthrax is a thing that can survive for a very long time
as spores
without any access to food
washing with
'good old soap and water'
mainly counteracts
'off smells'
that were traditionally associated with ill health
the cardinal rule here is
just because it smells nice or does not smell at all
is no guarantee that it is
if you breathe infected droplets into a face mask
you are keeping them
warm and moist
in those conditions they can
hang around and wait for access to food
anthrax is a bacterium
it is a large facultatively anaerobic encapsulated rod
this means...
it is
capable of surviving without air
and coated to avoid absorbing the likes of
the spores resist destruction and can survive in
soil and animal products
for decades
and here's the thing
it is contracted through the skin
rarely through inhaling and eating the spores
and this is a classic case of
skin, lungs, or gut
anthrax can't get you
unless there is a gap, a chink, a cut, a lesion
a point of breakdown
in your natural defences
or if through
obsessive compulsive disorder
you have washed your skin
red raw
tetanus and botulism
are in the same class as anthrax
clostridial infections

if we find time
we may research
iso proply alcohol
for now we will advise
if you want to use a face mask
sprinkle it with gin or vodka
there can be said to be three forms of defence from
just avoiding contact and
putting up some sort of barrier
are examples of physical protection
alcohols of various types are the primary chemical defence
and then we come to the other issue
regarding natural processes
given that you don't have
gastric ulcers...
a 'hidden' form of physical- chemical defence is
trap the pathogen in mucus
swallow the mucus
and have the digestive chemicals in the gut
destroy them
and the biological defence is
the immune system in its many forms

Ricker has a tale to tell about
The University of Teesside
before it became a wimin's refuge
sorry, University
back in the days when it was a
Ricker was involved in providing computing classes to
students studying
HNC chemistry
the very thought of it
a SCIENCE course at a wimin's refuge
and this story is about a report to a consultative committee
by a student rep from the
HND chemistry course
he'd been deputed to say that the students felt that they were
not been allocated sufficient
organic solvent
to clean their apparatus
at the end of practical sessions
washing problems
and Ricker was not thanked for pointing out
that if you dump all of the allocated solvent
into the flask you are contaminate the whole batch
and what you want to do is dislodge the dirt from the flask
to attack the
not the
of the dirt
the AMOUNT of solvent in each
trench of solvent
does not much alter the
effectiveness of the cleaning
as they say
little and often
it's a it like cooling an vehicle engine
or more precisely one of those
change the air but retain the heat
air conditioning systems
the heat transfer depends on
temperature difference
heat flows from the hotter to the cooler
water moves from the weaker to the stronger solution
so you divide your solvent into
the first batch gets the most contamination to deal with
and when you add the last batch
it is - obviously - totally clean
and the flask is
very much cleaner than it was when the washing started
and so
there is no
going on
this leads to a couple of things - three
people say
bless you
if somebody sneezes
this is based on a belief that
a sneeze expels an evil spirit from the body
thus making the sneezer a better person
not considering where the evil spirit will
since contamination is in droplet form
the aim is to
the droplets off
not drive them deeper into the skin
and alcohol based wipes
destroy pathogens
rather than dilute and distribute them
and finally
in the likes of workplaces and food outlets
crockery and cutlery used
should have the food and drink
added to warm DRY crockery and cutlery
keep 'clean' crockery and cutlery in
a pie warmer - such as a Pukka Pie display cabinet
set at over 70 degrees
or wash them in water or steam
so hot that they
dry instantly on removal from the washer

and another thing...
the distinction between
routine personal hygiene
and what to do if you think
you have been infected
if you think you have been in contact with a live pathogen
treat the incident as if it were a
burn or a scald
run under the tap for ten to twenty minutes
gargle - with alcoholic spirits
if you think you have ingested or inhaled something

let's take three living things
an ant
a dog
a person
to over simplify
an ant of entirely covered with
finger nail stuff
and it is very slippery and an ant that
gets dirty has to wipe itself clean
using its legs - for the most part
a dog that gets dirty has fur
and for the most part its fur is
oily and dirt slips off
but a dog will use its tongue and
front paws to wipe dirt from its face
and then there's what cats get up to
something a bit different comes in here
a dog and a cat
out-live their fur
they moult, as do a lot of birds
people have been described as
the naked apes
they do not have fur to protect them
we still moult
we shed - not fur - but skin
for the most part when we wash
we do not
clean our skin
we detach the loose surface layer of skin
obsessive washing can remove protective skin
farter than it can be replaced
especially if
scrubbing is involved
and high traffic, high wear, areas of skin are
easier to replace than
skin in crevices
beware neglect of your crevices
moderation in all things
vigilance too

30th January 2020

30th January 2020

A short history of UK rail 'privatisation'
one group of former British Rail managers
made a killing out of its demise
They bought ALL of
British Rail's rolling stock
scrap valuation
the idea was to make a fresh start and
treat the whole shebang
in the same way as
Beeching and the demise of steam
and then...
and then the rolling stock company
decided not to commission new rolling stock
but to lease the old stuff
to the Train Operating Companies
and then there was
British Rail - state owned
Railtrack - privatised
Network Rail - state owned
Railtrack failed to raise the finance to
re-new the track, signalling, etc.
and were re-nationalised
The magic of markets
did not work
The bulk money markets decided they would
rather lend money to the government
than to rail companies that could
go bust
and the treasuary said
we want to demostrate the power of markets

27th January 2020

Joke up this morning to the news that
an Air Jordan
airliner has crashed into the
Japanese city of
and killed thousands of people
and the Chinese have begun to build
a huge hospital on the site of the
concentration camp
can we have our Dan Johnson award now?
Oh wait
The BBC didn'e send Clive Myrie
maybe it's not true

24th January 2020

it's funny how you can misremember
Ricker thought he had a
Jim Torrance - Ricker
the carbon cycle
he dug it out and it's a bit different

Interserve and their contractors have
finally - four months late - arrived on site to
build the pupil referral unit - excluded pupils
on the Saltscar site on Corporation Road
noe there is a question about
The Considerate Constructors' Award
at the site entrance there are some railing that denote an indent of
The public highway
into the site
that was a part of the adopted highway of Corporation Road
developers made application to have that land removed from the
public highway
we do not know whether that application was successful
either way
contractors parking on the pavemant outside such a huge site
cannot be considered

22nd January 2020

our Ricker has been out and about taking pictures to
illustrate how the
connects the
A19 Tees Flyover
by flying over Middlesbrough
but that first one is for those locals who may be
puzzled by the constant references in
local traffic reports to
closures and diversions on the A66
in the Cargo Fleet area

firstly the pie shop that comes on local TV
complaining about
business rates
is under that bridge
and that bridge isn't a bridge
it's the A66 Middlesbrough flyover
and here we have a mixture of shots designed to show
how what with the railway station being on a flyover or its own
expanding side-ways is near impossible
and the effect of the A66 being on a flyover on
footfall Redcar - flyover - Stockton
only locals will find their way
down there

This is a hang over from the days when
Middlesbrough hosted both
Middlesbrough District Council
Cleveland County Council
This is
Gurney House
it is former council offices
presently vacant
probably vacant most of the time since
the demise of Cleveland County

This is where the dedicated goods tracks disappear
at cargo fleet

and this is

Middlesbrough Council
marking their turf
with a council litter bin at the eastern
limit of the borough

and that was as near as he could get to a picture of how
the A66 viaduct supports impinge on the
Middlesbrough to Whitby line
and some more shots of
Middlesbrough Station

and a couple of maps of how Middlesbrough used to look

21st January 2020

we like to catch early versions of
BBC news reports
before the censors get to work
therefore we may refer to items that
people don't remember having seen
there appear to be a policy of
delete don't retract
in the BBC editorial offices
and so, we are sure we have seen these things
but we will not be surprised if
you have not
we want to start with a US lawyer called
Allred - female looking
recently she has been quoted as
representing four US school teachers who
are said to have had
aviation fuel dumped on them by a
stricken airliner returning to
we assume that is Los Angeles, California, USA
before Christmas 2019
a lawyer identifying as female and called Allred
was chasing Prince Andrew
the MIDDLE one that has a touch of Downes syndrome about him
like golfer Westwood?
and the only male in the Royal Family
who is not
follically challenged
was chasing Prince Andrew over suggestions that he had
once been seen within touching distance of
a woman of 17 years old
that qualifies Advocate Allred as a
Classic Ambulance Chaser
since then there has been a big bust up at the core of
The British Royal Family
what we discern is a line from
The Ginner - formerly the Duke of Sussex
that he wanted to be able to say whatever he liked
in the name of The Crown
so long as he did not get paid by the Crown
money is for toeing the line, not for shooting your mouth off
we think he is saying
one can jump to the conclusion that
the ginner had it in mind that he could
get paid by the Allred to say
on behlalf of the Crown
what the Allred wanted him to say
in that sense, if that were true
the ginner got conned by the Allred
and what he wanted to say was that
people who get photographed - like his mum
get killed, far too young
and people who have sex
for purposes other than making babies
die too young
and that opens up a whole world of
opportunity for
the ambulance chasing industry

20th January 2020

we made a rather incomplete comment about football players being
there are such things as
keepie uppie world champion
people who have specialist skills to do with a sport that
amount to a
party trick
we are not very clear about the rules and traditions of
American Football
but we understand that
particular 'specialists' can be swapped
in and out of a team whilst a game is in progress
essentially people get to be professional athletes
by demonstrating a skill set
in particular
indeed, at transfer time
some players experience their first
medical examination
which often seems to consist of
running on the spot for five minutes
not to mention cricketers
'training' or warming up by having a
kick about
two things
essentially to be able to substitute a player
and then re-introduce them to the pitch
deserves serious consideration
back in the day we think??? in rugby
people with
blood injuries could return to the field
after they had been patched up
more recently the same may apply to
concussion testing
cricket has outlawed batters having runners
as supporters do we want to see
thrills, spills and skills
slug fests

we were right about, say, one and a half
facts about the
Tour de Yorkshire
we are not surprised that the women will not be coming to
we were correct that
Redcar will be a destination
not a start
On 30th April 2020
The Tour de Yorkshire will begin in
and 110 miles later arrive in Redcar
The women's race will mirror the men on
Friday 1st May and Saturday 2nd May
and the men will have the Sunday stage to themselves
110 miles may be a bit long for women
but in the medium term
in 2021 or 2022 if the Beverly to Redcar stage survives
perhaps the women will race it

here's a question
what makes a tradition or institution
there are two things - events - on which a very high proportion
of the population would have had
a flutter on
a small once or twice a year bet
they were both horse racing and they were perhaps
in company with
the University Boat Race
as sporting icons that most people did not understand
but followed
although the boat race retains some of it's glamour
The Grand National
The Derby
have slipped from public view
part of it will be
like test cricket through pay per view television
but The Grand National 'kills horses'
and more interestingly
The Derby was switched from
a Wednesday to a Saturday
The Derby was no longer something on which to spend
one of your precious days off work - holidays - on
and it got lost in a maelstrom of shopping and football
and this is where we get to
Football Arithmetic
back in the day
football matches happened at mid to late Saturday afternoon
and teams played at home on alternate weekends
here's the bit of football arithmetic
if you are not a
travelling fan
you went to the match on
alternate Saturdays
regular as clockwork - during the season
your major expense was the entry ticket or season ticket
and perhaps a pie
football arithmetic says
a regular match of a Saturday is
one match every seven days
no manager ever says
we have a tough schedule
we have to play
TWO matches every
EIGHT days
but suddenly, introduce a mid week fixture and
we are not playing
one match every three or four days
we are playing
THREE matches in an - eight day - week
how many people work a three hour week?
the trouble is
because footballers don't work consistently
in the first couple of weeks of any new season
some teams can work a 90 minute week
and some collapse in a heap
after an hour or so
and develop a points deficit that
their season will never recover from
Rugby Union and Saracens
Newcastle Falcons were relegated at the end of last season
they argued that promotion and relegation should be stopped
they argued that they would be relegated because
as a club
they could not afford to pay good players
there is an argument that there are
too many teams in the premiership
if not all of them have the support and resources to
pay world class wages
Newcastle were relegated because they can't afford
top class rugby
Saracens will probably be relegated because
they are in a league of their own
and that brings us to
and back to soccer
and the perennial question
should (Glasgow) Celtic and (Glasgow) Rangers
play in the
swappin back to rugby...
would Saracens
loose support and financial clout if
they played in the second division?
The Championship as opposed to the
could we have
championship for rich well supported clubs
and a Premiership for poorer clubs ?
bigger, sparklier, trophy for
The Amateurs
and so to the word of the week
when you play in an amateur sport
and you have a day job where you are paid by
the people who own the sports clubs
you are a sham amateur
the thing is
Works teams - such as The Boro
can be quite successful and
delve into your memories and help us out
was the big fella who played for Boro
in the early days called
the Boro loaned him a house
and when he left the club
the removals people packed up the contents of the house
and left it empty
and The Boro sued Ranieri
because the removals people had not
left behind
the kettle and toaster that had been in the house
when the player moved in
there is a line between
person who works in a factory and turns out regularly
for the works team
and the person who plays for the works team
and is on the pay roll of the works

we are going to make a slight alteration to our policy on
Party Politics
at this point
in the sense of discussing individual politicians
we do not think that
Emily Thornberry
will be the next Labour Leader
however we think that she represents the essence of the party
at this time
quite simply the Labour Party has become the party of
Bread and Circuses
the prty that promises to protect the
chattering classes from the
imaginary under class
the party that will throw
bones to the
Dogs of Destitution
we note that far fewer people took up the
have a vote on the leadership for a tenner - it was slightly more expensive
offer than in earlier elections of party leader
it seems to us that a party of
Emily Thornberrys will not want
an Emily Thornberry as their
protector from the residents of
The Nation's Sink Estates
and we see the switch from
labour to Tory in Kensington
and from
Tory to Labour in
Fulham or was it
yes it was Putney - Labour's only gain
people who don't actually live in, on or near
a sink estate
have heard of them and
a local comment here
at some sort of public meeting a number of years ago
somebody from
had been convinced to attend a meeting in Redcar
and asked about a Redcar issue said
I've never been to Redcar
we do not know how long she had lived in Saltburn
The Media must, in pursuit of their
Pulitzer Prizes
in the UK we do not yet have
The Dan Johnson Prize
paint a dramatic picture
and voting is free and people will vote
according to
journalistic fantasies
and so we think that the
Emily Thornberries we never know whether that sort of thing should be
Thornberrys or Thornberries
to do one of our linguistic diversions
we SAY roof and rooves
we write
roof and roofs
we say and write
hoof and hooves
any road up...
we suspect that those members of The Labour
who look to
The Party
to protect them from the ravening hoards
will choose somebody who they see as
The Authentic Voice of the Under Class
and that to them means
Rebecca Long-Bailey
or Jess Phillips
quite clearly there is no
safe pair of hands
interim candidate
on the list
it will be interesting to see how much mileage
the press
can get out of any of this
before and after the election - of Labour Leader

and as to why The Labour
lost in 2019...
they misunderstood their history
we are not decrying the
Welfare State and the NHS
but The Labour believe that promising that
won them the immediate post second World War election
in fact
The Tories lost that election
people believed that
if Churchill got into power
The next time he had a
Black Dog
search Churchill Black Dog
we would be into another World War
The Liberals would have given the country
a Welfare State
they invented it and had it stolen by The Labour
to get somewhat into the weeds...
the social evils The Liberals opposed
sickness, ignorance, and want
something like that
were the
raison d'etre
justification for existing
of The Labour
and their 'Liberal' Bevan
resigned when
having begun the construction of the Welfare State
specifically the NHS
within a year or so
the Labour Government
took away the funding to spend on
so that The Labour
sold themselves on a stolen Liberal policy
and did exactly what Churchill would have done
and essentially, ordinary thinking people
clocked that
and they voted Blair
because they thought he was
too gauche
to think himself out of a paper bag

The Wooden Tops
have got a problem
has proclaimed that
The People of
The North
have loaned us their votes
and this brings up a problem with
electoral boundaries
when a ward or constituency
looses population and becomes
unviable or a
Rotten Borough
search that
the Boundary Commission does not act on the grounds that
the change may be
and so
do the Wooden Tops stop persecuting
anybody who is not Labour
in a previously Labour area?
which they have heretofore done
to preserve
Public Order
if the votes are simply 'loaned'
then in those areas - despite having Tory representation
patent - obvious - Tories are still liable for a
if the police had there way
taking anything valuable
outside the M25
or indeed
South of the River
would be a criminal offence as
incitement to robbery
and remember
it was the Blair administration that instituted the policy of
asking the police
what laws would you like?
no hint of
these are the laws
enforce them
Bread and Circuses
just a short technical glossary
the two terms involved are
sympatric social stratification
allopatric social stratification
sympatric means within the same common space or
allopatric means
an Englishman's home (town) is his castle
allopatric is a general term for systems that
or are typified by
ethnic cleansing
if you can distract the groundlings with
bread and circuses
you can all walk the same streets
when people say they
want more police
that is what they mean
they men make sure we can all walk the same streets
not that the police should enforce
ghetto boundaries
we are well impressed that the current
Chief Constable of Cleveland has been in post
for weeks on end
he may be the one who arrived saying
I used to work in
South Wales
so that and Teesside both having a steel works...
I'll fit right in
or words to that effect
and well, we cannot be sure, with all these
Johnson's temps
elected leaders in
The North East
will there always be a Labour
Police and Fire and whatever commissioner on Teesside
and if there isn't?
will there be an end to
adverts for senior police roles that state
experience of placating
the scum of the earth

14th January 2020

we rather like the overall vision for the
New Regent
Regent the Third
and since it will have
three screens
we think
would be the best name
but people don't like other people's ideas

13th January 2020

in the past we have restricted ourselves to saying
the ginner's a nutter
perhaps now the world deserves a better explanation
Prince Harry is bipolar
ths is why the connections want him in a situation of
he'll turn up if he's well
he'll turn up when he's manic, not depressive
it is the case that YouTube or whatever allows
recording when well and not when ill
to go back quite a few years...
we consider, without spell checking...
Huge Laurie and Stephen Fry
at a point in time
one former 'partner' Laurie was staring in mega medical hit
whilst Stephen Fry was failing to deliver on the
London West End stage
and so we transfer to
Wills and Harry
and Wills is
'getting on with it'
and Harry is falling apart
and what did Stephen Fry do/
he turned to writing and
the latte being something Harry has suggested his wife is good at
perhaps Harry's idea for the future is for
his wife and himself to become
voice over and talking book

we mentioned the Middlesbrough to Nunthorpe line
used to extend to Gusborough
we don't doubt there will be voices in
that will say
it's closed and good riddance
we will point out that
it is
marked on Ordnance Survey maps as
dismantled railway
traffic free cycle path
and that it passes through Guisborough to
North Skelton
the connection to Saltburn would be short if not simple
an Cleveland Countryside Loop
would not be a problem
except that a thudding great support column of the A66
has cut the Middlesbrough to Nunthorpe line from
twin track to single track

we will gather evidence for this in the next couple of weeks
A66 Middlesbrough
the central part - about one third - of the A66 as it
appears to travel
through Middlesbrough
is a
the A66 by-passes Middlesbrough
by air
not around, not a tunnel
and it may touch down for a bit but it
links up to
The Tees Viaduct
and that takes the A19
way up in the air over...
the Stockton - Middlesbrough boundary
The Tees Viaduct was built in the
early 1970s
to give shipping
at least as much headroom as does the
Transporter Bridge
and it is beacuse
the viaduct is in the way
that the station cannot be extended - sideways
Middlesbrough - viaduct
Cargo Fleet - just at the very Redcar end of, the viaduct

9th January 2020

Harrods is a large department store in London
Ricker used to be mistaken for staff when he went in there
since then the store seems to have fallen on hard times
The famous
Furniture repository
on the Boat Race route
has been turned into flats...
anyway the Harrods Sam s
there's a bloke in Harrods who sits in an office
all day and every day
waiting to be aclled down to one of the sales floors
to be sacked in front of an displeased customer
and then goes back to the office to wait to
do it again
The Cairns case
his mate has not been charged with perjury
his mate is criticised for not playing the game in a
courtroom charade
designed to
protect some woman's
what our society seem to be demanding is something akin to the
'professional co-respondent'
in divorce cases of old
where fed up with misses
pay somebody to pretend to have sex with you
and the wife can have a divorce
and be damned
now it's blokes in prison to show the world that
the likes of the Prime Minister's girlfriend
never willingly ever had anybody else
up 'em

whilst the chattering classes of north London
are taking a post prandial break
digesting their Christmas food
we are slipping out of our comfort zone into
local history
the first thing we need to say is that the one thing that
The River Tees
has in common with
Fluvia Themsis
The River Thames
is that over the year they have both been
had their courses altered and constrained by
human civil engineering
Middlesbrough is defined by
the current course of the Tees in the north
The course of the
Old River Tees
in the west
essentially, Thornaby used to be north of the River Tees
it's the river wot moved
and the old Tees is now a beck around
the back of Teesside Retail Park
in the east the dividing line between
Middlesbrough and Redcar (and Cleveland)
this is relevant to the development of the railways
the Stockton and Darlington railway was built - opened in
at that time what is now Allen's West station was called
Yarm station
there is now a Yarm Station in Yarm
Stockon station was nearer the river than it now is
but on the North Side of the River Tees
we think the through station now called Stockton
was built - connected to the network - in
but by 1830 there was a
Stockton South station
that is now called
Stockton South was on the S&HR
we take that to mean
Stockton and Hartlepool Railway
and in 1830 that having ventured
sarf of tha riva
terminated on the south bank of the Tees
in what is now
Teessaurus Park
opposite Bamletts Wharf industrial estate
by 1842
there was a dockside terminus on the
Stockton and Darlington Railway
somewhere between the current Middlesbrough Station and the River Tees
in 1846
it does appear that the Middlesbrough to Redcar railway
ran - with a connection to the Stockton and Darlington
from the now completely obliterated
Cargo Fleet
station, on the Redcar - Middlesbrough boundary
in 1853 the Stockton and Darlington
built its own extension
through Ormesby and Nunthorpe to Guisborough
probably because
The Derwent Iron Company
opened their own ironstone mine at
and it wasn't until 1877 that the volume of traffic on the
by then Cargo Fleet to Saltburn line
prompted the building of the present
Middlesbrough Railway Station
dismasted, decapitated - had half its roof blown off
in the Second World War
We're guessin that between
1846 and 1877
you would need a bus or a cab to
North Ormesby - where Cargo Fleet was
to get a train to Redcar or Saltburn
and this explains why Middlesbrough got such an oversized railway station
The Stockton and Darlington railway built
Middlesbrough station on almost the same scale at
Stockton station
so as to overshadow
Cargo Fleet station
which was - incidentally - an island platform station
the platform was between the
up and down lines and it was removed so that
the up line no longer loops around the platform but
runs straight through where the platform was
although that change only occurred in the past fifty years
Cargo Fleet was pretty much the same as the still extant but disused
Grangetown Station
the reason for the up and down lines being for so long
so far apart MAY have been because Cargo Fleet was built as a
from the dates that seems unlikely
but where people got on the train for Redcar from
1846 to 1885 is not yet clear to us
we will add a note about
Thomas Cook
the motivation behind his venture was to
compete with the
laid on by
pubs, inns, and similar
he had a temperance ethic
and perhaps so too did the Pease family
it is said that by they third generation
possibly the second
the Pease family regretted the
in the writings of Arthur Pease
the spoiling industrial hand of my family
it would seem that there was a trade off
money for hauling ironstone from the hills
allowed the financing of a further distant idle in
we suppose they would be championing the now proposed
cleaner methods of iron and steel production
and we doubt a modern day
Bolckow and Vaughn
would be objecting

8th January 2020

little factoids sometimes come to us in
mysterious ways
we have quoted this story before without any details
we now have the details
this relates to the ethos behind
education and teaching in UK schools
an ancient Greek legendary brigand
placed his captives on a bed
stretched their legs if they were too short for it
amputated them if too long
descriptive of extreme measures to make anything
conform to a standard

6th January 2020

The first deviation of the Middlesbrough to Redcar railway line
and the extension to Saltburn happened in
and so Redcar's first railway station was a railway station
From 1846 to 1861
and so from 1861 to 1915 was
The Central Hall
and possibly did not get to be a cinema until
Thompsons either took over the building or
first introduced cinema to it
it appears to have been
The Picture House
before it was
or had added
The Regent

and we assume that this
The Coatham Hotel
now apartments
was built before the Hotels in Saltburn
and so before 1861

and these are views of
The Coatham Enclosure
we guess the term enclosure refers to
a walling off of a section of the sea??

Our Ricker got a new toy

abandon ship
the demolition guys are a cumin

if you search these
Chris Topp of Thirsk
you should find
4 letters on 3 panels
that spell out a motto for
The Mighty Redcar

3rd January 2020

we have not put much effort into finding
a picture of Redcar High Street before
the first Redcar railway station was demolished
but here is an effort
what we want to know is
if there was a Timpsons in Redcar in 1965
why isn't there one now?

we have sorted out some information about
Redcar's first railway station
it was later called Central Hall, Redcar
it was a cinema from
1913 to 1965
owned by Thompson's Enterprises Limited
and at one time it was called
The Regent
and when it was demolished in 1966
the name Regent was transferred to
The Pavillion Theatre on the beach

2nd January 2020

Happy New Year
we are looking at perhaps the
Pacer journey to Saltburn
perhaps not

what we wanted to do here is give an idea of
the changes of route
on the Darlington to Saltburn line
so far as we can tell
there have been two major diversions
the line terminated by the
Town Clock
in a terminus station that was cinema in
say, 1959 in the 1960s or 1970s
ther is a Terrace in Queen Street
built on the line of the original railway
that has a plaque dated
so we guess the Queen Street terminus was abandoned and repalced with
the by-pass extension to Saltburn
before 1897
the second diversion happened in the 1970s
the rather large road over rail bridge in Warenby
was rendered redundant by the 1970s re-alignment
and filled in by the council in the early years of
the 21st century to avoid maintenence costs
so that coule have been built any time after 1897
and fallen into disuse in the 1970s
the second re-alignment was because
Redcar Iron Works was built over the old line

these buildings were put up after the station moved

This shows that Coatham pier was built before
1897 when the staion moved from
Queen Street off Station Road
the head of Station Road

Here's a thing
people who known a bit about the history of
know about a chap called
George Hunson
there was this Great Railway Boom
and George Hudson lead it and eventually got into
Carlos Ghosn
Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi
style bother
and the punch line is....
the Stockton and Darlington railway being
the first
was so well established by the time Hudson started the
fear of missing out scare over railways
that he never got to buy <
The Stockton and Darlington or the Clarence railways
this was the only setback in his 'Royal Progress'
any hoo...
in 1846
the Stockton and Darlington
leased the new
Middlesbrough and Redcar Railway
and so we conclude that
The original Redcar station was in operation
from 1846 to some time not long before
and another thing...
for those who insist the likes of South Bank and Eston are
in or near Middlesbrough
it was because
the Eston Ironstone Mines were
three miles from the Middlesbrough to redcar railway
and ten miles from
that Bolckow and Vaughan
first had to
use the Middlesbrough to Redcar railway for the first part of
the 54 mile trip from Eston to Consett Iron Works
and later started smelting iron
In Eston
near Middlesbrough, like
near Darlington
or near Newcastle, or near Whitby
but not IN any of those places
IN SOuth Bank, Warrenby, and Port Clarence
Port Clarence was Bell Brothers
and Gertrude Bell's dad lived in
Kirkleatham Street in Redcar and
up until a few decades ago
trains on the Darlington to Saltburn line
had a 6 or ten mile an hour speed limit as they passed between
Locke Park
and Red Barns - the Bell family home
not just the passenger trains but all traffic
just as even today
there is a 7 ton weight limit on
Locke Road rail bridge that runs alongside Red Barns
we understand the council are presently considering lifting that for
emergency and council vehicles

June 1954
a Darlington to Saltburn train
emerging from the Redcar Central train shed

the matching train shed in Saltburn
pictured in 1970
To sum up
Middlesbrough to Redcar line built
it is actually
Middlesbrough to Coatham
the Redcar end is on the north east corner of
Queen Street and West Terrace
and on the beach from 1875 to 1878
we have Coatham Pier
and Station Road is not yet called Station Road
and the rail tracks cut across it anyway around the level of Queen Street
West Terrace now the seaward end of
West Dyke Road
runs from Redcar Railay station towards a complex
a bandstand sort of thing where the
Vertical Pier or Beacon now stands
a pier that stopped being a pier after
three or four years and remains to this day
as a theatre and then a cinema
The Coatham Enclosure
a somewhat elaborate boating lake
we think was filled with
sea water and may have been intended as a
there was a convalescant home
and a golf course
and a cricket ground
and so Coatham known as Redcar
was a seaside resort fed trippers and holiday makers
from the Tees Valley
by the railways
and was a tourist railway resort from
and developed an industrial dimension from
with the development of the Normanby Ironstone mines in Eston
all the classic white bricks used to build the terraces around
the cricket ground are embossed with the trade name
and the Pease chap decided to build a huge hotel in
and owning the Stockton and Darlington Railway
he decided to extend the
Middlesbrough and Redcar Railway
to Saltburn
and if you booked into the hotel
you stayed on the train until it pulled up in the hotel
on a private platform just beyond the public one
Thomas Cook may have invented the package holiday
Edward Pease was not far behind

There has been A New Year's Day Invasion
a pair of swans have sneaked in
they swam along the drain culvert - under the railway bridge
they didn't fly in
perhaps they will nest in Locke park this year
perhaps not

here we are tracking the 1970s deviation of the
Darlington to Saltburn line
the deviation is joining the old track from the left

and this is the vacant old track bed

here we see the filled in bridge for the first time

and the bridge's identifier

more of the vacant track bed

track bed central
Cleveland Golf Links to the right
to the left the industrial estate that replaced
the village of Warrenby

and now we hit the wall
and we see the remnants of the
Tod Point Road level crossing
in use from
1846 to 1970 something

we suspect that
SPA has replaced
as a designetion
but there you have it
still an SSSI

on a clear day you're supposed to
be able to see this from
perhaps in an aeroplane??
Ricker has always found it impossible to be sure he has
made it out from the top of Sutton Bank
Sutton under Whitestonecliffe
that would be
IF the blast were lit
and it was a clear dark night....
who knows?
another stat that makes us think it - the Big Blast
is not very big is that it is apparently
about the same size as
St. Paul's Cathedral, in London

here see the future the future advancing over the
horizon towards the past
these are the random things yoy would never expect
if you didn't live here
you know about casting iron and steel
and you hear about the care that is taken in
creating the moulds...
but these structures, artifacts
are - were - produced when slag was tipped out of the
ladle trucks
just as it was solidifying
not poured over the edge of the tip
like molten lava

and that is litchen growing on a man made boulder of slag
and that's
Warrenby Iron Works
over the road from
Redcar Iron Works
excuse the scrappy photomerge

you have heard of
Southbank coke works
this is
Redcar coke works
this is redundant
from the quench tower on the right
to the gas holders on the left
we don't need none of it

those are the bulk handling cranes
difficult to distinguish from the
container port cranes we have pictured previously
so two with grab buckets
and four with shipping container grapples

this is the the money shot
what you see and what you don't see
sloping up from bottom left to top right
and from the stack yards to the
top of the big blast
the elevator that takes iron ore and limestone into the process
the main event however is the slightly smaller elevator
feeding coal or other carbon
into the top of the
Direct Coal Injection plant
and, and
it disappears
it is not elevated to the top of the Big Blast
it is BLOWN into the bottom of the big blast through a
duct or pipe not on a conveyor belt
that's the crux of

and there they be
the injector pipes

at the bottom of the direct coal injection plant

We are always engaged in the effort to select
suitable analogies
to illustrate complex problems
we may have hit upon a helpful one regarding
natural resources
if you are a commercial geologist it is your job to
find natural resources that are present in
exploitable concentrations
if you teach geology you may feel you have a
looser remit
if you are a commercial geologist somewhat on
hard times
you may find yourself advising
civil engineers about
ground conditions and
foundations for building and civil engineering projects
the analogy we have thought up at present is
say you are living in a mobile home
off the grid
as they say
two resources you may have are
1 a gas burner, oven, fire, gas ring, etc
2 bottled gas
in the immediate context
you need to judge how much heat you are willing to
by ventilating your mobile home
in order to avoid
carbon monoxide poisoning
However, in the longer term...
what can we say?
if your supplier said to you
we have run out of bottled gas
we have another fuel for you but it will
require some modification to your set-up
do you say
thanks but no thanks
we are resourceful traditionalist
we will get by
burning the rubber hoses between or burners and gas bottles
we will burn the furniture
but we stand steadfast against
dishonouring our ancestors by
adopting a new fuel
so many people these days are so far removed from
wealth creation
that they think it impossible
not just
a violation of the laws of
thermo economics
see what we did there
laws of Thermodynamics
rewritten by
the chattering classes into
the Laws of thermo-economics
it's new - it isn't new
it's not been done before
it's bound to
the one thing economists have been beefing about
over the past decade or so in the UK is
unemployment has gone down but
productivity has flat lined
the UK economy has driven lots of people
jobs that don't create wealth
in the world of the late great
Douglas Adams
they have been hired as
telephone sanitisers
Douglas Adams did write about the
rap rock
the mobile 'phone
rap as in rapping not wrapping
but he probably did not see the end of
work place telephones in communal use
the more people you employ
the more leverage you have with
governments and authorities that are
paralysed by a fear of
mass unemployment
so you make your customers fund
legions of people who do not do anything that
feeds through to the bottom line
but whose numbers get you a hearing in
the corridors of power
employers are out playing the
Labour Unions
at their own game
if you don't do what we say
we will go bust and
there will be blood on the streets
the problem is
since business is not aiming for efficiency
many people believe that
wealth creation is impossible and then
they begin to believe that wealth is finite
buy land
they've stopped making it
except in Holland
corner wealth - they've stopped making it
find it, exploit it, stock pile it
and in a world where productivity is stagnant
the same applies to
all forms of wealth
this is the core fallacy of the current age
Ricker has got through a lot of
Tennessee Fire over the holiers used to be married to
Paul McCartney
the one legged wonder
who doing just this
tens of thousands of jobs making
vegan burgers in the wilds of
North East England
where we started was
oven versus gas
capital equipment versus fuel
there are some resources that are almost
100 per cent recycled
iron and steel top that list
aluminium is high
strangely gold is not so high
a lot of gold ends up in land fill as part of
redundant electronic consumer goods
and there are resources stories about
changing markets changing exploitation priorities
to paraphrase
whenever anything is
it often becomes a panacea
a universal remedy
the story goes that at one time
companies mined for
and threw the associated sulphur away as waste
then people got the idea of
arsenical poisoning
and the market for
sulphuric acid - made from sulphur
grew and the same companies
in the same places
exploited the sulphur and
discarded the arsenic
let us consider a natural resource
a tree
not an ordinary tree that is significant because of
where it grows
for instance the tree in
sycamore gap
on Hadrian's Wall
in Northumberland in North East England
we are considering a beautiful tree
a tree beautiful in it's own right
it is a resource
we could exploit it as a tourist attraction
we recall those giant red woods with
car sized tunnels driven through them
let's just say this is a beautiful tree but not
we could
1 cut it down for fire wood
2 cut it down to make charcoal
3 cut it down to build a hen house
4 cut it down to build a home
5 cut it down to build a bridge
6 cut it down to make yards and yards and yards of
beautiful walnut veneer
it's all the same natural resource but
the amount of wealth it creates depends on
the amount of skill and effort people put into
best exploiting it
we have a rarely referred to fact to replay
about fuels
this applies to both
gasoline - petrol
if you set aside a vehicle
a coal fired steam engine
or a gas powered automobile
in time - not great deal of time
the fuel in it will get
this is because both coal and petrol
volatile organic chemicals
in theory
if you left a lump of coal out on a
sunny window sill for long enough
it would turn to something little different from
over time
and liquid petroleum fuels left in an open tank
turn to
wax, because wax is all that does not evaporate
some resources are
best left in the ground
until we have a better use for them
we can recycle
oxygen, hydrogen, water and sunlight
for ever without messing with these side issues
and now for a related perspective on
colliery disasters
in the public consciousness there are two main
causes of pit tragedies
setting aside the mindless atrocity of
between Merthyr Tydfil and Treharris
in the Rhondda
people think
1 roof fall due to insufficient pit props
2 hitting a gas pocket
here's the thing
a lot of industrial accidents happen when
work re-starts after a break
say Christmas Eve you dig out a load of coal from a
fresh seam
if you say
we not coming back 'till the day after New Year's
we'll save a bit and shut off the fans
that fresh cut in the coal face starts to
out gas
nobody is there to notice the smell
when you go back down
you don't
a gas pocket
you walk right into one that built up
over the holidays

24th December 2019

we have made a change to the legend about the
old electricity showroom and Hays Travel
the old electricity showroom is now
The Blue Lounge
so Hays may be the old gas showroom
thta picture above
may be the most telling about the state of
Redcar Central railways station
on the left we have the
Darlington to Saltburn service
standing at the 'new' matchstick platform 2
and in the weeds on the right we have the
dark line of the edge stones of
the old platform 2
this is not the excursion platform referred to elsewhere
that would have been
platform 3 or 2B
it is well into the weeds and
there would have been a turn out
just after the Locke Road road over rail bridge
that would have given access to the full length of
platform 2/3 or /2B
which stopping trains
as opposed to terminating trains
would have passed by without turning
and then the stopping trains
would have continued to the turn out for platform 2
and the goods trains would have continued beyond
the West Dyke Road level crossing to a
turn out for the goods yard
terminating - first turn out
stopping passenger - second turn out
goods - third turn out
we'd need special permission to photograph that but
the track was a loop that meant that
through down trains - Darlington to Saltburn
didn't deviate until they had passed the head of the
excursion platform
for those who know what it means
the train shed is a bit longer than
two and a half chains
one chain is about 20 metres

we think you will see that
to put terminating trains back through the train shed
you would not need an extra footbridge
just an extra set of steps connecting the
stopping trains platform to the existing bridge

20th December 2019

we have little to say about the recent General Election
at this time
what we think we can say is
we said before was we thought the people who voted in the
BrExit referendum
thought they were voting on a
No deal BrExit
and the people who voted Tory having not voted leave
had changed their minds in light of the news that
there will be a deal - probably

we invite you to scroll down to the
latest photo essay
we have improved the annotation

18th December 2019

we sometimes feel we a stating the bleedin' obvious
and the one think Ricker hates the most is
repeating himself
two concepts we have not rehearsed recently...
cheaper to keep a week than a fortnight
both ends against the middle
there are two classes of people in the UK
workers and non-workers
Ricker's mam was the first maid - home help, carer
that Ricker's dad had who was not
Tommy married his own home help, the second time around
his two brothers - full brothers
women who had been
in service
with employers other than the men they eventually married
if we go back beyond the Second World War
a definition of a genuinely
Middle Class woman
in other terms middle middle, or upper middle class
they were even more a
womb on legs
than upper class women were
they had
even if that staff was a succession on
teenage girls
and twenty years later - in the 1960s
the upper middle class - or London folk
had a au pair, in place of a skivvey
these days we tend to hear people refer to
The Working Class
as people on the lowest rungs
both ends against the middle refers to
people who lived on charity and
people who lived on rents from their property
as the non-workers
and people who
did a fair day's work for a fair day's pay
as workers
and then comes the third saying
beats working for a living
referring to anything, being on the stage, office work
all sorts of things where it cannot be seen that
you have
taken raw materials and
added value
real people see what happens in parliament as
a chin wag down the boozer
not the sort of thing anybody should
get paid for
claiming wages for indulging in a pastime
seems all wrong to folk who work for a living
and then there is the
Digby Jones
Lord Digby Jones, concept of the
working peer
a member of the House of Lords who is employed to do
the work of
Civil Servants
rather than to
volunteer their time in retirement to
keep an eye on what the people in the
House of Commons
are up to
so we end up with the only
non-workers in society being
recipients of charity
the toffs is workin' too

16th December 2019

we have never read
The Trial
Ricker thinks it was written by
being a patient in the UK NHS is a
Kafkaesque experience
but any dealings with the UK administration
is essentially the same
trying to make sense of UK law is
deeply frustrating because of the concept of
Case Law
to suggest that it will be quick and easy to
change British Law after BrExit
is over ambitious
what will happen is that when
new law is required
the new laws enacted in the UK
MAY vary from the new laws enacted in Europe
we have a word for any other concept
feeble in mind, weak, silly, inane, idiotic
but with a slant towards
willow oh willow tit willow
was it weakness of intellect, birdie he cried
or a rather tough worm in
your little insides?
Gilbert and Sullivan
also Gilbert and Sullivan...
ever child that is born alIVE
is either a Liberal
or else a
that is conservative not Tory or Conservative
and so Whitehall and The Labour under Brown - Corbyn
are conservative
reserved, regressive
we have an example of the
inertia of Whitehall
we forget the dates but say twenty or thirty years ago
we had two major animal health scares
Foot and Mouth
to demonstrate the extent to which
Whitehall is on
the protocol for dealing with Foot and Mouth dictates
slaughter all the animals and
put in history's biggest ever order for
coal and pit props
to fire funeral pyres for the remains
we kid you not
but because
BSE wasn't Foot and Mouth
there were no orders to requisition land and buy
coal and pit props
there were simply instructions to
slaughter suspect animals and
safely dispose of the carcases
same problem under a different name
old and new protocol
Redcar and Cleveland Council
called out the police to enforce a ban on
dog walking on a path next to the field between
Redcar and Marske that hasn't had
stock on it in living memory
no, let's be more precise
the council put up signs with
'Dr' Rees's name on them
banning access to
Green Lane
and people driving along Green Lane
as part of their work for
Northumbrian Water at the sewage works
called out the police to stop
people from walking their dogs
where they were running their vans

we presume that a law that was passed
before there were vans
doesn't apply to vans???
one thing you may not have noticed is that in
the haunted fish tank
that is the House of Commons
members when speaking and referring to another member
refer to
their honourable or right honourable friend
when they are speaking of a member of their own party
and the honourable or right honourable member
if referring to an opposition member
the extra 'right' denoting they are a
minister not a back bencher
what speaks so eloquently of the fact that
Members of Parliament
live in a fantasy world of their own devising
that they refer to
my right honourable and learned friend
if the member is a
barrister, a lawyer
and not if the member is a
brain surgeon, or nuclear physicist
or university professor
a doctor, GP, family doctor
has just been voted out of his
second job, as MP for Stockton South on Teesside
there was no way he was ever going to be referred to in parliament as
but a complete waste of space, lifelong junior barrister
the likes of Vera Baird
was made up to Queen's Counsel and became 'learned' the moment she was
elected to parliament to represent Redcar, many years ago
in MPs' parallel universe
truth is what the House voted for
and the only outside entity of any significance is
The Law Courts

and for now a photo essay on the
first direct train from
Manchester to Redcar
will be a bit
we should point out that early services
will be run with the old rolling stock
and so will not be any quicker

we're thinking this is the 'original'
Redcar Thomas Cook

when Redcar Morrisons was built
it was a part of the planning application that
This section of
France Street
be widened to let the buses
pass Morrisons and then access the High Street
this didn't happen
perhaps because the property owners
the Co-Op ???
perhaps because the council thought
they had done enough
compulsory purchase demolishing the
Pig and Whistle

This is the High Street frontage

this is the new Hay's Travel
opened a few years ago
we think in the former
Electricity showroom
no, the former electricity showroom is the
Blue Lounge
perhaps Hays Travel is in the
former gas showroom

this is the empty unit left when
Thomas Cook
eventually decided they shouldn't have two branches on
Redcar High Street
a few years after the merger that broke them
so that was
My Travel
before it became Thomas Cook II
and apart from a popup cosmetics business
it's been empty ever since

we are not sure how many towns have a branch of
Dawson and Sanderson travel agents

this is the new police office that replaced the
police station beyond it that is now
residential housing
down France Street are the
Redcar magistrates' courts that went the same way

these are the yards between the higher depicted frontage
and the Old Police Station
that should be a bus station

Saltburn end of the Redcar Central train shed

Darlington end of the Redcar Central train shed

Redcar Community Heart as seen from Redcar Central
the gym has just had four truck loads of
new exercise machines installed

These are the bridge steps that were swapped from
Saltburn facing to Darlington facing
to allow the train shed to be converted to
office space

the platform is beyond the left hand arch
and the track bed is beyond the central and right arches
cut up with walls and with concrete floors at track bed level
rather weird to step down from platform level into the now vacant
business units
and they built a mezzanine above

you see the track bed for the third line that was the
excursion platform track
putting that back with an extra crossover would mean
less closures of
West Dyke Road
level crossing
but the platform would need extensive work too

this is what ws here originally...
Somewhere up there
two empty shops that ten years ago were the
two Redcar branches of
Thomas Cook
lots of pictures of the railway
The railway building is the
bricked up train shed
at the Saltburn end you can see the remains of the
platform that ran through the tarin shed
the steps..
used to run through whee that wall is
into the train shed
and they flipped them around to face
up line
instead of
down line
so that they could brick up the train shed entrance
the platform still exists within the building
the other picture further up line
that shows the crossover - points
also shows, very indistinctly
a brick wall , up line from the train shed
that is or was the platform edge of the
excursion platform
where the trains that terminated at Redcar Central

We've quoted the following before
and we want to use it again in a more detailed context
Ricker's granddad died about four years before Ricker was born
but he had been very important to Ricker's dad
William Robson was a Liberal Party councillor on
what was probably Billingham Urban District Council
that's Stockton-on-Tees
he was the chair of the housing committee
and so we will imagine Tommy opening the front door
of his dad's house maybe 100 years ago
maybe 110 years ago - the difference being the
First World War
and a 13 year old versus a 23 year old war veteran
and the house is in
Haverton Hill
somebody excitedly knocking on the door and when it opens
exclaiming to Tommy
Explogie dens meggie pug
that's not anything in any sort of Teesside language
nobody will know what that means
certainly very few poeple living on Teesside today
would say such a thing
what does it mean?
it means
please call the constable
there's a riot going on in
the middle house in the village
the Irish Immigrants and the Polish Immigrants
are knocking seven bells out of each other
and why do we draw this little cameo at this time
we have immigrant workers in some areas
London in particular but there are on Teesside
a number of people from Eastern Europe
and a lot of people from Ireland
living across the area
and some people from the middle and far east in the
Linthrope Road area of Middlesbrough
that is Gresham
it is an important part of the history of
leftist politics in the UK that
a variety of organisations grew up to help
the immigrant labour needed to nurture the
Infant Hercules
that the Tees Valley was
to integrate and prosper
to simplify
when almost all children left school before the age of
the concept of Adult Education grew in importance
not essentially for the
local adults who missed out first time around
but for the immigrants
in those days an immigrant illiterate in English
would be encouraged to
attend night school
these days they are allocated a personal assistant
an interpreter
so that they can live in the UK without
risk to their cultural identity
a century ago their were some cultural tensions
and not just Irish and Polish
Ricker's great grandmother lived for generations on Teesside and
Had only The Gallic
an Irish Immigrant would have had Irish Catholic cultural roots
a Scottish Immigrant would have settled on being
out of respect to their
Presbyterian origins
a little girl who dressed up in a
bridal gown for her
First Communion
at the age of seven
and sported the names
Catherine Mary Clare
would be a happy little heathen
not long after wearing a
hat like the ones the Pope wears
at her wedding
get christened
with the same initials as the
Cement Marketing Company
and you get the train as a nurse and marry
a fellow of
Clare College Cambridge
and produce a daughter who now works in a museum
sponsored by
the government of Qatar
what are we saying?
we are saying that
the people of
The Red Wall of the North
have forgotten all about their ancestors being
illiterate peasant immigrants
and the
party of Illiterate Peasant Immigrants
is shifing to the location in the UK that now attracts immigrnts
a century ago immigrants were attracted to
labouring jobs in the Infant Hercules
these days the only ones arriving have been
directed there - here - by the immigration authorities
to paraphase the American Dream
London - money for nothing, an your chicks for free
is that a Dire Straights lyric
the sainted Mark Knopfler?
it is seldom remembered that the major expectation of the
Swinging Sixties
the contraceptive Pill was developed in the 1905s and became
widely available in the 60s
was that
sex workers would be
put out of business
by a tidal wave of
enthusiastic amateurs

and so we have two reasons for the cultivating of
immigrant communities and the new approach of
preserving cultural heritage
immigrant communities weren't here during
the Swinging Sixties
Ricker wasn't present but heard about a
staff meeting in the 1970s at a Teesside Secondary School where
the head had been tasked with addressing the teaching staff about
Wife Swapping
and threw his car keys on the table as his contribution
Mrs Hindle was on staff
and so you can promote
reactionary, misogynistic, sexist
values and traditions
on the grounds that
not to do so would
immigrant communities
guest workers
to refer again the turban issue
any man who turned up to work
outside the tourist or entertainment industries
in a kilt
would be regarded as a
right plonker
and at a more serious level
a South Asian person
who sports a turban
is being racist himself
since he is proclaiming
I may be South Asian
but I'm the very best sort of South Asian
I'm a brave warrior Sikh
none of that Moslem or Hindu riff raff

and so we have two reasons for the cultivating of
immigrant communities and the new approach of
preserving cultural heritage
immigrant communities weren't here during
the Swinging Sixties
Ricker wasn't present but heard about a
staff meeting in the 1970s at a Teesside Secondary School where
the head had been tasked with addressing the teaching staff about
Wife Swapping
and threw his car keys on the table as his contribution
Mrs Hindle was on staff
and so you can promote
reactionary, misogynistic, sexist
values and traditions
on the grounds that
not to do so would
immigrant communities
guest workers
to refer again the turban issue
any man who turned up to work
outside the tourist or entertainment industries
in a kilt
would be regarded as a
right plonker
and at a more serious level
a South Asian person
who sports a turban
is being racist himself
since he is proclaiming
I may be South Asian
but I'm the very best sort of South Asian
I'm a brave warrior Sikh
none of that Moslem or Hindu riff raff

make no mistake
the demise of the temporary salvation of
leftist politics in the UK
New Labour
occurred through a putsch from the
reactionary forces of the old left
motivated because
and almost entirely motivated because
New Labour was fronted by the
Closet gay Blair
and the
Out gay Mandelsohn
not so much Jewish as gay
Where on the list of
earliest adopters of out gay MPs did
right up there
it all stems from the untimely death of that
Smith character
leaving it open for
Blair - Brown
and dour Brown being seen as
anything but gay
a true Scottish Presbyterian
safe pair of anti-gay hands
as if

11th December 2019

We have had a little think
we want to express that a little differently
ww can say something about death and dying
when our Ricker's mam died she died at home
it was quite poignant and in a way beautiful
Ricker came home from London
next day his mam made him lunch
they ate lunch together
and then ate some home baked chocolate cake she had prepared
and his mam sat down
and died
that is not the point we wish to emphasise
nor the point that she was DNR
the point we wish to make is that
when the GP came around to certify death
it was discovered that
The Co-Op were too busy to deal with her immediately
and the GP got in Langthing because
he didn't want Ricker to have to sleep in the house
with his dead mum downstairs
it's waht it was all about - hospital
hospital was for
end of life care
and this is the difference that matters
the difference between
end of life care
assisted living
and this feeds into the coverage of
the 4 year old sleeping on the hospital floor
in the real world the little boy was
passed fit but allowed to stay overnight
just in case something else developed
allowed to stay in hospital for observation
is not the same as
as we understand it
the option offered was
a couple of chairs set together
or a pile of coats on the floor
what matters here is
either option is fine for a tired little boy
it is not fine as a setting for
a child to die
it is not
everybody who arrives in hospital to die
is entitled to the dignity of a bed in which to do it
nobody expects a patient who arrives to
have a plaster cast or stitches removed
to be admitted to a bed for the procedure
and so, hospitals are for
however, that applies to
Hospitals with an A & E
There is a 'proper hospital' in Redcar
in Kirkleatham
it is the Sir William Turner Hospital
it is for people over a certain age perhaps 60
to go live
hospice - traveller's house of rest, kept by a religious order
or charity
hospital - institution for the care of the sick
the education of the young
shelter for the poor or strangers
hospes - a guest
it speaks of
short term stays
a short rest for a traveller
end of life care
we are no friends of London
some years ago we counted up the number of
'hospitals' in London
approximately 350
three hundred and fifty
a flavour
Abbots Langley, Watford
Acton W3
Albert Dock Seamen's, E16
Aldersbrook, E11
All Saints, SE1
Ashford, Ashford
Atkinson Morley, SW20

Wilson, Mitcham
Wimbledon, SW20
Woking Victoria, Woking
Woodford Jubilee, Woodford Green
Wood Green and Southgate, N11
and to pick out a plumb
The Royal Hospital, Chelsea
where the Chelsea Pensioners live
stage coach waiting room or
God's waiting room?
and how many take
Air Ambulance patients?
maybe half a dozen
maybe a dozen
these places are using 'hospital' in the ancient meaning
and so we have at least four medical terms floating around
two sorts of hospital
the institutions that are offering
non-talking treatments
are now
so that a medical or surgical team
lead by a team leader - referred to as a consultant
will offer
within a hospital
the eye department may be Mr Christjan's
emergency and out patient's clinic
would such a consultant have any
why would he have any beds
and if he had any beds
why would he give one up to a little boy with
a sore throat and an anxious mum
straying completely away from the real world example
IF the anxious mum really wanted to
keep a little boy in hospital
until her partner sobered up
we are face with a whole different set of problems
we should say that James Cook has around a dozen
eye surgery consultants
they are listed on the web site

9th December 2019

Perhaps we are a little too close to a General Election
to be mentioning this but
we have said that
James Cook University Hospital was opened around
what we have not said is that it was built on
vacant land between
St. Luke's Hospital - now replaced by Roseberry whatever
Prisick Base
Prisick Base is now also gone, replaced by an overflow car park
for James Cook
and was a campus of three Secondary Schools
those secondary schools have now been replaced by
one Academy located deeper into the
Social Housing Estate
that Prisick Base once served
if you visit James Cook and understand the
uniform code you will understand that this is a hospital
awash with
auxiliary nurses
and graduate nurses are thin on the ground
auxiliary nurses have uniforms that would have once been described as
something between red and purple
graduate nurses and nurses on undergraduate training courses
wear white uniforms
the people in maroon
do your observations, ask if you have been today
offer you food and drink
the people in white
take your history
there will be people in blue to
put a cast on your broken wrist
and the people in casual wear
with a stethoscope around their necks
are the doctors
but not the surgeons who may be in civvies - no stethoscope
or theatre gowns
even the receptionists have white uniforms
the point being...
even in 2003
a major hospital was built
near a ready source of
people needing
entry level jobs
and causing a need to
build vast car parks for
the professionals who have to
and so...
not a shortage of
a shortage of
proper, graduate, nurses

for some reason that he can't explain
back in the 1970s our Ricker had
some sort of entrance interview at
King's College London
also one at the real King's College in Newcastle
but that's a different matter
at the time it was a dump
probably still is
people probably forget that
Watson and Crick at Cambridge deduced the DNA structure
they probably never knew that
Watson and Crick used the data from
Wilkins and Franklin at Kings
Ricker got given this single sheet questionnaire before his interview
back in those days it probably wasn't even a photocopy
it was probably produced on a
a form of rotary screen printer
scruffy as hell
last question
What has been the most significant development in medicine
in the past fifty years
Ricker wrote
not the deduction of the DNA structure but
developments in
medical imagery
CAT scans were coming in
computer aided tomography
people - the likes of the Middlesbrough Get Wet
ran campaigns for funding for scanners
there is a reference to a plea for some sort of scanner
for the maternity unit in a mural at James Cook
we had two developments in medicine at the time
the hospice movement
up until the 1960s
hospitals weren't built next to
estates of social housing
they were built next to
Middlesbrough General was over the road from
what was
New Cemetery
Linthorpe Cemetery
the cemetery is bounded by
Acklam Road, Ayresome Green Lane, and Burlam Road
West Lane Hospital was on the Acklam Road side
of the cemetery
Middlesbrough General Hospital was
on the Ayresome Green Lane - Roman Road - side of
the cemetery
Ricker's dad Tommy was shifted from
Middlesbrough General to North Ormesby
to get on with his dying
Ricker's 'Auntie' Nance was shifted to
Hemlington to get on with hers
we don't have those sorts of hospital now
people are supposed to do their dying in
a hospice or care home
hospitals are for
wheel 'em in, fix 'em, wheel 'em out
needs skilled staff
but they are funded to provide
JOBS in palliative care that are
hospitals now get some diagnostic equipment but
charities are still paying for
health care as opposed to palliative care
there are no
state funded
Air Ambulances
in the UK
today air ambulances are the modern equivalent of
scanners in the 1970s
two things that prohibit public funding
requiring skilled operatives

6th December 2019

here we are going to write one of those
complex technical think pieces
people may not know that
petrol, gasoline, gas
has additives
one of the additives that is no longer put into petrol is
that is why you probably see
on filling station pumps
the reason for the lead was that
the valves in an internal combustion engine were
made from harder material than the
cast iron that the cylinder heads they fitted into
there is no lead in a lead pencil
it is graphite and clay
sometimes a 'lead' pencil mark can serve
in place of oil to lubricate a joint, hinge, whatever
lead in the fuel lubricated and protected the
valves and valve seats from excessive wear
when they took the lead out of the petrol
they had to make the valve seats
as hard as the valves
so people with old cars have to add lead to their fuel
or have their valve seats ruined
except that harder valve seats can be retrofitted to
old cylinder heads
it is true that these valve seats can be
cemented in place but perhaps they are often
fitted as an
interference fit
then comes the next development
aluminium cylinder heads
no aluminium valves
the need for stuck in valve seats
is now imperative
it is only the exhaust valves that have a problem
when the inlet valves are open and vulnerable
relatively cool
air and fuel are rushing past them
sometimes exhaust valves are bigger then inlet valves
and in general
valves... the bigger the better
here's the problem
aluminium soaks up heat very quickly
we could look up the
coefficient of expansion of
aluminium and cast iron
but the aluminium cylinder head
expands more and more quickly than
the valve seats that are set into them
it is traditional to regard
valve seats as replaceable
and so the valve seats are not
cast into the heads
thus the geometry of the junction
cannot compensate for the differential
expansion and contraction
in the manufacturing process
the valve seats can be chilled and shrunk
in the likes of
liquid nitrogen
to make a permanent interference fit
this is routine in the fitting of
crank case liners
where a similar problem exists
in the service garage such methods will be rare
in certain circumstances
we would say very rare circumstances
the differential in expansion and contraction
urban myth style
cause the valve seats to drop out
leading to the destruction of the engine
this sounds like a myth put around to
excuse faulty maintenance
the result is the idea that
once you start an engine
you have to keep it running
for ever
we see the LOGIC
we don't see the EVIDENCE
logic based on hypotheticals
is logic misdirected

the great thing about being right, correct
is that eventually you get
proved right
since the unmitigated
bollocks of the
testing stunts
cladding on high rise buildings
we have had two significant
fires in high rises
the top four floors of a building burned out
and left the cladding standing
yesterday the cladding on a hotel
protected it from a fire that broke out
next door
that does not bring back the souls lost
at Grenfell
but it does help correct a
government misdirection
regarding what to blame for Grenfell
back in the day
when clever people were allowed to work for the BBC
there was an economics correspondent
perhaps even editor
Stephanie Flanders
she is the daughter of the late great
Flanders of
Flanders and Swan
and we have the collected works on CD
but we won't be checking whether this was one of their songs
Driven to it by
the spider in the bath
it's Christmas
Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
please put a penny in the old man's hat
if you haven't got a penny
a ha'penny will do
if you haven't got a ha'penny
then God bless you
thinking on though
the old man has his own
QR code so just
wave your 'phone in his face
and it'll credit a fiver to his
bank account

There used to be
possibly still is
a radio station called
Voice of America
in a context of the BBC being
the voice of the UK
we have seen Sterling efforts
to give that voice a
in that way it is important to call to mind
the essentially Christian basis of
British Law and Custom
it has been said that
The Labour Party
is moving quickly from its roots in
a form of Christianity called
to an Islam based concept of Socialism
to that extent people may loose track of the likes of
the Parables of Christianity
The Parable of the Talents
is summed up in Christianity as
To him that hath
shall be given
but from him that hath not
even that which he hath
shall be taken away
and that is in direct contrast with the socialist
From each according to his ability
to each according to their need
There is an old time saying
You put it into a bad skin
that relates to
keeping livestock and
not wasting fodder on sick animals
in terms of human care the official term for
a sickly child was
failure to thrive
when the only sort of care you know is to
if that isn't working
you feed more
and then you get
an obese sickly child
not a skinny sickly child
we have previously discussed the concept
feed a cold
starve a fever
More Food
is not the answer to everything
but we are aware of US TV shows such as
Man versus Food
airing on UK terrestrial TV
and it is traditional in the UK to refer to
an obese man as
looking Prosperous
be fat to show you are wealthy
Jack Sprat could eat no fat
his wife could eat no lean
our Ricker is perhaps seeking some sort of
on behalf of his ancestors
by banging on about this but
the Wrights
when running their biscuit factory
on South Tyneside
Tyne Dock, South Shields, area
Mabel Louise Atwell
to promote the idea of
bonny bouncing babes
stuffed full of biscuits
this give rise to two competing concepts of nutrition
no food value
empty calories
the military have vast opportunities
to experiment on people
from Napoleonic times the concept of
an army marches on its stomach has held sway
in France
meal times are absolutely essential
from those influences from Napoleon
rigid meal times
not snacking on the go
have been seen as essential
Napoleon had a different idea of armed conflict from
The British
The British always had in their minds
whenever conflict loomed
It'll all be over by Christmas
The French under Napoleon developed a concept of
military might akin to that of
The Romans
Speak softly and carry a big stick
peace through domination
and so
British nutrition split
high calorie intake for
the highly energetic
big push
The SUrge
and the naval tradition of
good balanced nutrition to keep crews healthy
throughout long long passages at sea
you won't be on a
sugar high, sugar rush
if your guts are full of
rabbit food
on passage
dole out the sauerkraut
pickled cabbage
At the call to arms
break out
the rum and ship's biscuits

2nd December 2019

The one simple problem we have in the UK with
Law Enforcement
is that the more they witter on about
caught up in the
shovel money at wimin industry
the more society in general and
decision makers in particular
conclude that they are
short of something to do
and therefore
slip down the list of
funding priorities
in business terms
they seek to become
horizontally integrated
and resist
vertical integration
that means
individual police chiefs
chief constables, police commissioners etc
diversifying into
for instance
Fire and Rescue
instead of giving up their
geographical fiefdoms
and integrating their core activities
and of course
where would big authorities
dump the dunces
if Cleveland Police
like in Scotland
The Testing Ground

Our Ricker has been following the
BBC coverage of the 2019 UK
General Election
it is worth pointing out that
since we are having so many
'Emergency Elections'
we are not voting under revised
constituency boundaries
still less voting for a
reduced number of MPs
this election produces a stable
not hung
we may see boundary changes in
May 2005
or possibly
May 2004

we listen out for trends
and we will pick out
Bonnie Greer
as a spokesperson for
Black and Minority Ethnic
leftist behaviour
we will characterise her and it as
regarding this general election
and politics in general as
a game akin to football in which
the result is not determined by
goals or points scored by the competing teams
but by the number of players
on each or either side
sent off
the entire contest is dominated by the tactic of
playing the man
not the ball
indeed a policy cannot be discussed
if it cannot be nailed to a personality
and the quality of the policy is determined by
the personal qualities of its
designated advocate

the problem with leftists is
they think
give the poor darlings a bunch of cash and
they'll settle down
the flaw in that is that
as an example
osama Bin Laden
was from the outset
one of the richest people in the world
the problem of cash bites from both ends
desperate people do desperate things
really rich people get desperate to
find something to do with their cash
in theory the leftists are saying
people with an income
between fifty and eighty thousand pounds a year

29th November 2019

There used to be an idiom
a common figure of speech
when indicating that you think
someone is wrong and talking nonsense
he's talking
through his hat
now there is a cruder version of this
relating to nether regions of the body
here is the point
at one level it can be regarded as offensive to
make mention of the fact that a person
has a bottom
and needs to excrete
things the person cannot avoid
but would rather not have referred to
is it the case that a man born into a
Sikh family
cannot avoid wearing a turban
Ricker has worked with Sikhs who had
standard Asia hairstyles and no turban
and chose , rather, to tell work colleagues that
they were Sikh
Give your arse a chance may be in bad taste
but is not racist
He's talking through his turban
to some may seem a clever play on words
to others it is racist
if you wear a turban you can't wear a hat
he's talking through his turban
in some ways is
EXACTLY the same as
he's talking through his trilby
the choice of headcovering is
a cultural choice
at the heart of this for many young men
may be a much deeper fear
SOME of the people whose
appearance - that is the elements that are
not natural born
may be forced on them by family
perhaps they have a much more
menacing home environment than they have
work environment
but a tiny bit of comment or pressure
in the work place
acts like the
straw that broke the camel's back

It was interesting that the obituaries for
Sir Jonathan Miller
His own chosen epitaph
upsum of a life....
not bad for an
old Jewish athiest
the BBC's version
featured an anecdote about
what a swine he was
he told an actor
it is not your job to believe you are somebody else
it is your job to convince an audience that
you are somebody else
actor: what if I disagree?
then you should find another profession
this smacks of
art as therapy
bleeding out into the
professional creative industries
if this bloke got into acting because
he started on art as therapy acting sessions
it may have been thought that
if he could
act sane
he may become sane
Miller was not unreasonable to suggest that
an actor is paid to give a performance
for an audience
not allow paying guests to
witness their therapy sessions
it is perhaps unhelpful to generalise about
the preferences of mums
if a mum has a boy and a girl
many people would think that ideal
sometimes a mother of boys
hanker for dressing up opportunities
another blast from the past coming up
when a mum was ever so proud of her boy
she may turn out her son to school or work
somewhat overdressed
and the term we recall is
Little Lord Fontelroy
we should research that
speaking of clothes shopping as a twelve year old with
a demented father
he bought Ricker his first three piece suit
Tommy was
short portly
Ricker was
six foot and a brick
Ricker came home with a suit that included trousers
that would have suited that twerp with the
Louis Walsh, Tweedie talent show
simple Simon
with braces - not supplied - the waist band would have
covered his nipples
without braces
the crotch was half way down his thighs
Probably bought it in
Dorman Stewarts
never bloody wore it

25th November 2019

IT'S Tommy Robson's birthday today
been dead a while

UK police have reached a new low
Taser the tots
an added attraction t Frozen II
God don't mention sex to them
but rugby tackle 'em and get out yer
truncheons and tasers
it does raise the question
should rules be universally applied?
are police licensed to
shoot first and ask questions later
on the face of it they arrived to break up a
cat fight between two 13 year old 'women'
where do you draw a line
police would not taser boxers to break up a bout
they would not bring charges of
assault causing actual bodily harm at the end of
ever bout
they would be reluctant to bring charges of
corporate manslaughter against a boxing promoter if
a boxer died after a fight
scum of the earth cops wading in to spoil the fun of a bunch of
posh birds
is that it?
eventually the
White Trash Bastards in Blue
will kill a bunch of kids
and say
it was a price worth paying
keep the job
talk about
the tail wagging the dog
song lyric reference
Oliver's Army

Ricker wants to make a sort of apology
he never sees these web sites as the visitor does
he does not write them in English
he writes in a language called
that stands for
Hyper Text Mark-up Language
routinely, his only check on the result is to
ensure he hasn't crashed the system
what he has noticed is that
lines of text sometimes get inserted at the wrong point
this week the effect looks very jumbled
he has no time to sort it out
if you wanna see what we see...
in Internet Explorer
find and click on
view source

there is a concept known as a
Freudian Slip
originally it was about people revealing their
mother fixation to psychiatrists
you are mother fixated if you
prefer tits to bums
and that brings up a whole over set of problems
is somebody mother fixated if they prefer tits or
are they just pretending to perfer tits because
they don't want people to think they are gay
but it can be more generally applied to disclosing a
revealing that the true meaning or underpinning of
an expressed idea
and we see this with The Labour
and the concept of the
Privatisation of the NHS
they say the Tories are planning to hand over
billions of pounds of NHS funds to the private sector
and there are two elements of Freudian Slip here
the face value interpretation of this is that
they are expecting the Tories to hand over this money and get
nothing in return
it's like
I'm gonna buy you a car
it's an import
I'm gonna sell the car and buy some
magic beans
the Freudian slips here are
essentially The Labour see
the NHS as an engine to provide employment
not health care
and more widely that The Labour never expect any
return for the government money they spend
on anything
We understand that one stage of
the 2020 Tour de Yorkshire will be between
Leyburn and Redcar
we don't know whether this stage will be in both
the women's and men's race
we don't know which of the 4 days in May this stage will run on
30th April to 3rd May
we suspect this will be
start in Leyburn and end in Redcar
and so Osmotherly and Newton-under- Roseberry will
probably be on the route
it is interesting to consider the idea that Redcar has
inherited Scarborough's cast off in this
and this brings in a third form community
Scarborough is northern England's version of
a retirement community
clearly, a retirement community is not going to demand
things related to school children
and that affects what sort of jobs are available

this draws in another issue
a patient vomits in hospital
a visiting relative accosts a female in a uniform for help
the health worker replies
I'm a graduate, I don't do sick
Our Ricker has a very flaky understanding of
popular culture and so he dives in here with an analogy
he has little confidence in
time and again
the chattering classes
who rule the UK
refer to the hinterland, the provinces
as though they are still in the grip of
The Great Depression
of the 1920s
we think perhaps there is something of a
fly-over culture, perhaps in reverse
it does occur to us that the most obvious
reverse fly-over
a fly-over is where by air or rail or motorway
you commute from one pocket of affluence to another
without actually experiencing the
poverty, favella, slums
in between
in the reverse fly-over
hacks in search of their
Pulitzer Prize
fly over the rich gorgeousness of England
rural England is not at all the same experience as
La France Profond
fly over that and land in Belfast
get the shit scarred out of them and
try to set up
as a sort of movie set
re-enactment of
Ireland's biggest problem
London, the rest of the world
wake up in London, beetle off the Heathrow airport and
land in the mid-west of the USA, or Asia or Eastern Europe
and just fill in the blanks regarding
non-metropolitan UK
and so we come to the analogy
we think these people - the London elite
regard their role as supervising some sort of
real world equivalent of
The Hunger Games
it seems they see the UK as completely bust
dependent on hand outs from Europe
and referencing
modern day slavery as justification
they seek to trawl the provinces
which they never visit
saying that, BBC breakfast TV is produced in
Salford, Manchester because nobody can get
an early enough commuter train
to get to central London by 5.00am
they trawl the provinces for anybody with the
least of skills to offer and
house them in tenements
and bend them to offering services to
rich foreigners
in other words people - young and old
are press ganged into moving to London
foreign billionaires have no idea that they could
get the goods and services they want
outside London
by fly over
on the grouse moors of that other state of the
United States of England, Scotland
just as huge swathes of London
live on a combination of
benefits and grants targeted at
community development
there is total incredulity with
Black and Minority Ethnic pundits in London
are told that
North East England
is a net exporter of manufactured goods
they are absolutely convinced that the only
industry in the UK in the 1st century is
The Creative Industries
last week some hacks were shocked to find themselves
sharing a 'shed' at Port Clarence with the Prime Minister
a shed where wind turbines are assembled
no mention in the media of what that particular Wilton
no real connection to Wilton International
the former ICI
in Redcar
at this point we should point out a contrast in
media reporting
we would say that the one topic of popular interest
covered by the media
that gets coverage that is reasonably balanced between
the technicalities and the personalities is
F1 motor racing
we get some coverage of the engineering
some coverage of driving techniques and behaviour
and some coverage of the
amateur observations of the stars
the one extreme reverse topic is
weather presenting
news anchors desperately trying to engage
weather presenters in banter
and not getting very far
of course the general public would turn off if
the chat got too technical but
it is clear that the general public has more appetite
for facts and expertise than
TV and Radio directors - through their morning after hangovers
can grasp
the directors on BBC late night news do make such a muck up
of the graphics
we are convinced they have just
rolled in from the pub
to put in a shift

a train driver on over 60,000 a year
will regard themselves as
low paid
because they are
in a union
and assume that all
working class people like them are
living in relative poverty
the telly tells them so
about ten years ago
our Ricker applied to be a medical student
he was offered a place at Hull on
a medical sciences course
the training
medical laboratory scientists do
there were 34 bursaries available for the course
most if not all of the people who got bursaries
full cost bursaries - as nurses had at that time
went to people who qualified for
student loans
as a graduate Ricker did not qualify for a student loan
hence, Ricker was more in need of a bursary than the
other candidates and so he turned down the opportunity
on reflection
the reason give was that the university did not expect
Ricker to complete the course
they expected him to
transfer to medicine after one or to semesters
that was stated
on further reflection
the local health authority probably refused the
bursary for Ricker because
they expected him to transfer to a
London medical school and
not a local one and
that would mean a local, provincial health authority
making an investment
on behalf of
Ricker has a relative
who trained as a doctor in Cardiff and
became a consultant pathologist at
St. Thomas' in London
so it happens
that would be Alister Robson or is brother
and Ricker had a pal Keith Davey who
trained as an eye doctor at Guy's
and got to be a consultant in
and another thing
as an adjunct to a general effort to
make life on Teesside uncomfortable
Ricker got a series of visits
official visits
from Sam
and each time she set him targets for
getting rid of his stuff
a cleared house would be easier to
back in the day Ricker had put his 'stuff' into storage
and put the house on the market
City in London
required him to leave his course
the estate agents took the house off the market???
they wanted a sixty odd quid fee
they didn't want Ricker to stay on Teesside
if Hull University could transfer Ricker to medicine
why couldn't City?
what we are saying here is
nobody would say
to or of a trainee train driver
they are heading for a well paid job
so we won't offer them any support
being a doctor in the UK is seen as high status and
low paid
because we want doctors who will be
funded by the
bank of Mum and Dad
people who's family
employ people
in their local area
fine upstanding
rugby players whom God loves

22nd November 2019

we have hinted that this site has links to
Friends of the Earth
this is limited to it being inspired by
our Ricker's time as chair of the
FoE Teesside Project
if we were still all up and running...
our major policy statement for this General Election
would be
we have highlighted the problems that business rates pose for
the relationship between local authorities and major industries
what we propose is that when it comes time for a
smoke stack plant to close
the local authority that has been collecting
Business Rates on that plant should get
Premier League Football style
parchute payments
linked to the loss
to cover a period of time to allow for
redevelopment of the sites in question.

21st November 2019

This is what we understand about
business rates
the level of business rates is set by an
independent government agency
that is the rate for a particular facility
the local authority collect the amount of
business rates set by the government agency
the local authority keep half the money they collect and
set the other half aside to give to
national government
then there are schemes for rate relief
mainly for small businesses and start ups
and the point behind the changes in the
2013 local government finance act
was to encourage local authorities to
grant planning permission etc for new
business construction and no real thought was given to
the previous schemes under which
industry paid to pollute
this is quite interesting
under way back arrangements
in South Tees
the local authority built extensive sports and leisure
facilities in Eston
Eston Baths, the Hurlingshaw centre
and these were situated in the middle of
housing estates
they were for local people
they were compensation for those people
having to live with so much pollution
the council did not
spend business rates on improving the likes of
Redcar Sea Front
to make then more successful
tourist attractions
steel was the business of the local area
with some chemicals thrown in
the steel industry was the paymaster and
the local authority played its tune
Teesside in general and South Tees in particular
is now a very diverse industrial heartland with
no one dominant industry
and certainly no one dominant employer
when we see industrial areas these days we have this sense of
people taking in each other's washing
but that is a slightly different concept
what you get is
small units where artisans set themselves up in
self employment in specialisation in
one small specific skill or technology
in the Sheffield steel industry
such people were referred to as
little meisters
one workshop forms knife blades
another fits handles
another polishes the product
another creates packaging
etc etc
amazing what happens behind each set of
anonymous workshop doors
and this is where the
talk of 20,000 jobs in the supply chain comes from
that is a context
the trouble is
the rule changes on business taxation have had
unintended consequences
business is taxed in many ways
some deliberate
stelth taxes
Import Duty
payroll taxes
three major categories
turnover taxes - VAT
tax on profits - Corporation tax
tax on built facilities - business rates
at one time
there was no VAT and corportation tax went to
national government
and business rates went to the local authority
business rates were introduced to modernise
Poor Law provision
Poor Law developed out of destitute people being
On the Parish
in other words
property owners and through them property users
paid a levy to provide what is now
The Welfare State
but ,
this was a local - devolved - function
the tax was for poverty relief
not swimming pools or even refuse collection
now cash handouts are a National Government concern
and so is health care
what remains as devolved is
social care
in theory then...
if you only have one enterprise locally that has
business rates liable facilities
and it shuts down
the local authority loses the business rates
and is left with the social care of the
retired ex-workers, and their families
left behind by the company
your classic one trick pony settlement is
25 miles from anywhere
100,000 people, mostly retired
surrounded by
farmland on which there is no business rates to pay
and anyway beyond the county line
this is the specific distinction between
Scunthorpe and Grimsby
Scunthorpe is absolutely a one trick pony
Grimsby has Cleethorpes
just as Eston has Redcar
but Redcar was developed into
both Cleethorpes and Immingham in one town
leisure facility and commercial port
Immingham is a commercial port in North East Lincolnshire
and so the local authority in North Lincolnshire
will fight to keep the cash cow alive
the point here is
when national government took all of the business rates
they returned a lump of it called the
block grant
to cover the Poor Law liabilities of the local authority
people on the ground did not understand when Ricker
explained this as
National Government should pay for
include in the lock grant
all the money needed by the local authority to
carry out the tasks insisted on by national government
local authorities should provide things they opt to do
out of
council tax
services for the non-destitute paid for by a tax on
domestic not commercial property
and if all the people in Scunthorpe are so poor that
with or without the steel works
they are exempt from council tax
the local authority will want to keep the
filthy health sapping
cash cow
of a steel works

20th November 2019

we had a little look at train times
we reckon
around twenty quid return to York
alternate services will be direct
as it is
this is about training and prooving
in preparation for May 2020...

Lincolnshire does not exactly exist
it stretches from just north of
and that is in Cambridgeshire
up to
The River Humber
in terms of local authorities
consists of Lincolnshire
minus North Lincolnshire
North East Lincolnshire
Scunthorpe is the only significant town in North Lincolnshire
Grimsby-Clethorpes is the only
con-urbation in North East Lincolnshire
Scunthorpe is on the M180 mid way between Grimsby and
Doncaster 25 miles Scunthorpe 25 miles Grimsby
where we quote the stats for
North Lincolnshire
we are quoting the stats for Scunthorpe
when people quote 20,000 jobs in the
Scunthorpe Steel Works
supply chain
aside from a handful of jobs in bate shops
places to buy a bacon butty
those jobs are in
Doncaster and the rest of
South Yorkshire
and so we have a stand off
the steel industry says
pay for the closure of Scunthorpe
and we will re-open Redcar
The government say
keep Scunthorpe open and we will
compulsory purchase Redcar and
cut it up for
a light industrial estate because
people up north are like dogs
a German Shepherd
makes a great guard dog
but as a pet it becomes
a dangerous dog
people up north are pitmen
if they are not down the pit they are
in training to be
the government are not bothered about having a
steel industry
they want
coal mines and coke ovens
so the thugs up north will die in their
people throw out all sorts of stats
we can't check all of them
somebody recently said that
40 per cent of people in London
identify as being of an ethnic minority
we suspect a lot of those are third of 4th generation
that is not the matter that matters most
people in London seem to think that
they wouldn't be there if they were not
Mother Nature's finest achievement
it is really quite a scary experience to
live in London and share space with people who are
completely oblivious as to just how
dense and ignorant they are
somebody very clever one christened the telly as
the haunted fish tank
we no longer have cubic TVs
we have flat screens
so the analogy falls flat
these days we use our flat screens to observe
something else that deserves the term
haunted fish tank
the House of Commons
it's not so much that these people regard themselves as
God's Gift to Humanity
it is that they are convinced that everybody
outside the M25
has the intelligence of a
sleeping policeman
Ricker is struggling for words here but
the case he is trying to develop here is that
these people don't believe they are
whatever they believe they are
always right, never wrong, whatever
not because they are
FROM London
but because they are
IN London
regarding the M25 as some sort of
Stonehenge style
magic circle

this is not the worst of it
referencing the problems at
Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust
the reverse is the real killer
the idea that anybody who is
remotely competent at their job
should be exiled to London
and so, NHS or not
when direct trains from Redcar to London begin opperations
will South Tees join the ranks of places where a day trip
to London
is the only recourse to obtain
even the most basic level of
professional help?

19th November 2019

We done another ooops
The little red cartoon bucket and spade
in the TransPennine Express
appeared to promoted their
York to Scarborough service
we now suppose that the re-launch
is to promote the idea of
people taking a short break or holiday in York
having the option of
day trip to Scarborough
day trip to Redcar
when we get the time-table we'll see now
those options pan out

Ticket prices start at £53.50 for a return from Redcar to Manchester,
according to the TransPennine Express website, and
£18.10 return for a ticket to York.
A return trip to Manchester Airport on the direct service costs £69.50.
The newly announced rail link to and from Redcar Central Station has been hailed as
a positive step for the economy in Redcar and Cleveland .
A full direct service from Redcar is expected to start in May 2020.
we think May is a back stop and December is the real target

18th November 2019

we are not sure exactly where it is being shown
what regions, what media
but we do know that
TransPennine Express
have produced at least one cartoon style advert
featuring characters including
a bucket and spade
and we know that
is the only seaside town that
TransPennine Express services will be serving
by the end of 2019
and so we suspect they envisage
taking Redcar folk to Manchester for the shopping
and airport
and bringing Manchester folk the other way for a day at the seaside in Redcar

we know that we are repeating ourselves here but
we'll touch on a recent stat that we overheard
we may have this wrong but the suggestion was that
reports of allergies in children in London
are increasing
like seriously, like doubling
but such reports in the rest of the country are
falling, slightly to significantly
this feeds into Ricker's theory that
a lot of the time parents are mistaking
panic attacks
allergic reactions
there is another strand to this
we seem to remember that somebody is selling a
yogurt type food or food supliment that
is designed to deliberately infect the gut with
good bacteria
something along the lines of
e. coli immunitas
there is some talk that passage through the birth canal
seeds the newborn with necessary bacteria
we think this is less likely than that
mothers who are
too posh to push
and opt C section
have a nursery awash with bleach
they used to call it
not so much you failed to shit on your baby as
you kittled
more you
rail against
chlorinated chicken
raise a chlorinated sprog
we note some cosmetics companies introducing the concept of the
dermal or micro biome
the idea of products to get skin
but not
and this brings us to
we need to distinguish two or three viruses with
similar sounding names
we do not know whether they have similar sounding names
because they have similar genetics
herpes simplex
apparently come in two forms
HSV1 and HSV2
HSV1 is involved in cold sores
they used to be called herps
hence the name herpes virus
HSV2 is apparently a version that
is called genital herpes
how different they are
we have not researched
not what we are talking about today
for some reason not researched here
the chicken pox virus is called
herpes zoster
but that is not correct
having the chicken pox virus is called having
herpes zoster
but the chicken pox virus is called
varicella-zoster virus
to sum up so far
herps are tiny skin coloured blisters
chicken pox gives you red spots
if you were born after 1980
you will have had a jab of
zoster immune globulin
or more likely
a jab of
live attenuated varicellar vaccine
in other words you get vaccinated against
herpes zoster and not herpes simplex
if you were born before 1980
not a precise date
you likely have had chicken pox and
are therefore likely by the time you get to
your sixties
to experience
shingles is a band of spots around your body
mostly not head or limbs
mostly on your back
since not a lot of people who were
pre-school in 1980
have yet reached their sixties...
they would be like , in their 40s or younger
we cannot say for certain that
vaccination against chicken pox
however 1980 was the date for universal vaccination
and there are no reports we have of anybody vaccinated at
an earlier date developing shingles
here's the question
what is it about the vaccination
that gives better protection from shingles than
getting chicken pox over with early?
herpes simplex is a right nuisance
having it once
you will likely have it over and over again
often in the same place
it probably erupts in response to
there is something fundamentally different between
the responses to a viral infection
somebody who has been infected
and somebody who has been vaccinated
if you vaccinate somebody who is
immune suppressed
they will
depending on how seriously they are
immune suppressed
behave as though they have been infected
and pregnant women are naturally immuno suppressed
and transplant patients are artificially immuno suppressed
and sick people are immunosuppressed because
their immune systems are pre-occupied with their illness
healthy, non-pregnant people
react to vaccination by becoming immunised
they are presented with an infective dose
and their immune systems move to
destroy the invader since it is not
recognised as
non-immunised individuals do not respond in this way and
the virus settles in and
divides, multiplies
funning how divide and multiply mean the same thing in medicine
these primitive things - there is debate about whether they are
life forms
increase in number by budding and dividing to increase their numbers
and so their numbers multiply
they divide, their numbers multiply
because they are present in large numbers
and when they are active - if not alive
they have defences against destruction
the immune system reacts not by killing them
but by
ejecting them, expelling them, by
walling them off in the
blisters and spots
in essence
your immune system develops an immunity to
fragments of the virus
not the entire, functioning virus
and that applies whether the damage to the
the contents of the jab
was intentional or not

that's the simple version
here's the complication
when somebody takes a blood sample from you
or you have an accident or a major operation
somebody will put a canula into the back of your hand
so that things can be added to or taken from your
blood circualation
most vaccinations will carry the letters
they are not for injection into a vein
IM stands for
intra muscular
by putting the vaccine deep into a muscle
you put it into a nerve
you aim to deposit it
beyond the
blood-brain barrier
herpes zoster occurs when the
varicella-zoster virus is
re-activated from its latent state in
the posterior root ganglia
inflammatory changes occur in the sensory root ganglia
parts of the nerves of the spine
and in the skin of the associated dermatome
imagine the gills of a fish
imagine a primitive version of a fish that has
several gills on each side of its body
imagine that your body - torso, the bit that isn't
the head and limbs
is a set of gills all glued together
it is divided into
areas of the surface
each served by nerves that emerge from one each of the
gaps between the bones of your spine
The inflammation sometimes the posterior (rear) and anterior (front)
of the grey matter, the meninges - reference meningitis
and dorsal and ventral roots
back and front roots
and that means
nerves don't have a blood supply
there is a
blood brain barrier
that keeps the immune system separated from the
nervous system
and these viruses
hide behind that barrier
there are things in the
central nervous system
that your immune system has not
clocked as
auto immune diseases such as
multiple sclerosis
are when the immune system
breaks through the
blood-brain barrier
if something along the lines of a drug or a hormone
crosses the blood brain barrier into the CNS
as with psychoactive drugs
that may trigger the dormant virus to multiply
and you get a flare-up
the virus may reach the top of your immune system's
to do

here is the fundamental question
but first the American Passenger Pigeon
in America the passenger pigeon was
perhaps a nuisance
perhaps tolerable good eating
whichever it was
hunted, shot
there were two schools of opinion
some thought that it as a species was a part of
God's Creation
and thus
no matter how many you killed
God would always replenish the stock
the American Passenger Pigeon
like the Dodo
was hunted to extinction
and so to viruses
viruses have been around a long time
you may say
if there are a number of similar viruses
and one becomes extinct
it won't take long for
one of the similar ones to
evolve into the missing, lost, species
this would be God's chosen mechanism to correct the damage
it doesn't happen
in isolated island communities
Australia for prime example
vacant ecological niches
are evolved into by
what is available
animals with similar traits bur completely different
genetics fill those slots
and animals with similar genetics
develop appropriate traits
we mean
under restricted circumstances
pygmy versions of species that are much larger
in the world in general
God doesn't
put things back
and so to the core question
how have we been able to
small pox
but other viral diseases keep coming back
we repeat viruses have been around a long time and have evolved over
unimaginable periods of time
as such, intact, they have developed defences that mean that
their hosts, humans and other hosts
do not naturally destroy them
we, they
wall them off
excrete them
our immune systems will only attack
bits of viruses
in a sense
we contain things
mitochondria within our cells
bacteria within our guts
that we accept as
as commensals
as separate species whose presence in our bodies is
beyond helpful
we have come to accept pathogenic versions of
bacteria and viruses as
welcome passengers
but if our immune systems are presented with
fragments of the harmful ones
they can be persuade to attack and destroy them
chicken pox parties
there are instances where
Mother Nature
know best

say you are a British prince and you visit
the USA regularly
in the UK the age of consent is 16
in the USA it appears to vary from state to state
here's a question
it is always said that
ignorance of the law is no defence
we think it may be
Carmel in California where
parking a vehicle
pointing against the direction of the traffic
that is crossing the road to park
is an offence
UK people have never heard of
J walking
crossing the road on foot
other than at a designated crossing point
there is a story of a British author
being arrested by a plain clothes cop for J walking
and assuming that he was being mugged
is it disrespectful
to fail to bone up on
petty local by-laws when travelling?
petty to the world, clearly very important in a locality
Ricker has a load of
boredom busting projects on the stocks
he has a bottle of honey and apple vinegar
with mother
he has a plan to pour some of this into a jar of cider
cider is apple juice that has had its sugar turned to alcohol by
cider vinegar is cider that has had its alcohol turned to
vinegar by acetobacter
the 'mother' on the vinegar label indicates
there is live acetobacter in this product
there appear to be some sort of concept wrapped up within the idea that
the lives of teenagers who have had sex
are ruined
in the way that acetobacter
transforms cider or beer into
do we remember Jesus on the cross being offered
wine tht had turned to vinegr?
or commodifies
young women
renders them only fit for
the marriage market
if they remain
extraordinarily ante-diluvian
a concept from before the flood
as in Noah and his Arc
that aside
our Ricker loves cars
the strange fact is
he has only ever bought one car
he paid fifty seven pounds for it
because that was all the money he had in the bank
to buy another car he would have needed help from his parents
and his dad didn't want him to have a car
and his mam wanted an estate car not a sports car
and the car Ricker was shown and couldn't buy was
a Triumph TR4
and what is more it was
ex Angus Ogilvy
we have no clue who Angus Ogilvy was but
he was married to a Royal
there's a passage in
The Other Victorians
where the client in the brothel reckons
he would far rather get himself up some lass who was
still dripping from some buff young stud
than some old codger like himself
it is hard to see
even within the world of sex workers
how having a Royal up ya
reduces your market value

over and over
people want to point out that some bloke is
a jerk
and they loose sympathy from the likes of us by saying
look, he has sex, makes him a jerk

15th November 2019

Piper Alpha was an
North Sea Oil Rig that exploded on 6th July 1988
around 161 people died
around 61 people survived
it was the inspiration for
James Cook Regional Major Trauma Centre
As far as we remember there is a product called
lumpwood charcoal
we guess it stands alongside
charcoal briquettes
when you buy charcoal for your barbecue
you have a choice but charcoal that is
recognisable bits of tree probably costs more than the
bricks of charcoal
we are guessing that the bricks are made by
compressing sawdust and wood shavings
into blocks and then
heating them very hot in a kiln where there is
not a lot of oxygen or air
we said
to smelt iron you need
elemental carbon
carbon that is just carbon
not a compound of carbon and something else
as in carbon dioxide
carbon + iron oxide = carbon oxides + iron
that's iron smelting
here's the magical thing
iron ore burnt with wood
gives roasted iron ore
iron ore burnt with charcoal
gives iron
iron ore burnt with coal
gives roasted iron ore
iron ore burnt with
gives iron
the cost of wood for charcoal production gets too high
industry moves on from
turning wood into charcoal
turning coal into coke
here's the next magical thing...
Bran Sands sewage sludge dewatering plant in Redcar
turns sewage sludge into
hard dry pellets
these are hard to distinguish from the
compressed wood shavings pellets that people
buy to feed into their
wood burning stoves
the product from Bran Sands can be
carbonised - converted to elemental carbon
in the same way that
wood pellets and blocks can be carbonised to
turn them into
smokeless fuel
barbecue fuel
given that the Redcar blast furnace has now been
converted to
direct coal injection
it does not have a need for the product of
Bran Sands to be carbonised
it can be fed in directly
and that's yer carbon neutral iron and steel
we have noted that the BOS process is
making steel from iron is
fuelled by burning the excess carbon out of the iron using
an oxygen lance
which is why Redcar has an
air fractionation plant
built by BOC
British Oxygen Corporation
but no owned by Leintz
having in between been owned by
Air Products
back in the day there was this Sam about Redcar
Charlie Clore has given his son a chemistry set for Christmas
Redcar is what they call a
vertically integrated primary steel production kit
the town owns it
different companies own different bits of it
Bran Sands belongs to
Northumbrian Water
and the product that could be used to smelt iron is
currently sold as fertilizer

11th November 2019

North Lincolnshire (numbers) North Lincolnshire(%) Yorkshire and The Humber (%)Great Britain(%)
All people>BR> Economically active
79,900 75.6 77.4 78.9
In employment†75,200 71.1 73.8 75.6
Employees†65,200 62.4 64.2 64.6
Self employed†9,800 8.5 9.3 10.7
Unemployed (model-based)§3,800 4.9 4.5 4.1
Economically active
43,200 80.7 82.2 83.5
In employment
40,500 75.5 78.3 79.9
34,700 65.8 65.5 65.4
Self employed
5,700 9.4 12.5 14.2
2,700 6.2 4.6 4.2
Economically active
36,700 70.5 72.6 74.3
In employment
34,600 66.6 69.3 71.3
30,400 58.9 63.0 63.9
Self employed
4,100 7.5 6.0 7.2
2,000 5.5 4.4 3.9
Source: ONS annual population survey
numbers are for those aged 16 and over, % are for those aged 16-64
numbers and % are for those aged 16 and over. % is a proportion of economically active
Scunthorpe is in this local authority area
It is not an unemployment black spot
add 3,00 to the unemployed...
it goes up to just over 10 per cent
that would be on a par with the North east of England - five or ten years ago
now 75,200 in employment
2,000 unemployed
close steel works
72,200 in employemnt
5,000 unemployed
it's hard to accept that all the local businesses can't
'limp along'
on 72,200 in work
until the departure of the black snow flakes
attracts new employers
4,600 of around a quarter of a million people in Cumbria
are unemployed
1,100 out of 68,000 people in Copeland
are unemployed
Allerdale which includes Workington has
has 97,500 people
of whom 1,600 are unemployed

We're considering the recent
dog whistle politics decision of
central government to OK
the first deep mine coal pin
since the last one closed in the 198s
we start with the trend or fad amongst the
chattering classes for
wood burners
each home owner gets the warm comforting glow of
a wood fire
and their neighbours get
the smog
one of the things we have not touched on as yet is that
the the days of coal
the miners did a filthy dangerous job
but their wives and kids lived a bucolic idly
in pit villages deep in the verdant countryside
with loads a money
to spend in the local co-op
there is no consideration for the poor sods who
had to live in the industrial towns where
the soddin' coal was actually
we don't think that a mine in West Cumbria will be
much of a burden to the locals
we think it's hugely amusing that the developers' idea of
being a good neighbour is to put the
stack yards inside a couple of huge
we all know what their life expectancy is
what we think that government is
willfully avoiding is the question
do we need coking coal?
here's the historical precedent
back in the day there were three or four uses for
chopped down trees
timber for construction
fuel for space heating - homes mainly
charcoal or the likes of iron smelting
bedding - as wood shavings - for animals and ale house customers
a low grade pub was called a spit and sawdust
ignoring the last - joiners still supply stables
we still need timber for building and furniture construction
we use a lot of other things than wood burners to heat our
homes, shops, offices and factories
at the heart of this little diatribe...
we use coke not charcoal for
metallurgy - smelting and heating metals
it is apparently beyond the imagination of government to realise that
we now have direct coal injection for ironmaking
and that coal can be substituted by any form of
elemental carbon
we have said
far too often
we have that big blue
Bran Sands sewage dewatering plant to provide
carbon neutral - recycled - elemental carbon for
iron making
there is no way anybody is going to let the
direct coal injection plant in Redcar stand idly by and
re-start the coke ovens
even if we use coal it won't be
the more expensive coking coal
dewatered carbonised sewage sludge or cheap coal
nobody will be paying for expensive coking coal
and paying to run coke ovens
in the future
so what is the problem understanding that
for industrial metallurgy
coking coal is as redundant as
we have no quibble with the idea that the Tories will want a
conservative to replace
Rory Stewart ex-MP
for Westmoorland and Lonsdale is it?
by forcing through approval for a coal mine
against the wishes of the local people
every body want jarbs
at any price
and the price is...
immigrants from Poland to do the jobs
and then
where they gonna live?
bring jobs
deepen the housing crisis

we understand that the Chinese are buying
British Steel
and that probably includes Lackenby and Skinningrove
and so perhaps opening up the coal mine is a condition of
that deal
e are seeing more and more elaborate schemes designed to
kick modernisation down the road
the insensitive will see the deal as
hey we save jobs in Sunny Scunny and we
create jobs in west Cumbria
no brainer
since it can be seen as
protecting jobs at Lackenby etc
perhaps we should let it go
the people of Scunthorpe will have to wait a
couple more decades
for clear skies
and an end to
black snow
we don't doubt that some will complain
government loan guarantees for
preserving old smoke stack industries
no loan guarantees for
the polyhalite guys
it's what Teesside has got used to
at lest it won't happen here
here's the question
why are the Chinese willing to put up the money to
sink a new pit in Cumbria
and not to install direct coal injection at Scunthorpe
and the answer has to be...
the blast furnaces in Scunthorpe are
unsuitable and too small to justify an attempt at
and that probably also applies to
Port Talbot
Redcar has one enormous blast furnace
the other places have maybe four each
diddy little ones
Redcar has one direct coal injection plant
feeding one blast furnace with a capacity of
3 million tonnes of iron a year
Scunthorpe would need to run all four blast furnaces
each of which would need its own direct coal injection plant
to avoid using coking coal
in order for the four together to produce
3 million tonnes a year of iron
this proposal is the equivalent of
parking the mayoral limousine on the lawn outside the
chauffeur's house
having the mayor turn up to events
on the back of a bin wagon

There's a classic puzzle we have not heard
for a long time
you are on an island
it about a quarter or a mile long
and 100 yards wide
there is a strong breeze blowing from the east
sharks are circling the shore
lighting with no rain sets fire to the
tall dry grass that covers the entire island
no hills, no trees, no buildings
no boat, surf board or raft materials
the fire starts at the east end of the island and you are
west of the fire front that stretches
from side to side of the island
how do you survive?

have a little think
the answer is the other side of these pics of
how to avoid getting squished by a train

you take some grass and light it in the fire
and carefully walk to near the west end of the island
and set fire to the grass there
by the time the fire from the east reaches you
the fire in the west will have burnt out
the way to control bush fires is
not with water but with
fire breaks
dig up or burn the fuel near the thing you want to protect
there will be no
when the fire front arrives and the fire front will stop

sometimes a core belief in a community or
is so deeply ingrained that it is
people - especially in 'blue collar' neighbourhoods
are attached to the concept of
'a job for life'
outsiders may think that that is limited to
financial security
in the minds of the people who cherish it
it means much more
essentially these people believe
without thinking about it that
the police only ever arrest
having a 'job for life' is a licence to
do whatever occurs to you
I'm a union man
amazed at what I am
I'm not very hard
but the sight of my card
makes me some kind of
super man
you'll not get
I'm part of the union
you'll not get me I'm part of the union
you'll not get me I'm part of the union
'till the day I die
it's like the likes of
President Mugabe
clinging on to power for fear
impeachment if they retire
in other words
as today police officers are
immune from prosecution
in the mid 20th century
members of mass labour unions
expected that
this protection extended to them
the loss of that
is what is hard
not putting food on the table

there was a young lad in the 1970s who for a short while
taught science at Gillbrook School in Eston
for a long time we have had
remote controllers
on electronics
that use an invisible light beam to communicate with the equipment
it's all voice controlled now we understand
what few if any remember is that the very first popular
remote controllers were
they send out a dog whistle kind of sound that the kit could 'hear'
but not people
it meant that you didn't have to point the controller but
it drove the pets crazy
so this lad's dad was a copper - a police officer
when he came home he would
deliberately drop his keys
onto the hearth - fireplace
because he knew that doing that made a sound that would
change the channel on the TV
this is the kind of grinding low level coercion that people
refer to as
controlling behaviour
and it is the
organisations, clubs, unions, teams that people
mostly men
belong to
that foster this behaviour

below we quote some stats that are discontinued
we understand that there are place in
The UK or GB that are not yet converted to
universal credit
we don't understand the current status of the
benefits that are being phased out
could use which there
the major working age benefits were
JSA job seekers' allowance
ESA employment support allowance
working tax credit
PIP personal independence payments
child benefit
maternity pay??
working tax credit was the most recent to be introduced
it was generous at first
it was a negative income tax for people in work
it only paid out if you worked
16 hours a week or more
disregarding universal credit it should have been
eliminated by
the minimum wage and the living wage
since it was designed to top up wages to those levels
and was therefore seen as an employer benefit
not a worker benefit
JSA was designed to keep body and soul together
whilst you looked for work
it replaced the dole, pancrack etc. etc
ESA is one we don't exactly know about
it would be simple to think that it was paid to
people on the long term sick either
whilst they were seeking work
whilst they were doing
taster sessions at work
it was probably just
1 a higher rate of JSA for people with needs
associated with their illness
and 2 carried with it
some preference for job vacancies over people on
simple JSA
get somebody off ESA you save more money than
getting somebody off JSA
PIP was for people who didn't have a hope in hell of working
we say that, but as in The Bone Collector
the employer of a suddenly disabled worker may
keep on a key worker and somebody in work
may find themselves entitled so PIP
and it is people who were on PIP who have the majority of
problems associated with Universal Credit
all that is complicated by mothers - usually they are of working age
and how many children, is their support from the fathers etc. etc.

we know that minimum wage for
under 25s is
we guess that the difference for under 25s between
JSA or Universal Credit
minimum wage is
pay peanuts and you get
see below

It's strange how sometimes old ideas pop up
Ricker remembered this term
He was thinking about the Durham University
vice chancellor
who was friends with musician
John Lord
and in his mind he was thinking
what a dosser
and then he thought
how appropriate
vice chancellor of a university
a dosser
a doss-house was a
cheap lodging house
a place to lay your
in the long ago TV series
A Very Peculiar Practice
was it Davidson?
the All Creatures Great and Small crew...
were playing the doctors at a university
and the inspector remarked that
the previous week he had been inspecting
Catterick army camp
same difference
somewhere to
warehouse the yoof
can't see why Durham didn't want a complete dosser as their
Vice chancellor
but they sacked him because
they are a Russell Group university and
they have to keep up appearances
and do astro physics and that
we should explain
John Lord was a very famous musician on the level of
Fleetwood Mac
some group of that ilk
and he was dying of cancer and
the VC played the violin and had been the
UK BSE tsar
and so Lord thought an assocition with the VC may cure him
didn't work
talk bollocks about BSE
is not a route to a cure for cancer
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy
is a form of
grass staggers
due to
reducing the butter mountain by
restricting the number of head of cattle a farmer could keep
and the farmers turning out butter like
fois gras - duck liver patte
by force feeding the cattle
you see, funding for a bloke who comes up with an
like cladding at Grenfell
that points away from
faulty regulations
disinformation about BSE...
leads to
bastard food banks and
childhood obesity
and kids being stuffed like ducks or is it geese
and getting type 2 diabetes and such
and oh no it couldn't possibly be because
this is a very important issue...
a great many obese people have in their lives a person who is
referred to as
a feeder
a feeder is a person who derives satisfaction from
over feeding another person
the joy of giving gone awry
there are difficulties in arranging and running
family therapy sessions
but some benefit can arise from recognising that
the obese person may not be the only party in need of

Alun Cairns and the rape trial...
was the judge accusing the politician of
perjury - telling lies on oath
or simply telling
The truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth
in an inconvenient context
was the judge criticising the witness because he
didn't GET WITH the programme
the scheme to jail as many men as possible?
and placate the lying conniving wimin of the world
right now we are well behind in the activities of
Richard Rawlings
but we saw him at the American F1 Grand Prix 2019
a man that went on about
marries a granny?

Hartlepool Population
Total 2018 93,200
Female 47,700
Male 45,500
Mates aged 16 - 64 28,200 62.00 per cent
Females aged 16 - 64 29,200 61.20 per cent
Economically active 41,500 70.90 per cent of the 62 per cent
males unemployed 2,300
females unemployed 1,700

students 2,800
homemaker 4,400
long-term sick 5,700
retired 1,500
other 1,400
we wonder whether that means
in prison, in custody
wants a job 2,300
does not want a job, 14,300
number of workless households 8,900 North East, 170,600 Great Britain 2,919,800
number of children in workless households H 4,400 NE 81,800 GB 1,259,00
claimant count
all people 3,385 Males 2,105 Females 1,285
what we want to point out here is
Claimant count means
available workforce
does not include
ineligible through savings, through being supported by a worker etc
and so the available workforce in Hartlepool is
aged 18 to 24 765
aged 25 to 49 1,850
aged 50 + 770
think on that every time somebody says
this scheme will bring 500 jobs to the town
who the hell is going to DO them?
people are not willing to take on the under 25s
due to risk of exploitation of the vulnerable
or the over 50s due to
short return on training investment
Hartlepool has 1,800 people claiming and or age for
a new employer and
and 5,700 on long term sick
now we see a change
time was
long term sick meant
industrial disease or industrial injury
now it tends to mean
mental health problems
and when you bring, if you bring, new employment to the area
not because you need help to provide goods or a service
take into account that Hartlepool has
7,500 residents with
no qualifications
4,800 with other qualifications
45,100 with NVQ 1 and above
NVQ2 and above
NVQ3 and above
14,400 NVQ4 and above
guess which wants are claimants...
to say you would be fishing in a very small pond full of
bottom feeders
would be about right
unemployment in the North East would be reduced if
existing, established employers
took on a handfull each of the
terminally bewildered
not trying to staff an entire enterpise
off the dole queue
total claimants 11,140
pre universal credit?
These stats were discontinued in November 2016
these are the stats for that month
Job Seekers 1,730
Employment Support Allowance and incapacity benefits 5,530
Lone Parents 1,090
Carers 1,920
other on income related benefits - is this income support? in work benefits? 240
disabled 530
bereaved 110
main out of work benefits total 8,580
thats a few on JSA and most on ESA
Source Department of Work and Pensions
relates to working age claimants
think there's unemployment in Hartlepool?
think it's find strapping work shy lads?
think again
even including the yoof
you'd be lucky to find 500 candidates

looking back to the NEETs is it
teenage and early twenties
Not in Employment, Education or Training
The concept of NEETs is born of the
and for those who are not classified as
it is the extension of
Raising of the School Leaving Age
in the 1970s
and that coincide with
The Health and Safety at Work ACT
essentially employers said
if you want low accident rates
we ain't employing kids grew some smarts
and now...
the expansion of the universities is a response to
maybe these youngun's should get their
sex lives behind them
before they come work for us

7th November 2019

we know that women change their
hair and makeup
and they change their names
sometimes because they marry
hence there may now be no
Carloe Zagrvitch
on the internet these days
You may ask yourself
why would a government be willing to
find a grant of several million pounds for
Janice Webster to arm Tanya Nelson into
discrediting our Ricker
and where does the LSE
London School of Economics fit in here?
Around the time that Ricker was first arrested
he had a role
he was
Chair of the Friends of the Earth Teesside Project
Recently we think we saw Jeremy Labour man
ask a journalist
something along the lines of
who's side are you on?
The whole thrust of the
FoE Teesside Project was to
get industry to duck down below the parapet
knock off the rough edges
curtail the flaring - burning off of waste gasses
switch from coke to something less filthy mucky
all along it was known that
just as a lot of people are attracted to
lifein the emergency services by
fast vehicles using blues and twos
blue flashing lights and two tone air horns
people are atracted to heavy industry by the thought of
being able to press a button and cover the local community
with a cloud of shite
and their response to a request to
cool it
is almost always
if you don't let us play
it'll cost
the people who play with speed boats in the Med not
industrial kit on Teesside
have decisions to make
if they have a clapped out old plant
it does not matter to them how polluting it is
the point to them is
we can buy new kit for
for instance
clean energy plant
off the shelf at
wholesale prices
if we want to keep the old bangers going
we have to have spares
hand made
at enormous cost
getting a derogation over emissions levels is easy
getting a Walterschlachel Valve Gear
out of a museum
not so much
we have no idea how to spell Walterschlachel
but it's a part of a steam locomotive
on the one side
subsidies to keep coke works open
on the other side
subsidies to develop wind farm technologies
same money
differently spent
and thus
Infant Hercules
rust belt
here's the thing
if you put all those coke oven workers and
thermal cracker operators
on full salary and bonus to
sit at home
they would pine for their toys
Vera Baird wasn't interested in their toys
she was only interested in
keeping men out from between women's legs
and hence, Ian Swales as the
anybody but Baird
and he?
Redcar's own
Dr. Beeching
sod the big guys
let's have everybody running around in Transit vans
and in a town with empty shops
build more shops
on railway land

and... last month
Network Rail put up the fence
Ricker asked Vera Baird to put up
all those years ago
so the trains can go a bit faster without
squashing louts

and the LSE?
so they came up to Redcar for a meeting with
Ricker and some vox pop local residents
and decided
they should have a meeting with
local unions first
consult the industry
not the people

6th November 2019

19th November 2002
The new Minister for Europe, Dr Denis MacShane, will complete a tour of the North East by
visiting the University of Teesside's showpiece Virtual Reality Centre this week.
The Ministerial visit coincides with the University's annual graduation ceremony and
the 10th anniversary of Teesside being given University-status.
Over the last decade, the Middlesbrough-based University has received £20m of
EU funding towards its £60m campus transformation.
Of this, the VR Centre has received over £4m from Europe.
Dr MacShane will unveil a plaque on the ground floor celebrating
the Virtual Reality Centre's recognition by ONE NorthEast as a
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Centre of Excellence and
the decision to designate the VR Centre as a Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) Real Time Interaction Centre.
The Minister will then congratulate the VR Centre on winning its first
£1m commercial contract,
in keeping with the European-backed drive to encourage technology transfer of
the University expertise to support local companies.
The contract being celebrated involves creating a virtual Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
for Darlington-based offshore and subsea specialists, CTC,
which will help to train operators in laying and retrieving underwater telecommunications cables.
Finally, the Minister will see demonstrations of the VR Centre's work inside its giant Hemispherium,
including a virtual walk-through of the planned Middlehaven docklands regeneration project and
learn of plans to create an even bigger virtual reality facility as part of
Middlesbrough's DigitalCity project on the Middlehaven site.
Janice Webster, chief executive of Virtual Reality Centre at Teesside Ltd., said:
"It is great that the Minister can help us to celebrate being recognised as a Centre of Excellence.
This is real recognition of our contribution in helping small and medium-sized enterprises to
benefit from the expertise in virtual reality applications available here at the University of Teesside.
"European support throughout the five years existence of the VR Centre at Teeside has been invaluable.
And I have just learnt that we have been chosen as the only UK university to join
a new EU-funded consortium of universities using VR to support the design industry called
Information Technologies for European Advancement," she said.

VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language, pronounced vermal or by its initials, originally—
before 1995—known as the Virtual Reality Markup Language) is a
standard file format for representing 3-dimensional (3D) interactive vector graphics,
designed particularly with the World Wide Web in mind. It has been superseded by X3D.
Speaking back to the day....
that is around 2001
Our Ricker signed up to do a master in multi media at The University of Teesside
Up until the time he signed up
there had been a VRML module on the course
when he signed up he chose the VRML module amongst others such as Director
When he turned up for the class the first class was cancelled
at the second class the tutor was
Tanya Nelson
Tanya Nelson was working for Janice Webster
at the third or 4th session Tanya approached Ricker and asked
do you mind me assessing your work
Ricker said that would be fine
then the university informed Ricker that he should withdraw from the VRML module
on the grounds that it was now only available on the B.Sc. course
This should have removed any question of an improper relationship
clearly somebody did not agree and apparently threatened Tanya with the suggestion that
if she did not lodge a formal complaint that Ricker's presence on campus was
stressing her out...
the matter of the improper relationship with a student would be revived

Ricker's first attempt at having a girlfriend was with
Gwynneth Dakers
she lived in Hartlepool and her dad
who owned and ran
Dakers chemists in the town and was in
Hough Bowmen
an archery club in the town
she lost touch after leaving to work at
Just sayin' Ricker has Hartlepool background
over past decades much of the discourse over education in the UK has been about
what children should NOT be taught
In neighbourhoods where almost all children leave education at 16
it is easier to see school
as somwhere where children are sheltered from adult life
not prepared for it
switching to Eston
Ricker recalls one 14 year old female
she was
'back at school'
she was 14 and achieved all the landmarks in female life in her neighbourhood
got drunk
had sex
had a baby
life's targets all achieved

5th November 2019

likely to rise.
Claimant count by sex - not seasonally adjusted (September 2019)
(numbers) Hartlepool(%) North East(%) Great Britain (%)

All people 3,385 5.9 4.3 2.8

2,105 7.5 5.3 3.3

1,285 4.4 3.3 2.4

Source: ONS Claimant count by sex and age
Note: % is the number of claimants as a proportion of resident population of area aged 16-64 and gender

Claimant count by age - not seasonally adjusted (September 2019)

(level) Hartlepool (%) North East (%) Great Britain(%)
Aged 16+
3,385 5.9 4.3 2.8
Aged 16 to 17
0 0.0 0.4 0.3
Aged 18 to 24
765 10.3 6.2 3.9
Aged 18 to 21
450 11.2 6.6 4.2
Aged 25 to 49
1,850 6.5 4.7 3.0
Aged 50+
770 4.0 3.2 2.3
Source: ONS Claimant count by sex and age
Note: % is number of claimants as a proportion of resident population of the same age
We would have to conclude...
What we really need to target in Hartlepool is
Yoof unemployment
the schools turning out
snowflakes who are not fit for work

anybody who trawls these web sites will
probably find that we have done this story before but
we work on the idea that if a problem becomes topical
we can revamp it for a new readership
as the platform evolves
the McDonalds boss sacking topic
it is interesting that the woman from the law firm
Slater and Gordon
on the BBC did not expound the real problem
we will reprise the saga of
Doctor and Janice Webster
at the university of Teesside
our Ricker came in after they were a couple
Dr. Webster was an expert on
at some point he was both
Director Designate of Teesside Polytechnic
computer visualisation consultant to
Teesside Development Corporation
he began to skip attending either job
perhaps he was ill
he was definitely ill
perhaps his illness was
alcohol related?
Janice, his wife worked at the University - polytechnic
people would ring Dr. Webster and ask where he was and
Janice would always say
he's at the other job
he was home
eventually when Janice was out at work
Dr. Webster slipped out and banked the
severance cheque
Janic was livid
well let's tell a little story
one day Ricker and some other people had a meeting with Janice
she decided that she would hold it in
The Board Room of the Polytechnic
she also decided to tell the assembled that
the polytechnic's no smoking policy
did not apply to the board room
she was treating the institution and its facilities as her own
because she was the wife of the Director Designate
This is the problem with the likes of McDonalds and
intra mural relationships
women - gold diggers or not - who
swan around a corporation saying
do this, don't do that
or my boyfriend will
sack you
If Ricker were vice chancellor of
The University of Teesside
could the university trust Tanya
not to do that?

4th November 2019

Kes is a fictional character on the American science fiction television show Star Trek:
Voyager portrayed by actress Jennifer Lien.
Set in the 24th century, the series follows the Starfleet and Maquis crew of
the starship USS Voyager who are stranded in the Delta Quadrant,
far from the rest of the Federation.
Kes is a member of the Ocampa, an alien species that are telepathic and
have an average life expectancy of nine years.
She joins Voyager's crew in the pilot episode alongside her Talaxian boyfriend Neelix.
During the show, she works as the Doctor's medical assistant and
develops her mental abilities with Tuvok's assistance.
Lien was removed from the fourth season to allow for Jeri Ryan's introduction as Seven of Nine.
Essentially, Kes was an elf cut blond
14th December 2019 is
a Sunday
We think that it will be the day that
TransPennneExpress trains
begin to run
to and from
Redcar Central
but it may be the following day
Monday 15th
and so
just in time for some last minute
Christmas shopping
there is a good chance that this will happen
but this is the railways so don't blame us
if it doesn't
Far less certain is the appearance of
Redcar central
at the top of destination boards at
Kings X
in London on or around
19th May 2020

In this era of
charge inflation
we assume that the
prosecution authorities will be pressing for
the coroner to bring in verdicts of
unlawfully killed
on the Vietnamese migrants
we would argue that serious consideration be given to
the woefully underused verdict of
how you can argue that the dead did not know that
their mode of transport was
irregular to the point of
downright dangerous
is hard to fathom
we know about
survivor guilt
we know that for decades now there has been a culture of
there is no such thing as
an accident
this ignores the truth of
randomness in the universe
do something thousands of times without incident
then one day there is some slight un-noticed variation
and disaster ensues
this brings in the concept of
you own a home
there are millions of them
tens or millions of them
and every now and again
one of them is hit by lightning
if you are insured
your loss is compensated with the premiums paid by
the people who's homes were not hit by lightning
in that sense
by extrapolation
people who are killed or injured in
road accidents in which speed is a factor
should be compensated by the fines paid by people
caught speeding who were not involved in an accident
this is why it is unhelpful to target the drivers who
are unlucky enough to see fatal consequences to actions
millions of people take daily
we are not distinguishing the
unlucky from the reckless
because we say
two things
psychos are not responding to rules
we must apply them more rigorously
we can't clamp down on or target
known psychos
because that would
infringe their human right to have
the fact that they are psychos ignored by
law enforcement
we are refusing to distinguish between
some guy who was nearby when somebody died
and serial killers

There are many concepts that exist but do not have
wide currency
if you have lived in certain circles over the past decades
you will be familiar with the concept of a worker being
kicked up stairs
when a worker has done good work in their youth
and they become something of a liability...
in the UK they are
kicked upstairs
removed from the workplace, the shop floor
and given an office on a higher floor because
they have useful, perhaps vital, contacts within the industry
but can't be trusted 'on the tools'
in Japan such people are referred to as
window men
paid to sit at a desk and look out of the windows
sometimes these days there is a crossover with
celebrity culture and influencers
and the term
brand ambassador
has gained currency
from time to time undercover journalists have run
where celebrities have been conned into
fronting entirely bogus campaigns
there are two major drivers - perhaps three - to the promotion of
fake news
celebrity endorsements
endorsements comes from
signing the back of a document - usually a cheque
to authenticate it
dorsum being back
as in dorsal fin on a fish
second shock horror content, is this really the
sign of the apocalypse
and thirdly
secret knowledge
reliable sources haven't told us this
because they are keeping it from us

computer have a number of elements
including memory and processing and input and display
memory comes in two broad categories
read only memory and random access memory
RAM means information can be stored and accessed like
a book with an index
ROM is a form of RAM but
its contents are fixed so it is
very like a book with an index
as opposed to a web site where the same
URL unique resource locator or location
can lead to different information
day to day
many form of dementia render the human brain
read only
and so
if you insist on equal numbers of
men and women in top jobs - roles designed for
demented old men
and you parachute these women into these roles
thye have ancient wisdom that is
not relavent to the role they have been assigned
and they may have lost the ability to learn
they may regard learning as
beneath their dignity

living in an industrial area we have made a discovery
we will not seek out the stats
anecdotal evidence...
when a lot of people died from
industrial injuries and the effects of work related toxicity
elderly single people tended to be
now with all the men's sheds and the like
we talk about of aged men and loneliness
we have something interesting to say about why
in the absence of work
women die younger than men
for those who know or care the idea revolves around
bar bodies

we are now running into a Philip Pullman season in the UK
His Dark Materials has been televised
that prompts a disclosure about
Ricker and Tanya - not the one in the library
When Ricker was told that his friend Tanya had died
his reaction was that 'his' Tanya had died
her parents' Tanya had not died
you would have to know about Ricker and Tanya to guess this
Ricker has aged
Tanya has changed quite a bit as women tend to do
when Ricker was young there were a number of TV series
under the umbrella title
Star Trek
so when Ricker's Tanya died it was in the sense of
she's dead to you
perhaps we will research the true story but
given the appearance and demeanour of Ricker's Tanya
he relied upon the Star Trek
was it Star Trek Voyager?
and now we hear Philip Pullman taking about
a successful death leading to becoming
diffuse and at one with the universe
as was the fate of Kes
Tanya's family dispersed Ricker's view, perception of
his friend Tanya
and a part of what they did to do that was to persuade her to
change her name from her mother's name - Robertson
to her father's name - Nelson
and her father and her mother's brother were
police officers
and we move from that to
the concept law enforcement have of
they see a very important line between
assault causing life changing injury
assault causing, actions associated with, death
in the deep beer sozzled mind of the typical cop
an illness or life changing injury is
a punishment from God
and so the perp is acting as an instrument of
God's Justice
somebody who is implicated in a death is
usurping God's power of life and death
animals to be eaten should be killed
people should die of
natural causes
by the hand of God
a family should feel shame if a family member suffers
life changing injuries
if somebody is killed - rather than dying at God's hand
some sacrifice to God is required to offset the hubris
execution or life imprisonment
to appease God on behalf of mankind
not to provide closure for the family
they do not say
we only investigate deaths if the victim's family
ask us to
so 'closure' for the family is bollocks
and then we come to the Sam concept
I want to make babies for you
I want to protect their immortal souls by
injuncting you not to speak to them about
and Ricker being thrown off university courses for
treating education as something other then
rote learning
latter-day scriptures
in other words
scientific and technical literature has to be
compatible with traditional teachings
and regarded as an annex or addendum to Holy Scripture
We forget the title of the comedy about the priests of
Craggy Island
Father Ted
but we remember the meeting between the
Roman Catholic priests and some Anglican clergy
and the RCs were not smoking and the CofE
Church of Englands
were smoking
and this referred to how the two churches respond to
and to science
The RCs are not interested in the evidence
they do what the Pope tells them to do
the CofEs take an interest in the new evidence
and them choose to ignore it
rather like the monks on the North East cost of England
faced with Viking invaders
EXPECTED God to protect them
because they were
True Believers

31st October 2019

The pale blue is
Bran Sands
sewage sludge de-watering plant
it takes shipments from Hendon
not the one down London the
Tyne and Wear one - we think

We guess the plant with the red and white chimney is the
waste to energy plant

under the white slab at nine o'clock
that is a bridge parapet
Redcar British Steel
The trains stop
about once a week
sesurity won't let you leave the platform

and these are three
dockside cranes
and constitute
Tees Port's Container Terminal

Some time ago there was some disquiet about the council
Redcar and Cleveland Council
re-surfacing the back lane behind the houses in
Corporation Road
between The West Dyke Road roundabout and
Redcar and Cleveland College
on the South Side
Those houses - including the one where the mayoral car is kept
have front gardens at least twenty feet deep
and yet
those properties carry with them
marked out, on pavement, parking places at the front
switch now to
Coatham Road
between Christ Church and the Cricket ground
these houses too have a paved rear road access
mostly to garages in the back yard or garden
their front yards or gardens are less than six feet deep
they have on street parking bays
out front, in Coatham Road
Here's the thing
if you examine the level crossings at either end of
Redcar Central Goods Yard
the one at the up end - West Dyke Road
is far more sturdy and newer than the one at the down end
Redcar Lane
The class 68s and the class 800s, Azumas
will be crossing West Dyke Road
but not
Redcar Lane
in the New Year
direct trains from and to
Manchester and London
will be generating more and more closures of
West Dyke Road Level Crossing
still there courtesy of
former MP Ian Swales??
and more and more the question will be
should we have a
make way for oncoming traffic
as on
Majuba Road
or should we have the busses and bin wagons
re-routed via Redcar Lane?
or should we just scrap the on street parking on Coatham Road?
However, before The Middlesbrough Evening Gazette decided to
join team Swales
they published a letter from our Ricker that suggested that
Locke Park be converted into a roundabout
to the extent of making
Locke Road Railbridge one way southbound
the section of Coatham Road in question one way east bound
and Kirkleatham Lane Railbridge one way north bound
None of which would have been necessary if the council had
stumped up for
Locke Road Railbridge
to be widened.
and so,
since we are having a General Election
we have a Tory Tees Valley Mayor
two transport projects a bit cheaper than
Teesside Airport
Widen Locke Road Railbridge
demolish the charity shops at the far east end
south east corner of the pedestrianised part of
Redcar High Street East
the terrace between the High Street
the former police station on Lord Street
and build a new, proper
bus station there

This is one of those
Newton Moments
I'll write it up when I get time
We are not here going to get into detailed discussion about
the exact nature of
kosher and halal
don't eat pigs and only eat from animals that were
fit and healthy until the moment you killed them
It's public health law written into a religion
the point we want to get to is this
unlike crocodiles and lizards and vultures
that are differently equipped
we should eat animals when they are in the prime of life
almost without exception
we eat plants when they are dying
we harvest fruit and veg in the autumn - the fall
when they are dead and leaving seed to be
the next generation the next year
there is a classic example of exceptions that prove the rule
if you see a tree that has dead leaves on it
leaves that are dead but have not fallen in the fall
you assume that that tree is dead
unless it is beech or hornbeam
beech trees do not appear to have what the expert call the
abscission mechanism
they crry their dead leaves through winter
presumably for insulation against cold but running the risk
they will be caught by strong winds and fell the tree
or rip off a branch
we do not judge fruit and veg on the basis of the
health of the prey
and we need to take a lot of care over selection of fruits to eat
no simple hallal or kosher rule to distinguish
elder berries
deadly nightshade
and damn all diversity of plant species to the
deserts where
Holy Scriptures
were written

28th October 2019

Sometimes it seems wrong to pick over a tragedy
we are deeply baffled by the Vietnamese horror
This woman knows she is dying
and yet she can text her mom to tell her she is dying
at what point did it not occur to anybody to
text the driver and say we need the doors open for a spell?
If the driver was contacted and told things were going wrong
and he did nothing...
he must have been oblivious because otherwise he would not have
completed his journey and opened the doors
outside the cold store
he would have checked the truck
found the bodies
dumped the truck
gone on the run
t almost seems like
the Golgafrinchian B Arc
somebody put the people they didn't want to make it
in the truck that
well you would say....
the driver wasn't in on it
and that's why nobody had his number
how would you hire a driver and not know how to contact them
in transit?
It seems very clear that the driver who opened the trailer
didn't haul the trailer across Belgium
It is a bit like a game of
pass the parcel
The first problem is gaining a public understanding that
refer trailers are self sustaining - free standing
and tractors and trailers swap all the time
in this instance
the trailer may well have been moved from the
Belgian dockside
onto the ship, to travel alone
by a dockside
PC Plod's approach seems like
posting a letter and being able predict
whether it will be delivered by
Postie Pat
Postie Sam

We often praise the versatility of the English language
however, the recent ISIS exercise point up a major flaw
and refers back to Ann Ming
the use of the word
to refer to
adult offspring
somebody in their fifties
looses a grown up child and the write up gives the impression of
the death of a toddler

25th October 2019

And now we present...
a pair of the UK's most
expensive lawn mowers
These Reliance and one of the 'new' second hand replacements for
The Pacers
sit in the somewhat short and neglected
Middlesbrough Station passenger sidings
current TransPennine Expresses
avoid by using the Whitby line as a pretend siding
and the Whitby line?

This is
James Cook
James Cook university Hospital's
dedicated railway station on the Whitby line
and some of the trains that stop here run all the way to
without a change
via Middlesbrough and Hartlepool
originally twin track, now single track

This is an attempt to demonstrate the scale of
James Cook

the thing is,
that unit doesn't even include
medical physics
that's elsewhere on site
on the same campus...
This lot isn't a part of South Tees University Hospitals Trust
This lot is
Tees Wear and Esk NHS Trust

and that's what replaced
St. LUke's
Roseberry Park
is the north half of the campus and it is
The mental health trust
This thing is
fucking humungous
off the main mall there is
Marks and Spencer
W H Smith
a huge cafe
not pictured
the regional spinal injuries unit
not pictured - as seen on TV
A and E
on telly it may appear that the helipad
is over the road
the road on TV is the
internal circulatory road
Marton Road is
behind you
as you look down from the helipad - designed to be capable of taking
all the SeaKing helicopters
air sea rescue owned - all at once - when built in ?? 2003
to take the evacuation of an entire
north Sea oil rig
we challenge anybody to
James Cook A and E
immediately inside the
ambulance entrance.. 4 resus bays
casualties awaiting surgery?
upstairs to ward 34
as Teeside deserves
it is primarily designed to deal with the consequences of
industrial accidents
on any imaginable scale

23rd October 2019

It's quite a sobering thought that
at any given time
one in a thousand people in the UK are
in prison
that means one in 500 men
The media foster the idea that locking people up is a bit like
once anything disappear down a drain
it no longer exists
and if a perp does time the victim will be healed
finding out who the perp is may offer closure
the growth of categories who
can't be named for legal reasons
we end up with
human warehouses and no real closure
add to that
Criminal Records Bureau checks
and their successors and we run the risk of having
more people of working age with a blemished CRB check
than people with an unblemished record
and that is
a major driver for
women only professions
and a women only profession becomes
a low pay profession

21st October 2019

We remember the concept
A veneer of Respectability
what we feel we are beginning to see in the
North East of England
a Veneer of Desperation
we have not written about this before but
we suspect that when the National Government
took control of business rates
at first
in essence
government grants were matched
the lost rates
not local need
any attempt to match funding to need results in
stories about
money being taken from industrial and post-industrial areas
and given to
the likes of
to be politically acceptable
the re-balancing will have to be gradual

On 1 April 2013 a new system of business rates retention began in England.
Before April 2013 all business rate income collected by councils formed
a single, national pot, which was then distributed by government in the form of formula grant.
Through the Local Government Finance Act 2012, and regulations that followed,
the government gave local authorities the power to keep up to half of business rate income and
transfer half of it centrally, to central government.
The central share is then distributed to councils in the form of revenue support grants.
The other half kept by local authorities are then subjected to
tariff, levy, top-up and safety payments depending on the financial position of the council.
According to the government the change gives financial incentives to councils to
grow their local economies and increase their income from business rates.
At the same time the new scheme has resulted in more risk and uncertainty.

18th October 2019

Today we will be
feeding ducks
Brain the size of a planet and
Marvin's giving advice about feeding ducks
The ducks suffer no direct harm from eating bread
the problem is
they don't eat it all and
rats eat what the ducks leave
Anas is a genus of dabbling ducks.
It includes the pintails, most teals, and
the mallard and its close relatives.
It formerly included additional species but
following the publication of a molecular phylogenetic study in 2009
the genus was split into four separate genera.
The genus now contains 31 living species
A dabbling duck is a type of shallow water duck that
feeds primarily along the surface of the water or by
tipping headfirst into the water to graze on aquatic plants,
vegetation, larvae, and insects.
These ducks are infrequent divers and are usually found in
small ponds, rivers, and other shallow waterways,
or else they may stay near the shallow, slower edges of larger waterways and swamps.
Yer Park Duck will be a dabbler
the trick to responsible duck feeding is to put the food
within reach of the ducks and out of reach of the rats
bread - chuck it far out across the water
feed whole grains that will sink into water too deep for rats and just right for ducks

16th October 2019

Perhaps this a good Sam
in bad taste
black snowflakes used to fall on Redcar
Now they play for England
Here's the thing
which is the more racist thing...
You can't play for Englnd, cos youz black
hey, you're playing for England
and you're black
(right on brother)
we too are the downtrodden underclass
but we don't even have the
badge of a colour difference
to show for it
a player getting upset about having it pointed out to them that
they are black and that is upsetting them
is a worry
it calls to mind black people taking
quite effective
drugs to lighten their skin
is that because that makes them more employable
because they are not happy being dark skinned?
pre-school kids don't notice these things
somewhere along the line these kids
get a complex
about being black
the black guy
the girl with the rose tattoo
what are black people objecting to being
different from?
this all stems back to a boxer called
Cassius Clay
he decided that being black wasn't
distinction enough
so he changed his name to
Mohamed Ali
since most black people in the USA when they have a religion
are some sort of Christian
who or what was he identifying himself with/
identifying himself with being unique
as in
I'm the Only Gay in the Village
perhaps these footballers should be advised to research
South Africa
refusing to play England - at cricket
if England fielded
Basil d'Olivera
and England late sacking a white player
don't quote us, Graham Gooch??
for playing in South Africa
in the aftermath
nobody is threatening to walk off if
England field a black player
that is real progress
that should be remembered
God knows what would happen if England fielded a woman
and speaking of which
perhaps now is the time to raise the Strictly question of the year
Michelle Visage
regard herself as
a trans woman
or simply
a drag artist?
and from here we ask
what would happen if
men who identify as female
were allowed to play in the
England men's team
Is the message of the Bulgarian FA
When we play England
we want to play a
bunch of fat slobs like
Paul Gascoign - Gazza

There is a technique in management called
run a flag up the flagpole and
see who salutes
The UK follows the USA in many things and so we
look to the US for indications of where
law enforcement is going
shoot the nutter and
use sex crimes to fill the prisons with
nice people like us
that seems to be the trend

We are not going to disguise this
except that we are not going to publish the graphs
In the North East of England in July 2019
we saw a significant up tick in unemployment
we don't collate these numbers and so we don't know
to what extent they are seasonally adjusted
in the raw data
we expect the July figures to include a lot of
School and college leavers registering for the first time
if these are the raw data it is
diappointing but not surprising that the North East England
unemployment rate has ticked up to
six per cent
if they are seasonally adjusted it is a worry
we thought we would try something different
some actual numbers
Total population (2018)
Sunderland(numbers) Redcar and Cleveland(numbers) Great Britain(numbers)
All people 277,400 136,700 64,553,900
Males 135,300 66,400 31,864,000
Females 142,100 70,300 32,689,900
Source: ONS Population estimates - local authority based by five year age band
Population aged 16-64 (2018)
Sunderland(numbers) Sunderland(%) Redcar and Cleveland(%) Great Britain(%)
All people aged 16-64 174,500 62.9 59.6 62.7
Males aged 16-64 85,900 63.5 59.8 63.4
Females aged 16-64 88,600 62.4 59.5 62.0

Employment and unemployment (Jul 2018-Jun 2019)
Sunderland(numbers) Sunderland(%) Redcar and Cleveland(%) Great Britain(%)
All people
Economically active† 136,100 76.2 72.3 78.9
In employment† 124,800 69.7 67.8 75.6
Employees† 111,000 62.2 59.4 64.6
Self employed† 13,400 7.3 8.0 10.7
Unemployed (model-based)§ 9,400 7.0 5.6 4.1
Economically active† 71,100 80.6 77.1 83.5
In employment† 63,700 71.9 71.4 79.9
Employees† 54,300 61.7 60.4 65.4
Self employed† 9,200 10.0 10.3 14.2
Unemployed§ 7,400 10.4 7.2 4.2
Economically active† 65,000 72.0 67.7 74.3
In employment† 61,100 67.6 64.3 71.3
Employees† 56,700 62.7 58.5 63.9
Self employed† 4,100 4.6 5.8 7.2
Unemployed§ 3,900 6.0 5.1 3.9
Source: ONS annual population survey† -
numbers are for those aged 16 and over,
% are for those aged 16-64§ -
numbers and % are for those aged 16 and over.
% is a proportion of economically active
· Economic inactivity (Jul 2018-Jun 2019)
Sunderland(level) Sunderland(%) Redcar and Cleveland(%) Great Britain(%)
All people
Total 41,500 23.8 27.7 21.1
Student 8,400 20.1 19.7 26.9
looking after family/home 8,500 20.4 21.1 23.6
temporary sick # # # 1.9
long-term sick 13,900 33.5 32.6 23.0
discouraged ! ! ! 0.4
retired 5,100 12.3 16.8 12.9
other 4,400 10.7 6.9 11.2
wants a job 11,300 27.3 10.0 20.7
does not want a job 30,200 72.7 90.0 79.3
# Sample size too small for reliable estimate
Workless Households (Jan-Dec 2018)
Sunderland Redcar and Cleveland Great Britain
Number of Workless Households 18,100 9,700 2,919,800
Percentage of Households that are Workless 19.4 23.8 14.3
Number of children in Workless Households # # 1,259,000
Percentage of children who are in Households that are Workless # # 10.3
Employment by occupation (Jul 2018-Jun 2019)
Sunderland(numbers) Sunderland(%) Redcar and Cleveland(%) Great Britain(%)
Soc 2010 major group 1-3 43,600 34.9 31.7 47.1
1 Managers, directors and senior officials 10,200 8.2 7.2 11.1
2 Professional occupations 19,300 15.5 15.1 21.0
3 Associate professional & technical 14,000 11.3 9.3 14.8
Soc 2010 major group 4-5 25,900 20.8 24.3 19.9
4 Administrative & secretarial 11,900 9.6 11.1 9.8
5 Skilled trades occupations 14,000 11.2 13.1 10.0
Soc 2010 major group 6-7 26,400 21.1 22.1 16.4
6 Caring, leisure and Other Service occupations 12,900 10.4 13.9 9.0
7 Sales and customer service occs 13,400 10.7 8.1 7.3
Soc 2010 major group 8-9 29,000 23.2 21.9 16.6
8 Process plant & machine operatives 12,900 10.4 11.0 6.3
9 Elementary occupations 16,100 12.9 10.9 10.3
Source: ONS annual population surveyNotes:
Numbers and % are for those of 16+ % is a proportion of all persons in employment
Qualifications (Jan 2018-Dec 2018)
Sunderland(level) Sunderland(%) Redcar and Cleveland(%) Great Britain(%)
NVQ4 and above 43,800 25.0 29.6 39.3
NVQ3 and above 77,500 44.3 51.8 57.8
NVQ2 and above 124,400 71.0 70.4 74.9
NVQ1 and above 150,600 86.0 82.5 85.4
Other qualifications 8,500 4.8 6.6 6.8
No qualifications 16,100 9.2 10.9 7.8
Earnings by place of residence (2018)
Sunderland(pounds) Redcar and Cleveland(pounds) Great Britain(pounds)
Gross weekly pay
Full-time workers 503.0 480.5 571.1
Male full-time workers 528.0 523.8 612.2
Female full-time workers 460.5 451.2 510.0
Hourly pay - excluding overtime
Full-time workers 12.52 12.26 14.36
Male full-time workers 12.54 12.84 14.89
Female full-time workers 12.20 11.98 13.56
Source: ONS annual survey of hours and earnings -
resident analysisNotes: Median earnings in pounds for employees living in the area.

Here are the raw data
Note that give away
Trained scientist at work
Here are the raw data - plural of?
not here is the raw data
like, these is the months of the year, like
Claimant count by sex - not seasonally adjusted (September 2019)
Sunderland(numbers) Sunderland(%) Redcar and Cleveland(%) Great Britain(%)
All people 8,570 4.9 4.2 2.8
Males 5,230 6.1 5.3 3.3
Females 3,340 3.8 3.1 2.4

Claimant count by age - not seasonally adjusted (September 2019)
Sunderland(level) Sunderland(%) Redcar and Cleveland(%) Great Britain(%)
Aged 16+ 8,570 4.9 4.2 2.8
Aged 16 to 17 15 0.3 0.2 0.3
Aged 18 to 24 1,875 7.9 7.4 3.9
Aged 18 to 21 1,180 9.4 8.1 4.2
Aged 25 to 49 4,555 5.2 4.6 3.0
Aged 50+ 2,125 3.7 2.8 2.3

Employee jobs by industry
B : Mining and quarrying 10 0.0 1.6 0.2
C : Manufacturing 21,000 17.8 13.2 8.1
D : Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply 3,500 3.0 0.3 0.5
E : Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities 1,000 0.8 1.2 0.7
F : Construction 6,000 5.1 4.6 4.7
G : Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
15,000 12.7 18.4 15.2
H : Transportation and storage 6,000 5.1 9.2 4.8
I : Accommodation and food service activities 6,000 5.1 6.6 7.6
J : Information and communication 2,000 1.7 1.3 4.2
K : Financial and insurance activities 5,000 4.2 0.6 3.5
L : Real estate activities 1,250 1.1 2.1 1.7
M : Professional, scientific and technical activities 2,500 2.1 5.3 8.7
Redcar mid way between Sunderland and the national average....
N : Administrative and support service activities 10,000 8.5 5.3 9.1
O : Public administration and defence; compulsory social security 7,000 5.9 4.6 4.3
P : Education 10,000 8.5 9.2 8.9
Q : Human health and social work activities 17,000 14.4 13.2 13.2
R : Arts, entertainment and recreation 2,000 1.7 3.3 2.5
S : Other service activities 1,750 1.5 1.8 2.0
This the bit where we get fed up or vindicated regarding
Will the sky fall in if a
large employer
UK Business Counts (2019)
Sunderland(numbers) Sunderland(%) Redcar and Cleveland(numbers) Redcar and Cleveland(%)
Micro (0 to 9) 4,850 85.8 2,805 88.8
Small (10 to 49) 655 11.6 285 9.0
Medium (50 to 249) 110 1.9 55 1.7
Large (250+) 40 0.7 15 0.5
Total 5,650 - 3,160 -
Local Units
Micro (0 to 9) 5,770 77.7 3,250 81.8
Small (10 to 49) 1,330 17.9 575 14.5
Medium (50 to 249) 265 3.6 130 3.3
Large (250+) 65 0.9 20 0.5
Total 7,425 - 3,975 -
Source: Inter Departmental Business Register (ONS)
Note: % is as a proportion of total (enterprises or local units)

14th October 2019

Michael Buchanan
We should try to find out about the real
Michael Buchanan
We are not entitled to assume that he is a
washed up formr journalist
trying to re-launch his career
Along the lines of the hack in the movie
Ace in the Hole
He appears to be an alcoholic, based on a story about his time at
BBC Radio Leeds
How exactly you can stand in the midst of a
yacht marina in Hartlepool
and say
Unemployment and poverty are killing this place
Those of us who stretch back to the days when the
Nuclear Power Station
was being built
remember what an armpit of a town
the Hartlepools used to be
and he can stand there and say
It were all great around here with the shipyards
until ten years ago when the cuts came in
He totally failed to do his
vox pops
in front of any shred of dereliction
at least Middlesbrough has Gresham
Thes people like entirely within their own fantasies
Shipyards in Hartlepool?
First of all
no river runs through Hartlepool
Not the Tees or any other
Hartlepool is a Sea Port
Like Port Clarence it wanted to
ship coal from the Durham Coal field to London
It was built entirely the same as
Seaham in county Durham
Seaham got the trade
Having the docks
docks NOT slipways as in shipbuilding
as opposed to a
grving dock
for ship repairs
Victoria Harbour to the north with its
Fish Quay
and West Harbour connected to that marina
Hartlepool didn't get to export coal so it
imported timber
and now instead of importing timber it
If you have ever come across a ship called
you should know that it was restored in Hartlepool
and on the back of that
they did the same to
HMS Trincomalee
and that stayed and is now the centrepiece of the
National Maritime Museum
Here's the argument regarding such facilities as
the police custody suite
what they say is
there are 18 cells here and there were three jobs
three jobs per shift, meaning around a dozen jobs in total
what they didn't have were any inmates
Just as an aside
we've commented on
O'Connor Utilities periodically replacing some of the
electricity cabling in Redcar
At this moment they are putting in a new cable to run
as a ring main around the block between
The Old Middlesbrough Town Hall and the new
Middlesbrough Police Station that has
a massive modern custody block and
since the invention of the internal combustion engine
the police struggle to
put in a whole shift transporting a prisoner the
ten miles from Hartlepool to Middlesbrough
It's never about the
it's always about
nice little community of a dozen cops
sharing tea and biscuits with the regular suspects
well out of the way where the brass and the public won't bother them
and not a word about
the retired retail manager
had had his benefits stopped
had he been sanctioned because he thought himself
the tasks set by the Job Centre?
there's another theme here
religion - particularly Christianity
can be divided into two modes, varieties
perhaps we could say the
non-Roman catholic churches
and the Roman Catholic church
at this time we may even put the
Irish Catholic church into the
non-Roman camp
and consider South America as the primary home of
The Roman Catholic Church
what we are referring to here is
one set of churches designed, operated, to guide people in
how to live a good life
and another
designed to offer consolation to people living in
deeply miserable conditions
a lot of people who take drugs
and run under trains
are preoccupied with
joining some lost friend or relative
in heaven
people who have been in long term relationships
these days perhaps over ten years
have two modern conventions to consider
renewing their vows
eternity rings
a fair chunk of loneliness and despair comes from
loosing a partner or job
not being willing to move on
and worse
expecting the previous situation to be restored
once they get to heaven
renewing vows is cool
buying eternity rings is
not cool

11th October 2019

Long, long ago we write about
William Robson and John Ord
bringing milk from the Dorman Estate
Down Marton Road into Middlesbrough
and paying a toll to bring goods - the milk
into the town
This is the Toll Bar Cottage

There are no hard and fast rules about
shift patterns
A very normal pattern - what they had at ICI Wilton
6 'til 2 ealies
2 'til 10 lates
10 'til 6 nights
If you do away with the night shift you reduce the management load
What we understand in
closing the night shift is
Nissan - shut the night shift, to introduce the new model Juke?
if you stop the night shift your engineers have time
overnight to sort out teething troubles
you bring back the night shift when you have everything
running smoothly

We just want to add a note on the
Direst trains from Redcar
We don't think this is about expecting more passengers
boarding in Redcar than Middlesbrough
As it stands when The TransPennine Expresses
'turn around' in Middlesbrough they don't turn around
They sneak up the Whitby line and lurk there
and have to avoid being in the way of trains for
Nunthorpe and Whitby
like the Nunthorpe tain want to be on the Nunthorpe line
five minutes after the Manchester train
slips on onto the up line to set off back
That's a bit tight
However, if the Manchester Trains and The Azoomas for London
were both turning around in Middlesbrough
they just could not both use the Nunthorpe line as a
'pretend' siding
and so they can - by adding around 10 to 15 minutes to the overall
journey time
use Redcar Goods Yard instead

9th October 2019

We could call this
A Tale of Two Totters
This bloke was walking along Corporation Road
He was a bright young lad and
always had an eye out for
the main chance
There was this old house and it was being stripped out
for conversion
there was a skip in the drive
in the skip was a length of that special armoured cable
the sort electricians use to run power around the outside
of buildings to save
ripping up the floors and walls to install an extension
or garden water feature
nobody is very clear about the law regarding
lifting things out of skips
you could find somebody says you should ask permission
but who from
if there is anybody about they are probably contractors
people who themselves don't
the contents of the skip
so our likely lad pulls out the cable
and walks along the road to some waste ground nearby and
puts the cable into the long grass
later he gets a mate who drives a taxi to run him to the spot
and they load the cable into the boot - trunk - of the cab
and off with it
a lot of effort for a few quid but people do have
inflated ideas about how much scrap is worth
this is actually a virtuous act although the participants
thought it was dodgy
perhaps the people who hired out the skip would have salvaged the cable
if they found it dumped in their yard but
it would probably have ended up in landfill
by contrast
another pair of 'scallies' run short of a fix and knowing that there
is a scrap yard near a set of points on the railway at
South Bank
they chop the control cables out of the railway and
weigh the cable in
at the scrap yard
all this in the shadow of the place those two blokes died
messing with the coke works
naturally they do this in the very early morning
and so the first trains of the day are cancelled
whilst the rail company come out to replace the cable
we say company - it is the government, nationalised rail infrastructure
and Ricker was supposed to be on that first train
he was heading for an appointment at
James Cook hospital
and so he was an hour late and missed the first of two tests
and got a prescription based on the one test he was
in time for
and had to wait three months for another test appointment
and the day before that appointment
the cable for the South Bank points went missing again
and here is the law of unintended consequences
these lads do this because
The Labour and the Silver Saviours who run
Food Banks
tell these people that they are brave souls who fight back against the
heartless capitalists
that is one dimension but we have had this problem before
now it is South Bank
a few years ago it was
Network rail
burried the cables near Eaglescliff so deep
that it was not worth the while of the
smack heads to try to dig them up

8th October 2019

This is Redcar Central Goods Yard
and class 68 Reliance
waiting to return on yesterday's
training run

We saw this growth on the footbridge
Looks like seaweed
We guess it's a liverwort

We've made little image logo type thing
from an
Aero Pictorial Ltd
image of Middlesbrough Docks
taken in 1947
compared to now
everything is small and low
The Boro's Riverside Stadium is at around 1 o'clock
It looks like there was a swing railway bridge over the
Dock Cut
There is now a two leaf bascule road bridge there at the end of
Shepherdson Way
past the stadium
meaning there is now a wall down the middle of the Dock Cut
under the bridge
Imagine, UK trade depended on these dinky little ships
Bell Brother's
as in Gertrude Bell of Kirkleatham Street, Redcar and Arabia
is still standing as the smudge in the top left hand corner of the image
The works was opened in 1853
and so stood for nearly a century
over the river
at Port Clarence
and the name Clarence
not the cross eyed lion on Daktari or whatever
The Duke of Clarence...
The Lord High Admiral
went on to become
King William IV
Teesside is OLD
and although on the
Liverpool to Manchester Railway
Rail Passenger TICKETS
were first introduced
everything else was copied from the North East of England
In 1815 a third of a million troops returned to Britain
from the Napolionic wars
Stationary steam engines got their start in the mines of Cornwall
and the cotton mills of Manchester
LOCOMOTIVES - moving steam engines
Got their start in North East England
1814 was the date steam locomotives began to earn money at
Wylam Colliery
built from plans pf
Richard Trevithick's tram engine
that had run at Pen-Y-Daren ironworks in South Wales
Ten years earlier
To cut a long story very short
The railway at the Middleton Colliery near Leeds
was the first revenue-earning steam worked railway in the world
but it was a works shunter
not a public railway
the first public railway was
The Stockon and Darlington
The Middleton Colliery engineer was a Stockton lad
and he brought the idea to
The South Durham Coal Owners
In 1768
a canal - effectively- from darlington to Stockton had been proposed
actually from Winston just south of Auckland Field to
the docks of Stockton-on -Tees
In 1810, Leonard Raisbeck, Recorder of Stockton,
suggested a railway from the coalfields
and the man with the money was cloth merchant
Edward Pease
The put up the money so it went his way
The people of Stockton did not see why the diversion to
This 'pointless' diversion qualifies this as the first
public railway
opened if you are checking the vintage of your local railway
Royal assent on the Stockton and Darlington Rail Bill
19th April 1821
construction begum
May 1822
There was a proposal for a
Tees and Weardale Railway
That was what Port Clarence was meant for and
the transporter bridge was built for
and the name of the project was changed to
the Clarence Railway
sucking up for Royal Assent
The best thing about this is
The Coalowners
didn't own the coal
they leased extraction rights from...
The Bishop of Durham
What is
The Bubble Act of 1720?
It was a law repealed in 1825 that prohibited or sought to rein in
speculation of the scle of the,
So South Sea Bubble
any road up the Clarence Railway was opened in 1833
and the Clarence Railway ran along an embankment that towered over the back
of our Ricker's Grandad's house in Haverton Hill.
and relatives driving the locos would stop out back and pick up
a pot of fresh brewed tea
Here's another thing...
the Stockton and Darlington Railway reached a terminus in Middlesbrough in
However, In 1853 there was no station in Middlesbrough and the
Stockton and Darlington pressed on
in 1853
to Ormesby, Nunthorpe, Batterby and
in 1846
a different railway called the
Middlesbrough and Redcar
set out from a junction with the Stockton and Darlington at
Cargo Fleet
It was the extension of the Middlesbrough and Redcar to
Saltburn and - yes it did used to be there - Whitby
that lead to the building of the Grand Middlesbrough Station
Some of which remains after World War II bombing
We should say
train used to run along the coast from Saltburn to Whitby
See one way by rail and with them piers
the other way by sea
Now trains from Middlesbrough to Whitby have to run into
Battersby and then reverse out to Whitby
never the original intended route
Lots of wooden tressels on the Satburn to Whitby
set alight by Beeching
One of the Redcar Piers - Coatham Pier was
built at the end of
Station Road
by 1887
The North East Railway
connected Middlesbrough and York
by-passing Darlington
The replacement of North Road with Bank Top in Darlington
did away with that
Perhaps not the last Summer Coastal but
on 22 August 1964
a steam engine worked and eleven coach train at 8.45 am
from Saltburn to King's Cross, London
Redcar became Redcar Central when
Redcar east was opened in 1929
Now, here's a thing not a lot of people know
Bolckow and Vaughan
Derwent Works
Initally, they took coal from the Durham coal field and iron ore from
The Iron ore in the Eston Hills was
of such poor quality
we think it had a lot of phosphorus in it
that to make good iron
they Yorkshire iron ore had to be blended with
haematite from Cumbria
and the Stockton and Darlington Railway were making a mint
transporting iron ore from the Eston Hills to Consett
54 miles, 1850
Bolckow and Vaughan were certainly not finding iron ore in Durham
The move to teesside was cemented when methods to
get the phosphorus out of the iron emerged and
coal to Teeside became a better bet than
iron ore from Teesside to Consett
However, all along it was getting easier to import high grade ore by ship from the world
particularly Scandinavia
than haul it over the Pennines
and so, to an extent, the failure of the early railway to
do mountains
meant Teesside with both ports and railways....
well in the end
it took a long time for Consett iron works to die
Very similar arguments apply today to
We are disposed to think Lincolnshire iron ore was
superior to Yorkshire iron ore
but don't tell anybody we said so
We should point out that a part of the old
North Yorkshire Coast Tourist line
is still operational
It spurs off short of Saltburn
as a mineral line
Skinningrove Steel Works
and what was called
Boulby Potash Mine
and Boulby is
just short of Staithes
and so just short of the Redcar and Cleveland boundary
ans so
half way from
Redcar to Whitby
IF, quite a big if, the mineral tunnel from
Redcar to Scarborough is completed
the railway preservationist would have an opportunity to
rebuild the line from
Whitby to Staithes
and reclaim the Boulby to Saltburn line

7th October 2019

Anybody who deals with
food shopping
has probably noticed those labels that have a
silvery maze on the back
these are the things that set off the alarm as you
try to leave the store if they haven't been cancelled
as an aside some checkouts can read a bar code and fail to
cancel the dongle if you don't
pass the item close enough to the plate
that is the cause of most false alarms
one thing that could be done
to make an enormous difference to
recycling rates
would be to put a dongle in all
plastic packaging
that isn't cancelled at the checkout
then local authorities could issue
with a reader
so that they could put the empty package into
the appropriate recycling bin
Ricker will not be happy when he sees a documentary about
how somebody got to be a
from ripping off that idea

This is going to be difficult for Ricker to write
back in the day in around 1983
the two lecturers in anatomy and physiology
Not Professor Ruskell
married each other and left at short notice
this was shortly after Ricker was accepted on the
optometry and Visual Science Course
at that short notice, days or weeks the department had to replace them
before term started
they made an internal appointment of
Terri Griffiths
and recruited
Ron Douglas
from one of the universities in Brighton
Brighton and Sussex??
Probably Sussex
They were given three year contracts
and so
whether or not Ron got wind of Ricker's mother's maiden name being Frank....
whether or not Ron being half German felt ganged up on by Jewish Simon Barnard and Howeard Solomons...
Ricker was due to graduate in Optometry and visual Science
at exactly the same time as Ron's contract ran out
Ricker having been to Newcastle medical school
Ron having been diagnosed with a major psychosis
the head of the Optometry department having died of
a heart attack in the summer
Ron took his chance to have Ricker required to withdraw from the course
at this distance
it could be easy to suggest that
Ricker had applied for re-admission to the course
a year or two later
AFTER Ron had been granted
he would probably have been let back in.
and he would have had a career

We don't have the time to monitor much of the UK media output
beyond the BBC
and so we don't know whether this campaign
low key, but on going
to refer to Prime Minister Boris Johnson as
Mr Johnson
extends beyond the BBC
there is clearly BBC content, broadcast in the UK
that is designed for US broadcast
Beyond 100 Days in particular
people in the UK who wish to hear the UK PM referred to as
Mr Johnson
may first recall that in the US
President Johnson was referred to as
Lyndon Bains Johnson
they my think that that was designed to make the President
appear more
the truth is a bit less simple
It is a very common idiom, saying, epithet
in the US, to say....
I've got a real Johnson for that car
A Johnson in the US vernacular is
an erection

This feeds into a different issue
what we seem to be seeing is BBC journalism
for English speaking audiences written by
people who's first language is not English
writing about a heat stroke death in the UK
for a UK channel
They used the term
heat gauge
where a native English speaker would say
is heat gauge a translation from
The Welsh?
This leads us to the
Qualifications Sam
We have to consider the concept of
Discharge from a mental hospital
In a sense discharge simply consists of
physically letting the patient out
however, one can understand the concept of
discharge papers
some note on a computer that tells the police not to
follow them and bring them back
and so to the Sam about the
village idiot
must be the sanest man in the village
he's the only person living round here with
a certificate to prove it
and so as we increasingly move to
private medicine in the matter of mental health
entitling mental health hospitals
recovering the fees charged to the
patients who have been successfully treated
via the Student Loan Company...
a degree certificate
especially a First
is a a certificate of
fitness to be let loose
We have to do a Marx Brothers Sam at this point
Where is Santa Clause?
there is no sanity clause
best Christmas present ever
being told you are
not a loony
not normal

is sometimes defined as a
belief in a supernatural power or being that
controls the universe
There is a conflict of understanding between
supernatural control
in a coin toss series discounting accidents
such as the coin rolling down a drain or getting wedged in
a crack on its edge
we know that in any one toss the coin will come down
either heads or tails
we also know that if the series of tosses is long enough
half the results will be heads and half tails
randomness and certainty in the same enterprise
the randomness provides an opportunity for a
Deus ex machina
a supernatural force
to skew the odds
on an individual toss
We are not about to research the biography of
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
we are going to assert that he developed the character of
Sherlock Holmes
as a person dedicated to
a thing, perhaps, Sir Arthur was not
when our Ricker was young he had a textbook entitled
Deductive Organic Chemistry
well his dad had bought it
The idea was that if you know a few rules you can deduce
from a chemical compound's chemical formula
its properties
Ricker found a problem
he couldn't find a chemical formula for the process in which
cement plus water equals concrete
hardened, cured, cement didn't seem to have a formula
it had constituents but not a structure
it is actually a strange process
over a long period of time the wetted cement
gets harder and harder
somehow, despite not being in fluid suspension
the atoms, molecules, gain a more and more regular
crystalline structure
more hard and more brittle
all structures emit energy and become less organised
over time
entropy and enthalpy
cement gains strength over decades
but over centuries it looses strength
the crux being
randomness does not
prove the existence of God
The existence of the universe
proves the existence of God
and so to optometry
after Richer was
required to withdraw from his course
he continued for a while to be involved in
optometric matters
as previously suggested in a
Bone Collector fashion
by snail mail to, particularly,
Optometry Today
and so there was published a correspondence between
Ricker and an optometrist in which
the optometrist sought to describe
optical phenomena he regarded as
and Ricker sought to offer
rational explanations
Ricker did not get the last word and
Optometry Today switched its attention to
Hammond Organ recitals and other socials
We said Ron Douglas's mam was German
there was another 'science' lecturer who
gloried in the title
Frau Herr Professor Wolf
she had a German husband
and so
City had a German dominated
science staff
and a Jewish dominated clinical staff and
the clinical staff thirsted after Ricker's
Rational explanations
and the science folk
wanted to promote
and so initially
the deal was
no honours, more time in the clinics
after the head of department died in post
the deal became
withdraw from the course
with an implication
if you ask nicely we may
skip you out of the final year, direct into
the pre-registration year
not even having you n the same building
let alone the same floor
as the mystic scientists
and that speaks, a little tangentially,
to the idea, reality, that the religious convert
is far more zealous than the native adherent
pushed into a career in science you can
find religion

1st October 2019

1st October 2019

Them soft southerners probably regard the current press coverage on
as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic
Up North we regard it more as
going to a football match and
chanting about your own
Here's a thing about democracy and science
If you want to get from
A to B
you may have a choice of routes
What you won't have a choice over is the fact that
get from A to B
you will have to
in a sense, the whole point of politics is that it is a mechanism
for making choices, making decisions
politics is a solution to the problem of having choices
The current problem is that it is assumed that
when there is no choice to be made
politics and democracy are being
denied, frustrated, suppressed
We demand a four day debate in parliament on whether
the sky should continue to be

Ricker is going to tell a story about a classmate from school days
He's looked up his name on the internet and not identified anything
last time Ricker heard of
Phil Broomhead
he was going to be
a quantity surveyor
and Ricker was told that that was a good job
There are three Broomhead stories but we will tell two here
Ricker had the impression that Phil was one of those lads that
everybody wanted to feel he was doing well
Ricker wasn't in on the deal
and could put his foot in it
Phil played for a cricket team
Phil was very proud of being an
opening batsman
Phil was not pleased when Ricker stated to burble on about
the batters at three and four have the highest averages because
the opening batters are only there to
tire, wear out, the front line bowlers
and so to the story that links that physics teacher - Michael
and Phil Broomhead, with our Ricker
A level physics lab
One day Michael pairs up Ricker with Broomhead
double physics practical
Geiger counter and a radioactive source
take a reading from the Geiger counter with the source at
different distances
a snap you may say
Ricker and Broomhead spent the entire lab
agreeing how to follow the instructions on
how to wire up the experiment
they generated zero data
This was Michael's demonstration to Ricker of
what a pain in the arse it was to try to teach any thing
to fuckwits the like of Phil Broomhead
next week Ricker got his co-operative partner back
Since Ricker can't remember who that was
we are thinking he got passed around all of the class

While we are on about labs
when Ricker was at City in London
a chap called
Simon Barnard
was the chief clinical demonstrator
and you will probably not see that easily that at one time
he taught in Israel
and you can cross reference
Simon Barnard to his mentor
Howard Solomons
Simon did not think that he had enough lecture room time to
cover all the material he needed to dictate
and so he would give supplemental lectures at the beginning of
and one day Ricker is sitting at the back of the group
imagine, if you lecture to fifty and you have a dozen in a clinic
you have to give each supplemental, four times
Ricker is sitting at the back of a group in a clinic with his
lecture notes open
and he's not writing anything down
all the other students are in front of him
facing Simon not Ricker
one of the demonstration assistants comes over to Ricker and
looks at his notes
and says
I hope you write out your notes neatly when you get home
He'd come over to find out why Ricker wasn't writing
and when he found out it was because
Ricker already had those notes because
Simon was repeating himself
he changed the subject
all the other students got those pages in their notes
because they weren't studying optometry
they were studying
note taking
it would have been up to one of the ones at the front to tell Simon
what was happening
We mention Israel and Howard Solomons because
at the time
Ron Douglas was Ricker's personal tutor and
Ron's mum was
and Dave Hyde from Durham University had told Ron
'all about'

30th September 2019

Today's Class 68
on a test visit to Redcar goods yard
We assume that each driver is trained for one loco only and
each driver has to learn the route in their own loco
so test visits to redcar will continue until December
when 'training' or jollies
will be complete

We, that is to say our Ricker, like
The BBC's Martine Croxall
We like her better than her mug shots
and we associate her with some linguistic rigour
some calling out of
However, such journalise seems every evening to creep onto
the Teleprompter or Autocue or whatever brand of
word feeder the BBC uses,
Have you ever read or heard...
Just exactly what she did not want to know
was right there in front of her
in the page
In the page?
Everybody we know, when reading, reads what is
on the page, written on the page, printed on the page
and so how do BBC paper reviewers get to see
What is in the front pages of the newspapers?
What we can find
in the papers, OK ON the inside pages is
in the papers but the front pages are not
the papers they are ON their fronts
like signwriting ON the front of shops

speaking of women on TV
Goblin Works Garage
has ended after a handful of episodes
the Brit blokes will be on 5th Gear in future
in the last episode to be aired
there were some weird sequences in which
Hels - Helen Stanley - appeared with a name necklace around her neck
Ricker wonders whether she suffered some sort of bereavement
Rcker has two rules about women
1 never cheer up a woman who seems upset
Rarely does Ricker regret having no money but
sometimes he does think it would be good to be able to
offer Hels a job

This web site is a platform
We try not to abuse it
Other people get on other platform and
usually from laziness
promote a misleading message
Class 800 trains
Liveried as Azumas
When Natsun, then, Nissan, now Renault
came to Sunderland
they came with a screwdriver factory
assembling kits
Now,right now,
have two engineering facilities in England
One is in County Durham, Shildon perhaps
The other is in
Doncaster is engineering and testing
The Azumas destined for UK rail are
tested and passed out
in Doncaster
Doncaster Hitachi has two sources of train sets
They come from Shildon
and they come from Redcar
The ones from Redcar arrive at Teesport
fully assembled and ready for final testing
Why does this happen?
The ones from Redcar arrive straight of the ship from Japan
This is because Shildon does not have the
to screw together all th kits required on UK rails
The function of Shidon is to show that the local workforce are
capable of greater things.
So, what's the point of whinging about Shildon not
building light rail workie busses for
Tyne and Wear Metro
perhaps Wrightbus in Northern Ireland should have bid for that.
Our Ricker - like most people - often reacts to the surface appearance
of news stories and official reports
He's had a think
a think about a report we got heated about that came from
The United Nations
This is Ricker's platform
who was using The UN as a platform?
Who was using the UN as a platform to promote the idea that
a third of children growing up in
North East England
are growing up in poverty
The mini epiphany?
The author is reported as
and so we deduce, somewhat belatedly
Do the Australians think
When the UK leaves the EU
will a lot of the ex-pat Brits
Go back to where they came from?
and leave Australia with
First Nations people
and folk who can swim from their nearby native islands
This leaves us with the conclusion that we over-reacted to a report
that was intended for internal consumption in Australia
We apologise for that
We apologise for wasting our time and yours
However, this one takes a bit more explaining away
UK Government Officials
Stated that 8 of the 10 most deprived neighbourhoods in England
are in
They re behind
Jaywick in Essex
That is fair enough
The reporting then goes on to say
32,844 neighbourhoods were assessed and ranked.
By doing this they were able to say that
There are more deprived areas in
than any other area
You know what a tendency these statisticians have to
include all of Teesside in stats on 'Middlesbrough'
At the other end of the scale did they count
Prestwich, Salford, Urmston, Sale, Gately, Stockport
Ashton-Under-Lyme, Oldham
as towns equivalent to Middlesbrough Middlesbrough with Manchester?
Perhaps the statos would like there to be a
Greater Middlesbrough
as in Greater Manchester
but there is not
Now then you wimin
Keep tweaking the stats until you can get
Boro to the bottom
We also note with casual dismay that when two blokes
One from Edinburgh and one from Warwickshire
died messing around with the
South Bank Coke Ovens
The media had to interview the leader of the local council
and didn't identify her as
leader of Redcar and Cleveland Council
but as
a member of some
All Teesside committee
Not Middlesbrough?
Kill the story.
This is a clear case of
biting the hand that feeds you
Teesside, Middlesbrough in particular
is very hospitable to
asylum seekers
and then they get told they are a deprived area
what we would say
You should not deposit a lot of people who are
not allowed to work
in an area
and then say
'unemployment' is high
and economic activity is low

Let us explain to you one of the core causes of
within the British working class
Just as the people of colour
people of color
put so much energy into promotion of the idea that
people of colour are the only people ever to have been
The Jews
promote the idea that they are the only victims of
The Second World War
people with a simpler approach to life conclude that
the only reason we got into the Second World War was
to rescue the Jews
in that perception
a lot of Brits died so that Jew could live
and they don't seem very grateful
They seem to suggest we didn't get there quick enough
Let them down on Normandy Beaches
Rocked up years late at Dunkirk

25th September 2019

Our Ricker recently wrote to his - one of his old - universities
Here therefore is Ricker's essay on
Universities in Society
I have been prompted to write this by a recent letter from The Society.
I have recently found myself hving to decline a treatment recommendation from
a hospital worker with
34 letters after his name.
That can be quite a challenge
Over time, almost all cultural references lose their power.
This certainly applies to modern entertainments if not to cultural legends and biblical references.
However, since the ephemera can now be researched on the internet, all is not lost for the transient.
I set this out as justification for using a children's TV show as reference to my experience of being a pupil and a student.
I would say, also it covers my experience as a citizen.
I am referring to an animation called.
Chorlton and the Wheelies.
To save a Google search...
The Wheelies are small creatures on wheels not legs.
They are dominated, terrorised by a wicked witch who is a teacher type character.
One day an egg appears and hatches.
A baby dinosaur emerges - Chorlton.
So far as I can remember, he has a broad Yorkshire accent.
Although since Chorlton cum Hardy is in Manchester it was probably supposed to be
a Lancashire accent.
He is completely impervious to the wicked spill of the witch and whenever
he encounters the witch he chortles about the
little lady.
Speaking of character names in entertainment,
before my time there was a fairly successful music hall entertainer called
Nosmo King.
He had a train journey during which to choose a new alias to avoid conflict with
another act with the same name he started with.
Nosmo King came from
No Smoking
on the carriage window.
At about the time of
Chorlton and the Wheelies there was an even less memorable animated character called
Issi Noho.
thIS SIde up
NO HOoks.
Sometimes I am Chorlton and I disrupt the plans of many people to belittle and humiliate the afflicted.
In that sense, there are two sides to this.
My teachers always had a different view of me from my fellow pupils.
I will make two observations about my
giving the little people a chance.
I was at school along time ago and many of my teachers had been in the war.
The head of Geography was Mr. Ingham.
During the war he had been chief of police on one of the major Mediterranean Islands.
One day he produced pictures of a landscape.
He passed them around and asked the class where it could be.
Not until all the pupils had had a go, did I simply say.
You see I always knew the teachers' tricks.
It was like the University Challenge of the old days.
Thinking outside the box, not Good Will Hunting style trotting out the
familiar responses.
I am told that I am related in a non-blood relative fashion to at least one
now dead University Challenge question steer and
the key term is
lateral thinking
you teach as set of fact
and then you ask a question that cannot be answered without
linking the facts in a way that has never been taught.
Everybody has heard of New Zealand
but why New where is Zealand?
Holland, the Low Countries.
A picture of
dykes and windmills.
The second reference is to sports.
I was never picked for teams in P E lessons and the teachers thought I was
one day a teacher told me to bowl at cricket
after two of three deliveries
he told me to switch to
he did not know that every day I would take on all comers on the school field at
and never loose
On the other hand the pupils did tend to depend on me to get them out of scrapes.
One day, for some reason, Mr Bulmer the biology teacher,
had set some sort of maths homework and everybody but me had got it wrong.
He sent me home early for lunch whilst he and the class explored the problem.
He was a good egg but did suffer a bit from imposter syndrome
having been in The Navy and being the only non-graduate teaching an academic subject.
Perhaps because he was displeased to return to school after the summer,
when I was around 9 years old within the first week of the new school year - September
one of the other boys tripped me up in the school yard and used his
boots with segs
boots with steel reinforcements on the underside
they are called segs because they look like segments of an orange
steel tipped boots in hsi case
but they are supposed to be used to reinforce
to kick my face in
His dad had a trade
He was a TV aerial installer
perhaps that was not
steady work
I never went back to that school and after several months
I started at another school after Christmas.
My parents were so pleased that I survived that they expected little of me academically
and accepted teachers suggestions that I was moronic.
What had actually happened was that I had lost the ability to write.
Well not quite.
At the time of the incident I had learned the letters of the alphabet and the numbers.
What I had not learned was how to form
ampersand and the pound sign.
It was years and years before I mastered those, or even knew they existed
Added to which...
My old school taught
and my new school taught
and they require fountain pens with
very different nibs
I was set passages of text to copy out each day during the summer holidays
by my dad
it was a problem
it was more of a problem and a let down for him because his handwriting was
a beautiful
And so to my nickname or pet name at secondary school.
One day a physics teacher decided to tell the call that
my homework looked like a spider had crawled across the pages of my exercise book.
This lead to my classmates calling me
with considerable affection
At that time certain German and Japanese motor manufacturers
tried to launch the
rotary engine.
The Wankle Engine.
and the most famous model at the time was
The Wankle Spider.
and so
boys who were not in my classes and knew I was the smartest kid in the school
tried to re-name me Wanklespider.
They didn't get very far.
I added the preamble and so to the original message...
I have had a standard form letter from the Principal regarding
help from me for a student support bursary.
I will say at first that just for now I have no spare cash for the purpose.
I could say that the reason I am short of cash is that I am trying to repay
a debt incurred trying to attain a masters degree at
the University of Teesside.
If I said that it would not be the whole truth.
However, I have decided at this time to set down some thoughts
for you, and perhaps the principal,
regarding such funding.
I set out two thoughts as a beginning.
Firstly, it is easier to make the rich poor than to make the poor rich.
in the sense of all of the rich and all or the poor.
In this context there is a contrast between
St Cuthbert's assisting a handfull of bright prospects and
a government seeking to generate an 'all graduate' population.
At greater length I would cite a reference on Wikipaedia to,
The greatest artistic gymnast in history
Simone Biles
Since much of her story is on Wikipaedia
I shall paraphrase to my case.
Simone Biles could not be raised by her birth parents due to
their problems with alcohol and drugs.
from her early teens she was home schooled so that
she could train an extra ten hours a week.
In the modern rather complication definitions of such things she has two brothers.
We are told that she graduated from her home schooling and
registered to attend UCLA as an amateur gymnast on a scholarship.
After many public protestation that she would attend UCLA
she turned professional and disbarred herself from the scholarship.
She then took up an association with some,
possibly Open University style, organisation known as something along the lines of
The University of the People.
At this point I stray into news coverage.
I understand that there was some high profile problem with her
National Coach.
That seems well documented.
What is not so well documented, in a Ben Stokes sort of a way,
is the suggestion that a close relative - perhaps one of her brothers -
is currently accused of killing three or four people.
A third reference could be to
You can take the woman out of the sink estate
but you can't take
the sink estate out of the woman.
Two things
How often does a relationship founder because an ex
perhaps a boyfriend but perhaps a father or brother
need I refer to The Duchess of Sussex
decides that the
Girl from the Bronx
should become
her family's
One Woman Army Against the World
secondly, is the coach actually in
protective custody
and did the brother decide
become convinced that now
he is the law
and take his sister's court victory as his
licence to kill.
From this evolves the question of
At one end of the spectrum it could be assumed that
lack of physical evidence of
violent assault
negates a charge of intimate misconduct.
At the other extreme the concept of consent may extend to effectively
the form of the marriage ceremony
this in the sense that consent is only complete if it is
given and accepted by all connections
including money grabbing psychopathic pseudo-relatives.
The problem with marriage is that as a legal construct it lost validity
when the concept of rape within marriage was introduced.
Essentially. the concept of rape within marriage
destroyed the adage
you hve made your bed now you must lie in it.
There is a movie called
Two Weeks Notice.
The idea of a rolling contract.
I give you old fashioned marriage style control of my body
but only for a fixed period subject to renewal.
I think that what is not ever considered in these cases is
the question
did the
active partner
get valid consent
from the passive partner...the vulnerable partner
but we do not consider the actions of third parties.
We are beginning to consider
coercive control
we never question the actions of the person who says to
the vulnerable partner
you are not entitled to give consent
we TELL under 16s they are not entitled to give consent
but we excuse them from giving consent
due to their assumed vulnerability
we, as society are tending to enlarge the set of categories of people we
are not entitled to give consent.
as society, but not as pimps, partners, brothers fathers
we say if you gave consent we should
punish you.
but we will refrain from punishing YOU because you are vulnerable
but only if you lodge a complaint.
The vulnerable person is then pressured into making a complaint
that is self saving from retribution and not
retributive toward the partner.
and so in essence
the Honour Killing
is retribution for giving consent.
Consent recognised in law but not in tradition.
then, 'right on' law enforcement
takes one partner into protective custody
to appease the non-partner exercising coercive control
and prevent an Honour Crime.
Apart from a handfull of years in Durham and London
I have lived all my life in a small northern town that is of no consequence because
it has no Premiership Football Club - the only reason for a town to be on any map.
For many years a JP, a magistrate, lived next door to me.
On one occasion whilst I was a dinner guest in his house he commented.
You don't look Jewish.
My parents were not natives of Redcar - Old Redcarites.
My mother had arrived from South Shields after World War II.
My father had arrived from the Stockton-on-Tees area quite a bit earlier.
At the meal in question were the JP, his wife and their two daughters,
one married and one single.
My invitation may have been an act of charity not wanting to see a single man alone.
However, the rection of the rest of the family to Bernard's observation
indicted that the matter of my ethnicity had been a topic of discussion in the family.
I can happily state that according to
Ancestry DNA
I am one third Irish, One third Scots, one third Viking
a bit more Viking.
Nothing else whatever.
This brings us to the question
What brought it to the mind of Bernard's little Welsh wife, Megan, that
I may be Jewish and hence unsuitable as a son-in-law?
We come now to the familiar phrase
The Truth, The Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth.
The middle bit is the problem.
If that were applied, no case would ever end.
Here is the case for the prosecution..
As background I will say that both my parents were
but I raised myself as an Anglican
I was confirmed and spent my teenage Sundays
Serving on the Altar
leaving my parents at home
I did not carry any of this into my University years.
Lapsed Methodists, practicing Anglican..
where did the idea of being Jewish come from
It's all in a name.
From the time of my birth onwards the most famous victim of
The Holocaust
has been
Anna Frank
and my mother's maiden name was Eva May Frank
so I must be Jewish
except that
Anna Frank's
MOTHER was Jewish
and her father who along with his children by another wife
survived the war
was not Jewish
but the publicity fixed in the public mind the idea that
is a Jewish name
to the extent that my first line manager in my first job
a friend from Hull university days of Ken Bowler
asked me whether I was circumcised
I am not.
Sometimes people's prejudices completely miss their target.
I was a member of the Coatham Parish.
At a certain point my father was buried in
Kirkleatham parish churchyard.
For some reason I was at an event at Kirkleatham with my mother
and she was somhow related to the local parish priest
Reverend Colin Linguard.
I got chatting with the curate.
He was an ex steel worker.
The main thing he said to me was.
You should go to London and
take your mother with you.
A little later my mother died and it was arranged that
she should be buried in the double family grave.
I arrived for the funeral to find that grave disturbed but a new grave
opened up for her
as it happens, next to the grave of
my vicar at Coatham.
He was vicar of Coatham but buried at Kirkleatham.
Allan Wordsworth.
name ring a bell?
It does make you think.
Wouldn't the normal Christian approach be.
You should go to London
and don't worry, we'll look after your mum.
The Principal in her letter does not refer to
Impostor Syndrome.
Perhaps it is far from her mind I note a reference to
families who may have more than one child at university.
In my year the student who got the First in my subject - zoology - was
one of around four sons - Richardson.
the chap who got the first in botany
was one of four sons and had a stint as Vice Chancellor.
At the time of BSE
government probably assumed that a first in botany from Durham
had the endorsement of the David Attenborough of the day
Dave Bellamy
My brothers are dead.
One was a Leeds graduate and the other an Oxford grad - BNC.
When I was at school I had dealings with the sons of the boss of
Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Company
I knew to, there were four.
I tutored the third one in his gap year because although he was going to
Oxbridge to study medicine, he had no biology A level
Over all I suppose that I prefer the concept of
extra money whilst at uni to the concept of
a better class of degree because daddy has run out of favours.
More importantly
not giving graduates qualification
that they can never hope to live up
in order to influence their
first destination upon graduation.
One of my friends at Durham had had a holiday job on
The Fergie Wagons
back in the days when Ferguson Transport ran out of Blyth.
He was a Greyman and got put on a General Degree after his first year.
perhaps he was an only child with a future in Road Transport?
I am a little puzzled that Cuth's should be the resort of
upper middle class parents with a working class scale of offspring.
The law of unintended consequences.
In the case of BSE
bovine spongyform encephalopathy
a government floundering between the advice of a
berk with a first in botany
and the world's greatest bio-medical scientist
reference the blog
with a third in zoology
it's all about the jarbs
first destination after graduation as the jargon goes
get 'em a job within six months of showing them the door and we are
you get to be vice chancellor of Durham University on the basis that
you've got three brothers.
I am not closely involved with the issue but,
I understand that it is the plan to restrict, over time,
child benefit
to a mother's first two children.
To clarify
my dad retired and ran out of favours when I was 11.
My brother worked for Maxwell Batley Solicitors in London and so
had great contacts
he also had an idiot son
idiot son got a lower second from UCL but he'd almost got kicked out of
his public school - Radleigh
and failed the chartered surveyors' professional exams
all FIVE times he took them
so my bro couldn't get me a job his idiot son couldn't do
at that time he hadn't divorced the lad's mother
and then
and then consider his neighbour and my tutor group partner
Jane Rowland
no don't consider her
nor Tiny
Check out Tiny's Wikipaedia entry
no mention of Jane
but Tiny was at our graduation
never seen her since.
The idiot is the only Eiric Robson on the Internet,
last time I checked.
That leads to the key group of students in this matter.
The children of divorced upper middle class parents
neither of whom want to spend their share of the divorce settlement on
the kids
or upper middle class fathers who have paid
child maintenence for any reason and
going to university marks the point where child support ends.
The maintenence loan will be a lot less than
the child support for a lot of Durham style students.
I will at this point make some unresearched sweeping statements.
I have lived through some considerable changes in education in this country.
To begin:
These days every 'profession' wants to be a graduate entry only profession.
To my knowledge no university has ever offered a degree in
how to be something in the City.
fity years ago almost every undergraduate studied on the basis that
on graduation they could sell their textbooks to freshers and burn their lecture notes
they would never give thought to their honours subjects again.
The point of getting a degree was to get an
office job
and avoid any risk of digging drains.
Then came the day when the
Polytechnics became universities
and later
colleges of Higher Education became universities.
I am struck by the announcement that
Sunderland Medical School
is the first new medical school since
It all feeds into the Elephant in the Room approach to
Higher Education on Teesside.
I went to school with a lad called
Stephen Pearson
and he being an accountant I was not surprised when
the next I heard of him was as
chief finance officer of the new - then new - joint
Teesside University - Durham University campus in Thornaby,
and then it disappeared without even a puff of smoke.
and then it was a joint medical school with
Newcastle University.
Than then simply disappeared,
and is now apparently wiped from history.
When teaching at Teesside Polytechnic I got the memo
as we are now becoming a university we expect enquiries from the press
for expert opinions on topics in the news.
We wish to establish a register of experts so that we can
re-direct these enquiries efficiently.
Nobody, not one single lecturer or Professor put their name forward.
The unspoken text was
we are about our students
our subjects.
People on the outside expect a good qualification to mean
bright as a button and right up with this - on the certificate - subject
lovely handwriting
takes really accurate notes
memory of a goldfish.
would anybody accept that of their doctor
or even their physio?
It is not that a university education grew out of a
no travel cheap substitute for
The Grand Tour
it is that ... well to digress
I forget the motto of Durham University
Gratia Gratiam Parit
is Cuth's
but I do remember the motto of
The City of London University
To Serve Mankind
meaning that a world with educated people in it is a better world.
a sort of technocrat's equivalent of
noblesse oblige
with status comes responsibility
our mission is to turn the yoof into
useful citizens.
There is a motto on an old school building that is now a part of
THE University of Teesside
Aut disce aut discede
That is a little harsh for my liking
it means
(if you enter here, do so) either to teach or to learn.
From time to time I refer to the fact that
Cambridge University
no-plaformed Sir Isaac Newton
their core business was training Christian priests
Douglas Adams
we demand clearly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.
explained things
and that's
shooting the fox to
English Literature grads - some of whom also qualified as lawyers
who dominate the UK establishment.
pondering the imponderable
has been replaced with
campaigning for the downright
This issue is settled but we are the new generation and we
want to go back to
square one.
I have another tale about the effect of university attendance on families.
I guess that Janet Stark was born in around 1942.
I think Janet met Mr. Stark at university, don't know which one.
they got to be the biology teaching team at Eston grammar school.
He had got honours, she not.
She was left at the comp and he went to the Sixth Form,
when the grammar was closed.
I am in passing suggesting that in the 1960s women were not expected to need
especially if the had a man in tow.
What I really want to point out is;
Janet's mother died from kidney failure when the medics ran out of
places to make dialysis fistulas.
Janet was still quite young.
Here is the point.
When Janet returned home from uni - probably as the first uni student in her family
she would get irritated when her parents
referred to things, ideas, etc. as
the things they described as logical were
it stands to reason
in their world meant
it's what we expect
and no matter how logical an idea
no matter how much evidence is available
if an idea is
it will be described as
the half a century passes
and Earl Gove decrees that he and his
have tired of experts
and set a target of
90 percent of people having neat handwriting
not ten per cent of Brits knowing about how the universe works
Janet has switched from teaching to social work
Janet's grand daughter asks
why did
consultant psychiatrist Dr. Green
not conclude that I was mentally ill
for quoting from text books?
Sam inspected my home and decided that I should
dispose of all my books, mostly my father's books,
I could keep that rather smart copy of
Encyclopaedia Britainnica.

24th September 2019

a class 68 loco - a stand alone diesel-electric loco
called Lord something or other
in TransPennine Express livery
made a test visit to the
Redcar central
Goods Yard
we can only suppose that TPE have such a loco for
rescue missions....
like a push through the Pennines in case of
The wrong kind of snow
TPE trains will be stabled at
Redcar Central from December 2019
TransPennine Express (TPE) will sub-lease fourteen Class 68 locomotives from
Direct Rail Services from 2018 for initial use on the
Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough route from early 2019.
Once more sets are delivered and staff have been trained they will also
work Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough services.
for which read manchester Airport to Redcar service
These will haul five-car rakes of Mark 5A coaches, with
a driving trailer at the opposite end.
The TPE vinyled locomotives do not feature yellow front ends,
following a change to the regulations.

20th September 2019

We need to express our regrets regarding the fatalities
yesterday in South Bank
As far as we know what happened was..
in the past coke ovens had
push hoods
just like a hob in the kitchen
the retorts where topped with an industrial scale
cooker hood
just like a range in a take away
the fumes were piped to an anciliary plant
the heavies called
coal tar
were condensed out
and the gas stored in that huge drum you can see in the pictures
the condensers will be full of condensate
you punch a hole in that with a gas axe and you admit
atmospheric oxygen and a flame
and so
not an explosion
a kind of rocket engine
oif you made a decent hole before you got things hot enough for ignition
you get a plume of flame coming out of the holeyou made
that you push over any
cherry picker
Let us hope those operative were not working for
Able UK
they should know better
You cannot treat this kit like an office block

12th September 2019

There are these days, few people alive who were adults during
the inter war years
and so we do not have at the top of our minds the idea that if we
leave the 21st century German Empire
within a decade the Germans may declare war on us
the mind set is simply not there
hence we have to take care over
leaks of strategically important information
to wit
we 'think' that the UK has three major
oil refineries
Miford Haven in south west Wales
Grangemouth near Edinburgh, Scotland
and Seal Sands, on Teesside
we are ever sceptical about
government leaks
we note one here
it has been said that a section of
the version of Yellowhammer that has recently been published
had a section 'redacted'
that section is said to have said that
2,000 people would be
laid off
if BrExit caused a shut down of the UK's oil refineries
not a lot of people know this...
Teesport is the second or first largest port in the UK
you include the material coming and going by
customs backlogs will not affect
pipelines and cables that
cross borders
and so we ask
why were oil refineries ever in the
Yellowhammer Report
if we apply our trademark
thinking outside the box
somebody may have thought
we can use Yellowhammer as a cover for
researching the effect of converting from
petroleum based fuels to
electricity of hydrogen
it appears that
phasing out oil refineries will (would)
remove about 2,000 jobs from the sector
moving to hydrogen, as opposed to electricity
would not affect employment in
filling stations
blue sky thinking is it?
the aim is to distribute infrastructure to avoid
having easy and easily targeted megastructures
in the Second World War in the UK
distributed manufacturing came down to back yards
there was a house in Forth Road in Redcar where
war manufacturing was done in the garage
Flemings Garage
on the corner of Trunk Road and Kirkleatham Lane
now replaced with Drive Vauxhall
was supposed to be a motor repair shop
but over half of it was a
'gas metre factory'
that actually made war materials
since the war...
for planning purposes
has meant putting
all your eggs in one basket

we - that is our Ricker- can look things up in places
you probably wouldn't
as it stands we recognise that whenever
cystic fibrosis
gets publicity
the patients featured as
little white girls
what we do not have to hand is anything about boys with the problem
what we do know is that CF - cystic fibrosis - two things
seventy per cent of sufferers have a 'fault' in their
number 7 chromosome - in fact both of their number 7 chromosomes
and so CF is not - as they say - sex linked
and yet it's all about little white girls
we know that there are males who are infertile because
the tube for letting sperm out
gets gummed up just like the little girls' lungs
we infer that most boys with CF die very young??
the first health warning is that
30 per cent of people with a CF type problem
don't have that particular gene defect
some stats....
in the USA...
1 in 3,300 white births
1 in 15,500 black births
1 in 32,000 American Asian births
are affected
and here is a problem with interpretation
30 per cent of patients are adult
we reckon that means 30 in a hundred affected people
survive into adulthood
CF is one of those inherited problems we have a big problem with
it is not 'dominant'
not something that can be dealt with using
gene silencing
not due to too many copies of a a normally healthy gene
BECAUSE 7 is a chromosome we each have two copies of
and one functioning copy is enough
in detail...
the most common deviation - delta F 508 - leads to the absence
a residue at position 508 on the CFTR protein
what we mean to say...
two things
3 per cent of white people have one defective chromosome
3 per cent only half there translates to
one in 3,300 not being there at all
the other problem is
the other 30 percent
have one of
different defects
we can look towards using
gene splicing
to help
up to 70 percent of affected people
in essence
girls with CF are not very likely to have children
boys with CF are very unlikely to children
people with one defective gene and one normal gene are
really very likely to have children
quite a lot - without genetic counselling - will
produce affected children
here is the medical ethics dilemma
we are coming up to a TV series about
cleansing of the collective genome
here's a thing
in a world where
facial recognition CCTV were permitted
one could see that checking people for being
CF carriers would be permitted and somehow
the production of children without a working gene
would be outlawed
in our world>>>
CF therapy drugs are expensive
predicting which couples may produce affected children would be difficult
couples who produce an affected child could be offered
free life prolonging drugs for that child
in return for agreeing to
produce any further children by
invitro - in glass - techniques
that would include splicing a normal gene into the embryo
the trouble with genetics, eugenics, is the
Nazi inheritance
it is very difficult for people of today to imagine the
context and mind set of the mid 20th century
the German Empire was quite large and
individuals did things that were not core to the regime
one doctor was obsessed with
blue eyes
and did horrific things in concert with
the overall concept that
power lay with people with simple ideas about science
putting that another way
most senior Nazis were most of the time
right off their heads on drugs
and so
medical ethics people can have difficulty with
eradicating genetic burdens such as CF
and breeding a
Master Race
with blonde hair and blue eyes
and so we concentrate on
palliative and mitigating therapies for the likes of CF
rather than eradication programmes
after all, these days...
hair dye - bleach - and coloured contact lenses
need we say more

our Ricker was a bit miffed by one particular
Silly Season Story
somebody had published some findings of
milk proteins on the teeth of some
fossil humanoid
and the tag was
although these people were
lactose intolerant
we took no notice about what era the fossil came from but
once people domesticated
cattle sheep goats
milk was easier to come by - not seasonal - than fruit juice
fermented or other wise
and was safer to drink than water
large numbers of people world wide these days are
lactose intolerant because
boiled water is safer to drink than milk
we cannot see how anybody could assume
these people were lactose intolerant
but we can see that
milk drinking and cheese making could
come before tea drinking
you become lactose intolerant when
you - as an individual - stop drinking milk

11th September 2019

yes, by June the North East was back on the downward
females 4.8 male 5.1 per cent

21st August 2019

Today we want to unpack the
Welsh magistrate Sam
if we unpack it
we begin to see the relevance of
DNA profiling
we suggested
two girls, two boys, two babies
and the beak was threatening the boys with rape convictions
if they didn't each marry one of the girls
and he didn't care which girl which boy married
on the plus side
if they had had DNA information
perhaps the boys would have ended up
married to the mothers of their own babies
but what if
despite both boys having had sex with both girls
DNA showed that one boy was the father of both babies?
the purpose in the magistrate's mind was
to get both girls married off
without DNA that could be achieved with the
threat of a rape conviction
in the alternative scenario
is one boy the happy dad with
sister wives?
not in the UK
which is the greater crime
considering the boy who had sex
with both girls and got neither pregnant
in the current atmosphere where a boy deserves jail for
looking up a girl's skirt
it's hard to think about a distinction between
having sex with contraception
and having sex without contraception
in some mind sets
just as medicine thwarts God's justice
illness being a punishment from God
and mere palliation being somewhat dodgy
contraception thwarts the mechanisms 'intended' to
force boys into marriage
what we are saying is that over time
the people who say
the wages of sin is death
the wages of pleasure is
are loosing ground
these days nobody - on 'factual' TV at least - is suggesting
that adulterers be burned at the stake
but some are suggesting that some elements of the
this is heinous outside marriage concept
are to be retained
we are fairly stunned that the most recent past UK government
actually gave a tax break to couples who marry
in a context where they also pay benefits to
one head of household per household.......
getting husbands and wives to even have
joint bank accounts
let alone separate bank accounts....
we just wonder whether BrExit aside
the new couple in 10 Downing Street
will drag the UK government into the 21st century
our Ricker is beginning to feel more and more like
movie reference
the Bone Collector
depending on other people to feed him information
ever since Cleveland police decided they could
tot up the number of emails he sent and
present the number
90 odd running to 134 pages sent to
The University of Teesside
whilst he was a masters degree student there
as harassment
we should explain that whatever the law now says
the law on harassment at the time stated that
a person had to be clearly told that a person wanted no further contact
from another person
and that an offence occurred on the third breach of that instruction
there was a problem
gas company reminding you that your bill is overdue
and so the brave new world where it is
to quote a probation officer
illegal to disagree with an MP
and so PC Hinchcliff trawling through
Ricker's course work to find
personal comments
didn't hack it
as it happened the charge was laid without any warning to
cease and desist having been delivered
but then that is how
the law is
'adapted to purpose'
inconvenient bits of 'process' are omitted
for instance
if the law says an agency must seek a warrant to carry out an action
a police warrant card can be substituted for an instance specific warrant
access to premises can be effected on grounds of
potential fire risk
our Ricker avoids direct communication
hence why our Ricker is
'difficult to contact'
and so to the matter in hand
we do not know anything else about this than that
our Ricker keeps getting missed 'phone calls from
and those numbers?
The Port of Hong Kong
perhaps the Elected Mayor of Teesside should call back
on Ricker's behalf
seriously though
we could just whip through the CV of one
Vera Baird
twice married - no children, sometimes claiming her
step children - children by another wife of a former husband
mid career junior barrister
selected onto the women only short list for
MP for Redcar
immediately promoted to QC - Queen's Counsel
loses seat to LibDems
selected to run for Police and Crime Commissioner for
Cleveland not a part of that
recently appointed
Victims Commissioner instead of PCC
causing expensive by-election for PCC
incidentally, a recent vox pop recorded in London
'Hornsea wind farm, up in Newcastle'
every day they see the
weather map
place names all over
not in London, must be in Newcastle
the crux is
The Labour, women only short lists
followed by police protection from
criticism and work responsibilities
like people who run platforms such as this web site
no work responsibilities???
but not legislative powers
no government pay
This Sam is real but we have no idea what the name of the
real town or village was
a young lad thirty of 40 years ago
got a bike
and he lived in 'Newtown'
and after a while he got more and more into
bike riding and he - this is a long long time ago
found in the telephone (number) directory
the Newtown Cycling Club so he wrote - not texted or emailed wrote
to the cycling club requesting how to become a member
and he was told he was too young
perhaps he had expected a reduced rate if he said he was a
and then his parents got involved and discovered that
Newtown Cycling Club was
a working men's, CIU style, club with no connection whatever to
Club and Institutes Union
and so to the link between
The Church of England
The Labour Party
in the past, when a clergyman, priest,
wanted to write a book
or was completely useless
he would be appointed to a
sine cure
a priest is officially a
cure of souls
and a sine cure is a job - with pay
but without any parishioners - not responsible for
anybody's immortal soul
and so
The Labour Party uses
Women Only Short Lists
as their equivalent of the sine cure
but they don't tell nobody but the police
and this includes
seats in parliament and jobs in universities
and in essence Joe Public is entirely in the dark
adrift between
not taking women in roles seriously
like I don't want to see the manageress
I want to see the manager
and intruding on some sine cure

19th August 2019

our Ricker does not get involved with children
saying that
he has experience with children
he use to do wildlife experience sessions for
top Primary kids who were doing th and the littlies too
he was super bad at preventing the youngsters' teddy bears from
escaping into the woods
mostly they were found
sometimes child would arrive without a teddy and leave with
a teddy that had previously belonged to a helper
until they decided to concentrate on
teenage slow learners
not really Ricker's bag
what Ricker has never done is care for other people's babies
now there's a Maisie tale for you
amongst other things Maisie was step mother to
and Gordon and Sheila had a daughter
and there was only a couple of years between
Katie and Maisie's Ricker and Sheila's Katie
but they were rather separate in parenting styles
Ricker got cotton terry washable nappies and
cotton washable snot rags
Katie was on disposables
Kleenex and such
Kleenex were disposable paper tissues
incidentally unlike today's wet wipes...
with no plastic content
one day Maisie took Katie to the toilet
as they were leaving Katie protests
you haven't blotted me
God back to the days of liquid ink and blotting paper....
there used to be a cartoon
from a newspaper re-used on novelty gifts
little girl rising from the toilet
and the legend
the job's not finished until
the paper work's done
there seems to be a seam of thought that
knickers are
adult diapers - nappies
dump, pull up
no pervie fondling of nether regions
we have no idea what the viewing figures are for
The Victoria Derbyshire show
BBC News channel mid morning fill in
but we note a reduction from 90 to 60 minutes
we sometimes catch the weekly roundup
essentially it appears to be
Jeremy Kyle
made by wimin
and so to an item about a nursery nurse who
photographed babies' bits while changing nappies
just the bits, no identifying marks such as faces
and sent the pics to some bloke
we can see how some people may see
hanging a nappy as no different from
changing a child's outdoor shoes to gym shoes
or re-tying a shoelace
but some would say changing a nappy involves some wiping
some may even say
as with a dog walker reporting a limp
there should be some care to look out for
nappy rash
even signs of abuse
what seems to stand out is this
apparent terror within the lower orders of
very happy to come in front of TV cameras - not
identity disguised
voiced by an actor
that doesn't even happen - didn't
on Jeremy Kyle
this Derbyshire will fly at anybody changing nappies
but sits back passive when somebody suggests that
they will kill a body who may have photographed
a baby's bits
this is 'camera shy' to the point of
and 'condoning' Lynchings...
at time of writing we do not know whether the
copper in Berkshire was killed by a
13 year old
we will not be surprised if the 17 year old
who killed a lawyer in Newcastle
comes out with the defence
I thought I was protecting the 14 year old form
a paedo
in particular he has nothing to do with children who
are trying to cross a road
a long time ago he had a bad experience
a small number of children were trying to
cross Corporation Road to get to Locke Park
the green man came on and all but one of the children
set off
the last child a girl of around 8 or 10
hesitated and Ricker encouraged her to cross
now means now
the green man generally only stays on for
five seconds
once you step out into the road you have right of way
but this girl hesitated for another three or four seconds
and so the green man was replaced by the red man
it was no longer safe for the girl to cross
how could Ricker prove that he hadn't encouraged the girl to
cross on the red man
they both - Ricker and the girl - eventually crossed safely
but that was the end of Ricker advising children
now he stands well back if an adult appears to be teaching
road safety

in the UK in the past week we saw a
milestone in gender equality
a man got eight and a half years for
stealing sex toys
a woman got ten years for
drowning her babies
the darkest hour
is just before dawn
in the UK
again the role of the media is important
did the mum get
five years for each baby she killed?
did the bloke get
around a year for each of a string of offences
are these sentences to be served
in parallel - or sequentially
concurrently or consecutively
and will the mum serve her sentence
after release from the nut house
or whilst in there time served on remand - waiting for and during the trial
who's scarring people off having
sexual undertones to their actions
the police
the courts
the media?
the ultimate non-contact sex crime
is a 21st century invention
there has to come a point where
people begin to wonder
if we can't think of any more things to
make illegal
do we need MPs?
things get made illegal so that
politicians can say they are
for a living
retained fire fighters
perhaps MPs should only go to work
if somebody can think up a threat to civilisation
in the nature of the thing
laws rarely if ever define
what is legal
as opposed to
what is illegal
it is interesting how much easier it is to
reverse a principle than to adjust it
once upon a time a person of nobility could demand that they be tried a jury of their peers
people like the defendant would decide
guilt or innocence
this was a bit one sided since
suspected thieves could not demand to be tried by
convicted thieves
and more so in the US where
jury selection is more prominent
a defendant is likely to be tried by a jury of
the accuser's peers
and that has it's pitfalls because in a
sex related case
women jurors are going to need more convincing that
the accuser is a credible witness
it is perhaps a reason for so many
rape and related trials that
a male jury will rubber stamp the conviction
a female jury will be more analytical
there are debates about the purpose of sentencing
some say punishment
some say rehabilitation
perhaps we more now are in the era of
pour encourage les autres
see what's happened to him
or the same will happen to you
there is a story a Sam
about two boys from Wales
brought up before the beak - magistrate
on a charge each of rape
and the evidence was that
both of them had had a go on each of the two girls complaining
and both girls were pregnant
so nobody knew which boy was the father of which baby
the magistrate decided
I don't care which baby is whose
I dismiss this case on the condition that
each girl gets to marry one of the boys
all this stuff about
sexual undertones to male actions
is all about just getting
all the girls married off
before or as soon as
they first get pregnant
if you like it, put a ring on it
even if you's gay
all the system wants is excuses to get
men over a barrel
there remains an expectation that as soon as a woman
she will
give up work
the problem with this is
the cost of housing has been linked to
two adult incomes
for around three generations now
and women expect
social care
to be paid work
not charity work
hence, thus , consequently
it is those actions
with a potential to be construed as having
a sexual undertone
but do not involve a single female of marriageable age - status
that are most targeted by media and justice departments
woem too young to marry
women already married
women in the movies
just plain ordinary
straight perv
entrapment into marriage
and so today
if you see a bloke taking an interest in a woman
and you move in too quickly with the police notebook saying
sign here to say you will never contact this woman again
a guy the likes of Ricker will say
sure, pass us the pen
thanks for the top off
that this one is another
out and out nutter

at this time we are not clear whether the
British Steel buyout is
one deal
two deals with the same buyer
to whatever extent this is two deals
we will consider now
the Scunthorpe deal alone
and then consider whether the same deal will be
extended to Teesside
we said that the government set aside
90 million for re-settlement of
redundant Redcar steel workers
and they were able only to disperse a bit more than
half of it
if we say a redundant Scunthorpe steelworker
would have a lot more trouble finding work
than a redundant Redcar steelworker
we could say
closing Scunthorpe would cost the government
two to three hundred million
not an out of the question sum
politically, it is more acceptable
if you can get to through regulation
EU regulation
to give the Turkish military
those two to three hundred million
to keep the steelworks open until
most of the existing workers qualify for
their pensions
since Lackenby is profitable such support is
probably not needed in Redcar
we should know
but we think, Turkey is not in the EU
and so if there is BrExit
things should run fairly smoothly

15th August 2019

if you are a tennis fan
you may have a favourite player
if you do, your focus will be on that player
and it will be him or her versus the rest
if you play
you may focus on playing well and or winning
the thing with football is
if you are a part of a crowd of
50,000 supporters of the home team
it is not your favourite against the world
it is your team against the visitors
and there can be less emphasis on your team doing well
and more emphasis on the visitors doing badly
as with cricket sledging, you want to
psyche out the opposition
and then it is a case of
what are they 'touchy' about?
many many years ago Ricker got some very
disapproving looks when he wanted to refer to a
woman whose name he had forgotten and said
the round faced girl
it's picking on a point of difference
to identify somebody by what the authorities would call
distinguishing features
is to discriminate
like she's a very discriminating buyer of
she likes the red shinny ones
and so with several friends called
you can discriminate between them by calling
one Rich
one Richard
one Dick
one Dickie
at what point do you start to analyse and say
you chose to call me Dick rather than Richard because of
the association with the penis
if you call a Richard Rich
are you commenting on his wealth?
not to mention
Dickie, do you mean, Trickie Dickie?
if the modifiers to people's names cannot
make any reference to
gender, ethnicity, religion whatever
can they exist at all
many people may meet a couple and pick up on
the pet names they have for each other and begin to
refer to them by those names and
cause great offence
I would ask you to address me as
Nancy is my name within the family
and you are not yet an accepted member of
our family

Ricker has remembered about the
New Scientist
activists almost always act in ways that
raise suspicions about their
just like the vegans discounting the realities of
the Carbon Cycle
the initial bone of contention
the thing that set
Climate Change Research
on a bumpy course
The Arctic Ice Cap
the conflict was
researchers were denied access to the sea under the ice
they said they wanted to measure the
thickness of the ice to be able to
calculate the extent that sea level would rise if
it melted
glass of water
pop in ice cubes
mark the level of the water in the glass
loosely cover the glass
wait for the ice
some of which sticks up above the water
wait for the ice to melt
check the water level
if the loose cover restricted evaporation
the water level will
not have changed
were these activists
who wanted to measure the thickness of the ice at the
North Pole
complete fuck wits?
or did they want to go under there because
the world's nuclear weaponed sub-marines
live under there?
the density of 'water' varies with temperature
4 is the significant number
from memory
the density of water is lowest at minus 4 degrees C
if you fill a container with water
full and sealed
cooled freshly boiled water contains no dissolved atmospheric
gases - oxygen, nitrogen etc
but that's a different matter
put your full sealed plastics box into the freezer
and when the water freezes
it will expand and split the container
if the container can withstand the pressure...
the increased pressure can alter the freezing point of the water
the boiling point of water at sea level is
100 degrees
top of a mountain
the water will boil at a much
lower temperature
and so making a decent brew gets difficult
and there's a hell of a lot of
water pressure
at the level of the underside of an iceberg
and so the hydrodynamics of
sea ice and very very complicated
not least because
icebergs from glaciers are
fresh water
and sea ice is salt
and so sea ice is more dense than glacier calves
it has to be a lot colder for the open salty sea to freeze
than for fresh water droplets in the atmosphere to freeze
this means that for the ice sheet to expand - spread
in winter
hard to freeze sea water has to freeze to form a platform
for easy to freeze atmospheric moisture
to land on and be protected from warming and dissolving
in open water
if ice flows do not form or are smaller
less snow is preserved
and there is less water above sea level
that, however, relates to the area of the ice cap
there has to be sea ice under the snow ice to protect
the snow ice from the winter gritter effect of
snow being dumped into sea water
but none of the earth's floating ice will raise sea level
as it melts
Nearby Greenland ice cover is a very different matter
and a lot of ice at the South Pole rests on rock
and so the size - especially not the thickness of
the North Pole ice field is not a sea level issue
but is a problem for Polar Bear habitat size

14th August 2019

patent means open
when somebody gets a patent on an invention
they protect their right to get paid if somebody else
makes a mechanism of the same design
the motivation behind the scheme is to
magic tricks
working prototypes
some people prefer not to
patent an idea - publish it and claim royalties
they prefer to keep
trade secrets
such as recipes for food products
we accept
magic tricks
trade secrets
but then we come to the term
Greek - oxus, sharp - morus, dull stipid
figure of speech in which two words or phrases
of opposite meaning are set against each other
for emphasis or effect
for example
that statement is truly false
falsely true
truly false means genuinely false
falsely true?
we can't think what that means
and so to the phrase of the week
if you believe in science
back in the day when people sold
patent medicines
people bought them
1 because they needed some help
2 because they thought
if he can afford to have those special bottles and labels
made up he's not a
fly by night
there ar quite a number of antiques around that have
completely fake
registered design and patent numbers
incorporated into them hundreds of years ago
a bit like false number plates on
gettaway cars
it's one of those things we won't be researching but
we seem to remember that
Albert Einstein
started out adult life as a
Patents Clerk
trying to work out whether designs submitted should be
granted a patent
and so to the term
Peer Reviewed Paper
back in the day when three percent of people
wnet to university and most of them
didn't do science
another scientist would be a
rare bird
today with 30 per cent having
academic letter after their name
and a lot of them science related
peer review is not so rarefied
back in the day of pigeon post
our Ricker wrote to
New Scientist magazine
to point out a published error
he got a short reply to the effect
we are a POPULAR science journal
in other words
don't let the facts get in the way of a good story
with a quarter of the younger population
seeking their
fifteen minutes of fame through
scientific breakthrough
there are a lorra lorra
fancy bottles and labels
being produced
speaking of pigeon post
letters from our Ricker to
Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister
are probably available now under the
thirty year rule
and archive archaelologists will probably be able to find
the one where he shares his first
back of an envelope calculation that
global warming could not produce a
sea level rise in excess of
5 metres
unless it got too tatty to file as she
carried it around in her handbag

here we see in the
benefit dependency figures for
people of working age
an April to May drop from
5.6 per cent
5.3 per cent
we will have to wait to find out whether this is a
resumption of the downward trend
pre universal credit

Ricker's mind is failing
he's having trouble distinguishing between
blasphemy is the word he is struggling for
some other words
the thing is there are things to do with religion
that are no longer crimes in the UK
we should check the life history of
blasphemy laws in the UK
but we probably won't
and the forces that feel that loss are
sex crimes
dismissal of religious orthodoxy
it really is quite interesting that
we very much doubt that the rise of Islam in the UK
has much to do with race or ethnicity
Christianity is seen as no longer a
rod of iron
disciplinarian religion
with a comprehensive unshakable set of rules
and we have always said
converts are always more zealous than
people brought up in a faith

and there is another strand of public speaking that
thinks it's
to say
sex and violence
instead of
these people probably don't think through anything carefully
on the surface it appears that they don't see
sex crimes as crimes of violence
but a separate category relating to
reputational damage

and then we move to the concept of the
All Seeing Eye
like on US banknotes
and we said many people go along with the idea of meeting in church as
in the sight of God
you meet with God in church - not everywhere
and then
you have to have a concept of God's view of you
if you need to go to confession
and that seems to have this sub-section that
if you walk around
to coin a phrase
inside a pillar box
God won't be able to tell whether you are a
man or a woman
and rather like a mid twentieth century boy's school
no guv
we ain't got no wimin 'ere
and so
God can see you when you are in church
and when you are out in the street
but nowhere else
and so everywhere else is where
you can do the naughty
and so the
you can't prove you didn't blaspheme
is replaced with
you can never prove yourself innocent of
sex crimes
rather in the manner of
black balling
accuser gets anonymity and is not required to
produce evidence
and the police are saying
people with differing views
must be located in different places
and that's called
allopatric speciation
as opposed to sympatric speciation
where people with differing outlooks on life are
expected to
rub along

there are still a lot of people
perhaps fathers of girls, in the main
who regard females as
the weaker vessel
and when seeking a partner for a daughter seek to
hobble the man to level the playing field
and some think a woman should always have the undisputed right to
have any man they have ever had any contact with jailed
on a whim
we have touched on this next bit before but
it is becoming increasingly more important
medical examiners can determine
from a pattern of bruising etc.
if a person - normally woman
has been dry humped
no use in historic cases
and being dry humped is the definition of rape
however, women and their dads
are increasingly claiming that
seduction is rape
and this is why prosecutors wish to have
complainants 'phones
to see
not did the complainant have sex
dry humped or not
was she
The Office Bike
did she have a shred of 'reputation' left
for the accused to
if it's gonna happen
there always has to be a first time
lock up every man who takes a person's virginity?

this all points up a distinction between two words
heretics have been subject to all sorts of pain
over the years
but they tend to be people who
refuse to recant
opinion contrary to orthodox opinion
teaching or belief
from the Greek hairesis - choice , school of thought
to speak irreverently of God
to desecrate by impious talk
to take God's name in vain
to curse and swear
and since that too is
from the Greek
we infer
gods as well as God
in a sense
pas devant les enfants
not in front of the children
this amplifies the idea that children are
little people who snitch for God
essentially to blaspheme is to
behave normally in an inappropriate context
in church or with children present
you can forget yourself in church
but often there can be children present
where you would not expect to find children
without you knowing
in some sense
a child creates a church when they
say their prayers at bed time
in this sense
priests and children share the capacity to
invoke God
the problem with blasphemy is it invokes summary justice
there is no question of an option to recant
and by extension
there is a big difference between discussing theology
down the pub or in the seminar room
and preaching heresy from a church pulpit
and so
what parts of a university campus are
consecrated spaces
for orthodoxy alone?
and then we get to the Latin
Latin is the language of
The Romans
The Greeks were all about
The Gods
The Romans were the transition from
the gods
and so for them
the sacred and the profane
swearing - profanity
and from the Latin
pro - in front of
fanum - temple
slagging off
God or the gods
on the temple steps

12th August 2019

Our Ricker was sad so see that
Colin Briggs
apparently failed his audition to
present the
Look North North East and Cumbria
early evening magazine programme
and quite pleased that this has put an end to
Ricker's daily morning routine of
slipping off to the toilet during some
chaff on BBC Breakfast
only to discover Colin
half way through his monologue
Ricker reckons
Colin ...
pale - check
male - check
stale - we don't think so
and so
now that she's pregnant
The Boro Lass
will not be enough to persuade Ricker to plough through
the references to
one in five million medical ailments
and bizarre sports
we feel we should explain
Pro-celebrity cricket
The professionals are paid by their
The celebrities are on
Central Contracts
some grounds make money from hosting Test Matches
there is the MCC and the TCCB
well they keep changing their names
cricket is
The Marlebone Cricket Club
then there is the
Test and County Cricket Board
so there are important people such as
Tim Rice
who are MCC members
so counties used to loan players to the TCCB to
appear in Test Matches
now all the counties
including the ones that don't have any
celebrity rank players
pay the TCCB to pay the celebrity cricketers
it would be a bit like the ASO paying
Froom and G Thomas
instead of INEOS doing it
and if there aren't enough people on
Central Contracts
who are fit to play
somebody gotta pay...

Redcar has regained its
Two Escalator Town
status B&M have opened their new store in
Regent Walk - Morrisons front yard
in all of the space of the former department store
using the escalators to link the two floors
and still no To Let sign on the old place
to us
it looks like this fairly new building
what can we say
needs a lot of work to get the best out of
the footprint
there's a little discount foodstore next door
we can never remember which is
Fulton Foods and which is Heron Foods
one of them belongs to the holding company that owns
the one that is next to the 'old' B&M is
the one that doesn't belong to B&M
where are we going here?
that long deep, narrow store was
the original Frank Dee supermarket
and we very much doubt that the building that B&M
just moved out of was designed to be a supermarket
it is 100 per cent
two story
and the upstairs was never used by
Frankie Dee nor B&M for selling space
to make proper use of the building
it needs
customer, stairs, lifts, escalators...
it needs A LOT OF WORK
the point we were making was
we think it wasn't intended for Frankie Dee
they must have seen it being built and decided to move into it
we realise that you enter the new B&M
at the corner
so we will define
Regent Walk as the front
and Lord Street as the side
if you go way back on the left hand side
you can find the rather well hidden
customer lift

this means
Fulton Foods re where Frank Dee started
and Heron Foods are the
Alt B&M

we have
key workers
they appear to have
and no
to cover
at 100 per cent
when the key workers go on holiday
and here is a question
industries get
cheaper power
if they agree to go on a tarif where they will be
first in line to be cut off if there is a problem
back in the days of
computer magazines
you would see adverts for
uninterruptible power supplies
the ones designed for desk top computers had
like the batteries that run the sirens on
burglar alarms during power cuts
the bigger ones have - petrol or diesel - generators
if a customer - Network Rail for instance - chooses
the cheap rate, first or second in line to be cut off- tarif
they should have working and regularly tested
uninterruptible power supplies
but let's face it
Network Rail
is a
Heritage Railway
running in the 1950s
war footing
make do and mend
why would you pay out twenty five million a year
at the rate of 59,000 per year each
to a bunch of people to watch a fleet of trains
drive themselves
because you want to inject a bunch a 59,000 a year
salaries into a bunch of
deprived communities
seems common sense to skip the dog in the cab that's trained to
bite the 'driver' if they touch the controls
and then you have to send
elitist scum train fitters - on 35,000 a year -
out to re-start the train if they switch themselves off
due to a power glitch

8th August 2019

The New Deal was a series of programs, public work projects,
financial reforms, and regulations enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in
the United States between 1933 and 1936.
It responded to needs for relief, reform, and recovery from the Great Depression.
Major federal programs included the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC),
the Civil Works Administration (CWA), the Farm Security Administration (FSA),
the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933 (NIRA) and the Social Security Administration (SSA).
They provided support for farmers, the unemployed, youth and the elderly.
The New Deal included new constraints and safeguards on the banking industry and
efforts to re-inflate the economy after prices had fallen sharply.
New Deal programs included both laws passed by Congress as well as
presidential executive orders during the first term of the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

you know about
some people have collections
like Poole Pottery
they add extra bits to the collection
when they have money or see an unusual example
some people buy a bigger house to have more 'spare' rooms
to house their collection
trees are not like that
trees have a life cycle
they grow
they mature
when they reach their mature stature
they stop growing
when they stop growing
they stop collecting and storing
more carbon
a mature or
climax forest
is a carbon store
but not
a carbon sink
it stores a lot of carbon but it does not absorb a lot of carbon
its hoarding days are over
we absolutely give up on trying to explain the
carbon cycle
use it as a search term
there is no doubt about what it is
it is an intermittent carbon store
cattle do not burp
fossil carbon
they do not eat coal

this one has really got Ricker stumped
it's a reference to the era of
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
but he can't be absolutely certain it is from that
we think it's
Hey Zeff
there's an infinite number of chimps with typewriters here
with a script for Hamlet
and that is based on the concept of
let a billion flowers bloom
Market Economy is
let lots of people try
somebody may well succeed
the Command Economy
let's find out who has the highest IQ and
give that one individual
infinite resources
and in the US that was called
The New Deal
the response to the
Great Depression
at this point we are thinking about
once great universities recruiting
at random - because their choices are deemed
apparently thick due to poor teaching
recruiting at random from
disadvantaged communities
and then what?
send then back to those disadvantaged communities
armed with a decent education
randomly assign them to top jobs in government to
ensure government is
appearances support the latter
and if they
never go back
by the time they reach prominence they are
not a window on the real world but
a window on the past
there appear to be two candidate types for government advisor
did very well at Oxford, has made the odd slip
has always been right in the past, but is wrong this time
over and over again
and anyway if he's been to Eton
we'd know what sort of child he had been
and what his parents did before the dementia
and so...
Not The New Deal
and not
Let a Billion Flowers Bloom
as we say from time to time
look no further than
Good Will Hunting
make allowances for poor teaching
devise a test that detects the
and never, ever, dismiss a person as
self taught
thye say
never learn to do something that you are not willing to do
for the rest of your life
they say artificial intelligence and robots are stealing jobs
is probably just one of many many jobs, careers, that
have been automated as a result of
reducing the job into a single repeated 'routine'
in order to be able to recruit to the profession
people incapable of
decision making and still less problem solving
before there was
computer says no
there was
routine says no
protocol says no

now that the crisis is passed... if Mrs May were still PM
would we by now have
millions of people heading for the hills
there's a reservoir
in their town
like with the cladding like

we have it on our to-do list
check on the energy density of a
range of fuels
and so we were watching this TV show
it was about
rocket fuel
they had these three
steel drums
upside down
the standard ones about 4 feet - just over a metre high
and a foot and a half in diameter
heavy to lift - empty
they put
a weight - a couple of grammes???
of fuel in each
the same weight of fuel in each
the same weight of chemical drum in each case
gunpowder in the first
diesel in the second
hydrogen in the third
the gunpowder one made a feeble pop sound and didn't move
th diesel on lifted 10 or 20 centimeters off the ground
a foot or so
the hydrogen one...
ten feet up in the air - three metres
it's all about
E = mc squared
energy released is the speed of light squared
the amount of mass converted to energy
and in the case of this experiment
it's all about the
proportion or per centage
of the maas of fuel that is converted to energy
burn a carbon based fuel and the weight of the
gases and ash left,
very similar to the maas of the original fuel
burn hydrogen in oxygen and
the mass of the water molecule produced is
a lot less than the mass of the hydrogen
like, hydrogen ballons
and the oxygen
it means you carry less
mass and thus less weight
for a given amount of energy storage

and then we come to
steam railways
they say they need coal to run steam railways
the clue is in the name
we would guess that more than half of all
steam engines that are
that is
in routine service
oil burners
it can be oil not coal, as well as steam
it can be hydrogen and steam
all a stem engine needs is
and as few leaks as possible
at this point we are duty bound to remind you that
in the summer of 2018
the steam trains - coal fired steam trains
could not run on the
North York Moors Heritage Railway
sparks, cinders and ashes
starting too many
trackside fires
no matter how cheap the coal
the fire risk could shut them down anyway

the main characteristic of the management of
Command Economies
is that as they begin to fail
the management conclude that the failure is not in the concept
because the rules aren't being enforced rigorously enough
China is seeing the growth in its economy slow
and concluding that this is due to leakage from outside
for instance people tripping over the border to
Hong Kong
to buy goods at prices cheaper than
the state regulated prices in China
and in the UK in the 1940s
this was called
Re-sale Price Maintenance
and the last product to be de-regulated?
you would be denied supply
if the manufacturers found out you were selling for less than
the price they printed on the label
and the current manifestation of the organisation dedicated to
bust cartels is called
The Competition and Markets Authority
and with BrExit
the supermarkets want that
wound up

and so, we can extend our
Jewish list
lamb for Isaac
Jesus for mankind
foreskin for knackers
We have a lightly sad tale to tell about
Morrisons Supermarket
quite a long time ago they ran a
Management Trainee recruitment drive
maybe ten years ago
the striking thing about it was it said
upper second class honours
minimum entry requirement
most of those people are now
stocking shelves

We have
Pro-Celebrity Golf
we have
and now we have
pro-Celebrity Test Cricket
first they went on and on and fielding some
(be)Knighted washed up batter
now it's the turn of a crocked bower
That's Entertainment!
Pilots have training
They are trained that
In an emergency
in that order
and the police
responding to
what people expect of them
yes, no, no
essentially emergency response vehicles are operated like
bumper cars
we will drive but we will not navigate
we will not communicate
sometimes we say a actor or a singer
really communicates with their audience
the Emergency Services are


even when they have hair like a bag of chips

5th August 2019

If we were to diagnose the state of the police service
as an organisation
we would categorise it as
repeatedly carrying out
obsessive rituals
without any concept of
these people live in a bubble
more like a silo
along with
the Crown Prosecution Service
and asked
why do you do these things
they reply
'The Public'
expect it of us
like the public being the old biddies you meet
at church on a weekend?
Over the next three years
20,000 UK police officers will retire
and as such the fat bastards will
do the police equivalent of being
Japanese Window Men
clock on at work and
trawl the internet for
kiddy porn
and the 20,000 replacements will have to be
half female
half Pride groups
half black and ethnic minority
and so some of them my want to spend their shifts
chatting with their extended families
we have said before and we really mean it
non detectives should be on five year contracts
fie years on the beat and out with a university degree
but we must get rid of The College of Policing
Police officers do not belong to a religious sect
a causa nostra
if they want clients..
they should leave the police and
become solicitors or social workers

Since the 'Nick' is a leftist coppers stooge
we wonder whether he has been given
18 one year sentences to run
not consecutively
and will be quietly let out before Christmas
There is a jargon term for the overall problem we have
with the police
it is
Not Invented Here Syndrome
this occurs in all walks of life
if you make flavoured crisps
if a rival company brings out
prawn cocktail flavoured crisps
do you bring out your own version
or do you start a scare story that
something in prawn cocktail crisps is
harmful to health?

5th August 2019

For cascade spillway lower
read hydraulic jump stilling basins
Stepped spillways, consisting of weirs and channels,
have been used for over 3,500 years since
the first structures were built in Greece and Crete.
During Antiquity, the stepped chute design was used for dam spillways,
storm waterways, and in the town water supply channels.
Most of these early structures were built around the Mediterranean sea,
and the expertise on stepped spillway design was spread successively by the Romans, Muslims and Spaniards.
Although the early stepped spillways were built in cut-stone masonry, unlined rock and timber,
a wider range of construction materials was introduced during the mid-19th century,
including the first concrete stepped spillway of the Gold Creek dam (1890) in Australia.
During the first half of the 20th century, the stepped cascade design became out of fashion,
partly because of the maintenance costs but also because of the development in hydraulic jump stilling basins.
Yet the long-lasting operation of several famous stepped cascades has demonstrated the soundness of the stepped spillway design.
Although the stepped spillway design was common up to the beginning of the 20th century,
a lot of expertise has been lost since, and the present expertise is limited to very simple geometries,
namely some flat horizontal stepped prismatic chutes, despite some recent interest in stepped spillway design.

we have a small but significant aside regarding our comments about
The Nazis and self sufficiency and national pride
these days we identify
Germany, Italy, and Spain
as 'former' fascist states
a lot of eloquent leftists
fought in the Spanish Civil War
that war lasted three year in the 1930s
and it did immense damage to Spain
we said that Germany had nothing but
coal and people
it had access to iron - perhaps from Scandinavia
what it absolutely did not have in the 1930s and 40s was
and anybody with an engineering background knows about
tungsten carbide
tungsten carbide is a type of steel alloy that is
much harder - more durable - than everyday steel
and although there was no tungsten in Germany
it could be had in Spain
for at least half a century it was thought that
gold looted from Europe was smuggled to
South America
to fund retirement lives for
fleeing Nazis
it is now proven that the gold - including from the teeth of
concentration camp victims
was handed over to Spain - Franco - in exchange for

we know we got the line wrong
we think it should be
I'm the king of the swingers
a jungle VIP
and at the time
the song was written at the height of
compound reference to
primates swinging through the branches of jungle trees
and the character being a hep cat
a male with multiple female partners

we should just add this technical detail
the Nazi system is called
A Command Economy
The British system is called
A Market Economy
and Stock Exchanges
grew out of
London Coffee Houses
which were a
alternative to
Ale Houses

here we are off on one of our word things
we possibly didn't make it crystal clear the misogyny - woman hating - expressed in ancient religions
is based on Eve eating the fruit of the
Tree of Knowledge
not specifically 'The Apple'
and figuring out how to reproduce
thus usurping the exclusive
Creator Role
of the
Creator God
and gettin Him jealous
The Lord thy God is a Jealous God
and that be Greek
missien to hate
gune woman
and on the other hand
misogamy - hatred of marriage
gamos - marriage
and from gamos
protoplasmic body, ovum or sperm
which - that - unites with another of the opposite
sex - gender
for conception
and then we get this uniquely
Christian twist
we move on from God forming Adam out of clay and
breathing life into him
and forming Eve from one of Adam's ribs
hence the feminist magazine title
Spare Rib
to saying
God sanctions men getting women pregnant
by Himself
getting Mary pregnant by this
sexual method
all this penetration and
waiting for the baby to grow and giving birth
a bit, only a very little bit, like
the motor industry selling
kit cars
have sex - make your own people
and so,
New Testament Christianity
and Old Testament religions
including basically the ones where
men and women worship separately
are misogynistic
out of fear
not loathing
fear that love between men and women will
piss God off big time
these days we are all across the idea that
The Authorities
Major Corporations
know exactly where we are and what we are doing
at all times
The Scriptures
have a kind of
smoking and snogging
behind the bike sheds
as though
God can only see us when we are
In Church
and so
look we men and we women
we are keeping our distance
given the massive rate of
childhood deaths
and the way kids blab
hiding sex from children makes 'sense'
in a
When did you Last See Your Father
kind of a way
famous painting about
probably Cavaliers and Roundheads
interrogation of an 8 year old by
to try to trace his father
what have your parents been up to asks St. Peter
at the Pearly Gates - to Heaven
oh can't resist...
WPC Pearly Gates
a Joyce Grenfell character
from a time when WPCs were restructed to
taking charge of
lost children
and all this leaves one wondering
is this ceremonial Male Circumcision
an attempt to con God into thinking
look, I've castrated my son
he won't be any threat to your
prerogative of creation
a bit like the Paschal Lamb
a bit like the Paschal Lamb
Paschal pronounced pascal
relating to
The Jewish Passover and Christian Easter
The Passover to do with the Jews escaping a purge
Easter - well Good Friday
Jesus gets dead
Abraham - was it? - offering to sacrifice his son to God
and God arranging the supply of a lamb as a substitute
Abraham - was it? - offering to sacrifice his son to God
and God arranging the supply of a lamb as a substitute
thus, a paschal lamb is a substitute sacrifice
the Lamb for Isaac
Jesus for mankind
and the Passover celebrates the time
God killed the first-born (sons) of the Egyptians
but 'passed over' without any killing
the homes of the Israelites
maybe they had some substitute sacrifice ready
having been fore warned
perhaps FGM
female genital mutilation
has the same roots
although it does not appear to be performed
as a ritual in church
but more practically to
do all those preserve virginity
ease childbirth, things
some cultures sew 'em up
some cultures cut 'em apart

just a short note about the difference between
the dam at Whaley Bridge
that recently part-failed
and a modern dam such as Kielder in Northumberland
in the old designs the overflow runs down the slipway
and can erode it
in modern designs the overflow is projected into the air
to land in the river beyond the entire structure of the dam
4. Discharge into each river is by cascade spillway, which
encourages reoxygenation of the water,
which may have been retained in the tunnel for some time.
a cascade spillway is designed to have the water
impact the structure vertically downwards
not run down an inclined plane
a mega fish pass but not for fish
the reverse
now that the police have started with the
we can be of no further help

we have noted something about the AA adverts
the vans in the ads are yellow with black AA on them
around these parts
there are two liveries
some of the vans say
fuel assist
some say
battery assist
that's progress...
you tell 'em what car you got and they
send a different van if you got a battery

2nd August 2019

here is a story we absolutely cannot stand up
pure gossip
a long long time ago
our Ricker had a beard
and the main reason he had a beard was he was
too ill to shave
he volunteered for the Redcar Tory party
and some chap called
Robert Goodwill
wanted to be an MP and he
was told he should stand in Redcar as the
Traditional Tory blooding of standing in a no hope
before being offered the Tory candidacy in a Tory seat
and so it proved
he stood and lost and went on to greater things
been an MEP still an MP
things were different then
some in the local party thought
with a good local candidate the Tories could
give Labour a bit of a battering
but the party agent for the nearby Tory seat
then called Langthingy Lang bar
was an Alan Partiridge style
no a Rimmer - Red Dwarf - style dork called
Wendy Powell
she had all this stuff about
lock and unlock
going on
and insisted that all votes were
or they'd have to be taken again
and so when Ricker suggested that it would be a good idea to
find a better candidate for Langthingy than
Michael Bates
she returned his five pound note and
rejected Ricker's application to renew his
Langthing Tory party membership
and being he dork she is
she noted the serial note of the fiver in the
letter returning it
natch M Bates lost and went to
The Lords
our Ricker found himself sitting amongst
a gaggle of LibDems at a
Public Enquiry
after Ricker spoke
those around him propositioned him for membership
what we are driving at is
little parties such as the LibDems are
desperate to find effective leaders
the two big parties Tories and Labour
are like F1 motor racing teams
desperate to keep the good drivers at bay
to reserve the driving seats for the
people who can pay
or who have sponsors who can pay
and there are two types here
Jungle Book types
I'm the king of the jungle
a jungle VIP
I've reached the top and had to stop
and that's what's bothering me
families who think we've got the cash
maybe we should have
a doctor
or an MP
in the family
the other type is
God get him OUT of the family business
park him in the Commons before he bankrupts us
and now a third style of candidate
we MUST have a one legged, native Welsh speaking
woman with vitiligo
in the commons
go fund us
we found a reference to Wendy Powell being Mr bates agent in 1993
we have a pile of notes and letters and people have been coming in congratulating him
Wendy powell, Mt bates agent said
Mr bates the Tory MP for Langbaurgh in Cleveland
resigned as a
Parliamentary Privaste Secretary to Nick Scott, the social security minister.
it is an unpaid appointment, but MR bates intends to forego his
increase as an MP
either stopping it or giving it to charity
he had voted against a 2.7 per cent pay rise for MPs

consider the non-human primates of
sub-Saharan Africa
chimps are supposed to have
80 odd percent of human intelligence
and even more genes in common with humans
life for these creatures is
one long
Easter Egg Hunt
and when you get overspill of those who have
evolved into humans, into the Middle East
where the pickings are much less lush...
we get the classic
over-thinking of the situation
and invent increasingly arbitrary
rules or strategies
for the game
the basis of

30thJuly 2019

we've talked about
Quarter Days
as it stands
are moving out of the
Frankie Dee building on
1st August
and that's a quarter or rent day
and they reckon the new store in the Beales building
will not be fit to open for another week AND
there is no
To Let board on the Frankie Dee building
we call it the Frankie Dee building because we remember
two stars from
coming to open it a Frank Dee supermarket
when it was first built
hence , we wonder whether somebody
bigger than B&M has bumped them out of that store
we shall see

we should edit this lot
some impressions of
Redcar Triathalon 2019
as outsiders we did think
one of these won
and one of the Redcar lot
came third
but we do not know how many races were
running at the same time
how many people who looked as though
they had finished
had dropped out

1 142 Male David Robertson Speedhub 00:12:48 00:31:28 00:18:45 01:03:50
2 180 Male Lewis Timmins Tri Vector Racing 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00 01:04:43
3 17 Male Mika Brown Jackpot Racing 00:12:33 00:31:32 00:19:39 01:05:00
4 197 Male James Wilson Redcar Tri 00:12:57 00:32:07 00:19:43 01:05:45
5 189 Male Scott Wardman Triology Bike Science North East 00:12:59 00:32:08 00:20:08 01:06:18
6 114 Male Mark Mills Wakefield Triathlon Club 00:14:45 00:31:53 00:19:58 01:07:57
7 33 Male Alexander Cunningham Physiohaus 00:14:47 00:31:58 00:20:05 01:08:03
8 187 Male Garry Walker Team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei - Coalfields Tri Club 00:18:57 00:08:04 00:39:11 01:08:10
9 49 Male Harrison Edwards Bradford Swimming Club 00:12:54 00:32:18 00:22:51 01:09:13
10 34 Male Jason Cutler NRG/Triscience 00:18:33 00:00:00 00:40:49 01:10:06
11 185 Male James Turner NYP Tri 00:14:52 00:31:56 00:22:47 01:10:44
12 2 Male Tim Ashelford Jackpot Racing 00:14:35 00:33:19 00:21:32 01:10:55
13 100 Male Dave Mann NYP Tri 00:15:28 00:32:27 00:22:03 01:11:19
14 131 Male Connor Prior Wearside Triathlon 00:13:42 00:34:22 00:22:25 01:11:37
15 46 Male James Dytham VO2Max Race Team 00:15:36 00:32:35 00:22:21 01:11:41
16 143 Male Stephen Robinson 00:15:12 00:35:00 00:20:10 01:11:51
17 111 Male Christopher Milbourne University Of Bath Triathlon Club 00:16:27 00:33:46 00:20:07 01:11:59
18 171 Female Brit Tate Leeds & Bradford Triathlon Club 00:13:35 00:34:31 00:23:05 01:12:21
19 175 Male Scott Thomas

29thJuly 2019

and the people who appeared to have dropped out had done

29thJuly 2019

somewhere down there we were writing about
people in the desert
seeing so little around them and
beleving God could have hand crafted all of it
some people do take this concept of not
usurping God's role as sole creater of everything
to extremes
and here we are talking about Jewish and parallel traditions
perhaps in the modern day
Orthodox Jews
people - men, we suspect - who for instance
never cut their finger nails
so that they can do no manual work
the most well known example from The Bible of this is
other wise known as
manna from Heaven
the food supplied miraculously to the Israelites in the wilderness
a sweetish juice of the ash, used as a laxative
the other slightly less well known similar reference from The Bible is
consider the lilies of the field
they neither sew nor do they spin
and words to the effect
best dressed things around without lifting a finger
nad there is a line of thought that
the more you supply social housing and hand outs and benefits
the more you feed this parasitic
something will turn up approach of
Mr Micauber in Dickens
and a related line than
you please God more by accepting charity
leaving things to
God and Providence
than by carrying out busy body charitable acts
and at one level we have religion as the opium of the people
preaching fatalism
and at another level
leaving the dirty work to the
unclean infidels
infedels, not faithful, fidelis - faithful
the people who wrote The Bible
were nomads
more gatherers than
hunter gatherers
and when they had eaten a place out they would move on
and come back later when God had replenished stocks

one definition of
is to interpret freely
and so to paraphrase the script of a recent
TV documentary on
Germany in the 1930s and 40s

there was a conflict from the start between
The National Socialists
and The Jews
but the conflict was not about physical attributes
the Nazis were suppored to be all about
Nordic blue eyes and blond hair
versus hooked noses and swarthy skin
that was not the basis of the conflict
The National Socialists felt that the
Pride, Honour and Self Respect of
The German Folk
resided in
self sufficiency
having no need to trade
getting by, thriving
by exploiting local resources
since Germany had
people and coal
and not a lot else
socialism was about
state control of local resources
this lead to a basic fundamental world view
if something Germany needed ws not to be found in Germany
Germany would not trade for it
Germany would have to get bigger
to include places where that thing could be found
there is a subtle difference between this and
British Empire Building
The British were explorers
the whole South Asia dimension of the British Empire was
a response to the failure of the East India Company
an organisation that was rooted in and founded on
in America and the likes of Australia
the British were finding and developing
continents that were sparsely populated and
there was so element of
we will bring you
what did The Romans ever do for us - style
civilisation in return for raw materials
Even today remnants of the
French Empire
are run as
parts of France
in a way that parts of the British Empire never were
parts of England
to return to Germany
there was a developing conflict between
just taking what you need
and the need to trade with the likes of
America and China that were just too large
and too far away to simply roll Germany into them
once you have dedicated all your local resources to
creating the armed forces to conquer the lands that
have the things you need
if you then have to trade
ll you have to sell is
1 major countries have their own armaments industries
2 if you sell armaments , they may be used against you
and so we are lead to the conclusion that
Germany didn't start the Second World War
directly to gain the opportunity to
kill Jews
this is so often the sub-text of any discussion of
The War
The Germans reached a point where
coal and the Jews were the only
resources left to them to exploit
the death camps were
at or near
munitions factories
and the Germans didn't want to feed
people who could not make armaments for them
I kill you because you cannot work
not because you are Jewish
and you cannot work because
I can't feed you

and this scenario is repeated in 21st century
Germany is short of
fit young people to provide
elder care
so it seeks to annex North Africa
to enlarge Europe in order to have control of
fit young Africans
and that is what The British rebelled against in
2016 by voting to leave Europe

sometimes we are shamed by the lack of precision in
our grasp of cultural references...
there's a thing in either
Alice in Wonderland or Alice through the looking glass
we must withdraw from that distinction
there is a theme in the books about that Alice of
a playing card - the knave of hearts?
dashing around
painting the white roses red
or the other way around
Thought of Chairman Mao - China
to exaggerate
the people must plant and eat rice
but the Great Leader hates green
and so the rice plants must be blue
we think of so much of what we buy being
Made in China
we think of these things being made throughout China
but they are actually mad in a part of China, well
no larger than France???
in Redcar we see the world in a Redcar way
and in Coatham we see a word in house windows that
we don't - on reflection - expect to see elsewhere
in Redcar there may be a smattering of the now illegal
what we see in Coatham is
what is being offered is
week-night accommodation for people
who are not local but work as
contractors in local industry
that is China in
a nutshell
in microcosm
millions if not billions of people trekking back home from
Industrial China to rural China
for the Holidays
and here's the thing
Hong Kong
very different sizes
very similar economies
and so
if China could just get control if
itty bitty Hong Kong and itty bitty Taiwan
it could triple the size of it's economy
here is the
yeh boss we done it
we killed the goose that laid the Gold Eggs
what is our reward?
like the who will rid me of this turbulent priest?
China believes that it is the
location of Hong Kong
and not the system of government
that produces the wealth
and the UK
Hong Kong was British
the Chinese asked for it
and we gave it to them
like dad handing over his used car to his daughter
when he gets a new one
and she never taking it in for a service
Martin gets a company car and so he
hands the keys of his cherished car to Jon
nad he immediately trades it in
Martin could have sold it
he wanted and expected Jon to look after the
family heirloom
no chance

The company applying for permission to build a
centre for the terminally bewildered< BR> on Corporation Road, Redcar
began construction of
Sacred Heart secondary and St Benedict's Primary
on the same site and
went out of business before they finished it
and it was finished by
have a guess...
so started by Mowlem
finished by Carillion and now managed by
God knows who
so we shall see this latest
Mo Mowlam cetre fares in the land of
empoly morons and go bankie

we made a slight mistake regarding the
we can't be bothered to research the fee
for a filling
what we should have said was
you pay the dentist fifty pounds for
a checkup
and you pay her
fifty pounds for her to have her
hygienist give you a scale and polish
in the context where no surgery is required...
the hygienist is
doing the work
and the dentist is getting paid for
instructing her nurse - to take notes
and her hygienist
and so
under socialism...
should the dentist get paid anything at all?
we have taken some pictures to demonstrate the potential for
sand not mud
music festivals in Coatham Bay

and one of those pictures
not very clearly
shows that the electricians are still
digging up junction boxes made of
wood and tar or pitch

So far as we know
Sir Arthur Dorman
had daughters not sons
and so we have no sense of dynasty
we cannot therefore claim to speak in any way for the family
but we do have links to the
top management in the historic steel industry
as a sort of token of the role of the steel industry
in the UK economy
having a steel industry for many countries is akin to
having a space exploration agency
not a source of steel
and there was a company with offices in
Ennis Square in Dormanstown that was called
Thomas Mouget
they made their money by
searching for and digging up
surplus steel that
Dormans had deliberately buried on site
in times of glut
if you want
Dole with Dignity
you have to do something with the surplus stocks
a government obsessed with
entry level jobs
skill free jobs
will have to import labour if they set up
in North East England
and that is something the armed forces and
Probation Service
have been doing for decades
if your business is
too big to fail
a National Status Symbol
and then gets dropped
the local community ends up with a
load of dross
that the local police should be
not making excuses for
and we didn't get any help from
The directly Elected Mayor of Middlesbrough
writing this

25thJuly 2019

and so
Redcar Cricket Club
is the home of
Redcar Running Club
but Locke Park is the home of
Redcar Park Run

and so we have a picture of
Cleveland Golf Club
it's end on, and the club house is quite long
but you should be able to see
the greenkeepers sheds to the left

this concept of the artisan golf club
is a good opportunity to explain the difference between
left wing and right wing politics
and so we can go back to little Ricker
and he's ten years old and he gets
wrong off his mam
somewhere along the way the other kids in his class had
asked him how much housekeeping his dad gave to his mam
and not knowing anything about these things he was truthful
about the cash handed over
apparently it was a very small sum
and the mums at the school gate
put this back to Ricker's mum
there were two problems with this
the family did a weekly shop
at Hintons
either the one on Albert Road in Middlesbrough
or the one in
both long gone
the whole chain long gone
and Tommy paid at the checkout
so the weekly shop was not part of the housekeeping
on top of that
Maisie had her own money
the rent from her dad's house
because he was off in Taunton
living with his second wife
and so to
pocket money
Ricker didn't get any pocket money
but for those who do
it comes in two forms
a weekly allowance
payment for chores
left wing politicians believe that
people should get an allowance
because they are poor
right wing politicians think
people should be expected to do chores
in exchange for treats
neither left nor right wingers want to see anybody starve
but here we get into a difficulty
how do we define
take a dentist
a dentist will probably get
fifty quid for doing a checkup
fifty quid for doing a filling
fifteen quid for taking an x ray
the filling and the x ray can be seen by everybody as
but a lot of people have a problem with seeing
the checkup as work
it is clinical time
but not physically moving anything
in a sense one way to deal with
care for the aged
is to say
for every year of time over the age of
that you remain
out of care
you qualify for a year in care at a later date
because looking after yourself
is work
and so it is with children
money spent on the police
meant that they provided
deterrent protection
then children could entertain themselves
out and about
as in the old days
but so long as they remain
a reactive force
children will have to be entertained
in the home or at a paid for facility
and the will need more pocket money...
especially during the summer break

24thJuly 2019

Gorn - gone
and never called me mother
people - parents - in developed countries these days
do not expect to have to arrange funerals for
their children
this is new
this is not a given in the developing world
we in the chattering classes are
too busy to consider
how strong in the developed world is the
concept of an after life?
if you start from a concept that at one time
4,444 years BC or BCE
everything on Earth was hand crafted by God
and then
Adam and Eve got a fit of the smarts
like the computers getting AI - artificial intelligence
eating from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge
figured out how to
the planet is infested with
also people who were not hand crafted by God
and hence they are regarded
we are regarded as the product of
Original Sin
and so when we finally pop our clogs
we turn up at the Pearly Gates and
we are essentially
Fake Designer Goods
not under warrantee
and so
because of a deal between God and his
only begotten son
Jesus is God's experiment with this
sex thing that the alsopeople invented
and so
if you reckon that at least half of your children will
predecease you
die before you do
you reckon that if by then they still know nothing about this
they will get into heaven through the
express channel
and hence the concept of
don't let them know anything about sex until
you are sure they are survivors of the
lottery that is childhood
and hence
preparation for adult roles can wait
we have not researched the details but we understand that
the registration of births did not take off until
the newspapers saw
hatches, matches, and despatches
as a revenue stream
and up to them children did not officially exist
until they reached seven years of age
that is not to say that children were not seen as
suitable for
sending up chimnies
and working in
blacking factories
exploit the children but
reward them with an express pass
into heaven
it is worth remembering that although
people evolved in Africa
the scriptures that people in
the world's major religions
keep harking back to were and are
out of Africa
they were written in the middle east
where the world is
nothing but sand
and in such a sparse environment it was easier to go along with the idea that a
humanoid God
could personally hand craft
the world and all that is in it
like in
six 'days'

23rdJuly 2019

Typically, Artisans pay a lower fee in return for helping to maintain the parent club’s course.
The clubs give reserved weekday and weekend playing times,
and the Artisans provide monthly work parties to assist the greens staff.
This may include raking bunkers, replacing divots or repairing pathways.
The Cleveland Artisans' hut has been replaced with a
driving range
and so they probably have a hut somewhere else on site

22nd July 2019

Let's get this poverty idea nailed down
once and for ever
in the North East of England we had in
April 2019
5.6 per cent of households that housed
one or more people of working age
who would be in poverty if it were not for their
Universal Credit income
and so to be actually in poverty you have to be
an asylum seeker prevented from working
but provided with subsistence
a person sanctioned because of
non compliance with Universal Credit rules
somebody with adequate income but
exceptional expenses
pay day loans
an expensive drug habit
a gambling addiction
such things
and so
we repeat
the solution to giving children year round access to
healthy food
put credit on their 'phones
credit that can only be spent in
daily amounts
specified products

we are the last people to claim to be
down with the kids
what we claim is to not be
living in the 1950s
however, there are a couple of
acronyms we can explain
we doubt this first one has much currency
my best mate's fit mum
the one that is very very well known is
mum I'd like to fuck
clearly what all of us want is some sort of balance between
security and excitement
for children the basic is for
their mum to be able to
get her end away
without the whole family having to
move house
having sex with somebody from work
at work
is probably the best way to protect the children from
tension and instability

it is quite interesting to contrast modern day
concepts of sex with those of the past
people these days have less and less direct contact with
real animals and so this may mean that
human specific sexual habits are evolving
the two
last steps before full intercourse
used to be
on balance - including comments by and about
Donald Trump
essentially cunnilingus is
licking woman bits
for animals important to check whether
the time is right
as we have said
higher primates need to have their
birth canals stretched for simple safe delivery
and so
the people who write based on observing people
and not extrapolating animal behaviour to people
recognise that
are more important to humans
and so in pursuit of law enforcement's obsession with
ensuring that
everything that can be done
is illegal
we now have the legal concept of
sexual assault by penetration
and sexual assault by touching
and coming soon
sexual assault by breathing???
oh he's getting in his reference to
movie, Tell it to the bees

there is a moment in time when a female has
her first period
and she should be prepared for that
on the other hand males experience changes
their voice will break - become lower in tone
and something else happens that is a bit of a problem
if you are not prepared for it
Tommy and Maisie and their son Ricker are going on holiday
and Tommy is in the car ready to drive away
honestly they aren't going anywhere that special but
Ricker is really excited
and mum is getting frantic between
Tommy blowing the horn and wanting to get started and
she wanting Ricker to have a last wee before the
long road trip
and Ricker having to say
to his mum
for the first time
I can't
it's gone hard
calm down and I'll get the job done
the whole raft of sensible advice that is
denied to young people because it is regarded as
exploitative to raise such issues with young people
men - particularly young men - get
piss proud
the erection is not caused by blood being diverted to the penis
it is caused by the drainage of blood from the penis being blocked
a distended bladder can cause this and this is
a vicious circle
the more the bladder fills
the more difficult it is to drain the bladder
and people causing excitement
make matters worse
the fundamental priority is
the system will
not allow him to
piss up yer chuff
but if he can calm down
at least it will only be the pressure from his bladder and not
also the tightening of the sphincter on his veins
that are forcing the erection
and threatening the bladder rupture

19th July 2019

moving on from cricket to golf
why are the Majors always won by somebody
you've never heard of?
because there are people who will pay more than
the prize money to spend the weekend
with a player you have heard of
can't be in two places at once
miss the cut
and in the category of
we have the
rugby club Sam
so there's this amateur rugby club
probably Union
There is Rugby Union and Rugby League
to digress
soccer is a gentleman's game played by thugs
rugby is a thug's game played by gentlemen
in essence rugby is so dangerous it is
hardly ever played without a referee
soccer - football - is hardly ever played with a referee
except professionally
there is Union and there is League
the main difference is
Union was designed as a game all the boys in a school
could find a role in
modern Union and all League
has little or no role for the
whippet style kids
no role for the bean poles
the line out was a jumping and catching element for
the taller lads
no line outs in League
all scrums
no attempt here to exbut reference
The Eton Wall Game
every set piece - except the penalty kick - in League is
a dozen rhinos - six a side - in a shoving match
as we said Rugby was designed as a game that included
all types of school boys - later girls too
league was for
Works Teams
can't miss this side reference
in Dormanstown there is a social club called
the Councillor Cliff Holding Recreation Centre
or something similar
now we forget the exact relationship
half brother whatever
but a close relative of Councillor Holding
played rugby - union - for Coatham School and
he was a prop forward
and so he was universally referred to as
wait for it
Scaff Holding
and the PE- maths teacher refereeing these matches
A G B Old
England Full Back and
older brother of
England cricketer
Chris Old
where were we?
so essentially
in industrial communities
if you weren't fit to be a forward - a rhino
you played in the works
Brass Band
Rugby League
no attempt to explain
scrum, ruck, etc
but reference
the Eton Wall Game
every set piece - except the penalty kick - in League is
a dozen rhinos - six a side - in a shoving match
and back to the Sam this Amateur Rugby Union touring team
fetch up at some foreign town
probably in France
and after settling in at their hotel
they are taken out on the town for
a pub crawl around town by
the host team
next morning is match day
and the tourists turn out on the pitch and
face a team of lads
not one of whom were
on the pub crawl the night before
and so it is with
sports people you've never heard of
always winning
especially at
Golf Majors

and so we reach
in the unemployment stats
no change
no change - no news
as we are now informed that
Universal Credit Rollout
has now moved on - to Yorkshire
if we at April with the North East England stats
we should be OK to assume that roll out in
The North East was mostly complete by
and so
it looks like any trend in figures that is not
Rollout Related
will start now and be published in
there is a firm of
mortgage brokers we do not wish to
name check but
regarding Universal Credit
in the main, if your circumstances are not
constantly changing in a big way
you will , as an individual
only encounter
Universal Credit Roll Out
in your entire life
and ONE OFF Loans are available to help
we are interested in the question
how does Summer Holiday Poverty impact
parents of pre-school children
not too sure how toddlers qualify for
free school meals
or that Child Benefit Universal Credit elements
as each child starts school
'child benefit' is to covery food all year round
Free School Meals are
and added bribe or incentive to
attend school
not a starvation preventative

16th July 2019

we are definitely going to struggle with this one
people take enormous risks
sell all their goods and property
to leave one country
so that they can re-settle in another country
we wanna be in America
everything free in America
there is this thread in
American popular culture of
the European settlers in America sought
the freedom to live life the way they wanted to
and the authorities wanted the land
and so they made grants of land and instituted
devolved powers - freedom
that freedom was not
individual freedom
it was an option for particular sects and religions to
set up communities within which there would be
less individual freedom of thought and expression
than in the big cities
they were trying to harness the
drive and charisma
of pioneer leaders to
bring infrastructure to the virgin land
we can say that only professional people
have the resources to leave a developing country
and settle in the developed world
how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm
now that they've seen Paree - Paris
governments of developing countries
and education foundations in the developed world
offer the likes of Fulbrights - scholarships
to people with potential in the developing world
to study in the developed world
all very well in the era of the
pigeon post
however there is a conflict
in the land of the blind
the one eyed man is king
in the land of the blind
the one eyed man is
and so...
The Salem Witch Trials
people who come from
important families in the developing world
and with their intellect and curiosity in
the developed world and
find themselves at odds with
old money families who have for generations
ruled on the basis of
superstition and tradition
we experienced a touch of push back
over our photo of the Brent topsides
we never stand 100 per cent on our accuracy
and the sequence may be different from our quote from
national media
we now think that the sequence of arrivals is
delta, bravo
well we do sometimes forget to cross reference
local knowledge and official publications
there are - in good bookshops, including W H Smith
Ordnance Survey maps
in the past they had quite a lot of
white space on them
places in those white spaces did not officially exist
there are a quite a few white spaces on maps of Teesside
to this day
we do not wish to disrespect that tradition
we have checked
Hartlepool Nuclear Power station
and the adjacent Able UK scrap yard
and not in a white space
we will admit that
Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station
appears on OS maps as
Power Station
and that it isn't actually
in the town of Hartlepool
the site from which the photos were taken is
a protected site
it is protected under the guise of being
and was and perhaps still is
a RAMSAR site
there is public access
however there are installations on that site
which we would not seek to photograph
and would not expect to photograph without
provoking an armed police response
but hey
it's a golf course
Cleveland Golf Club has an adjunct
we may have the name a little wrong
round the back
on Tod Point Road
there is a hut
and it has a sign along the lines of
Cleveland Artisanal Golf Club
so the workies can use the course without
mussing up the club house

15th July 2019

In Praise of Older Women: the amorous recollections of András Vajda
is a bildungsroman whose young narrator has sexual encounters with
women in their thirties and forties in Hungary, Italy, and Canada.
"The book is dedicated to older women and is addressed to young men--and
the connection between the two is my proposition" is the book's epigraph.
Kildare Dobbs wrote in Saturday Night,
"Here is this Hungarian rebel who in 1957 could scarcely speak a word of our language and who
even today speaks it with an impenetrable accent and whose name moreover we can't pronounce,
and he has the gall to place himself, with his first book and
in his thirty-third year, among the masters of plain English prose..."
In 2001 it was translated for the first time into French, and became a best-seller in France.
It has twice been made into a movie: a 1978 Canadian production starring Tom Berenger as Andras Vayda,
and a subsequent 1997 Spanish production featuring Faye Dunaway as Condesa.
In 2010, the book was reissued as a Penguin Modern Classic.
perhaps today we should begin with a
Tommy Tale
although this one is about his brother
Fusty Bob Robson
back in the day some football teams and a lot of
cricket teams consisted of a mixture of
and Fusty Bob was
a fitter, turner, burner, welder and
in the Tees shipyards and sometimes got
loaned out to
Barrow in Furess
on a weekend...
he was a football and cricket player
on this particular day - Bob being more of
a bowler than a batter
his team were at the crease - batting
and so a couple of the gentlemen were on the pitch
suddenly, one of the batters walked off the pitch
Bob asks
what's up? You weren't out
I've scored three and I'm puffed
modern sport is so convoluted that
what with agents' fees and bonuses
it seems that a lot of today's players act
as though gentlemen
swap the Lambo
the cup holder's full
we just don't know what class of athlete
actually plays to win
and which compete on who has the
wife dying the most gruesome death
entertainment, product promotion
back story
and the player looses the team win bonus
because the gentlemen want
more time to sign autographs
we recall
play up
play the game
we should research that
maybe it's from a
War Poet
England certainly didn't play up
they were way better than New Zealand
in the men's cricket cup
and could have won with
a dozen overs to spare
instead of which they
'made it exciting'
and were awarded the win on a technicality
they scored more boundaries - home runs
and to get to the same score...
they ran less singles

perhaps we have not explained this well
England and Great Britain have traditionally had trouble
winning major titles
to take the men's cricket as an example
and contrast it with
F1 motor racing
some racing car drivers - Lewis Hamilton for example
trust the team
and just turn up on the day like an amateur
some like Michael Schumacher
obsessively micro manage the team
if you take England men's cricket
there is a massive 'team'
it would be an exaggeration to say that the
pay roll of the ECB - England and Wales Cricket Board
is bigger than the entire population of
New Zealand
but the point is
in New Zealand and several other places
the money the players get may be much less
and the pressure to be a celebrity
whilst still playing
is much less
GB teams may do better if the media
focussed on the play of current players
and if they want to cover
the private lives of athletes
perhaps they should concentrate on
the recently retired

we should research
from the movie
in the mind is
will you marry for the money?
take a lover in the afternoon?
and of course Peter Sarstead
Where do you go to my lovely?
when you're alone in your bed

The Fifty Shades series was very successful but
for most men unreadable
there are two books in the literature written in
response to a challenge
Mary Shelly was told women can't write horror
written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly

and somebody else was told women can't write porn
and a classic was born
The Story of O
however, along the way a far less famous
female author of porn was at work
Anais Nin was born on 21 February 1903
she began writing in the early 1930s
However she wrote letters to her father
who was estranged from her mother
from the age of eleven
and we can say that she was writing from within the
Bohemian and intellectual life of Paris in the 1930s
and New York during the second World War
her diaries were published in 1966
she died in 1977
we particularly like this passage of her work
reproduction for which we have no permission from
her literary executors at time of publication, Rupert Pole
or publishers W H Allen
At that time they were still executing people for grave offenses
Sh had been in Paris when they had hanged a Russian radical
when he had killed a diplomat
it had been a cause celebre and so the students had determined to
despite the early hour
and they had got rather drunk by dawn
the woman in the story is pressed against the police rope
around 10 metres - 30 feet - from the scaffold
she was pressed in on all sides
and then the policeman walked the prisoner up the scaffold
to quote from there..
At this moment she became aware of someone pressing against her
far more eagerly than necessary
In the trembling, excited condition she was in
the pressure was not disagreeable
Her body was in a fever
anyway, she could scarcely move, so pinned was she to the spot
by the curious crowd.,
She wore a white blouse, and a skirt that buttoned all the way
down the side
as was the fashion then
a short skirt and a blouse through which one could see
her rosy underwear
and guess at the shape of her breasts
two hands encircled her waist, and she distinctly felt
a man's body, his desire hard against her ass
She held her breath
her eyes were fixed on the man who was about to be hanged
which made her body painfully nervous
and at the same time the hands reached for her breasts
and pressed upon them
she felt dizzy with conflicting sensations
she did not move of turn her head
a hand now sought an opening in the skirt
and discovered the buttons
each button undone by the hand made her gasp
with fear and relief
the hand waited to see if she protested
before proceeding to another button
she did not move
then with dexterity and swiftness she had not expected
the two hands twisted her skirt around so that
the opening was at the back
in the heaving crowd, now all she could feel was
a penis being slipped into the opening in her skirt
her eyes remained fixed on the man who was
mounting the scaffold
and with each beat of her heart , the penis
gained headway
it had traversed the skirt and parted the slit in her panties
how warm and firm and hard it was against her flesh
the condemned man stood on the scaffold now, and
the noose was placed around his neck
the pain of watching him, was so great that it made this touch of flesh
a relief, a humans, warm, consoling thing
it seemed to her then that this
penis quivering between her buttocks was
something wonderful to hold on to
life, life to hold , while death was passing
without saying a word the Russian bowed his head in the noose
her body trembled
the penis advanced between the soft folds of
her buttocks
pushed its way inexorably into her flesh
she was palpitating with fear
it was like the palpitation of desire
as the condemned man was flung into space and death
the penis gave a great leap inside of her
gushing out its warm life
the crowd crushed against her
she almost ceased breathing as her fear became pleasure
wild pleasure at feeling life
while a man was dying
she fainted

not what you might expect to find in
Fifty Shades
but we would say
set text
The Woman in the Dunes from
Little Birds
was their consent, discuss

references to
Cherie Booth
'carting her apparatus around on tour'
come from reviewers of her own published works
so clearly in the public domain
from sales statistics
allowing for some women having a selection
there are around one third the number of
dildoes and vibrators
in circulation
as women
and by the way
sitting on the washing machine
when it's on spin dry
is the number one untraceable resort
and eventually the kids loose faith in the story that
that is the sound of a

sometimes all we have to go on is a title
and perhaps we will be able to unpack something from this one
In praise of Older Women
we don't think it was a movie
and so
when men reach their
mid life crisis
they buy and restore an example of the car they
lusted after when they were teenagers
when they were teenagers that car was
brand new
we have to have mixed feelings about the
model turned pop star
Sam Fox
she was from the 80s and last we heard had
turned lesbian
however would men who were teenagers in the 1980s
lust after posters and videos of Sam Fox
as she was in the 80s
or as she is now...???
why would a boy not lust over this year's model
rather than what was fashionable five o ten years ago
so how come it is a legitimate jibe at a man to ask
do you prefer younger women?
that question is a long way from
would you dump your 18 year old girlfriend if
you got a chance at a 13 year old?
how do police and prosecution lawyers get themselves to
a position where
they think preferring younger women is as weird as
preferring men?
animal shelters rehome
puppies and kittens
more easily than cats and dogs
THAT is the norm
but our Ricker...
he's got a
pet rock
it is a geode...
well one of those rocks that has been
split open to reveal the crystals inside
the name of the game is
the relevant Sam is
I've got three kids
one of each
although we do stand by the idea that
taking care over the moment of conception
yields worthwhile dividends
for our part
we oversymplify
and there are consequences
when we say the sole purpose of the
Y chromosome is to tell the girl bits to
grow out into boy bits
we forget to say that
by that time
it CAN be the case
if mum got her dates wrong
the girl brain is already set on a course
to womanhood from which it cannot
back track

in a dispute the first party to hire a lawyer
gets to pick from all the lawyers who are in business
the person being sued
has to chose somebody from a different firm
to arrange their defence
so long as the police continue to adopt the
first party to a dispute to ring them
as a client
the other parties to the dispute will have
no recourse to
legal representation
except a defence attorney
and hiring a defence attorney is
nine tenths of an admission of guilt
the true and presently non-existent role of
law enforcement is to gather evidence and make a judgement
about whom to arrest
a judge is an arbitrator
a weigher of arguments
not a 'you dibbed us, so we'll do whatever we can for you'
kind of a guy

Boris Johnson was born to British parents on 19 June 1964 in Manhattan's Upper East Side in New York City.
His birth was registered with both the U.S authorities and the city's British Consulate,
thereby granting him both American and British citizenship.
His father, Stanley Johnson, was then studying economics at Columbia University.

11th July 2019

These days in the UK we associate the police with
crashing cars, smashing down front doors
pompous hyperbole on the steps of court houses
in the past - mid twentieth century
people associated the ploice with
closet gays
we have heard of
Cressida Dick
Metropolitan Police Commissioner
female same sex relationship chief of police of
Greater London
the police now defend the rights of
people with minority sexual inclinations
in the past they
kept the secrets of important people with
minority sexual inclinations
a lot of the fuss about historical abuse allegations revolves around
this transition
in the modern context the broad aim is to
encourage people with a shared interest to
get together and leave everybody else alone
regarding Granville Gibson
at 83 years of age
a clergyman married for fifty odd years to a woman
to the very end claiming that being gay was disgusting
these chaps fall between two stools
he appears to have had some agy sex encounters at a time when
gay sex was newly legalised
these people do not say in their defence
it was supposed to be legal
they say I never dun it guv
and the cases hinge on
the core question for that era is
it takes one to know one
in other words did these men
prey on the vulnerable
pick up on a budding, shared tendency
their flat denials obscure justice and understanding
and a concept of three classifications of men comes about
straight men
gay men
gay men who suspect they are gay but because it is illegal
resist temptation
and then it's not illegal...
if gay sex is illegal - and lesbian sex was never illegal in the UK
you marry a woman and either suppress your illegal urges or
keep very quiet about them
and hence all those
keep our secrets or else
initiation rights in the likes of The Masons and thus, the Masons being keep to have
the police inside pissing out
woo in more ways than one
the police and magistracy etc
and we see just exactly what sort of chap
The Bar was interested in at the time of transition in
Tory Bliar
a man who preferred the company of men
but did his duty by his wife
the people who bring these complaints
are the ones who believe that
either by physical contact with another male
a boy can be turned gay
or that
if only those men had left me alone
I could have kept my foot on the neck of
homosexual tendencies
is there ever any evidence that gay men
preyed on out and out straight young men
we think not
but if you say
children should know nothing about sex before marriage
and emphasize girls
and you clamp down on
you are hoping to keep the wives of closet gays
so clueless that they
don't dob their gay husbands in
which came first the chicken or the egg
the egg
because the chicken egg was laid as a mutation
by a bird that wasn't quite a chicken
but in this context
porn on cinemas
easy to keep closet gay fodder females away
home cinema...
the internet
more and more difficult to keep young females
in the dark about what a real man could do for them
don't go screwing my girl
we may have to marry her off to some
closet gay
which came first
female access to porn
the demise of the need for gay men to
stay in the closet?
probably dumb schmuck females became thinner on the ground
for a variety of reasons
getting out of the house

10th July 2019

we are going to start today with a Tommy Tale
it set the scene
back in the day, relating to Locke Park
originally there were public toilets flanking the central entrance
on the left side the Ladies
on the right side the gents
brick built, pebble dashed
set six feet back from the pavement
and 15 yards to either side of the entrance car park
Ricker came home from school one day to find the police
just leaving
Tommy had reported somebody for
touting for gay sex
as the police left they said
sorry, when we took the call we
didn't realise how old the caller was
we'll try to get this right
it's still not sufficiently ancient history
so no names
there were two sisters who had had a father who had
been a success in business
when the houses were built in Corporation Road
he bought a pair of semi detached houses
one for each daughter
opposite the gents
one daughter married the other didn't
the husband's sister's husband
was convicted of offences associated with
gay sex
it ended his marriage before he had any children
and his wife never re-married
this is history but not ancient history
we see how many people now attend
Pride Events
the number of gay etc. people has not changed
and so
think of how many people these days are
out gay
and then consider that same proportion of the population being
closet gay in the 1950s and 60s
hoards - hordes - of gay men marrying women
to prove they were not gay
and then
not troubling the wife
it was the genesis of the idea that
sex is a burden to women
'rape' a fate worse than death
it's the compo - compensation payments - and the sympathy
that block newly empowered women from
busting this myth

Here is an example of a small piece of
planning dogma
causing a long running difficulty
this is the current perception of the problem
the railway station at
Teesside Airport
is too far away from the terminal
perhaps we should move it or
run a shuttle service
The thing is
the terminal was built at a time when
the future was air travel and
the future was the motor car
PURELY to make the terminal appear
trendy and modern and futuristic
it was built as far away from the railway line as possible
It's been there a while now
now the airport deserves a modern
travel interchange
built over the railway
here's the thing
shuttle bus...
between railway station and terminal
between terminal and runway
how do the planners propose that passengers get from
terminal to aeroplane?
by travelator?
one of those escalator thingies that runs on the flat
build a new terminal on the railway and
the runway runs north east to south west
at the north east end it is
500 metres from the north east apron
the terminal is
750 metres from the south east apron of the runway
it seems clear that the present arrangement is for
passengers to arrive and depart at the runway near
the south west end
perhaps new runway lights would ne needed but
building a new terminal on the railway
near the north east end
and repurposing the present terminal
looks like the most viable plan
and the fact that the runway is
2,500 metres long...
is why
could use it
we get statistics thrown at us all the time
one such idea is that the average speed of traffic in London is
11 miles per hour
here's the thing
when a vehicle driver passes as cyclist
they are supposed to leave around 4 feet of space between
the vehicle and the bike
when a cyclist wants to jump a queue
they feel entitle to slip through a gap as narrow as
their handle bars
why mark out the cycle lane at the width of handle bars
and expect motors to find an extra 4 feet?
and another thing
cycle paths
completely pointless if not physically separated from
has Boris Johnson
given up his American citizenship
or is he planning to be
when he gets bored with Downing street?
President of the United States
is he disbarred for not having actually been born in the States?

8th July 2019

A confident blonde in her first year of theatre studies at Warwick University,
she had no idea that accepting a lift from a seemingly well meaning taxi driver would
lead to nearly two years of torment.
Since blacking out in the back of his cab in July 2007,
her life has been overshadowed by interviews with
police, summons to court and scrutiny in the witness box.
Still only 20, Miss Symonds is faced with the prospect of
never finding out what he did to her that summer's night.
"It was absolutely terrifying when I found out how many woman he had gone after," she said.
"I was definitely in a position of danger, in a situation where I was not in control and
I will never know what really happened to me.
her father is the co-founder of The Independent
The Domestic involving London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and
his current partner Carrie Symonds has generated lots of feedback, much of it
breaking down along strictly tribal lines.
Many out there on the right are incandescent with rage that the Rotten Lefties™ at the
Guardian were gifted the recording of what the Daily Mail so quaintly called a “fracas”.
Most on the left are not.
Former Conservative Party aide Carrie Symonds was targeted by the serial sex predator John Worboys, it has been revealed.
and so the main woman is
very well connected
a drama 'queen
or graduate
and can't say Worboys did anything to her
she has no memory of the encounter

our Ricker, our window on the UK in the 1960s
is struggling to recall a name
he knows what sort of person he is thinking of but
not the exact identity
and so the person was NOT but was of the ilk of
Jess Yates, Betjeman, Humph - Humphry Littleton
non of those but a similar public figure
lower we discuss the jail bait concept and
really we are trying to think outside the box
regarding the moral panic of the past two decades
it does rather seem like a person of social group
contemplating its wardrobe and considering
one last costume party before consigning a bunch of ideas to the
museum where we may find the
chastity belt
from a long view perspective we are trying to put the past two decades
into perspective with the
period 1950 to 2000
and we are looking at the question
what was the effect of The Beatles on UK public morality
we can start from a teenage Ricker
and he was at a school everybody was intrigued by
girls and sex but
nobody had ever seen sex actually being done
except one lad - probably Dyer - who had been brought up in India
and had come across a couple having sex in the street
outside his house
in the sub continent
there was probably no effective contraception and
vast populations who were still
economically valuable as labour
in contrast with the UK where a baby boom was going on
that was a rebound from the end of two World Wars
'designed' to cope with the surplus labour resulting from
in effect 'western governments were encourging
use of 'the pill' to facilitate contraception to
damp down the baby boom
not wanting it to encourage
because we were in the age between
The Pill and DNA parentage checking
and very much pre
equal pay for women
and so The Pill was exclusively for
Married Women
and so
and so The Beatles were very into
South Asian culture
and brought a South Asian vibe that was perhaps in a way
with its concept of caste
an echo of UK Victorian hypocricy and double standards
at the core of this is this avuncular bloke who
felt comfortable speaking on a late night TV chat show saying
my daughter approached me and said
I've not had sex yet
we are not thinking she was under 16 at the time
I've not had sex yet and I was thinking
it would complete my relationship with you if
the first time I have sex it were with you
the chat said his reply was
I think you should run that past your mother first
and he heard nothing more about the matter
at this time we have many cases of
essentially non-Asian people bringing prosecutions against
Asian men for 'grooming' white girls and having sex with them
at the core it would be fair to say
in world terms
there are no South Asian people living in the UK who could be described as
of Lower caste - as being disposable
the very fact that they are in the UK means that they are
high class and valuable
and so young women whom UK society has discarded
young females in care
are fitting into the South Asian psyche as
a substitute for the
of the Old Country
and hence a contrast between
young males in respectable families expected to
sew a few wild oats in their youth
and saving young females for the marriage market
in a thinking outside the box concept
just exactly how outraged is UK public decency by the idea that
the best way to ensure that young women are safe from
harm and exploitation in social contexts is for
their early sexual experiences to be with
someone within the family or known to the family
their dad, uncle or 'uncle'
there seems to be a police concept that
to simplify matters
in their words
sexual gratification should be only ever
sought or achieved as a by product of the activities
of a married couple attempting to conceive a baby
that fundamentalist view seems confined to
law enforcement and so
are cases where people are saying
we don't want these girls
they are white and we don't want them being taken up by Asians
it's a bit like saying
I have lost interest in my car
I have a new one but
I don't want to see somebody else driving around in it
so I'll have it scrapped rather than trade it in
in other words
if a woman is too rough for marriage
she should be denied sex
but that of course returns us to the
gay man's guide to what women want
the idea that women of all degrees would be so
grateful to be relieved of the burden of having to have sex
we suspect that the 'morality' and the metoo of the
first two decades of the 21st century will prove to be
a nostalgic pause for breath and
not the pattern for the future
and what we do need it watch very carefully at this time is that
the stretch don't cut
concept is paramount and so
the cutters of the middle East and Africa should not get any
traction behind the idea that
the South Asians are worse than us because they
gain sexual gratification from their
efforts to prepare their girls for motherhood
at this time we will not launch into all that shit from farmers
and zoo keepers about
ethnic purity versus hybrid vigour
except to suggest that if there is a gene for intelligence
you want your kid to have as many copies as possible
whatever the source
breed from the best and
God will not punish you

we should research this properly but
for those visiting or with current knowledge of
Ennis Square, Dormanstown
there's a socking great
social housing association head office that
wasn't there in the days of
Thomas Mouget
currenlty called Beyond Housing we think
Mouget's offices are now
The Legion
The Royal British Legion
and so we take it that when
Mouget stopped hiring veterans to work as
labourers in the steelworks they
gifted or sold cheap their offices to
The Legion - the veterans association
and the partner company to Mouget was
Mouget processed the scrap
Lintzgarth processed the slag
you will have heard of
tarmac and the company Tarmac
ther was a company called
Road Materials
we are talking mainly south of the Tees
elsewhere we have referred to
Hodsmans and the Bell Brothers Iron Works at
Port - Port Clarence
the difference with Hodsmans was that they were not
steelworks focussed
they began with quarries in Teesdale
and took up the clearance of the
by then Dormans owned Bell Brothers site
as a sideline
with interests as far away as
they were based around
High Force Quarry in Teesdale
but with offices in
Prudential House on Albert Road
not the present Prudential House
that was built on the site when
Hodsmans' offices were demolished
Ricker was a bit scarred of the old
French style all open steel lattice type
so he used the stairs
and we point out from time to time for new readers
the Blind Shepherd of Teesdale
worked for Hodsmans
as a shot firer
until he blinded himself in an accidental
and Tommy was standing by the weighbridge at Port
watching explosives being used to loosen
slag from the tip
when a lump of slag flew a bit further than expected
and hit a bloke standing next to him
possibly as customer definitely a visitor
and killed him
and for the record
Ricker got his name...
in honour of
Dick Shrigley
Durham County Council
chief engineer
predecessor to
Mr Tully
and Mr Tully's son was
Pete Tully a one time biology teacher at
Coatham Grammar
and Pete Tully was one of the people with a
low opinion of Tommy the Boss at Hodsmans
we seem to think
Tully House
is somewhere in Cumbria
six degrees of separation and all that

one of the things Hodsmans did was
make clay goods
at a factory based on a clay pit in
and they were heading for becoming a part of
Hargreaves Quarries
and so they wnated to divest themselves of
the clay pit
they put it up for sale as a going concern and a
Mike Ashley type showed an interest and had the place assessed
and then he pulled out of the deal
and bought some land on the opposite side of the clay pit as
agricultural land
and set up
Marley Tiles
and Hodsmans workforce lost their jobs
Hargreaves Quarries became a part of
and that was more recently a part of
so much for
Eastgate Cement works where
Ricker's uncle Wilf didn't work because
he retired after organising the move of the
Ord Port
Ordinary Portland Cement Works
what is now Bamlets Warf in Billingham to
having been the
Transport Manager
at the Ord Port and husband of Mabel Robson
the postmaster at Portrack
and because nobody could spell
they used to reserve tables at restaurants as
Mr and Mrs Robson
Wilf Scollick for the record
Uncle Wilf was a transport manager and never owned a car
him and Mabel had a
not much smaller than the cars of the day
and every Saturday Ricker had his tea at his Aunties'
not His Aunty's
Eunice and Mabel and Wilf
now here's a bit of social history for you
you can check up when their house was built because it is
53, Junction Road, Norton, Stockton-on Tees
and we think it was built in around 1957
and when Ricker visited - every Saturday
if he wanted the toilet
he wasn't allowed upstairs
he had to use the outside toilet
who builds a house in 1957 with an outside toilet?
at the time
this house had four downstairs rooms
the front room
nobody EVER went in there
except the decorators
the back room
rarely visited
the kitchen where they all three lived
and the scullery
where the cooking was done
when we say outside toilet..
this was not the proverbial
brick privvy
there was no back yard
there was a garden a bit more than square
and beyond that
a veg plot somewhere between
an allotment and a small holding
next door but one was the school that is now
William Newton Further Education Centre
and out back was a farmer's field where now stand the likes of
Brambling Close
off The Glebe
and so The Aunties' house was a part of
ribbon development along the new
Junction Road linking
Norton High Street
the A177
Durham Road
well Durham Road in Stockton
and Stockton Road in Sedgefield
oh the Morons with Money
have heard of
and now there's in fill behind the
ribbon development
back to the outside toilet...
it was a bricked off section of the scullery
not door from the scullery to the toilet
the only access to it was a door from the garden
so it was a
mud room with a toilet
so the gardener could relieve himself
without entering the house
and visiting children could be sent
outside to do their business

we don't get to follow bike racing that closely but we
note that
Mark Cavendish - Cav
is not riding in The Tour de France this year
what we thought was...
he was happy with his team but
not with his team's choice of bike manufacturer
it often seems
professional sport is
part entertainment
part product promotion
can it be true that the money
Dimention Data
get from a bike manufacturer is
big enough to reckon loosing out on
stage wins
is worth it to avoid rider quotes about
the quality of the bikes they are selling?
take two teams
last year one was called
Dimension Data
and the other was called
and the other
Dimension Data
this year
two teams called
and Dimension Data
BUT with
BMC as the bike sponsors of
Dimension Data
BMC no longer able to afford
Name sponsorship of a Tour de France Team
what would Cav say about riding their bikes
if he didn't win?
even if he did?

we have a little contribution here to the topic of
energy conservation
we start with our
adult social care Sam
it's a bit dated and a bit
Hanna Hauxwell
the woman living alone reaches a certain age and
as a birthday present the local council send
an adult social care social worker to visit her
and it's winter and it's her last visit of the day
and so it is dark outside
the old woman lets the young woman in and the
cotage is cosy
but it is lit by oil lamps
the carer says that must be a problem in the night
how long does it take you to light the lamp in
an emergency?
oh not so long - usually
this can't go on
I'll arrange for you to have your cottage to be
connected to the electricity and
get you electric light
and the old woman agrees
since there appear to be no other issues
the social worker is not back before the old woman's
next birthday
nothing appears to have changed
the cosy cottage is lit by an oil lamp as before
did we not get you on the electric?
did nobody tell you how to use it?
oh everything is wonderful
were very kind
but it is so special the electric light
I don't waste it
I only switch it on long enough to see my way to
light the oil lamp
in some sense there are millions of people all around us
who quite happily say
oh the new gas boiler is great
the electric timer, thermostat, and ignition mean
I don't have to wait until I feel cold to
turn on the heat
there are two things here
without any analysis the assume that
electricity is way way more expensive than gas
and second they are reinforced in that belief because
when you use so little electricity
the vast bulk of the bill is the
standing charge
the charge for the rental of the supply equipment
the standing charge is like having to
hire a trolley when visiting the supermarket
back in the day when infrastructure was being rolled out
the standing charge was a sort of indemnity for the supplier that
if the new service didn't take off, take on, whatever
contracts for standing charge would recover the cabling cost for them
we still have this problem today
but we are a bit more savvy about it
what people - especially the vulnerable - need is a utilities equivalent of
the SIM only deal on a mobile 'phone
standing charges should not exist for properties over five years old

in the sphere of we provide the 'balance' missing from state media...
MR Johnson's latest 'girlfriend'
she pulled that black cab driver - Warboys - and decided he was her ticket to fame
and then she pulls a man about to become Prime Minister and
well how much help did the neighbour get in
knowing there would be a row?
how much confusion is there between
get off
get off it - the wine stain on the sofa
get off me
back in the days of the introduction of the
reel to reel tape recorder
shall we say at the transition point from
wax cylinders to tape
the concept of
the edit
was not conceived of
and so a - BBC? - sound engineer
volunteered to record his local vicar's
Easter Sermon
and alonside playing back the genuine reproduction
at the following Christmas party
the engineer played a version in which the vicar was heard to
say some things that nobody would ahve expected him to say
it's all in the edit
like the MR Preview - Previn - sketch on
Morcombe and Wise
all the right notes but
not necessarily in the right correct order
should we be raising our daughters to be
jail bait
as a sort of - slightly - toned down version of
Killing Eve

4th July 2019

we think we missed something yesterday
we think that
Lee Iacoca
aged 94 from complications associated with
Parkinson's disease
anwd we have no details
except that he was
America's answer to the UK's
Alex Issigonis
Alex Issigonis designed
the Mini
and Lee Iacoca was responsible for
the Mustang
Lido Anthony "Lee" Iacocca EYE-?-KOH-k?; October 15, 1924 – July 2, 2019)
was an American automobile executive best known for
the development of Ford Mustang and Pinto cars, while at
the Ford Motor Company in the 1960s, and then later for
reviving the Chrysler Corporation as its CEO during the 1980s.
He served as President and CEO of Chrysler from 1978 and additionally as chairman from 1979,
until his retirement at the end of 1992.
He was the only executive in recent times to preside over the operations of
two of the Big Three automakers which he did during different tenures.

3rd July 2019

So far as we can recall around this week is the
60th anniversary of the first official declaration that
smoking can damage your health
we were amused this morning to hear that
in North East England
around one in six people still smoke
fifteen per cent of pregnant women smoke
and on in six is??
around 16 per cent
so being pregnant has no effect on smoking habits
the argument for
smoking hash being illegal
smoking tobacco being legal
for a lot of the poorest people
smoking is the only bit pleasure they can afford
we are not the experts but
we would say
smoking weed is in the pleasure zone
smoking tobacco is in the
two fingers to you
I ain't gonna be told what not to do, zone
clearly pregnant women are generally young
this means that the smoking thing is
not generational and is
related to certain enclaves of
family and wider social group
we would suggest that the politicians who are
frightened for their seats if they legalise cannabis
are not the same ones who are frightened for their seats
if they outlaw tobacco
and here we come to the idea of
two party politics and
having a government with a large majority
if tobacco were outlawed it would be
temporarily unpopular with
ten per cent of the population
concentrated in particular enclaves
less so now since vaping would not be banned
a secure government could ride out that storm
especially since the media have long since
lost the advertising revenue from tobacco
care to extrapolate if
it takes 60 years to get from
90 per cent to 15 percent
how long to get from
fifteen percent to zero?
in simple terms
if the government do nothing
smoking will be history in the North East in
around another ten years
how many un-necessarily deformed babies will be
born in that time?
nationally in the UK?
around a million

we saw a rather perceptive trailer
promo for the iPlayer?
for Peeky Blinders
it's a gangster drama series based in the
English Midlands but
looking like New York ...
the idea of the trailer is
if you send people - mainly men - into a theate of war where
a lot of people are dying in hand to hand combat
whatever their pre-war background, they will return
inured to lethal shoot on sight violence
nd so to refugees
they are supposed to be in fear of their lives
not economic migrants
and so they should be expected to arive in a
trigger happy
frame of mind
it is not
to take this into account

on a related point
if you live in Redcar and you suddenly decide that
you would like to move to York
you will not be entitled to
social housing in York
because you made yourself
intentionally homeless
in Redcar
but if you live in Surbition or Eritrea
you can rock up in
Kensington and Chelsea
and get social housing that in ten years time you will own
through right to buy
despite having no links to central London
no job in central London
and no need - medical or similar - for
services that are only available in central London
London wants to demonstrate that it is a
World City

2nd July 2019

To clarify
if a woman wanting a job
posts a glamorous picture of herself
in her profile on
and somebody remarks on Linked-in that she
looks very pretty
that can be deemed an inappropriate comment to make on Linked-In
that does not make it an inappropriate comment to make about
a woman trying to make the best of herself
why did she want to look good on Linked-In?
is looking pretty a part of her qualifications and CV?
and so to chat up lines in person or on line
quite often when two women of opposing views make up a panel
on a TV show
no matter what the topic the conversation descends into
I've got a boyfriend, have you got a boyfriend?
I've got kids, have you got kids?
that is a level of personal attack that very few men would descend to
are you genuinely interested in the answers to your questions?
or are you just trying to wind a rival up
Will Self style
to the clarification
if - like Tanya Nelson - you come from a polce background
if you say
let me know when Ricker is in town
there are two obvious interpretations
let me know so I can be sure to
bump into him
let me know so I can hide
you can't - without evidence, an added qualifying comment
make that choice
999 calls work on 'phones with no credit
and for various other reasons
people will contact the emergency services when
it is inappropriate
when all they want is to say to people
haven't you noticed my engagement ring
I'm proper stoked
let me tell you about him
and then there's
God I've met this gorgeous bloke
but I get all tongue tied and shy
and casual observers conclude that
every time these two meet
the woman gets all upset
we'd best step in a warn him off
it's the modern equivalent of
shoot first and ask questions later
and if there are no children involved
restraining orders can be
without limit of time
and when the man gets one
the woman can feel she has been dumped
not adding to her well being
and from the police perspective
if there is a 'victim' and no named perp
We don't do detecting
Here's a crime number
talk to your insurance company
you may say but what about forensics
isn't that detecting?
no, forensics are not there to
solve crimes
they are there to provide evidence against somebody who is
already bang to rights
because they are the partner or ex
there are two prime problems with the police
they see any insured loss as a
victimless crime
because the victims get compensated and
the insurance companies stay in business
and they think
so long as these people stick to killing each other
they are just
thinning out the dross
the police do not see themselves as citizens
they regard all non-police as
grist to their mill
the bit part players is their
daily dramas
there are clearly elements within
the police, the Tory Party, the Justice Industry
who think if there were more
economic crime
there would be less need for a
welfare state
pay insurance premiums>BR> not
and others who regard
insurance premiums as a
stealth tax
thin the buggers out
principle seems to be very significant
on the face of it
he only killed her
he never felt her up
we can let him out after five years
he never touched her but
the psychological harm...
keep him inside for at least 30 years
is this
our health system has harmed these people so
let's blame some bloke
to deflect from systemic failings or
faith over facts
can you have a religion that does not have the motto
faith over facts
preying for a miracle is one thing
but driving people down a damaging path because
a thought occurred to some bloke whilst he
had his head under a blanket
is quite another
and sometimes young people with sensible ideas
become overwhelmed with
mass stupidity
somebody - easily researched - said when younger
religion is the opium of the people
and then found their
turned into a religion
nostrum is Latin for
our unfailing remedy
and all this
fear of vaccinations style problem is akin to
secret knowledge
fear of missing out
this allied to
a concept of any complex explanation being
written off as
the ramblings of an insane mind
one of those
Edison, Ford whoever with the
invention is one per cent inspiration and
99 per cent perspiration
might have thought
90 per cent
it is fascinating how governments will spend
eye watering amounts of money on the likes of
large hadron colliders and such
to demonstrate theories in physics
but doing simple cheap
Royal Society Christmas lectures style
demonstrations is
too much for the media
and is the domain of
seeking to sell a product
rather than explain a reality
that was the classic misuse of the demonstration
the fire spread UP Grenfell Tower
and there followed a demonstration of
molten polythene dripping DOWN from
an overheated cladding panel
so often real scientific breakthroughs come from
people of independent means
and not inventers struggling in garrets
inventers struggling in garrets are more likely to
seek their fortunes by coming up with
quack patent medicines

1st July 2019

"The medium is the message" is a phrase coined by
Marshall McLuhan introduced in McLuhan's book
Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man,
published in 1964.
It means that the nature of a medium
(the channel through which a message is transmitted) is
more important than the meaning or content of the message.
McLuhan tells us that a "message" is,
"the change of scale or pace or pattern" that a
new invention or innovation "introduces into human affairs."
McLuhan uses the term 'message' to signify content and character.
The content of the medium is a message that can be easily grasped.
And the character of the medium is another message which can be easily overlooked.
McLuhan says
"Indeed, it is only too typical that the 'content' of
any medium blinds us to the character of the medium."
We love this story about the conflict between
the importance of the message
and the importance of the medium
we are not endorsing either here
a young woman is at the water cooler, on a coffee break,
in an informal meeting with work colleagues
for the first time since becoming engaged
eventually in frustration at her lack of an effective
communications medium
a platform
she says
it's really hot in here
I think I'm going to have to
take this ring off

We will quote Martyn Kelly in The Independent 17 June 1996
Last summer the people of the North East of England saw a
white elephant finally change into a
useful beast of burden
The reason?
Kielder Water
the largest reservoir in Europe
plus a pipeline that enables water from Kielder to be
pumped to rivers in the region
and your competing claims?
how you like these apples?
Kielder Water reservoir
capacity 200 billion litres
Just to remind people
27 million GBP - quid - spent
300 loads of river water per day
we set out here to publicise the fact that
Teesside is set up with a pipeline to
all the water you could ever need
The reservoir was
designed to meet the water demands of
the whole North East well into the future.
Situated in Northumberland’s North Tyne Valley,
water released from Kielder can supply
Tyneside, Wearside and Teesside, more than 80 miles away.
1. Northumbrian Water’s Kielder Water is the largest man-made lake in Northern Europe by capacity.
It is the reservoir that supplies the Kielder Water Scheme.
2. After the Kielder Water Scheme was put on the agenda, a
public inquiry was commissioned in 1972.
The initial sessions, held over six weeks at Newcastle Civic Centre,
heard nearly 200 objections before the inspector recommended the scheme go ahead.
3. The Kielder Water Scheme is a regional transfer system that can
release water from Kielder Water in the North West of the region into
the Rivers Tyne. Wear, Derwent and Tees.
4. Discharge into each river is by cascade spillway, which
encourages reoxygenation of the water,
which may have been retained in the tunnel for some time.
5. Kielder Water cost £167m to build.
Construction began in 1975 and the reservoir was opened by the Queen on May 26, 1982.
6. The reservoir is capable of holding 44,000 million gallons of water.
7. Manpower on the construction reached peaks of 1,500 engineers and construction workers.
8. The reservoir took two years to fill with water after it was completed.
9. It has a surface area of 2,740 acres.
10. Its shoreline, including Bakethin, is 27 miles and
the depth is 52 metres (170 feet) at the deepest point
11. Kielder Dam is 1.2km long and 52m high and is
constructed of glacial clay originally deposited more than 15,000 years ago.
12. Water release is controlled from the valve tower, that stands
70m (230 feet) high (the height of a 23-storey building).
13. A water release of Kielder’s maximum 1,300 million litres per day
can produce enough power to illuminate a town the size of nearby Hexham (population 11,000)
14. Over the years, the lake has come into its own,
with underground springs ensuring that it always remains at high levels,
regardless of the prevailing climate condition.
15. The North East region benefits from a complex water grid system that,
using a mixture of gravity and pumps, can move water from its 22 reservoirs to the rivers Tyne, Wear and Tees.
16. On the shores of Kielder Water stands Kielder Forest, England’s largest working forest.
17. Together they form Kielder Water & Forest Park,
one of Britain’s leading tourist destinations, welcoming an estimated 410,000 visitors in 2016.
18. An estimated annual visitor spend of £24.4 million supports 450 jobs in the local economy.
9. The area is designated as having the darkest skies in England,
with a second Kielder Observatory being built in 2017 to
complement the original observatory that overlooks the lake.
20. Kielder Water works closely with Northumberland Wildlife Trust and
other partners to develop and protect the local wildlife.
21. Following a 150-year absence, ospreys returned to Kielder in 2009.
The birds have bred successfully in Northumberland every season since
the species returned to the North East.
we think we should probably research
Marshal McClure
The medium is the message
the point being
well two points really
disposable income is at the heart
but there are two uses for disposable income
one is to buy things we don't need
the other is to pay more than we need to
for things we need
because they are presented as
desirable, heavily promoted brands
and for instance
this is not simply packaging
clearly to survive 'in the wild'
people and other living things need
very sensitive food testing equipment
look, taste and smell...
and so
a part of a brand
is a very subtle distinctive 'taste'
that's the one I normally have
comes out as
that one's the best
in nature we are always alert to
a slight off taste
because that may indicate some sort of
don't eat the yellow snow
we thus take the story of
Stalin talking to Churchill
one of them had suffered a
family bereavement
and they were men who had overseen
activities that had resulted in mass human extinctions
and Stalin is supposed to have said
a single death is a tragedy
the death of millions is
a headline
Second World War
UK and Russia allies against Germany
Russian leader Stalin
British leader Churchill
in other words
when one person dies
the hacks can fill pages with
their back story
and when a lot of people die all at once
the hacks don't want to be seen as
prejudiced or discriminatory
and so they give up and move on
and it can be quite a tight margin
the public are expected to be
fascinated by the back stories from
the London Bridge murders
even though almost none of the people involved were
UK residents
and yet
to focus down on
The Hillsborough tragedy
not the back stories of the victims
the lives of the handful of
bereaved relatives who claim their
15 years - or 50 years - of fame
Andy Warhole
everybody is entitled to their
15 minutes of fame
and for most people those 15 minutes occur
on their wedding day
along with their memorial of the day in the
hatches, matches and despatches
in the classifieds in the local paper
remember our Ricker got his
15 minutes of fame with a rather good
picture of him on the front page of the
Get Wet
so he's not complaining
it's one of those little mysteries of growing up
the picture credit in the Get Wet has always usually been
and it took a while to figure out
EG stands for the photographer was a staffer
and the picture belongs to
The Evening Gazette
returning to the theme
we have several definitions of
what do we need?
what do we need to stay safe and healthy?
what do we need to feel happy and included in society?
and hence
absolute poverty
relative poverty
this means that
absolute poverty can be fairly firmly defined
howeve, rhaving enough
to be clear of absolute poverty will vary
according to where you live
and your skill and knowledge levels
living in
Milton Keynes
will for instance require different
expenditure on energy
for safe levels of heating and or cooling of
the living space
for cold, hot , and temperate climates
even the basics for survival are not
universal, equal
to be out of relative poverty
a person would have to be as well off
as everybody whose life style they are aware of
and does not comply with the
socialist concept of
from each according to their ability
to each according to their need
that is not a formula for equality of
and provision is the only thing that can be measured
in terms of

28th June 2019

the version with the lettering

27th June 2019

There have to be a lot of people who
don't go to the dentist's
until they are in pain
and so they associate dentistry with pain
and so it becomes unpopular
however these days
these days
messing with your teeth is
ever more popular
especially in the area of
tooth whitening
and perhaps there is a gulf opening up
mouth cosmetics
tooth care
we are not sure about the financial arrangements
in the UK
when the NHS came in
if you had more than a few decayed teeth
the dentist would - for free
pull out all of your teeth and
give you a set of dentures
and those dentures were supposed to last you for
the rest of your life
no more trips to the dentist
if most of your teeth were good
you probably had the two or three
rotten ones removed
and gaps left
over time
more and more fillings were applied to
save semi-rotten teeth
and early on
charges for dental services
were introduced breaking the
free at the point of use
once we started with charges we ran into this
problem of
the patient needs this very expensive thing
they won't pay for it
shall we give it free
because it's expensive
this patient wants something really cheap
they will pay for it
let's take the money
like 15 pounds for a prescription for
15 pence worth of paracetamol
and so
the finances
and the influence of finances on
have become major issues
to digress
although there is insurance and charitable funding
pet owners have many of the same medical challenges
regarding their pets as they have regarding
sick relatives
it is routine to say
as a rough guide
surgery - apart from simple bone setting and
is not acceptable for a dog
over the age of ten
because most dogs don't live to 12
let alone 15
we are as usual
building to a point
we forget that although the
the Department for (of) Health and Social Security
was split and then there was the
Department of Health - National Health Service
with the recent in name only
we forget - or never knew that
the NHS is divided in many ways but mainly
Hospital run by the Government
Family Doctor Services, dentistry, pharmacy, opticians
and a whole lot more
run by private contractors who
either get their money from the patient direct
or claim the money the patient owes them in that sense the NHS is two arms
the hospital running arm
and the sub-contract management arm
and we have written before about how
opticians have developed
enhanced services
extending beyond fixing you up with the correct specs
to routine medical checks
the sale of fancy specs subsidising
the provision of screening services
with - essentially - no incentive short of
a negligence charge
to make the contractor do these extra things
and so to dentistry
and this is just an excuse to publish this pic

wrong pic
the other one has writing on it
and here is the question
if it is - private or NHS - expected that a dentist
takes X rays of a patients teeth
X rays designed to detect tooth decay
every two years
should they be expected to take a whole mouth X ray
every five years?
the arguments against panoral X rays are
1 they are no help detecting tooth decay
2 they involved a rather large dose of X rays
if we say
for patients reporting mouth pain
without evidence of tooth decay
the dentist should do a high quality pan oral X ray
who pays for the provision and maintenance of
the rather large machine?
the pic is not a simple panoral
it is a computer enhanced panoral
it is unlikely even that level of detail would be
possible with a machine installed
at many thousands of pounds expense
more than five years ago
this patient could have an
osteosarcoma - mouth bone cancer
the cancer could be eating away his jaw
since this is a pic of our Ricker's mush
we doubt that
in this case we are seeing feint traces of
tracked infection
after the face kicking
a splinter of bone got lodged between two emerging teeth
and was undetected and provided a track for infection
technology advances
but who pays
we have a cast of the jaw showing the bone splinter
that was only visible
in a cast taken after the lower right 6
molar tooth that emerged at the injury site
was removed because
it had rotted because of under treatment
due to a fear that
a lot of drilling in that tooth could
cause the jaw to snap

24th June 2019

regarding vehicle fuel
we want to review three terms that
will be familiar to
British Gas - Centrica - engineers
aerial decomposition
an explosion occurs when
energy rich material undergoes a chemical reaction
within an enclosed space
and very suddenly the pressure in the enclosure
domestic gas explosion
an implosion would occur if
the inside of an enclosure that is
full of NOTHING BUT steam
has cold water injected into it
early steam engines used this idea
the thing with an explosion is that it fragments the enclosure
and produces
schrapnel - flying objects
and aerial decomposition occurs in an
open system
such as
Earth's Atmosphere
two things
there is no limiting boundary - apart from gravity
to an open system
the enclosure of the cloud is
surrounding atmosphere
and that may be propellel away from the incident
at high speed
but by definition of this being an aerial decomposition
it carries no solid debris
and so
if gas escapes from a crashed vehicle
there could be an aerial decomposition
so long as there is no secondary enclosure such as
a cabin
load bay
as we stated before the gas containment should be
within the cage of the suspension
not the enclosure of the panelled structure

we should point out
this rig topside was not
heading to Redcar
it went to
and there are pictures of
the first rig to come ashore
the second rig to come ashore
Hartlepool nuclear power station
so the structure in the middle is
Brent Delta
and the ship
can't berth in Hartlepool
but that is NOT to say it can't berth
in Redcar
Redcar don't have
The scrap yard
Able UK
we often prefer the sort of
stream of consciousness approach
to the researched approach
and so we say
we think there is or was a TV show in
The States
College Bowl
there certainly is a UK Tv show called
University Challenge
the questionmaster of University Challenge
was originally
Bamber Gascoign
and he was replaced by a BBC journalist
on one occasion in his pre University Challenge days
this fop
asked the current Prime Minister
or someone of similar rank
the same question six times
at the time he asserted that he had not had an answer
during the role change the hack admitted
the gallery
the directors and producers
told me I had to fill in five minutes
and that was the only question I had prepared
perhaps news conferences are a bit of a lottery and hacks turn up
not knowing whether they will get a chance to speak
we recall another BBC luminary
who started out as a
Business Presenter
transferred to sport
and now prattles on about being
an alcoholic
presenting politics, science, diplomacy etc.
as sport
because you are so plastered that you can only manage one question
is hardly offering
Brian Walden quality service
to national debates

back on last Friday we were having a
housekeeping day
and so we made time for a couple of comments
regarding blues and twos
why the hell anybody would want to
drive a truck between
Darlington and Penrith
completely baffles us
if they wanted to drive between
Teesside and Glasgow...
that makes some sense
and so the A66 will be improved
in Greyling time
the nub here is that
on the map the A66
in Grangetown
but in the real world
it just becomes the
six lane
Trunk Road
and the first roundabout on the A1085
the Wast Coatham Lane turnoff
is at the junction of Corporation Road with
West Dyke Road
and so we get Q cars
turning right onto Mersey Road
turning right into Thames Road
and reversing back out onto Mersey road
to start another A66 run
and how do we know it's a training run
'cos they're four up
and on each pass
there's a different
pointy head
in the driving seat
and this applies to the big rigs too
if you get lost
don't do a U turn at the
Mersey Road traffic lights
press on to the roundabout

we would like to point out that
Coatham is not Gotham City
we say
Coat 'am

the Mansion House
the reaction , more than the event
demonstrates something of a generational divide
to borrow from The Hitchhiker's Guide
older people and Young Fogies
tend to regard women as
whereas the young regard them as
spoiler alert for
Killing Eve
er this is like like
bicycling Eve
killing time
she's a psychopath and she's female
the name
we thought we would just run across the
objections to vaccinations
if we take Disney as an example
media and entertainment people are very worried about
racial stereotypes
and other similar forms of discrimination
and so instead of having
different types of people in stories
they have different animals
often different species of animal
depicting different human stereotypes
this leads impressionable people from an early age to
misjudge how 'human' various animal types are
and this leads to the objection to vaccines that runs
how did you obtain the consent of the hens
for their eggs to be used for
vaccine production
this was not the original objection
as we earlier stated
these people made a major error
not considering the vulnerability of the
naked egg
however having made the mistake and seen it
they sought to deflect criticism by
transferring the blame onto the vaccine
in a sense this can e seen as a kind of
displacement activity
a displacement activity is where
you want to punch somebody in the face
but you punch a wall instead
and birds breeding in dense colonies do a lot of this
instead of pecking at each other's throats
they peck at nest material
Oh God, I've done this terrible thing to my child...
must do something about it
can't fix the child
let's make her famous
by making the whole world change its behaviour
in her honour
and so
casting around for something to blame
they did not blame the concept of vaccination
nor the vaccine itself
these early pioneers had at least a dozen
brain cells to rub together
they lighted on the
preservative used in the storage of the vaccine
we are forever pestered about
best before and use by dates
a problem with vaccines is that to work in
the places they are most needed
there is a vaccine protection problem
they need - or at least needed - to be kept
lower temperature - longer shelf life
not so easy in turn of the century
Africa or Asia
and so the manufacturers added a preservative
and being scientists not PR gurus
they decide on a
mercury compound
as the active preservative
and the grieving parents
hit on the mercury as the cause of autism etc.
not making that excursion
outside the box to reflect on
how much mercury amalgam
dentists stuff into most kids mouths every day
but the hacks can't resist a
bad news story
a human interest story
and so the whole anti-vaccine monster got its start in life

21st June 2019

and the winner is...
The world’s largest ship will soon attempt the biggest project
of its kind and attempt to move an entire North Sea oil rig.
The £2.4bn vessel, Pioneering Spirit, is
382 metres long and wider than three football pitches.
It is due to lift Shell’s Brent Delta oil rig off its concrete legs
and to a decommissioning site in Teeside in May.
bit late whot!
we have to admit at this time to
shortcomings of our own
and of
The River Tees

we have failed to make a note of the name
of the largest ship on earth
and The River Tees
has failed to provide it with a berth
we have also failed to remember the names of
North Sea Oil Rigs
there are two prices for oil quoted on the exchanges
one of them is
Brent Crude
we have forgotten which Brent rig is already gone
Brent Alpha, Brent Delta
the top sides of one of those are presently
loaded aboard the largest ship in the world
in Coatham Bay
and they await transfer onto a
to bring them ashore
onto the beach as the industry has it

this is one of those moments where we have to decide whether to
edit history
for the common good
despite the utter brainlessness of
The chattering classes
we will go with some disclosure
we have two metaphors in mind at the moment
we have walking on hot coal in mind
but we will go for the
bomb disposal training metaphor
if you had more than the standard single
brain cell issued to
the chattering classes of North London
your approach to ordnance disposal training would be
train them on dummy bombs and
after they know the drill
let them help with some real incidents
the weberati - trying for a revamp of
would say
train 'em on live bombs from the start but
give them really good protective clothing
the specific reason why we have a
tidal wave of people - mostly boys in their late teens and
early twenties in the UK, with autism is
the concept of the
measles party
yer vegans and such
in a group of parents with infants
the idea was - probably still is
oh Sebastian has the measles
let's have all the kids round to his
so they can all catch it and
get it out of the way
the downside is
these parties were attended by unvaccinated young women
who at the time had eggs
not in the ovary and not implanted in the womb wall
and fertilised or unfertilised, vulnerable to
hormones and infection
and consequences are
brittle X syndrome and similar
the other metaphor was
hardening up your feet by walking on burning coals
but it is not so powerful

20th June 2019

Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is a genetic disorder.
Symptoms often include mild to moderate intellectual disability.
The average IQ in males is under 55.
Physical features may include a long and narrow face, large ears,
flexible fingers, and large testicles.
About a third of those affected have features of autism such as
problems with social interactions and delayed speech.
Hyperactivity is common and seizures occur in about 10%.
Males are usually more affected than females.
Fragile X syndrome is inherited in an X-linked dominant pattern.
Women with a premutation have an increased risk of having an affected child.
It is typically due to an expansion of the CGG triplet repeat within the
Fragile X mental retardation 1 (FMR1) gene on the X chromosome.
This results in not enough fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP),
which is required for the normal development of connections between neurons.
Diagnosis requires genetic testing to determine the number of CGG repeats in the FMR1 gene.
Normal is between 5 and 40 repeats, fragile X syndrome occurs with more than 200,
and a premutation is said to be present when an intermediate number of repeats occurs.
Testing for premutation carriers may allow for genetic counseling.
There is no cure.
Early intervention is recommended as it provides the most opportunity for
developing a full range of skills.
These interventions may include
special education, speech therapy, physical therapy, or behavioral therapy.
Medications may be used to treat associated seizures, mood problems, aggressive behavior, or ADHD.
Fragile X syndrome is estimated to occur in 1.4 in 10,000 males and 0.9 in 10,000 females

and so fragile in this context means
liable to
create loads and loads of copies of a gene
that you should have a few copies of
reference race colour and copies of the melanin gene

here we go diving into something we need to research
we want to start with a concept we don't hear anything
let alone
the concept is
fragile X syndrome
that being in the context of
the X chromosome
from memory we have
23 pairs of chromosomes
one of each pair from mum
one of each pair from dad
semi-matching pairs
in addition we have an X chromosome from mom
and EITHER an X or a Y chromosome from pop
there isn't much on a Y chromosome
just the instruction to
build out your bits into
boy bits
and so girls have
24 matching pairs of chromosomes
and boys have 23 matching pairs of chromosomes
plus a dangling X and a Y
ninety five per cent of people with
Down Syndrome
have been given two chromosome 21s by mom
and one chromosome 21 by dad
the rest have a variety of chromosomal abnormalities
that are not helpful here
such as an extra long chromosome with the
genes represented twice and
their body made up of cells from two or more distinct cell lines
right now we don't want to go there
and so we have this dangling X in boys
and it is vulnerable to damage
because when not in use it has no partner to snuggle up to
on the average
boys get more personal - not in their germ line
genetic defects than girls
and most of them will be in their lone X chromosome
and so to some characteristics of our subject today
twice as frequent in boys as in girls
here's a phrase we'll have to have a crack at
he concordance rate is significantly greater in
monozygotic twins than di-zygotic twins
if you are identical twins it is much more likely
that if one of you has it both of you will have it
much more likely that if as twins you were
two separate eggs right from the start
so it is heavily biased to being
genetic in origin
CT scans have isolated a sub-group with
enlarged brain ventricles
the fluid filled lakes or caves within the brain
in particular they have tinny weenie
cerebellar vermis
affected individuals have
cytomegalic inclusion disorder
junk in the brain instead of brains
ketone the important bit there
PKU is found in most populations
one in sixteen thousand live births in the USA
there's an enzyme missing and an amino acid can't be
properly broken down and eliminated
resulting in
brain damage
the child needs a special diet if you want to
keep it alive
of what do we speak?
autism natch
oh and one other thing
German measles - rubella
some kids with autism were born to mums who
had rubella during pregnancy
and so the puzzle
test for
1 congenital rubella
2 PKU before giving shots, jabs, vaccinations

19th June 2019

here is where we drift away from the hydrogen story
the story as presently presented by the industry
for efficiency we need a battery to store the
energy we harvest from the brakes
so for routine motoring
as opposed to motorsport
we ditch the idea of burning hydrogen in
n internal combustion engine and we go with
the fuel cell and battery combo
off hand we have forgotten the name of those
solid state 'fridges
but you can do a sort of heat pump job where you want to
chill the inside of the vehicle or its load bay
here's the bit the industry may not like because it
points up a negative in the fuel cell concept
we have no idea what is taught in school about science
back in the day you were given a small tank of
acidulated water - weak, weak acid
and fixed up two electrodes
one positive and one negative
probably connected to a battery or a power supply
if it was a power supply it would definitely be
a DC - Direct Current
power supply
you switch on and bubbles appear on the electrodes
and you arrange two test tubes full of the water over the electrodes
to catch the bubbles
and you test the gas you collect
and you do this by putting
a glowing splint - splinter of wood
to the mouth of each tube in turn
and if all goes well
th gas in one tube will
explode with a skueeky pop
and the gas in the other tube will
re-ignite the glowing splint
the squeeky pop tube is full of hydrogen
full of oxygen
so the complete formula is
acidulated water plus DC electricity
gives hygrogen and oxygen - in separate places
and the fuel cell
remixes the hydrogen and oxygen in
the pressence of a catalyst
to create
water electricity and heat
none of that is a problem
there is a problem
if you collect the hydrogen and
bin the oxygen
vent it to the atmosphere
when you run the fuel cell
you will have to recover the oxygen from the air
and it will be full of muck
but more importantly
you will have to taken in
five times as much air as oxygen
because water is H two O
you need half as much oxygen as hydrogen but
two and a half times as much air as hydrogen
the problem is
because the fuel cell produces heat
even if you cool it it will get hot where the
chemical reactions occur
if you get the oxygen from the air
you will
singe the nitrogen
and create small amounts of
nitrogen oxides
since you create both oxygen and hydrogen
in appropriate proportions at
the filling station
overall and on balance it would be better to
fuel the vehicle into separate
liquid oxygen
liquid hydrogen
that's the way to live up to the claim of
in use the vehicles will emit
nothing NOTHING apart from water
that's how you power a space ship
using solar power when available
split the molecule
not the atom
we are always highly amused by emergency services
and recovery crews who say
oh we can't touch a hybrid
it's got batteries
we sometimes think
hows about we come round yours on
bonfire night and
slosh a couple of gallons of diesel
on yer bonfire, for a laugh?
but seriously
having the fuel tanks well separated from
the human occupants is always a good idea
in the USA
people modifying old time pickup trucks
often move the fuel tank from
in the cab
to under the flatbed
what we can say is that
if we are not transporting
liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen
in bulk
but each vehicle will only be carrying enough
for its own motive power needs
any oxygen and hydrogen left on board
after an accident
would quickly
boil off with NO RESIDUE
and first responders could be equipped with
compressed nitrogen
the bubbles in Guinness
to disperse the gases which would be
the classic example of
dilution is the solution to pollution
but compressed air from a truck braking system
would be perfectly fine for fuel dispersal purposes
we envision two to four
basket ball sized spheres
embedded in the stronger
front and rear
suspension and drive elements of the structure
a bit like oversized versions of
Citroen DS suspension gas spheres
suspension accumulators
for those who know their automotive history
regarding public confidence...
we point out from time to time that
mains and bottled gas do not
in their natural state
the smell is added - something along the lines of
methyl mercaptan
the gasses used in
hydrogen powered vehicles could be
probably for preference with a dye
rather than a smell
that would be released on impact to
avoid it being continually burned up in the exhaust

18th June 2019

sometimes we get the sense that we are
Not cutting through
so here's a MAP

and now we have the
Revenge of the Scoucers on Redcar
a firm of Liverpool architects has designed
the re-fit for Beales department store and
B and M - Bargains and Madness
ar moving in in
mid August
whether they are expanding into Beals
Frankie Dees on the High Street
we don't know,
Santandare are getting on with their refit

17th June 2019

We are based in the UK Premier Industrial Area and so
we have
Folk Memories of
old tech
There will be many people still alove on this area who remember
BOC Golf balls
These were quite small trucks that had
a silvery spere mounted on their flatbed
we found a pic of similar at
anyway the thing is
when you are dealing with a new technology
no matter what the safety record of the established competitor...
they will demand the new tec be banned if it is not
100 per cent safe
and for carrying liquified gasses
a sperical metal container is king
and we are amazed to be able to report that
we caught the commentary on the
Le mans 24 hour endurance race
and the discussion on
the FACT that in two years time
Hydrogen powered cars will be running at le mans
and the venerable presenter was a bit flumoxed by
the fact that there are two ways to
use hydrogen to power a vehicle
you can burn hydrogen in an internal combustion engine
and you can get a fuel cell
a hydrogen stack as was referred to in the talk
to generate
what we don't know is...
do fuel cells get hot in operation?
yes they do
around half the energy in the hydrogen
is emitted as heat
and so tro get the efficiency of fuel cellstacks
each cell creating 0.7 volts
a co-generation system raises the efficency from
40 odd to 80 odd percent
and so with a fuel cell system like....
The first fuel cells were invented in 1838.
The first commercial use of fuel cells came more than
a century later in NASA space programs to generate power for
satellites and space capsules.
Since then, fuel cells have been used in many other applications.
Fuel cells are used for primary and backup power for
commercial, industrial and residential buildings and
in remote or inaccessible areas.
They are also used to power fuel cell vehicles,
including forklifts, automobiles, buses, boats, motorcycles and submarines.
essentially if you use existing
natural gas pipelines to supply hydrogen
the 'waste heat' from the fuel cells can be
utilised for
space heating
or to drive air conditioning apparatus
the hydrogen does not need to be transported
we could and can - installations exist
we can supply electricity from any source via a grid
and use that electricity to generate hydrogen
at the filling station for loading onto the vehicle
at petroleum fuel speeds
A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that
converts the chemical energy of a fuel (often hydrogen)
and an oxidizing agent (often oxygen) into
electricity through a pair of redox reactions.
Fuel cells are different from most batteries in requiring
a continuous source of fuel and oxygen (usually from air) to
sustain the chemical reaction,
whereas in a battery the chemical energy usually comes from
metals and their ions or oxides
that are commonly already present in the battery,
except in flow batteries.
Fuel cells can produce electricity continuously
for as long as fuel and oxygen are supplied.

Lord of the Flies is a 1954 novel by
Nobel Prize–winning British author William Golding.
The book focuses on a group of British boys
stranded on an uninhabited island and their
disastrous attempt to govern themselves.
The novel has been generally well received.
It was named in the Modern Library 100 Best Novels,
reaching number 41 on the editor's list, and
25 on the reader's list.
In 2003 it was listed at number 70 on
the BBC's The Big Read poll, and
in 2005 Time magazine named it as one of
the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to 2005.

We are looking at UK politics from our
out of date cultural references perspective
and so we quote Halliwell...
Lord of The Flies GB 1963
After a 'plane crash
a party of English schoolboys are
stranded on a uncharted tropical island
and gradually turn savage
semi-professional production of
semi-poetic novel
that worked well on the printed page but
on screen
crude and unconvincing

speaking of crude and unconvincing
the Richard Rawlings show
we were recently watching a couple of episodes from around
five years ago
where his crew were making a
Knight Rider KITT car replica
and saying that they couldn't manage to fit a
smart speaker
it just demonstrates the speed of tech change

13th June 2019

You know this thing about
women being written out of history
we are as confused as anybody about this one
we know that former Redcar MP
Mo Mowlam
died of a brain tumour and didn't have any kids
we understand that she was the
Northern Ireland Secretary
when the
Good Friday Agreement
was being thrashed out
and we know that history tells us that
Tory Bliar and some US Senator or Congressman
take the credit for the Northern Irish Agreement
but we have a small local development
we wrote earlier about the
Sir William Turner's School
First Eleven Cricket Pitch being torn up to build a new school
a Grammar Technical School
and that it had replaced Coatham School in Coatham Road and
Eston Technical School
and so history repeats itself
sort of
for a while after the SWT building
later called Saltscar
was demolished
the council wanted to sell the land for housing
and this story reflects the change in
priorities in education
there is a concept in child care referred to as
let them
hang as they grow
it is similar to
you can take a horse to water
but you can't make it drink
over the years the education system has provided services to children and their parents
but targeted particular groups for
special treatment
clients to push
as opposed to the majority allowed to
hang as they grow
in the 1960s the
Suitable Case for Treatment
were the bright kids of pushy parents
now it's the pushy parents of the
not all there
and more likely the pushy foster parents of
the not all there
only the very local will refer to
the big house next to the field
on Corporation Road
Nixon's house
but Mr Nixon was the main
Solicitor in Redcar at one time
it looks like it has about six bedrooms
qnd is castellated
it has like arrow slits along the roofline
there is a planning application in for it to be
converted into a children's home
more significantly
there was a school - still there
in Grangetown
that's the Grangetown in Redcar not the one in Sunderland
that was called
it has 66 pupils
and is referred to as a
not STEM - Science technology engineering and maths
SEMH - Social Emotional and Mental Health
and so this will be a referral unit
and Pathways is a part of
Horizons Specialist Academy Trust
and has already been renamed from
The Mo Mowlam Academy
So far as we can see
Nixon's house will be used for
residential care of around ten children
and the new build will provide
Day Care for around
100 pupils
a rise from the 66 currently accommodated in Grangetown
here is where the Middlesbrough - Redcar distinction bites again
Teesville is social housing south of South Bank and Grangetown
it had a Primary School called
Teesville Infants School
that has stood empty
because people are moving away from close proximity to
industry and
another Educational Trust
Archway Learning Lane Campus
for secondary age pupils
is moving from
two sites in Grangetown to
the Teesville campus
and the money for the conversion work
one point four million
will come from central government
same basis as
Tuned In
at the Coatham Enclosure
same basis as the Mo Mowlam Academy
people are moving away from
The Works
and the likes of Coatham
are settling in as an outer ring of
supported housing and education

perhaps we should explain
there is a massive
green corridor between
Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland
it lies either side of
Skippers Lane
called High Farm Normanby
and for most of its run Skippers Lane is
not a road
it is a track, footpath or residential walkway
Having said Teesville Infants is defunct
we assume that Ravensworth Junior is still alive
North of The Trunk Road
there is still that knot of Primary Provision
called Beech Grove with associated Roman Catholic provision
still serving South Bank
we see Middlesbrough Council with
limited land area
building on Green Space to get up
council tax revenue which they keep
and to hell with
business rates which go to central government
and so Redcar get the applications for commercial developments
and Middlesbrough - west of Skippers Lane
small as it is
Middlesbrough is more interested in residents who
don't qualify for
Council tax rebates and discounts
and so not
Social Housing and pensioners
becomes dominated by private residences

as an aside we are intrigued that the councillors for
the new ward of Wheatlands
live in Soppett Street and Granville Terrace
we would have thought that was more
West Dyke ward territory Granville Terrace
strange days indeed
large scale shop fitting is going on in the
Former Beals Department store
it may be being fitted out for tenant
or it may be being split into smaller units

12th June 2019

and what do we say by way of apology?
last month we published the North West Male graph??
what we seem to see is that for some reason
probably a statistical freak relating to
no Jobe Seeker Allowance in the North East
and a lot of Job Seeker Allowance in the North West
recorded unemployment in the North West was static and
rose in the North East
and so we now see two months in a row of stability
in the North East
There was a downward trend
then there was an injection of extra people recorded as
what we look for in the coming quarter is a return to the downward trend
static is probably
less people actually unemployed offsetting
a few stragglers going onto
Universal Credit
in other words we think in November December January
more people were transferring from
than were finding work
February March
about equal numbers transferring from Job Seekers to Universal Credit
in future we hope to see
reductions in the number of people on Universal Credit
we have no way of knowing whether the
future 'unemployment figures' will be
people depending on Universal Credit
or will include people claiming Universal Credit as
a top up of wages
both numbers are important but
as of now we don't know which we are getting

10th June 2019

The New Measurement Train (NMT), also known as the Flying Banana,
is a specialised train which operates in the United Kingdom to
assess the condition of track so that engineers can determine where to work.
It is a specially converted High Speed Train, consisting of two Class 43 power cars
and five Mark 3 carriages.
It can check the condition of most main lines and some secondary routes operating
on a 4 weekly cycle
. This cycle replaced its original 13 week cycle after the introduction of the
Plain Line Pattern Recognition (PLPR) Design Patrolling Program.
The train is permitted to travel across any part of the network where
HSTs are permitted, as well as High Speed
essentially, belive it or not...
the Northallerton to Saltburn route is now
a part of the
main line network of UK rail
we believe that this is not such an
obscure reference
we know how
Germaine Greer
is very out of favour these days
she is however an instructive
voice from the past
a past that is still with us in part
we are not sure
we always rely on unreliable memory
rather that proper research
this may be in
The Female Eunuch
in any case it is a glimpse into the
teenage lives of women still alive today
there is a term we hope no
UK teenager of today is familiar with
and of course Gremain Greer was a teenager in
the term is
jam rag
and the story is of Germaine Greer being forced to
wash her sanitary towel
in the garage
so that her brother(S?)
wouldn't see what she was doing
and here is a basis for a lot of
domestic violence
women raised to be so secretive about their
intimate hygiene
that they raise suspicions of
in their partners
and here we must digress into
the question of the modern relevance of fidelity
in a world not so far away where
women had very restricted access to income
on marriage all their wealth was transferred to their husband
and there was no
DNA paternity testing
fidelity was super important
now it seem more like a reflex response to
certain triggers and memories of times past
regarding the local Redcar charity EVA
we have no beef with it but as we suggest elsewhere
we are not clear that this charity knows whether it is
and elaboration of
or a special pleading housing association
it seems to us that a mainstay of the conflict between ourselves and
Cleveland Police
is that they have allowed themselves to be
co-opted into a process of requisitioning
Teesside University
the sole institution of Higher Education in the area
to be a
Women's Refuge
not excluding men with a proven record of gender based violence
but simply
men - steelworks
women - university
we have a situation with our Ricker
managing Cancer Research UK
Redcar shop
made one hundred and ten thousand pounds in the year
required to leave after his unpaid internship ended
and then criticised for not turning up
days later to the shop Christmas Party
if a man isn't safe to work with women
how can it be safe for him to
socialise with them?
we acknowledge that now
Cancer Research UK Redcar has a male manager
but he did not immediately replace Ricker
in the mean time
they temporarily closed on Sundays
making the male Sunday manager redundant
Kevin - now working at Tesco Eston
he worked alone but after a short Sunday closure
they appointed a female Sunday manager to work alone
we will excuse the previous area manager responsible
they decided not to employ men
in order to avoid employing
redundant steel workers
in this case a
union rep and loader - high lift shovel - driver called
Les Day
more recently a hire car driver
nobody should have put pressure on them to do that
and so we move to
equal pay for equal work
men and women banned from doing equal
or easily comparable
you, Ricker can't have a job in Redcar because
we refuse to see somebody exercise the skills you have
in a location where we want
everybody to be
on minimum wage
hence a dispute over regional pay variations
in the same bus company
Redcar bus operators have the second lowest wage rates
in the country
because it's a low wage economy
and thus a low skills economy
and it becomes a vicious circle when
if you seek to drive away skilled workers
you get low productivity
and can't afford high wages
if the local management make the business profitable
the business can afford to pay higher wages
not so much
Lions lead by donkeys
more donkeys assassinating the lions and
installing mules as their
fall guy, leaders
but here we combine two concepts that are beginning to overap
to go to the beginning of acceptance of gay behaviour
having a staff consisting of half a dozen females and
one gay man
seems OK
and so it has to be
the gay guy won't get the women pregnant
no consideration that he may
have a hissy fit and
scratch their eyes out
but then we have to consider the likes of that
diver chap
Sir Elton John
men in same sex marriages having 'having' children
if you are in a gay marriage and you have children
you become
provider for those children and
need a man's wage
this kinda puts single gay men in the women category
and married gay men
in the men category
it's getting quite complicated now
why not just give up and allow all sorts of people access to
all sorts of jobs
lessons on female intimate hygiene
should not be restricted to
girls and boys need to know about these things and
be prepared for their effects on
the coming adult relationships
like at what point in a new relationship do you
first audibly fart in the presence of your new beloved?
at what point do you say
it's not hair washing night
it's my period?

Strange things happen when
you're having fun
our Ricker attended some sort of reception
when he arrived at Newcastle Med School,br. a student asked him
do you know what an autoclave is?
Ricker says yes
the student hands him a pint - beer, lager whatever
Well this is the student version
in a way it presaged alcohol based hand wipes at
ward entrances...
the idea seemed to be
keep yourself tanked up with alcohol
and the bugs won't get you
we will refer back to this later
for now
remember that before we had
chlorine, filtration and UV sterilisation
it was the rule
never drink the water
stick to the beer
the alcohol in it makes it safe
dredging through the ancient mind
a lot of people alive today won't remember another
medical term
before there was
there was
Gripe Water
white wine for babies as medicine
now we turn to
the Bullingdon Club - at Oxfrod University
That's Oxford but it gives us an idea
now that all their students are
diversity hires
perhaps we should refer to the current regime as
Call me Dave had mates at Oxford and
we assume they were all in
The Bullingdon (Drinking) Club
one of his mates was a med student
by the time Call me Dave was
Prime Minister
this mate was a cardiologist in
matey wasn't a heart surgeon
his patients had
congestive heart failure
it's bummer
70 per cent of patients are
dead within five years of diagnosis and
there is no treatment
except to
knock off the booze if you are an alcoholic
the mode of action is that something
probably an infection
kills off the myocytes
we should check the distinction between
myocytes and myoblasts
the ones in the heart
the cells that create new heart muscle cells
if we could be arsed we could check whether this is
the same problem as was once called
rheumatic fever
and so
and so our latter day Einstein from Oxfraud
mate of The Call me Dave PM
discovers that patients with
congestive heart failure have
high blood salt content
due to their rubbish circulation NOT
getting their blood to
their kidneys very often
and so
the Brain of Britain
puts the cart before the horse and declares that
high salt intake causes heart failure
and since his bezzie mate is PM - Prime Minister
the dumb arsed thought becomes
NHS orthodoxy
and so to this past weekends
field trial
the military having some independence from
Oxfraud and The Westminster Madhouse
they decided to go the other way
the top military medics persuaded the
commanding officers or the lads and lasses - guys
who were
Trooping The Colour
load up on salt in the
week running up to the ceremony
admitting the favourable weather
not a single - or married , sorry
not one participant
as with all these things
some of the media seem to have found a participant who
fell off his horse
so we have to say
despite loading up with salt
they were not dropping like flies
and some people make a living out of
demonising salt so there is bound to be
there appears at present to be more money in
demonising salt than
isotonic drinks
they had loaded up with salt and that
loaded up their plasma with water and with
loads of salt and water on board
they sweated their way through with
good temperature control
here is a question for the nutritionists and
does sweat with its salt content
cool the skin more efficiently than
water - pure water - on the skin would?
putting that another way
suppose that the salt in sweat is only there to
balance the water - salt balance remaining in the blood and
tissue fluid
after the 'loss' of both as sweat
if a film of water cools as well as a film of sweat
the body's salt content would rise as we sweated
the salt is there to balance the body's water content
and if it is missing
and we would not benefit from sweating
the water not balanced by the missing salt
has to go into the bladder and be voided
if your body salt content is low
your body water content will be low
your blood will be more viscous - syrupy
and harder for your heart to pump around
salt retention with thin the blood and
ease the stress on the heart
the lesson is
don't extrapolate from the condition of the sick
to determine optimum behaviour for the well
don't have a hearty breakfast
it diverts blood from the muscles
load up with salt it helps you retain water
which when you are well
and not at death's door in bed
comes in handy if you ever need to
get a sweat on
perish the thought you
Honestly, we're just adding this bit for
entertainment value
This past weekend
for the second time in recent weeks
The Flying Banana
has been spotted in Redcar
now we are not sure whether there is only one
Flying Banana
the one seen this time seemed bigger than previously
The Flying Banana is a train - a railway train
It is yellow and so t is a banana
and it's flying because it s the only train that
travels faster than speed limits
it does not have
blue funnels like the fuck wit mobiles< BR> it is in fact an engineering train
it exceeds the speed limits to test whether
they are too low
it is ram packed with measuring equipment
and in theory it should travel all the British lines in turn
if it is frequenting the
Darlington to Saltburn line
that probably means that it is
surveying line improvements
changes are afoot
relating to
relating to
Direct train between
Middlesbrough and London
and that appears to involve surveying the
Middlesbrough to Saltburn section...
we shall see
what we shall see

7th June 2019

regarding the Peterborough by election
The Greens should be disappointed but
will they learn that when people
vote green they expect green
they do not want
vote green get vegan
they do not want
vote green get remain
if they are not disappointed we will begin to suspect
entryism of The Greens
by the fossil boys
on the other hand
The Labour
people vote Labour
when The Labour say
vote for us
people vote Labour
when The Labour say
vote for remain
they do not listen
people's votes will reveal that
voting Labour is not
it's football
support the team - sack the manager
people don't vote for the policies
they vote for the colours

at some point regarding
women's problems
some stats about half the women who have
relationship problems
have diagnosable mental illness
before they have a relationship
if women are to be helped...
there has to be some recognition that
a large proportion of women who are classed as
having trouble with men
actually have more deep seated problems with
being female
that is not NOT to say they have difficulty
accepting subservience
it is that they have trouble with
having periods
having babies
a whole lot of things that
involve men
either not at all
or tangentially
we have a housing crisis because it is assumed that
it is
for women to share living space with men
but what if
having provided
man free accommodation for women
their mental health does not improve?
there must be significant numbers of women who were
raised by a single mum
and taught by all female teachers
and not pressed to find a boyfriend
and what is the state of their mental health?
consider that before forcibly excluding men from
the lives of females - young or old

6th June 2019

we have no record of anybody connected to this site
having contacted the Flat Earth Society

we were remarking about the
swords into ploughshares
conversion of the CCF headquarters at Coatham into
a language lab
we do note that the bloke who did the install
took several days to hand wire it and
parked his car in the playground not the car park and
his car was
one of them flash mechanical injection
sic transit gloria

there now follows one of those
we'll get to the point - eventually - items
there are times in an individual's life history when
they are most especially vulnerable
even in species where the parents are very attentive
babies are easy prey for predators
there are inevitable losses
particularly when parents are away feeding
this is a time of plenty for the predators and
the species that normally feed on the dead
an infant is almost as easy to eat as a dead body
this provides a problem for the predator
there are many many amazing life forms on the planet
if we restrict ourselves to
mammals and birds
the creatures we normally see
they generally don't have
or other food storage facilities
and so they are not equipped to exploit a glut of
easy pickings
if they breed like crazy in the good times
they will all starve to death not much later
and so
suppose one mountain lion can survive on the
number of goats that fall sick in a hundred square miles
of mountain
it could survive on the number of goats that fall sick
pus the number of baby goats that are born in
ten square miles
except that that would drive the goats and then the lions
to extinction
what happens is
the goats - well their ancestor species
the breeding season
if all the mummy goats have their babies at the same time
there won't be enough lions to eat them all
and if there were enough lions to eat all the babies
the lions would starve the rest of the year
and so it is with
beauty therapists
because we do not shed traits from our ancesters
people retain the mechanisms for
a breeding season
and so we get stories about all the staff in a
beauty parlour
giving birth within days of each other
one day Ricker got a flea in his ear from
Mike Jackson
Mike was head of science with special responsibility for
biology and they got to talking about
Jack the Ripper and female anatomy and....
although we now know Jack the Ripper was a psycho living nearby
there was some belief at the time of the Ricker/Mike conversation that
only a doctor would know the difference between
a womb and a bladder
actually Jack the Ripper displayed all of the women's internals
he did not home in on the womb
but Mike's response was amazing to Ricker
he said easy to tell the difference
the womb is much bigger
the result of years of
drawing female insides on the blackboard
as full term pregnant
anyway the flea in the ear came from
Mike at the time lived at home with
had living at home with him
his wife and FOUR daughters
this guy is a zoology graduate from Hull university and
lifelong biology teacher
and Ricker says
women synchronise their periods
does that happen in your house?
how the hell would I know when my daughters are
having their periods?
well the small would give it away
not to mention the tantrums
females signal to each other through small
about their point in their cycle
in order to have their babies all together
to create a glut of food that predators
cannot fully exploit
higher primates - including humans
retain the breeding season because
1 it facilitates creching - nominated adults
caring for the young of several females
on a rota?
forgotten what's American fot rota - schedule?
2 one important driver of
if you starve
you don't have periods
you don't smell
but although in developed cultures
women of child bearing age
that can be from
NINE years old
ovulate about every 4 weeks
in conditions of food glut and starvation
and weather extremes
women will ovulate
as appropriate

5th June 2019

We must just slip into
BBC mode at this point
Welcome on this fine Wednesday
we have offered a right of reply to
The Flat Earth Society
and asked them whether in their opinion it is
Derogatory. A woman with strong scholarly or literary interests.
[After the Blue Stocking, Society, a nickname for a predominantly female
literary club of 18th-century London
(probably so called after the blue worsted stockings
commonly worn as part of informal dress at the time)
Ricker's brother Peter went to Oxford
and he married a Norwegian nurse in London
and asked why he didn't marry an Oxford grad
he referred to them being
Blue Stockings
we have to ask
you went to all that trouble getting your daughter into uni
why would you prefer her to come home with a certificate and make
babies for a lad down the chippy
than come home with a dose of
an Olympic Athelete or a Nobel Prize winner?
we love an obscure reference
we could attempt to guess what
stands for
we reckon in this case it stands for some magazine
or Film Bureau
the quote is about a movie called
To Sir With Love
Sidney Poitier
The sententious script sounds as if it has been
written by a zealous Sunday school teacher
after a particularly exhilarating
boycott of South African oranges

This web site is not about
balance where no conflict exists
and we accept that somewhere there will be
architects designs and photographs of
The Sir William Turner School
1961 new build for North Riding County Council
we said NRYCC was run from
Northallerton not York
we also recognise that education in the South Tees area was
for many years run from offices in
Woodlands Road, Middlesbrough
whether that was always a sattelite office of Northallerton
from the start we do not know
despite being demolished as an icon of the hated
grammar school system
the building was the most expensive school
cost per pupil at prices of the time
ever built by
North Riding of Yorkshire County Council
there was a science lab
a physics lab, a chemistry lab
two biology labs
that we can recall
we suspect there were 7 science labs in total
one for the first two years
three for the O level students
and 3 for the A level students
what we want to move on to is the more social sphere
the reason NRYCC spent so much on the building was that
the site belonged to the school
that is
the school - the new school - was built on the
playing field of the independent school
specifically on the
First Eleven cricket pitch
so the money the county saved on land
they spent on building
and so
the school had a very large sports hall
a music room
and a theatre
this had a stage and a balcony and colonnade
but a flat floor and no fixed seating
and so the theatre was used for
assemblies and lunch dinning and as a theatre for the local community it had facilities
however it was never used for public events because
its facilities were almost exactly duplicated
across the road in the
technical college theatre
now also demolished but replaced
we are getting the a point here
as a fully fitted out theatre
the assembly hall of SWT had
a guest cloakroom
off the entrance foyer
so this room was never intended to be for
daytime use by staff and students
and in 1969 to 1971
and possibly a couple of later years before closure
in the early 1970s
that cloakroom was allocated to between
three and six
girls form Cleveland grammar who visited to study
A level Physics and perhaps chemistry and maths
because Cleveland Grammar
didn't have enough clever girls to justify
finding a female physics graduate to teach them
in other words
boys had got to university after studying sciences
at Coatham
and their parents had demanded that
their sisters get the same chance

speaking of the link between
state education and charity...
our Ricker shared classes with a lad called
Ewan Williams
and Ricker never met Ewan's dad
but we kind of assume they had dads of similar age because
shortly before Ricker started at SWT
'Shiny' Williams had been required to retire as
the biologu master at Coatham
since almost all the educational material
in the biology department had been
the personal property of Shiny Williams
he took it all with him when he retired
we guess he was not happy to go
there was a cupboard under the blackboards
in Ricker's formroom
that was packed with donated
mechanical adding machines
that some person or organisation had
and the school never took out of the cupboard
and it is probable that a lot of the
never disturbed
books in the library were donations of
one kind or another
and so we are not clear to what extent those
Cleveland Girls were at SWT
for the teaching
and to what extent for access to the
lab facilities
the practical being quite an important element in
A level science exams
at the time
Ricker remembers having to go to
Longlands College - long gone
to do his biology A level practical exam

and another little nugget about
SWT and social change
when the school was built
a section of the workshop block was dedicated to
the CCF
Ricker wasn't in the CCF so he does not know whether
people who were not pupils were members
we doubt it
the CCF was run by Geps
Geps was
G E P Sidaway
and the CCF was the
Combined Cadet Force
and during the 1960s
after only 4 or 5 years having a base in the workshops...
that space was taken over - by around 1969
to be converted into a
Language Lab
a change from
travel the world
meet interesting people
kill them
get out there and
pass yourself off as a local
and figure out what
they are prattling on about

3rd June 2019

We were amused when
decided that they too wanted
re The Transporter Bridge
to also have a huge piece of utterly redundant
civil engineering
a mega sculpture
and so they had
The Spire
built as a
film set
for the likes of
Transit Van commercials
way to go
naturally Ricker had a suggestion
now that exist the likes of
Asian Hercules II
gigantic ocean going floating cranes
why not lay a deck under
The Transporter
that can be removed
should any ship ever want to
come in on The Bendy
or be built at
Bamletts Wharf
This is another one of those stories that
baffles us a lot
The indications are that
Cleveland Police
'are setting out their stall'
for a swoop on
Tees Port
with a view to making arrests relating to
Modern Slavery
and they have had
dry runs
practice exercises
to judge how much effect such a raid would have on
the Redcar area

a couple of follow ups on Coatham Grammar
we talked about head teacher S G Barker
we don't recall him ever teaching
that's probably the norm
what he was was a little more interesting
as far as we know he was recruited on the basis that he was
as a Cambridge graduate
overqualified for the job and expected to
move on to better things quite quickly
and never left
and his teaching experience was
so far as we know he was recruited from a role as an
education officer in a
and essentially
the role of headteacher was a
side line that
provided a home - Red Barns in Kirkleatham Street whilst - aside from presiding over school assemblies
his main activity appeared to be to act as
a JP
a Justice of the Peace - a magistrate
just as a sideline
he lived in Red Barnes and the boys there were
supervised by a teacher called Mr. Hargreaves
and the school - discipline etc was
run by a chemistry teacher called
Mr McGreger - who lived on Coast Road
the boys were in four houses
Ingham, Cochrane, school and another
and venn diagram like
all boarders - boys living in Red Barns
were in school house
but not all boys in school house were boarders
two of the teachers were just a touch dodgy
Mr Grey is reveared in the town as a leading light
in the local gymnastics club
got a plaque and such
but it did seem that all too often
the separate staff shower was
not working
and he needed to shower in the communal shower
with the boys
and Mr Hargreves...
there was a story about
one of the more senior boys sneaking out after
lights out for a pint
and returning to find
Mr Hargreaves
sitting on his bed
we would point out that the wife of
Debbie McGee
some cove off the telly called
Paul Daniels
he was a pupil at Coatham and his sons
not hers
were pupils at Eston Grammar
and what would have been the difference in their experiences?
well, mostly due to being of different genertions
but father at a boys grammar school
sons at a mixed grammar school
Mr Blenkiron was the technical drawing master at Eston
casting no aspersions on him but reflecting on
staffing policy
he was the only engineering teacher at Eston
we have to step back here and say
before there was Eston Grammar and before
Coatham transitioned from
grammar in Coatham Road to
Grammar Technical School in Corporation Road
there was a school called
Eston Technical School
or similar
and the technical bit of SWT - Coatham
took most of the staff from there when it was closed
there were supposed to be three types of state school
grammar, technical, and modern
and before there were comprehensive schools there were
County Moderns
and at this point
hands up anybody who knows what a
ROSLA Block was
a lot of schools that were not replced under
Private Finance Initiative
probably still have a Rosla Block
a Rosla Block was a block of bare classrooms
built in the playground of a secondary school as a
Raising of the School Leaving Age
block when the school leaving age went up from
15 to 16
Gillbrook had one
and presumably it was built for Eston Grammar
the school previously occupying that building
indicating that
even if you got into the grammar school
you were not guaranteed to
stay on for O levels or even CSEs
even after ROSLA there were
Easter Leavers
pupils who stayed until they were 16
but left before the exams in the summer term
the boys in particular were a common sight
roaming the streets in the daytime in the early summer
and so back to Mr Blenkiron
he stayed in Eston
he was on the staff of Gillbrook when the others
Bowers - woodwork, Latto - metalwork, Everett - not quite sure
Warne - general science but only there a couple of years
went off to Coatham
we would describe Mr Blenkiron as
considered safe to teach in a school with girls
and so
was it Mrs Holmes
there was a teacher at Gillbrook who was
the wife of a local industrialist
and she taught
Home Economics
and she may or may not have taught at Eston Grammar
probably did
and there was a
pupil kitchen
at Eston and
no pupil kitchen at Coatham
what would boys need with that
ah now we recall
the home economics teacher
whatever she was called was the wife of the owner of
the South Bank scrap yard
by the coke ovens
probably not Holmes
probably called Pat
God, the wonders of the Ricker brain
it's taken three hours of
subcoscious effort but the result is in
Pat Knee or Nee probably not Mee
and we don't know whether
Mrs Hindle
was teaching typing at Eston Grammar or
Eston County modern
before her husband Harry
took over as head of Gillbrook
but she taught it at Gillbrook
and just out of fairness we should say
the kids in Eston called
our Ricker
by reference to the butler in the TV series
The Adams Family
the staff and Ricker himself called him
well no thought of him as
Marvin the Paranoid Android
from Hitchhikers Guide
Brain the size of a planet and they
ask me to open a door

30th May 2019

here is an example of why it is almost essential to be
by an A level examiner
script marker
in order to get an A or better grade
describe in your own words how you would
create some optical diagram or other
let us say somebody with a knowledge of physics would say
draw a line from
A to B
only a script marker would know that
some of the marks are for adding
using a straight edge
and there are no marks allocated for adding
using a fine point pen or pencil
you are time restricted
you can't elaborate at length
you have to know
where the marks are
we don't have up to date experience of
The University of Teesside
however our Ricker was there when
it was transitioning from
Polytechnic to University
what happened was
what we - they - now call
STEM subjects
were shut down
Science, technology, engineering, maths
and social sciences took over
and really the only science courses promoted were
forensic science - crime detection services
that was not the most striking development
the institution became obsessed with
security and in particular
counter plagiarism measures
essentially the university hired a herd of old biddies
and recruited
university students
the staff were essentially saying
the fuck wits from round 'ere
couldn't possibly produce course work like this
without ripping it off the internet
putting that another way
local sixth formers suddenly had the opportunity to
live at home and go to uni
and the local uni wasn't intellectually prepared for that
but that fades into a different difficulty
plagiarism or not
let's invent a scale of academic competence
incompetent - 0
master -10
if you hire a herd of hacks to be the
teaching corpus
and they are say 2 or 3 on that scale
and you recruit a load of students who are say
5 or 6 on that scale
you will get a schism
between the
I'm only here for the beer
I'm only here for the certificates
and the
this subject has always fascinated me
and here we are mainly regarding
course work
there are probably many formats for course work but
two major forms dominate
individual projects - such as essays
group projects - reports
if for personal, social, reasons
children in local schools, parents in need of care at home
you get a smattering of students who are in the
9 or 10 range
essentially you will get
conflict between the
groups that learn more from fellow students than from tutors
and students who say
I didn't come here to fill my head with all this
deep stuff
it makes my brain hurt
and so the able students are
weeded out
on pretexts
especially if male and white
and so also to
guest speakers
no platforming
especially if female and white
here's a concept to conjure with
the straight A student
or more specifically the contrast between
the straight A student
the one A and some dross student
what is the belief about the second sort?
what is the belief about the first sort?
regarding the first sort...
there is a general belief that although A level subjects
come in
levels of difficulty
French versus French studies
the language versus the culture of France
a student would take three or four subjects in the same
degree of difficulty category
and so
the work load for one A level is considered to be
a third or a quarter or the work load for a full set
and essentially
a candidate from an obscure institution
would not have it taken into consideration that
if they present with one A grade and some dross
the school had non-graduates teaching the subjects
the student got dross grades in
they wood say
they are obviously a slow leaner who
focussed their efforts on
the easies subject
not their favourite subject
in order for school to choose a particular exam board
exam boards are now stand alone - not
gatekeepers for specific universities or consortia
in order for a school to choose a particular exam board
they must offer a syllabus and exam and mark scheme
suited to the average student
not to detecting
how shall we say?
at this point we feel it may be interesting to
point up the distinction between
a grammar
and a
a grammar school was essentially a state school designed to
get the best out of the best children
as currently believed
a crammer was generally a
parent funded school
possibly a school attended alongside as state school
for the dumb kids of rich parents
and so to the question
if the county wanted Ricker to go to
Archbishop Holgate's in York
why was he taught A level physics by
some bloke called Michael
and not by
Tom G Pearson
who was an A level examiner with the JMB?
Joint Matriculation Board
the answer
as S G Barker was only interested in finding students for
his alma mater
his old uni
he ran Coatham as a state funded crammer
despite being remined by the council that
he was supposed to be runninga
Grammar Techical College
Latto, Warne, Everett, Bowers
were on his staff
not at
Eston grammar
because that had
Ricker and others were excluded from
the top stream
because their interest in their subject
their questioning approach
disrupted the
spoon feeding process
of achieving
Oxbridge acceptable exam performances
and we have said before
his boys - SGB's - not being of the blotting paper sort
did not go to university
but direct from school into
solicitor's offices
and the Ricker story?
shades of the movie
Good Will Hunting

28th May 2019

We have a problem with
The Green Party
more like they have a problem
so there is a family vote
over the holidays do you want to
1 go litter picking on the beach
3 go play football in the park
the family vote to litter pick
and the parents then say
ah, you have to read the small print of the deal
because we need to
borrow the school mini bus to
get to the beach and
dispose of the litter we collect
you have to do
extra homework
before we set off
in other words
the greens are saying their supporters are
The Green party is
Funded by Europe
and a second referendum will
get them out of that bind

we don't propose to write a history of
education in North Yorkshire
however, Ricker has some memories
and he starts from one of his class-mates being from
Ainderby Steeple
and Ainderby Steeple is just west of
we said that part two of the 11plus was administered by
the local grammar school
but not in a public school sort of way
they were acting as agents of the local authority
it is a bit confusing that
back in the day
post second world war
Yorkshire was divided into three
and they were
North, East, and West
South Riding was a fictional construct
Now there is
South Yorkshire
and North Yorkshire
back in the day there was
North Riding of Yorkshire County Council
and County Hall was in
and so far as we know
girls in Redcar who passed the 11 plus went to
or were offered places at
Cleveland Grammar
end of
so far as we know
NRYCC covered
and so York was administered from
and so it was that
a lad - possibly called Stephenson
and possibly a farmer's son
did his 11 plus in Northallerton and was
offered a place at Coatham
a residential grammar school in
and Coatham was officially
Sir William Turner's School
and Sir William Turner had been
Lord Mayor of London
and it was
Sir William Turner's School
The Sir William Turner School
not the same animal as
Sarah Metcalf
a council school named in honour of a
local councillor
but a school founded by a bequest of a
former Lord Mayor of London
in effect
Chomley Turner
inherited Kirkleatham
on condition that he built and ran
the school
but Ricker was better at
the 11 plus stuff than this Stephenson cove
and he was offered a place at
Archbishop Holgate's School
in York
but Ricker's parents were
old and demented
actually when Ricker did the 11 plus his dad was
65 and deaf as a post
and his mum was
and people regarded Ricker as having an
unemployed dad
not a retired dad
Ricker could not complain money wise
when his dad retired
he bought two annuities
the second with the two year's pay he got for
leaving work before his contract ran out
and they paid out
eleven hundred pounds a year
but they were not a pension
not index linked
when he died, his widow got nothing
and by the time he died
1,100 quid was
a lot less money than it had been when he retired
a lot of inflation in the UK between
1963 and 1983
and the two of them being demented
Ricker is not sure they claimed any benefits
he does know that his dad was
ever so cross when
his mam got her state pension
we suspect that at the end Tommy was
living on the remnants of his annuity
and not claiming his state pension
he had probably never thought about
whether his employer had paid
National Insurance for him
and anyway Ricker had a grant to go to uni
but in those days
it was paid by
The local education authority
not the national government
which was why he got paid to go to
Newcastle medical school for one year
to take his degree at Durham University
however we had digressed
Ricker was
the smartest 11 year old in North Yorkshire
and so he was offered a residential place in York
but it was his parents who
got to decide that he would attend Coatham
so he could come home for lunch
every day
when he was at primary school
he had school lunch
but by the time he got to secondary school
he needed to go home and check on his parents
at lunch time
because they were
there hadn't been a problem when
his dad was out at work during the day
and so
Ricker got himself to Durham University
despite dumbing down his secondary education from
Archbishop Holgate's Coatham
but with only the one A grade at A level
he was regarded as a
lame brain when he was there
unnervingly bright but
not very precise with the
rote learning
Coatham was demolished after being Saltscar
The Foundation Trust now supports
an annex of
Stockton Riverside College
Cleveland College or some such
in Corporation Road Redcar
Archbishop Holgate's...
Until 1985, it was an all-boys' grammar school.
With the reorganisation of education in York in 1985,
the school changed its name to Archbishop Holgate's School,
and became a co-educational [comprehensive] school.
During this transition period the outdoor swimming pool was
converted to an indoor pool,
a new sports hall was built, and upgrades were made to
music, design and technology, home economics and other facilities.
The school's facilities now include an
indoor heated swimming pool, a chapel and a
boathouse on the River Ouse.
In 2009 a £4.3 million two-storey learning centre with
landscaping, parking and bike storage, called
the LearningCentre@AHS was built,
and now serves as the home of the school's sixth form facilities.
where did that come from?

we did not catch the whole of a TV show called
100 vaginas
but we note this
snowflake comment
when I was being taught how to
fit tampon
I was told
it's just like having sex
in that case
I'm never having sex
and by contrast..
a documentary on car auctions
the office manager
apparently a married woman
possibly with kids
picks up her office coffee mug with
will show knickers for chocolate
printed on it and turns to the camera and says
you got any chocolate?
it is so difficult to identify the
in all contexts

24th May 2019

We are just thinking about
as we see it
two things
it is not a major issue
secondly, more importantly
we think the remoaner concept of the
best of three is interesting
is the present Prime Minister a fan of
Harold Wilson?
in the days when the media fabricated....
it was said that over some issue
his cantankerous back benchers were told
You'll get a free vote on this
and you'll keep on getting free votes
until you get it right
what we think is
when people voted in the referendum
most of them thought they were voting yes or no to
a no deal BrExit
and so
we think there is a major prospect that
using the Euroelections as a second vote
the leavers will vote leave and
a significant proportion of the remainers
will vote for
a negotiated exit
we think the
remoaners have been quit clever
1 puts them at the top of the ballot paper - alphabetically
2 vote change to get no change - to get what we already have
they may get a number of misdirected votes as a result

24th May 2019

This has not been checked for typoes
typographical errors
and so some of the quirks may be unintentional
Pitmatic (originally "pitmatical"), also colloquially known as "yakka", is
a dialect of English used in the counties of Northumberland and Durham in England.
It developed as a separate dialect from other Northumbrian dialects such as
partly due to the specialised terms used by mineworkers in the local coal pits.
For example, in Northumberland and Tyne and Wear the word Cuddy is an abbreviation of
the name Cuthbert but in Durham Pitmatic cuddy denotes a horse,
specifically a pit pony.
In Lowland Scots, cuddie usually refers to a donkey or
ass but may also denote a short, thick, strong horse.
a cuddywifter
is a
lefthanded person
a mule amongst ponies because
with a scythe or other farm implement
using it the other way
could have a neighbour's ankles off
a Cuddy duck
a St. Cuthbert's Duck
the eider from which we get
Traditionally, pitmatic, together with some rural Northumbrian communities including
Rothbury, used a guttural R.
The emphasis here being
bury not berry
This is now less frequently heard;
since the closure of the area's deep mines,
many younger people speak in local ways that do not usually include
this characteristic.[citation needed]
The guttural r sound can, however, still sometimes be detected,
especially amongst elderly populations in more rural areas.
There has been a small amount of comment
re Steph McGovern
we could be wildly wrong here but
we always thought she went to school
in Thornaby
well next to,br. anyway
what we would set as a project is to research
the language
When Morrisons the supermarket
The Pig and Whistle
and built a two story car park on the site
they got a sculptor to
put up a
low relief bronze panel as a replacement for
part of the railings
and at the time
Morrisons was run by the Morrisons family
and was based as now in
and so
our Ricker met with the sculptor
an it is very fine work
he carved - scraped - the design into a bed of sand
and the bronze was poured into the mould
a couple of inches thick
there's a fishing boat at sea
Redcar enough
not very Bradford
but there's a miner
and it had to be said that the artist
Bradford based
created the miner as a tribute to his father
but, BUT
the artist's dad was a coal miner
the miners of Cleveland were
Ironstone Miners
there is little or no celebration of
as opposed to
pitmen dug coal
the coal is
North of the Tees River
but to a lot of people
they are all miners
and so
the ironstone that began
industry on Teesside
was dug up from
The Eston Hills
and go up there and wuo will find
without assistance from
Time Team
remnants of the iron ore extraction
and if you travel a little space due south from
you will come across
Liverton Mines
the reason why
Carlin How
got a steelworks
and the reason why that area switch from
alum mining to
ironstone mining
and it all started in
That's yer
North Yorks Moors Railway now
and so to the
col mining heritage that is not 'ours'
There is a place at the north end of
Teesside's famous
Transporter Bridge
that gives somewhat of a lie to the
Myth of the Transporter
There was a village or tiny town called
Haverton Hill
There's a Tyneside thing
Jimmy nail or whoever
When the Boat Comes in
it can be argued that this has a Teesside origin
it's an interesting story
down stream from the original settlement of
Haverton Hill there is a straggel of housing called
High Clarence
and Port Clarence
and Port Clarence is at the north
end of the Transporter
and as is the way with industrial development
the river has to some extent been
canalised - made into a canal
and not so long ago the river Tees forgot
and spilled over and flooded
The Clarences
there is a patch of land between
High Clarence and Haverton Hill
that is marked on maps as
Recreation Ground
traditionally it wa known as
The Bendy
it was not flat
it was banked by river action
ridged not sloping
and when children wanted something that
they were not going to get
they were told
When the ship comes in on The Bendy
the myth of the Transporter is that
it ws used by workers who
lived in Middlesbrough and
worked in
Furness Shipyard
The area is now called
Bamlett's Wharf Industrial Estate
and those shipyard workers went home
along Belasis (Avenue)
to their homes in Billingham
The Transporter always was and always will be
a blue painted
White Elephant
the homes of
Port Clarence
were built
the docks were never cut
build the bridge and we'll let you build the port
and the aim to
get coal to the sea
further south than
is half the size of the Tyne one
and is not
in Australia
Seaham became the dominant Durham coal port
Even Hartlepool failed to develop a coal trade
and developed as a timber importer
taking timber from
The Baltic
and so the pitmen
and also to Eston
nobody remarks about this but
for coal mining communities
if we still dug coal in terms of social change
pithead baths
if you go to
Open Air Industrial Museum
where relics get re-constructed
you will get an insigt into life for pitmen
and their families
Pithead baths
when her man was due home from his shift
the housewife had to have a hot tub
tin bath
of water ready in front of the range
pitmans homes had no inside plumbing but they all had
a range the working man's Aga
and the wife would have to wash her man
she mustn't MUSTN'T
wash his back
to wash his back would weaken it
and he would be crushed in a
tunnel collapse
and so..
with characteristic lack of grip
when Langthingy was created as a local authority
its offices were created as an extentsion of
Eston council offices
and the leisure centre built near where
Tesco Eston is now
wasn't called
Eston Leisure Centre
it was called
Eston Baths
so the non-exostent caol miners of the area
would have somewhere to
freshen up
between work and home
Redcar's Grammar School was
for boys - seperate girls' grammar
called Coatham and Cleveland Grammar respectively
and Eston grammar was co-ed
and if our Ricker hadn't had his face kicked in and been
transferred to Newcomen
he was on track to be
the first boy ever to get from
Coatham Primary
Coatham Grammar
and around thirty kids at Newcomen each year
did the second part
the grammar school supervised part
of the eleven plus
like almost half of the intake

20th May 2019

British Steel Corporation (BSC), formed in 1967 through
the nationalisation of UK steel companies
British Steel plc, formed 1988 through the
privatisation of British Steel Corporation
British Steel Ltd, formed 2016 from the sale of the
long products division of Tata Steel Europe (former British Steel plc business) to Greybull Capital.
Greybull Capital's four members are
Nathaniel Jerome Meyohas, Marc Meyohas, Richard Cal Perlhagen and
Greybull Corporate Partner Ltd;
Greybull Corporate Partner Ltd, is owned by
Jerome Nathaniel and Marc Meyohas with equal shares,
it was formed on July 2012.
Greybull Capital say they "make long term investments in private companies"
with a "broad portfolio spanning investments in the
energy, technology, retail, industrial and manufacturing sectors in Europe and the United States".
Greybull Capital is run by brothers Marc and Nathaniel Meyohas and
longstanding family friend Richard Perlhagen.
"We are a family-owned, family-run business with interests everywhere"
Marc Meyohas said in a Sunday Times interview March 2012.
Greybull was set up to invest the wealth of the two families, whose ties
go back forty years.
Marc and Nathaniel Meyohas's father is a French corporate lawyer.
Perlhagen’s father owned a Swedish pharmaceutical operation which was
sold for over ten million pounds.
Marc Meyohas said in a phone interview May 2016
“It’s purely family money; we don’t manage institutional capital.
As a result you can move quickly.”
Following privatisation in 1988, the company together with the rest of BSC became part of
Corus (1999),
later Tata Steel Europe (2007).
In 2016 the long products division of Tata Steel Europe was
sold to Greybull Capital with Scunthorpe as the primary steel production site.
we don't much like repeating things
today we will begin by setting out the structure of
The Tees Valley
the Administrative Tees Valley
we are willing to accept that there are places where
people have at least two
either working for them of exploiting them
we don't know the term but
once upon a time there was
Redcar Borough Council and
busking here....
it was bit bit like
Hambledon Borough Council now
lay with
The North Riding of Yorkshire County Council
Redcar schools were administered in
then came
a unitary authority
we don't remember much about that
then came
Cleveland County Council
and it was run from
in the new build just beside to long established
Middlesbrough Town Hall
but it was not a unitary authority
it ran the schools but there were
lower tier councils within its boundaries
and they did things the like of
bins and street cleaning
the four lower tier councils were
and Redcar was in Langthingy
it wasn't actually spelt LLangthingy
but it did reflect the idea
it's got a steelworks so
it must be in Wales
it was actually called - by nobody local
and it was supposed to be pronounced
lang bar
and it was named for
Langbaurgh Ridge
and (site of) Langbaurgh Castle
which were originally supposed to be in
Cleveland County
but ended up in
The Hambleton district
North Yorkshire
and the boundary runs
clear across the top of
Roseberry Topping
all along
Canny Yaton
Great Ayton
was intended to be in
but ended up in North Yorkshire
and there was a lot of trouble like that
about these boundaries
and so the decisions were simplified
the 4 district councils were defined by
by major rate payer
any steel works - British Steel
either paid its rates to
Hartlepool or Langthingy
any chemical industry - ICI
either paid its rates to
Stockton or Langthingy
the boundaries were drawn up such that
neither British Steel nor ICI
Imperial Chemical Industries
paid any rates to
Middlesbrough District Council
and that gave Middlesbrough
independence from industry
Cleveland County
collected rates from the
industrial perimeter
and spent the money in the
Town Centre
Unified Business Rates
were introduced and
collected by
National Government
Cleveland County
lost its purpose
Darlington and Durham
went through a similar process
and on the dissolution of
Cleveland County
the name Cleveland was freed up and so
Langthingy wa renamed
Redcar and Cleveland
without boundary changes
and that would be
Redcar and Cleveland County Borough Council
and so
to this day
any published statistics relating to
no NOT include
Industrial Teesside
they relate to the commercial heart
and so to today's analogy
the original concept of
glamping - glamourous camping
was a caravan not a tent
and there are three main sorts of caravan
caravan, static caravan, and modile home
the latter is RV
the British get
RV and SUV confused
an RV is around the size of
Beckingham Palace - now sold by the soccer club owner
and so there is a choice
and we want to use that choice of
camping gear to the location of
steel making and processing plant and equipment
there is a concept of an
integrated steel works
for this purpose we will use an RV
as the analogy for that
let us say that you live on an
Urban Clearway
with very limited off street parking
and you want to own an RV
Winnebago - that sort of thing
you can rent space on a Caravan site and
keep your RV there
like many people would do off season
here is what
British Steel are doing
they do have quite a large estate in Redcar
but it's only big enough to park
the limo
the SUV - the sports utility Vehicle
next door some foreigners own a huge tract of land
and they have abandoned a last year's model RV
on the site because
they can't get an SVA for it
a single vehicle approval certificate
so they can't take it onto the local roads
and so
British Steel are tripping back and forth between
their classic SUV - Lackenby rolling mills
and their entirely clapped out RV
Scunthorpe Steel works
whilst looking over the fence with disgust
at the slow degredation of Redcar iron works
the one the owners put a
crate motor
into months ago
like the direct coal injection plant
and so it's a stand off
Greybull and Her Madj - her government
let us shut Scunthorpe and re-open Redcar
we shut Scunthorpe and Lackenby
High Noon
is almost immediately after this week's

16th May 2019

we love these
think tank press releases
relative poverty
we are told that relative poverty is
having less than 60 percent of the
UK median wage
and so we say
living wage less than ten pounds an hour
working week 40 hours
400 pounds per week
twenty thousand pounds a year
lets take a couple of well paid jobs
doctor, engineer
lets take a couple of massively overpaid workers
head teacher, senior police officer
and let's say
one hundred thousand pounds a year
median between those s
twenty plus half of 80
twenty plus 40
60 thousand pounds a year
60 per cent of that is
36,000 pounds a year
so anybody earning less than
36 grand a year is living in
relative poverty
unless you want to set the top wage at
footballer or songwriter level
in which case
anybody living on less than
one million two hundred thousand a year is
living in relative poverty
and if you can't feed a couple of kids on that
perhaps you should stop wrapping each
corn flake
in gold leaf

15th May 2019

Today is
Bone Day
we will always oversimplify
in the interests of explanation
and our latest oversimplification was to say
that cancers consist of
cells growing and dividing
out of control
there are people whose business is to
find the remains of long dead people and
work out where they were born by
analysing the chemical makeup of
their teeth
onc you get your teeth
that's yer lot
they don't
heal like bones
and there is a very simple reason for that
despite teeth having a live pulp in a cavity
bones have
ther is no such thing as
dentoclasts and dentoblasts
we have
odontoclasts when young
they undermine the baby or milk teeth
by resorbing the tooth root tissue
odontoblasts create dentin the bit between the pulp and the enamel
ameloblasts make the outer enamel
in teeth once formed
in teeth once formed
what does this mean?
the knitting of a broken bone is not
nor a shaft of invisible light from the creator
in essence
you may have heard of
stress fractures
the knitting of a broken bone is a
welcome side effect - leisure activity if you like
of the mechanism that
mitigates the adverse effects of the
potential fro bones to suffer
stress fractures
when a bit of bone appears to be stressed
or in the wrong place
the osteoclasts
dissolve it
and the osteoblasts
replace it
with new bone
bone growth occurs in two modes
and this is why
The Super Vet
rambles on about
not damaging the
growth plates
with his screws
interstitial growth can
only occur at the growth plates
they run across the bone
one each end
like the cuts in a loaf of bread
and so
when the osteoclasts
go for it, go for the construction analogy
some forms of bone cancer
all the ones we know about
are like
there's a pothole in the road and
road planer comes along - the osteoclasts
and removes the road surface
but it cuts so deep there's nothing for the
Barber Green or Blaw Knox
the plaver to coat
road gang
followed by paver
and then the roller
and don't roll the binder off
in other words
if you run over uncured blacktop
you separate the aggregate - stone etc - from the tar
the person who lays paving stones is
a pavior
a machine that lays black top
is a paver
and so if you have a cancerous set of
yer bone
in that area becomes
swiss cheese
and so to Ricker's mouth
X-rays showing bone missing
suspicion of an osteclast based cancer
if it were so
we would not want to release the rogue osteoclasts
into Ricker's circulation and so
when the teeth need filling
agony better than death
sometimes deep down
Ricker wasn't so sure
Ricker persuaded or conned a dentist
into removing the tooth the hospital said
lets see if it settles down
and he's been slowly recovering from the
ever since
hey Ricker boy
which would you rather die from
bone cancer
but Ricker knew
he didn't - yet - have bone cancer
he had bone loss because
he'd had his face kicked in

We find something interesting in the
current unemployment stats
our most recent numbers are for
what we can say is that
the national unemployment rate is
3.8 per cent
in the North East
the male unemployment rate id
just over 4 per cent
but the North East female unemployment rate is
over 5 per cent
and it would not be too much of a stretch to say that
a lot of the people we see in
entry level jobs at present
look like they could easily be
women aged between
60 and 67
women who aren't getting the pensions they expected
and if this is happening in The North East
and not elsewhere we wonder whether
people who would have been on
Pensioner Credit
as opposed to the
State Pension
Universal Credit
that would cause a blip
we should note that
Redcar and Cleveland Council
will be lead by an Independent representing
and her deputy will be a woman representing
St. Germain's
and that's
Old Marske
the High Street and the 'council estate'
and she's a LibDem

13th May 2019

Ricker hates repeating himself
Jump to search In cell biology, contact inhibition refers to two different but
closely related phenomena: contact inhibition of locomotion (CIL) and
contact inhibition of proliferation (CIP).
CIL refers to the avoidance behavior exhibited by
fibroblast-like cells when in contact with one another.
In most cases, when two cells contact each other, they
attempt to alter their locomotion in a different direction to
avoid future collision.
When collision is unavoidable, a different phenomenon occurs whereby
growth of the cells of the culture itself eventually stops in a
cell-density dependent manner.
Both types of contact inhibition are well-known properties of
normal cells and contribute to the regulation of
proper tissue growth, differentiation, and development.
It is worth noting that both types of regulation are normally
negated and overcome during organogenesis during embryonic development and
tissue and wound healing.
However, contact inhibition of locomotion and proliferation are both
aberrantly absent in cancer cells, and
the absence of this regulation contributes to tumorigenesis.
Stoker, M.G. (1967). "Density dependent inhibition of cell growth in culture".
Nature. 215 (5097): 171–172. doi:10.1038/215171a0.
so perhaps we will have to rip this off from somebody else
rip off above
Ricker below
contact inhibition
when surgeons revise a surgery
operate in the same place for a second or further time
they encounter
things - bits of your body
that should slide over each other
are stuck together
the initial surgery disrupted the relationships
between the anatomical elements
and where you were cut and stitched
healing took place
the healing and repair process
the two cut edges of the skin
jointed back together
they also got stuck to the muscle below
to varying extents
how does the body know when where and how to
link back together
bits that the surgeon separated?
millions and millions of cells
before your surgery
since you were all growed up
they just sat there not doing much
apart from their job
and why was that?
it was because
if you get a 'phone call from your sister
pretty much at the same time every
so long as the calls keep coming
you don't report her missing to the police
when a tissue is cut
the cut ends - the cells making up the front line
assume that a gap has developed and
they proliferate - divide
to try to reach the other side of the presumed gap
and close it
what is there will probably not to space
it will be debris
blood, muck
and so two things happen
the cut edges grow
and blood - often brought through new growth
tiny blood vessels called capillaries
seek to shift the muck and debris
now say the gap isn't filled with stuff that
the blood can break down
say its a shard of glass
or an asbestos fibre
or a calcium crystal - breast, prostate
then the gap persists
and the cells in the cut edge
remain convinced that there is a gaping hole and
if you are lucky
they take a chill pill and decide to
workaround the edges
lock up the intrusion in a
it is probably a matter of chance
what sort of
pluripotential cells get
isolated by
the intrusion
and whether you get
normal healing
scar tissue
a cyst
or a tumour
some cells - shall we say cartilage cells - will behave
quite calmly
some bone cells will
go bananas
and it depends on the nature of the intrusion
we can put certain metal things
screws, pins, plates
into bones and they are happy
here's the thing
a simple fracture can be opened up and operated on
at low risk
but a compound fracture
one where the skin is broken
lets all sort of stuff into the bone
and the reaction can be
we could call that infection
but it may actually be a cancerous reaction
once a cell that has a limited rage of options
be solid bone or grow
decides to switch to a mode
it should have given up before you were born
anything can happen
but mostly the cells will just grow and divide and
or the technical term is
they will not be challenged by your immune system and
will grow and divide and spread
around your body
killing you - without intent
before they are more numerous than your normal
well behaved cells
and so
for instance
the problem with asbestos is
the fibres are just the right size
and hardness
to switch the cells that come into contact with them into
rampant, baby-like, growth mode
and a lot of people with asbestos in their lungs
never got mesothelioma - asbestos related lung cancer
and they got the cysts monitored for years and years
people who got coal dust and not asbestos fibres in
their lungs got
well not quite
and here's the rub
the thing they don't tell you
because they have
consulted the industry
asbestosis is lung damage caused by
asbestos in the lungs
the stats tells us that
the people with asbestosis
now lumped with other things under
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
who were not
heavy smokers
generally did not go on to develop
mesothelioma - lung cancer
there is as they say
a dose-response relationship
between how much asbestos and how much smoke
and how likely it is you will get
cancer not just cysts
heavy smoker in this case is
more than one pack a day
passive smoking
Tommy gave up smoking when Ricker was
around ten years old
so far Ricker shows no signs of
prostate cancer
both his father's other sons died of it
and the one who died first....
had the wife - then ex-wife - who was a
chain smoker
we can say that many cancers are
like you need
glass fibres, resin and hardner
to make a plastic moulding

and so to therapy
take your dog to a normal vet
they may try to save it by
removing the limb that
has the cancer
that's the one step up from
pain killers and
'put your affairs in order'
obviously there are more precise versions for
remove the cancer
and then there is
kill the cancer cells without removing them
various types of
radiation therapy
and then there is conventional
this kills cells that are
actively dividing
ut it often kills cells you want to divide and grow
like hair
and then we get to the
21st century stuff
as we said
cancer cells
get away with it because they are
they have a
hall pass
the immune system does not bother them
and so we now ha e therapies that
target cancer cells and
like zap them with a
paint ball gun
and your immune system 'sees' that and
arrests and destroys them
the futuristic therapy
identifies - would identify - cells in
baby mode
cells behaving in a very primitive way
and switch them to a more
mature mode
so that they slowed down
this is the current challenge
how to
reduce malignancy
rather than to kill or remove
the Holy Grail of cancer research is to
develop a therapy that
halts tissue repair
at the
cyst forming stage
the real problem is
bits breaking off the body of a cyst
and spreading the
'repair process' around the body
oh we feel a Rachael Whitereed analogy coming on
the ace piece of 20th century art was
Rachael Whitereed having
the inside of a house sprayed with
and having the actual house removed
a sculpture of
the living space provided by a home
the council had it demolished - natch
it's a good image for cancer though
I just told you to
blow the bloody doors off
I just wanted the brickwork pointed
I didn't want the house filled with shotcrete

as far as F1 goes
when will
stop stalking
and start racing him?
probably never
it's probably in his contract to
worry the lad
not dishearten him
on the other hand
Formula E
give them full race batteries
and put them on an
F1 track
and you get a normal race
without the sound effects
and a lot of high end cars
have how shall we say
exhaust notes
they tune the 'mufflers' to
create a selling sound
and there is a microphone
up each F1 exhaust
and so the
entertainment continues
we hope the next step will be for
Formula W
to allow
different car designs
not the
Top Gear style
Star in reasonably priced car
formula we presently have

and today's lesson on aero is...
the tow
if you think about it for many a year most
cars had engines
and most cars didn't have
power steering
we go off piste a bit here
soft start
on electric motors
if you have an idle electric motor and you
slam in the contactor - switch
you get a massive spike in current drain
because the rotor is still and
the motor is not acting as a motor
it is acting like an
induction heater
and hence modern drills etc.
Bosch in particular
don't start as soon as you pull the trigger
soft start
in terms of drills
it is easier to vary the speed of the drill than to
start the drill
and so
then a car punches its way through the air
it sets up
in the air near it
and so the air is in motion and
if another car comes along
instead of overcoming the
of the air stream
it simply has to guide it on its way
absorbing less energy

10th May 2019

In ecology, climax community, or climatic climax community,
is a historic term for a biological community of
plants, animals, and fungi which,
through the process of ecological succession in
the development of vegetation in an area over time,
have reached a steady state.
This equilibrium was thought to occur because
the climax community is composed of species
best adapted to average conditions in that area.
The term is sometimes also applied in soil development.
Nevertheless, it has been found that a "steady state" is
more apparent than real,
particularly if long-enough periods of time
are taken into consideration.
Notwithstanding, it remains a useful concept.
The idea of a single climax, which is defined
in relation to regional climate, originated with
Frederic Clements
in the early 1900s.
The first analysis of succession as leading to
something like a climax was written by Henry Cowles in 1899,
but it was Clements who used the term "climax" to
describe the idealized endpoint of succession.

we struggle to detect the difference between
we can't show you the cover of the LibDem manifesto
because it's got
on it
tomorrow at dawn your teacher will be
stoned to death in front of you
because she suggested that the
classroom hamster
should be called

we mentioned the national statistic on
we assume that this is a measure of the
average wealth produced per worker
another measure of productivity is
the wealth generated per
person of working age
that would fold in the
unemployment rate and the employment rate

when is the Cleveland Police Service
going to get a senior officer who will arrive and
Ah yes, Teesside
Just like South Wales
a very very long time ago
in the days of Black and white
day time BBC TV in the North East
BBC Wales
it wasn't in Welsh
like just bung 'em something to
demonstrate the sets in the shops
near Wales isn't it?
speaking of which
Ena Sharples
character not actor
in the latest Waitrose advert

We think Archie may be
The Ginner's pet name for his
big brother
I may be a ginner but
I'm not bald
Archie Bald
we have two candidates for
tool of the month
runner up
co-leader of the Greens
'people voted Green to
stay in the EU
no fuck wit
if they wanted to stay in the EU they would have voted
the winner though
some twat called
at Lancaster University
and so we have to do the whole
Climax Forest thing
just 'cos of him
way way back in the mists of time there was
on biology syllabuses a thing called
The Kreb's Cycle
another of those wonderful
learn it, don't think about it bits of
and then there was
and he decided to become
an ecologist
wrote a book
worked for the government
two things to distinguish
evolution we tend to use regarding
genetic change
is regarded as not involving genetic change
what we have to say has to be
in the spirit of the
Idiot's Guide
series of self help books
and so
what is the familiar?
ya gotta go to yer Monty Don
yer Gardeners' World
from time to time there will be features on
starting a new garden
and sometimes it will be
clearing the weeds from an allotment plot
but sometimes we get half way to paradise
from Mother's Nature's point of view
starting a new garden is the likes of
bringing new life to a freshly emerged
sand bar in an estuary
but to the Monty class of person
starting a new garden is
buying your three acres - to go with the Jag
and finding that it is
an open field
what do you do first
you plant a quick set hedge
traditionally hawthorn
a fast growing, dense
shelter belt
when you have created a
you can begin the think about
what plants you would
like to see in your garden
and think less about
what will grow
gardeners and growers think about succession
in terms of
what will be nice in January
followed by what will be nice in February
that is only part of Mother Nature's concept of
she knows about the weather at different times
of the year benefiting different plants
but you can't grow mistletoe
until you have a suitable tree
to grow it on
stability leads to diversity
grow on freshly turned soil
and so
diversity through stability leads to the
demise - locally - of pioneer species
need a bit of mole disruption or similar
to get the poppies back
there are probably a great many way to classify
one way is to separate
thought experiments
practical experiments
we have referred earlier to the story of tipulids
once upon a time
landowners believed that
lived on heather shoots
and so heather is burned to
provide lush flushes of regrowth
to feed the grouse
not bad for the results of a
thought experiment
what if we burn the old heather the grouse can't eat?
set a bunch of eco logists on the problem and they
grouse fee a lot of
tipulid larvae
to their chicks
out there in the real world
even the freshest, most succulent heather shoots
are too tough for tiny newly hatched grouse chicks
so using insecticide because you think
tipulids - daddy long legs - are
with your grouse...
not a good idea because
mummy grouse is exploiting tipulid larvae
food processors
to made heather into
baby food
and so
and so to sheep
and the fuck wit from Lancaster
experiments versus marketing
the really big threat to rural economies is
if you want to sell herbicide
you produce data about how your
herbicide kills bracken
if you are an eco logist
you study bracken
not herbicides
and you test three
bracken suppressing strategies
and you find
the most effective means of suppressing bracken is
to have it trampled
lets just assume without proof that the moorland succession is
heather, bracken, rowan
from a commercial point of view we
best exploit moorland by combining
grouse and sheep
bracken ain't no use to either
the sheep do three things
they are a crop
they halt succession - from heather to bracken
and they
stimulate the growth of
what they eat
grass grows from the root
it does not grow at the tips
it grows like an old time car aerial
it is pushed up
it is not added to like a Lego tower
and so the more the sheep browse
the more the brouse grows and the more
the grass transfers to
the sheep
carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere
into the grass
out of the grass
into the sheep
and some of it belched back into the atmosphere
a carbon cycle that
does not release any
fossil carbon
and does not
when the entire rather short cycle is considered
add to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
if the sheep did not browse
the grass would reach its natural height
stop growing
stop fixing atmospheric
carbon dioxide

and while we're on...
one way of dividing grazing animals is into
one the one hand the ones with teeth
and on the other hand
the ones with tongues
like rabbits, and sheep and deer
not fact checked
bite off what they eat
and like cows and giraffes
rip grass up by the roots with their tongues
so sheep are
they have a static territory that they
rabbits are avid gardeners
and cattle migrate and don't come back until
the land they have laid waste
has recovered

and so the constant drive from
the hacks
to find the
next thing to
becomes a
Game of Jenga

8th May 2019

Here we hold up our hands to the possibility of
having made a major error
we think the Labour Group on Redcar and C council
will be lead by a councillor for Coatham called
where we are way out of line is in suggeating that
he does not live in Coatham
but in Yew Tree Avenue
he is definitely a little guarded about where he lives
and we suppose there is this problem
if I am a Tory and I don't live in Kirkleatham
what if I get elected to represent Kirkleatham?

confused by the election of councillors in
there are
5,507 registered electors
in Kirkleatham
1,425 of them
turned out to vote
in person or by post
they didn't hand themselves in to vote
and there wasn't a Tory candidate
there were Tory candidates in all those no hope wards
South Bank, Dormanstown, Grangetown Eston
and the Labour candidates who were elected got
550, 588 votes
and the one who was not elected got
and the UKIP candidate who was elected got
672 votes
no candidates withdrew after initial nomination
in that ward
so the Tories didn't withdraw to aid
UKIP or the LibDems
so where were they?
it is not at all clear why
parties that win one seat
only put up one candidate
it looks to us that a number of candidates take a
I won, I'm done
that is
they want to stand
but they don't wish to serve
and soon we shall see whether they
allow 15 Labour councillors - out of 57
to form a minority administration

7th May 2019

Boxing Helena is a 1993 American mystery thriller film with
horror elements directed by Jennifer Lynch, and starring
Sherilyn Fenn, Julian Sands and Bill Paxton.
The plot follows a surgeon whose growing obsession with
a woman leads him to amputate her limbs and hold her captive in
his home after she suffers a car accident.
The film garnered notoriety prior to its release after
protracted legal battles with Madonna and Kim Basinger,
both of whom backed out of the leading role of Helena.
It debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 1993,
where it received critical praise.
After receiving an NC-17 rating by the MPAA,
the film was given an R-rating on appeal and
released in the United States in September 1993,
but received critical backlash and was a financial failure.
we forget the titles of remakes
more recently there was a gender reversal version
We have had a little look at
Redcar and Cleveland
local election results
Dave Walsh is not re-elected
and Skelton now has 4 Tory councillors
we were wrong about the number of councillors changing
still 59 - we haven't counted
remainers lost
leavers won
Teesville Independents have 3 members
should be Labour
The individual results for each ward are available below.
Belmont Ward - Pe?ter Berry (Independent) and Anne Watts (Independent)
Brotton Ward - Barry Hunt (Independent), Graham Cutler (Independent) and Martin Fletcher (Independent)
Coatham Ward - Neil Baldwin (Independent) and Carl Quartermain (Labour)
Dormanstown Ward - Ceri Cawley (Labour) and Alec Brown (Labour)?
Eston Ward - Christopher Massey (Labour), Dan Rees (Labour?) and Geralidine Williams (Labour)
Grangetown Ward - Lynne Pallister (Labour) and Adam Brook (Independent)?
Guisborough Ward - Bill Clarke (Independent), Shelagh Holyoake (Labour) and Dennis Teasdale (Conservative)
Hutton Ward - Malcolm Griffiths (Conservative), Caroline Jackson (Conservative) and Graham Jeffery (Conservative)
Kirkleatham Ward - Mike Lockwood (UKIP), Leah Quartermain (Labour and Co-operative Party) and Charlie Brady (Labour and Co-operative Party?)
Lockwood Ward - Steve Kay (East Cleveland Independent)?
Loftus Ward - Wayne Davies (Independent), Tim Gray (Independent) and Mary Lanigan (Independent)
Longbeck Ward - Vera Rider (Conservative) and Norah Cooney (Conservative)?
Newcomen Ward - Billy Wells (Independent) and Carrie Cook (Labour)
Normanby Ward - Chris Foley-McCormack (Labour), Chris Gallacher (UKIP) and Billy Ayre (Labour)?
Ormesby Ward - Carole Morgan (Liberal Democrats), Glyn Nightingale (Liberal Democrats) and Irene Nightingale (Liberal Democrats)
Saltburn Ward - Craig Hannaway (Labour), Stuart Smith (Independent) and Philip Thomson (Conservative)
South Bank Ward - Sandra Smith (Independent) and Sue Jeffrey (Labour)?
Skelton East Ward - Julie Craig (Consverative) and Cliff Foggo (Conservative)?
Skelton West Ward - Craig Holmes? (Conservative) and Lee Holmes (Conservative)?
St Germain's Ward - Deborah Dowson (Liberal Democrat), Karen King (Liberal Democrat) and Margaret Wilson (Liberal Democrat)
Teesville Ward - David Fisher (Teesville Independent), Robert Clark (Teesville Independent) and Vince Smith (Teesville Independent)
West Dyke Ward - Mary Ovens (Liberal Democrats), Chris Jones (Liberal Democrats) and Malcolm Head (Liberal Democrats)?
Wheatlands Ward - Yvonne Lax-Keeler (Liberal Democrats) and Shaun Moody (Liberal Democrats)??
Zetland Ward - Louise Westbury (Liberal Democrats) and ?Alison Barnes (Liberal Democrats)
we strive to find analogies
we have this atmospheric carbon analogy that is
very good
but it is a bit techy
most people run a car
most people neglect the routine servicing
here we are talking about
topping up the water in the radiator
no radiator on VW Beetles etc.
we are talking water cooled...
what people seem to really struggle with is
the concept of the
carbon cycle
and so we water in the radiator
it don't stay there
over time, some of it goes missing
and so it has to be topped up
we will split this analogy two ways right here
one way
we customise the vehicle and
fit a bigger engine
we will need more water in the cooling system
that is our analogy for
human population growth
rising living standards associated with
the industrial revolution
bigger engine - more cooling water
but here it is
we don't drag a water bouser - tank
around with us to keep the engine cool
static steam engines had to be built
over a water source
they did not - generally - recycle their cooling water
right or wrong, that's the crux of this analogy
the reason why the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide
are going up is that
our global economy
behaves like and early steam engine
not circulating - recycling - the cooling water
but in this case
not recycling the
we absolutely, positively
remove the carbon dioxide from
Earth's atmosphere
and here we spin off to
analogy number two
we switch from water to
if you do your car maintenance
properly you do not
simply top up the water
we check the
antifreeze - water
balance in the coolant
and so
higher carbon dioxide - more luxuriant plant growth
more toxicity to animal life
global temperature rise
second point - submarines and space craft need
to keep carbon dioxide levels below
toxic to animal life
there are hydrometer style gadgets
like the ones use to check the level of alcohol in
beers wines and spirits
to check you not got too much water in your coolant
so the aim is not
get rid of the carbon
it is
hold the carbon dioxide concentration in
the optimal range
fixes atmospheric carbon and
makes the
carbon cycle
go round
fossil carbon
adds excess carbon to the atmosphere and
thta could be said to be like
adding too much water and
diluting your coolant and
the coolant freezes
and splits the engine block
except that with the Earth it may be
too much anti-freeze and the Earth
because the anti-freeze is there to
stop the coolant from freezing
not to help it
cool the engine
essentially it is the water vapour in the atmosphere that
cools the Earth
and it needs it because of all that
remember that - energy from the sun
and to complete the story
you can get
waterfree engine coolant
and that transfers the heat
but neither freezes at any
earthly temperature and cannot be
got over its boiling point
by any known vehicle engine
but completely swapping our atmosphere for
carbon dioxide
would be toxic to all animal and plant life
plants MAKE oxygen from
carbon dioxide
they make their equivalent of
from the carbon
and they throw away the oxygen
but not all of it
they need oxygen in the same way
animals do
plants give off oxygen in sunlight
and they give off - a lot less - carbon dioxide
in darkness
depending on how vigourously they are
at the time
crops grow more vigorously than
scrub or 'weeds'
and so give off more oxygen
and store more carbon
man can choose
release carbon that was captured from the atmosphere
months ago
or carbon that was captured from the atmosphere
hundreds or thousands of years ago
we need a
carbon cycle
we do not have to have just the one cycle
we can have the carbon cycle
and an alternative
non-carbon energy cycle
the non-carbon energy cycle being
as with braking systems that
take kinetic energy from vehicles and
without resort to carbon
store the energy in a battery

this whole analogy works better if we say
burning fossil fuels is like
topping up your engine cooling system with
anti-freeze instead of water
the anti-feeeze gets too strong and
the radiator stops working

by the by
one of the big things about motor racing
fastest lap is set towards the end of the race because
the cars are lighter
because they are no longer carrying fuel so far as we know
a fully charged battery
weighs exactly the same as
a fully discharged battery
we will have something to say about the
local government elections
when we have had a look at the details
for the
Tees valley
no overall control
for Redcar and Cleveland
there were
27 official Labour councillors
13 of them lost their seats
when 27 of 59 councillors were Labour
it was still a labour council
and so this Bank Holiday will see
whether there are
other groups
Labour, Independent Labour, whatever
14 official Labour councillors in an
authority with 56 or 57 seats
will be interesting but as of now
they have sorting out to do
in the present climate
it may be difficult to find people who are not
official Labour
who are willing to take cabinet roles
it the holliers and so
a bit of science
we are watching the excellent
Tour de Yorkshire
cycle races
and we are inspired to offer an insight into
consider a cyclist, or runner or vehicle
as a spoon in your tea or coffee
the point of the stirring is to mix the components
usually distribute the sugar
and so the spoon moves the liquid over the solids
and so we have the tea moving in the mug
but the interesting bit is the fate of the spoon
as the spoon stirs it rotates
at first it is moving through static tea
eventually it will be being carried around by
whirling tea
however if you had a really big mug of tea
you could imagine
like a family stirring the
Christmas cake mixture
more than one spoon in the tea
all stirring the same way around the mug
the one at the front
will be doing the work of
getting the tea moving
and the other spoons will be
contributing a lot less to the effort of
getting the tea moving
and then there is the matter of
in motor-racng
the aero uses
reverse of keeping an aeroplane in the air
the shape of the car to
press it into the ground for more grip
that pressing helps with cornering
it costs drive energy and so
and this is called
grip or downforce
and so to get
more straight line overtaking speed
the F1 cars have
drag reduction system
a bit like turning the spoon
edge on as you stir
and then there is
we have fairly static air in an indoor
less so at an outdoor veldrome and
on the road
in motor racing
there are extremes
roundy roundy
drag racing
drag racing is
dead straight
and is just a case of trying to get
the car
the air
an so it is an extreme
wedge shape
and the lifted air is
dumped onto the spoiler above the rear wheels
for maximum traction
in drag racing the aim is to
lift and drop the air
in the twisty course versions
you have
a very important
pushing the air to the sides
as in the
bow wave of a ship
and getting the vehicle is referred to as
ground effect

There are a couple of old movies that
we haven't seen because of
poor reviews
that have significant story lines
we will try to research them later
They are a movie in which
Peter Sellers
gave a reputedly poor performance in
Being There
it is the story of some sort of low grade
an illiterate gardener
somehow, perhaps through utterances to
an employer
gains a reputation as a
homespun philosopher
and like quienoir
gets adopted by the
chattering classes
and quite quickly becomes
President of the United States
or some such
so very Trump
perhaps that is enough of that
the other movie we can't seem to track down so easily
it is a horror movie of the
how shall we say
psychological as opposed to gory variety
we think it was called
Boxing Helena
since we hve not seen the actual movie we will ignore the reality
and go with the concept it inspired
a man abduct a young woman
perhaps he has sex with her but he
in the more modern term
spikes her drink
and so we are in
Warboys territory
the crossover into other tales is that
at first he keeps the woman in a semi-comatose state for
some time and visits her for sex periodically
he knows that she cannot survive very long in this state
and so one day she wakes to find
she no longer has feet
a little later she has no legs
then no hands
then no arms
eventually she is a sex toy
entirely healthy but
entirely helpless and dependent
as it stands
these amputations could not be achieved without the assistance of
a lot of kit and some human assistance
the movie is however some sort of
graphic representation of
controlling behaviour
without the need for actual amputations
the subject is gradually rendered dependent
our Ricker can be fairly neutral on the
cat versus dog
pet debate
since in his early years he both a dog and a cat
there is a difference
some cats may even catch food to contribute to
the family feast but most
have a home sharing arrangement with humans
most dogs are dependent, junior, family members
and so to the concept of
human pets
most people have children because they
want a state in the world when they are gone
want the challenge of developing a part of the next generation
there is a line somewhere in dominant human behaviour where
caring for those less fortunate
morphs into
keeping other humans as pets
we have a safeguard in cases of handicap, disability etc
that the assumption is that all decisions are taken
with the interest of the more vulnerable party
being given priority
to some extent this is driven harder by a desire to
avoid a repeat of the holocaust
at all costs
we turn to the memory of Steve Bates
Dr. Bates was Ph.D. in metallurgy and
Gilbrook being the secondary school in
South Bank, Teesside
that took the slightly smarter kids....
slightly left wing should we say
Steve decided that he absolutely believed in
comprehensive education
so as a metalurgist working as a
head of physics in as steel town comp
matched his skills and ideals
and he stuck it for a couple of years
but to cut a long story short
his next bright idea was to become
and education officer in
The Royal Navy
where other people would supply the
and we are talking about the
when new steel works were being built
and when Steve's predecessor
Arnie Harker
had left teaching and walked into a job at
the steelworks
as a steelworks labourer
and his former pupils
hazed him rotten
and having spent ten years - for instance - drawing
a cross-section of a hydraulic jack
on a blackboard
he couldn't for the life of him
recognise the real thing
when sent to fetch one
design-tec Sam time
boy gets sent from workshop A to
workshop 1 with the errand
Mr. Everett has sent me for a
long stand
right oh boy, just you stand there over by the door
and so...
a combination of
union power
governments obsessed with jarbs - job creation
education becomes
you can take a horse to water
but you can't
make it drink
when would you ever hear a leftist politician say
what these poor wretches need is
post doc teachers?
more money means
at least one teacher per pupil
when you see the stats - nursing homes
more staff than inmates
and the opposite
ad lib - at liberty - narcotic pain relief
when patients die a week or two 'early'
is the outcry that this is
the slippery slope of a holocaust
or is it
short hospital stay cost jobs
'entry level' - low skill jobs
in the UK we have a legacy from days of union power
the concept of
Demarcation Disputes
we demand
clearly defined areas of
doubt and uncertainty
amalgamated union of
something along the lines of
priests and mystics
Hitchhikers Guide reference
and in the US the concept of a
Union Crew
the idea is that if you want to put really really stupid people
into the workforce
you have to give each worker a very limited
skill set
classically, a
sagger maker's bottom knocker
and because each task will require many
if you replace
a multiskilled craftsperson
a team of microskilled individuals
this will
reduce unemployment
reduce productivity
and so at present in the UK
we have
falling unemployment and
at best
stagnant productivity
because each task will require many
a sagger maker makes the rough
clay pillar-pots that keep
pots from collapsing into each other in a kiln
and so to the combined
acronym - job title Sam
He's PS to the PPS to the PM
private secretary to the
parliamentary private secretary to the
Prime Minister

nothing can be done
without first assembling a large
crew of narrow specialists
at one extreme there should be no such thing as a
consultant general surgeon
at the other extreme
we need multiskilled stevedores
if cargo handling isn't to become
completely automated
ships have
ship's captains
dock captains
crane operators
shipping company managers
insurance company representatives
the cargo owner
the cargo supplier
the cargo customer
the lifting gear hire company
their insurers
Health and Safety Executive of Government
the port - dock manager
their insurance company's representative
and the trucking company
and so we have
near full employment despite containerisation
and the end of manual labour
but it all requires
literacy, numeracy, computer skills
and of course,BR> no early retirement of physical disability grounds
I cannot wark, let alone work
aye but you can watch a computer screen
so do it for a living
if you can play bingo
you can watch a production line
we have used the
Bessie and Masie contrast and we have more detail to impart
as Ricker grew up one remarkable feature of life was
his mam trying to track down supplies of
Iodised salt
table salt with added iodine
and 90 per cent of goitres are
caused by iodine deficiency
and it is the other ten percent that are cancer
and in his twenties and thirties Ricker was on
good terms
with his family doctor
Ricker would be questioned about
who is doctor Barker
why have you got his email address?
and again we see people reading their boss's emails
and taking them personally
practice managers and receptionists who
treat doctors as their
personal employees
so back before that got fraught
Julia Speit being a
without being a doctor
anyway, way back when
when Ricker's mam died
the GP practice produced Masie's death certificate
and Dr. Barker
was good enough to add
to the causes of death
thyroid deficiency
and bangs on the head notwithstanding
she got myxodaema and not
on her cert
and by association you could reference
myxodaema madness
and so
and so to Bessie
Peter - Tommy and Bessie's younger son - was
an Oxford graduate
and one year Tommy and Bessie were in the front seats of his car
driving along the A1
at Dishforth
and so it was boat race day in some year from 1949 to 1951
or perhaps it was earlier
and Tommy was driving on the big road and not contemplating any
but later he had to admit that he was listening to the
commentary on the Boat Race on the radio
the land around there is quite flat
and it is very difficult to know what Tommy would have
done differently if the radio had not held his attention
a Polish refugee on a moped
we think Polish refugees on mopeds are
post war
this man on a moped - low powered motorcycle
probably wasn't listening to the Boat Race
was riding along a farm track
and somehow the moped rider missed the presence of
the A1
and managed somehow to ride directly into the path of
Tommy and car
and he landed on the bonnet - hood
of Tommy's car
and came through
the windscreen
and glass from the windscreen
lodged in Bessie's throat
and so we have a choice of next steps
1 the glass in Bessie's throat caused
a contact inhibition derived
cancer of the thyroid
2 Bessie was examined by
doctors other than Fallows
and diagnosed not with a goitre
but with throat cancer
and packed off to Newcastle
we favour the hybrid scenario
the glass affected the goitre tissue and
turned it cancerous
and so Tommy had two opposite wives
one with too much thyroid
and one with not enough
and so
the moped rider survived but
Bessie died

1st May 2019

we have a couple of tidy up points to make
Ricker lostcontact with his
Fergiewagon friend
after their first year because
the friend was put on a
General Degree
that is he was on course when Ricker last knew, to
do a degree consisting of the first years of
three different degrees
so he would ahve studied in
six different departments
whereas Ricker was knocked down from
to zoology
only studied botany in his first year
and so
Carol Vauderman from Rhyl
Fergie man from Blyth
Ricker from Redcar
all did not get a top class degree
and incidentally
Ricker was declined entry on his course at City
when he applied from his home address in Redcar
but the following year
when he applied from his
work address in Guildford, Surrey
he go in
and then when he signed up for a pre-reg
first job
in Redcar he was required to withdraw from his course
Liz Pym-Smith
was having trouble with City
because she was
commuting from Cambridge
and we should say
Carol Vauderman's first job was as an engineer at
a hydro-electric power station in Wales and so
we can say Cambridge
didn't want to
waste a good degree on somebody who was
already fixed up with a job

this is a bit about what we call the
Harry Potter
sorting hat
universities recruiting students
with a view to them working on graduation
in their university area
and not their home area
and now we see this with
University Challenge
it was
I'm Joe Blogs from Chelmsford
now it's
I'm Joe Blogs, originally from Chelmsford

regarding Bessie Ord
we suggested that she died aged around 50
we've seen estimates from 47 to 50
from cancer
throat cancer
before she died she had a
which means
Mr Munroe-Black
removed her throat
and why?
well it was 1950
she had not been to the doctor because...
no lets put that another way
perhaps Dr Fallows had told her
she thought she had a
bloody great swelling in her throat and she thought it was
so did she have symptoms of
Graves' disease?
did she think it was something she picked up on the farm
what is sure
she had to go to Newcastle
even to get her throat ripped out
and was her
being the stroppy sister
to do with Graves disease that
developed into cancer?

30th April 2019

We think the optician industry provides quite an important
insight into the problems of managing a world
in which science and technology advances so quickly
We have mentioned before how
Newton was
no platformed
Cambridge University
because their core business was
the training of Christian priests
we are not here to criticise
The Former Polytechnics
for having an
engineering bias
we recognise that fifty years ago
patients with cancer would not present before
their condition was terminal and so
with days or weeks to live
what was the point in telling them they had cancer?
this morphs somewhat
you don't tell somebody with terminal cancer that
they are about to die
because it will upset them
and that morphs into
you tell people what ails them
because you get a thrill from upsetting them
and so to a previous MP for Redcar
a chemical engineer turned accountant who
on being offered advice on
matters medical
had the advisor arrested on the grounds of
you can talk all you like about
sprockets and valves and nuts and bolts
but don't mention
off with their heads if they want to discuss
women's things
and so to opticians who traditionally were a side line of
and there again
opticians - physics and engineering
family doctors - state registered drug dealers, chemists
non of your
and so, for example
City University had developed a department of
Optometry and Visual Science
out of their
lenses courses
at a point they had a choice between
Liz Pymm Smith
who had done vision studies on babies
at Cambridge
and Ron Douglas
who had studied at
Strathclyde University and
done some
research assistant work in Brighton
Brighton or Sussex Uni
and they decided a guy who liked fish
was a more
professor of anatomy and physiology
an expert on babies
We think the optician industry provides quite an important
insight into the problems of managing a world
in which science and technology advances so quickly
We have mentioned before how
Newton was
no platformed
Cambridge University
because their core business was
the training of Christian priests
we are not here to criticise
The Former Polytechnics
for having an
engineering bias
we recognise that fifty years ago
patients with cancer would not present before
their condition was terminal and so
with days or weeks to live
what was the point in telling them they had cancer?
this morphs somewhat
you don't tell somebody with terminal cancer that
they are about to die
because it will upset them
and that morphs into
you tell people what ails them
because you get a thrill from upsetting them
and so to a previous MP for Redcar
a chemical engineer turned accountant who
on being offered advice on
matters medical
had the advisor arrested on the grounds of
you can talk all you like about
sprockets and valves and nuts and bolts
but don't mention
off with their heads if they want to discuss
women's things
and so to opticians who traditionally were a side line of
and there again
opticians - physics and engineering
family doctors - state registered drug dealers, chemists
non of your
and so, for example
City University had developed a department of
Optometry and Visual Science
out of their
lenses courses
at a point they had a choice between
Liz Pymm Smith
who had done vision studies on babies
at Cambridge
and Ron Douglas
who had studied at
Strathclyde University and
done some
research assistant work in Brighton
Brighton or Sussex Uni
and they decided a guy who liked fish
was a more
professor of anatomy and physiology
an expert on babies
we are going to go back nwo
back to a time that
makes you wonder about the miracle of
our Ricker still being alive
you can probably find a reference to a
a pretty little thing in a glass case with a drum
the drum revolves and a pointer traces out
the air pressure in the room onto paper wrapped around the drum
imagine one with no case painted green and with
a drum between 15 and 30 cm - a foot
in diameter
and no ink
the paper made balck by a sooty flame
and the pointer scratching the soot off and
later the soot being fixed in a bath of varnish
imagine Ricker is in a physiology lab class at
Newcastle medical school
albino rabbits the sort people used to eat
one by one
the rabbits are anaesthetised
and the lab assistant
removes the still beating heart and
mounts it on the machene
and the students
feed different drugs to the isolated heart
and will later
write up a lab report on the effect of different drugs on
heart rate
then a year later
Ricker fresh out on med school in a lab at
Durham University
he has a pal who lives in Blyth
actually at the time he is a Greyman
living during term time in Grey College
and this lad had been a drivers mate in his holidays
on the Fergie Wagons
back in those days Ferguson transport had been based
in Blyth
and Dave Hyde has been stunning frogs so the class
can experiment on them
and there is a display of brain related items in the lab for the day
and one of the items is a real human brain
on a dish and Ricker picks up the brain and
places it in his friend's hands
and now...
we have vegans
and economists advising government on
medical treatments
and Ricker is still alive

29th April 2019

Vorderman was educated at the comprehensive
Blessed Edward Jones Catholic High School in Rhyl.
In 1978, when she was 17, she went to Cambridge, where
she read engineering at Sidney Sussex College.
Vorderman went to Cambridge as one of the youngest women
admitted at the time.
Her degree was only a Third [3rd class],
a result she herself has described as having been "disappointing".

We made a quick check
counted the pages
and we reckon there are around
2,700 registered voters in the
Redcar and Clevalend ward of
South Bank
one day we will do a quick and dirty survey to see
how well that justifies the removal of one
but we extrapolate that there are in the region of
8,000 Redcar and Clevland residents
living as close to local industry as
the people who were affected by the
Bopal explosion
that killed and blinded
that's proper blinded not
Flesh Gordon - airline pilot blinded

Sometimes we are as guilty as anybody of
loosing a few zeros when counting the money
Here is the cost of running an also ran F1 motor racing team - Haas - for a year
one hundred million pounds
so we may say
why is Ensus - bio-ethanol manufacturer on Wilton International
whinging about government regulations?
why don't they sponsor Williams?
Ensus wants to see more bio-ethanol in our car fuel tanks
how much will the guy who wants
to avoid health and safety upgrades on his fossil fuel plants
be paying to take over
Sky cycle racing?
Ineos something along those lines
we guess it's a lot cheaper to pay
The BBC North America editor for example
to lobby on your behalf
than to go direct to the people through sport

Somebody once said
the single most valuable investment of time for
a student in England
is to learn the dates of the
Kings and Queens of England
that is very little data
and it makes you seem very much on top of
a major exam subject
it is in fact very few data
but knowing that is
a bit like a Masonic Handshake for
a datum is a given
a datum line is a
base line
a collection of datum points
is a
data set
and so the scientist talking
science to scientists will say
this data set
speaking to a general audience will say
this data
the data set of
the dates of the Kings and Queens of England
is the most cost effective in education
cost - leaning effort
effect - credibility
however, knowing the dates of the Kings and Queens of England is
and very stable knowledge
it carries with it the sense of having life together but
take another fact
the time of the last train from
Leeds to York
is a simple fact
there are few contexts in which the
date of birth of
King Henry the Eighth
will vary
the last train from Leeds to York
will not leave early
it may leave late
it may not run at all
Kings and Queens of England
simple facts
knowledge of the time of the last train
from Leeds to York -
even if you know when it is due to leave
you don't know when it will leave today
will leave next Tuesday
or left last Wednesday
and here be the thing
the thing that distinguishes a qualification in
or Economics
in some subjects there are facts to remember
in some subjects there are data to manipulate
a fact versus a skill
facts have always been valued above skills
the two most important questions to ask about an exam are
can we use a calculator?
is this an open book exam?
up until very recently
libraries were huge and rare
people in important jobs had to carry
knowledge about their specialism in
a notebook and their memories
we normally set exams that can't be done without a calculator
it will soon be the case that a significant proportion of exams
will not be possible without access to
Google and social media
and so to the time of that train
if you KNOW the time of the last train from
Leeds to York
was 22.45
what the hell use is that to you in 2020?
and that friends is
drowning in
oceans of facts
without so much as a raft of logic or comprehension
to sail them on
if the demented tour guide or platform announcer
tells you the time of the last train
50 years ago
what are you to do?
you miss your train or you take one earlier than necessary
because we EXPECT
that the nutters are all locked up
and none of them are
here is an example of
the blind leading the sighted
Ricker is having a
pre-sentencing assessment with a probation officer
Officer - not Sam - says
Carol Vauderman has a degree in maths
Ricker says
Carol Vauderman's degree is in
and is a third
assessor says
Carol Vauderman has a first class degree in maths and you are
Carol Vauderman s famous for
doing sums
but she does not have a degree in maths
the question is not
are you correct
it is
are you NORMAL
any normal person would assume that Carol Vauderman
has a first class degree in maths
and so
Cambridge University
gave Carol Vauderman a third in engineering
because they thought she was not
cut out to be an engineer
and she made a name for herself for
doing sums on the telly
and her degree only came out in the wash
she did not need it for her career
it's like
this student is not cut out to be a
nursery nurse
and as a technicality we will
fail her in arithmetic despite the fact that
she clearly does know that
two plus to is four
we are only interested in blocking her plans to
become a nursery nurse
we are not interested in her personal credibility
or her general reputation
we are purely interested in baring her from
the nursery industry
if other people are stupid enough to believe that
she does not know
two plus two is four
we don't give a damn
we just don't want her
reading Neacher to two year olds
and so we visit
The Opticians
Ricker has been to the opticians' recently
there is something new
long long time ago opticians
made a big deal about taking
photos of the back of your eyes
the machine that does that, now does something else
it is both a
fundus camera
an autorefractor
some time in the late 1970s
a regulations changed and people who were not by then
registered ophthalmic opticians
had to get recommended for sign up as
pre-registration trainee optometrists
from a university department of
optometry and visual science
and that mean - almost entirely
optometry became - overnight -BR> a graduate entry profession
but the universities involved were not any too
UMIST - University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Aston in Birmingham
City in London
perhaps one or two others - a Glasgow one?
and what these universities did to
'celebrate' their promotion from being
technical colleges to being universities is
they switched the emphasis from
getting the correct prescription for your lenses
checking your eyes for any pathology
any illnesses or defects
glaucoma, cataract, etc. etc
and so when you went to the opticians
you did not know whether you were being examined by
a refractionist
an optometrist
except that the older ones were refractionists and the
younger ones would be optometrists
but you would not know that
the development in the past year is that
the optical assistant
previously a
Dispensing Optician
operates the autorefracter/fundus camera
and the field checker
and the NCT
non contact tonometer
and the optometrist then sees you with
a slit lamp microscope, a rhuby lens
and a wall chart
with lenses set in a refractor head
no trial case
no ophthalmoscope
no retinoscope
in a room equipped for
contact tonometry
in other words
your High Street Optician has
all the eye kit your local
casualty A and E department
has for eye examination
not the eye department but the casualty department
neither can
operate on your eyes but the level of tec is
extremely high
but you are still liable to
NAD syndrome
on the GOS form
general optical services
there is a box called
and the standard entry in that box is
officially that stands for
no abnormality detected
unofficially it stands for
not actually done

26th April 2019

We just want to quickly run over the
local local elections on
2nd May
we always expect
The Labour
the field a full set of candidates
the real puzzle regarding
candidate lists is
Kirkleatham ward
three seats
3 Labour
1 LibDem
the Tories don't even seem to want to know
whether they have any support there
that political point aside
as we see it the number of wards has been increased
from 22 to 24
it appears that Westworth has been renamed Belmont
we are far from clear about that
Longbeck had three seats
Longbeck has 2 seats and a new ward nearby called
has emerged and has 2 seats
Dormanstown has been reduced from 3 to 2 seats
Skelton had 3 seats
it has now been split into 2 wards
East and West
each with 2 seats
South bank has lost a seat
down from 3 to 2
we cannot verify these figure but we think there were
5 two seat wards and are now
11 two seat wards
and we think the council will reduce from
59 to 56 seats
something like that
a couple of Labour councillors have swapped ward
after being ousted due to ward size reduction
all in all
population density is declining
populations are drifting away from
proximity to industry
but nothing really dramatic is happening

24th April 2019

There is something quite odd going on in
the aviation industry in the UK
most aeroplanes - most flying vehicles equipped to
carry people have what the police refer to as an
and human beings refer to as a
number plate
except that on 'planes the number is
not on an actual plate but painted on the body
and the smaller the 'plane
the more noticeable the index marking
we were not alone in noting that
the 'plane in which footballer Salla died
was US not UK registered
today we noticed that a helicopter
fighting UK moorland fires is
US registered
these are small aircraft not given to
flitting across the Atlantic
there must be some
in being US and not UK registered
We make some fun about Ricker's age but
it is quite important
We are not sure when the NHS was established but
we assume that it was in the late 1940s.
he was born in 1952 and so any normal person would
assume that he had lived all his life
under the care of the NHS.
we suspect that this is not entirely the case.
we know that when he was due his mother was
booked into a maternity clinic called
Overdeen in Saltburn
was that
it had an entrance on
Saltburn Lane
Saltburn Dene
and may now beclled
Saltburn Grange
look for Saltburn Grange on a map and
it was that or a similar nearby
and so we assume that his mother’s pregnancy care was
either there or with Ricker's father’s doctor.
his mother was a mature prima gravida –
she was pregnant for the first time at the age of 36.
and so he was a forceps birth transferred as
an emergency from Overdeen to Middlesbrough.
and we will not concern ourselves over the month but
the transfer occured on a Saturday
and the birth occured on the Saturday
but Masie did not regain consciousness until
the Wednesday
By the time he was 9 years old the family doctor was
still caring for him and he was Dr Fallows and
nobody remembers Dr. Fallows.
He was based in the building on the corner of
Coatham Road and Station Road
now called
The Ridings
that is now some sort of child welfare office.
Essentially, when Ricker was nine years old he
had my face kicked in in the school playground
– Coatham C or E Primary.
We should recall that in those days the school had
children for 6 years and had
5 members of staff
Miss Simpson, Miss Sherburn, Miss Neasham
nobody had ever heard of
classroom assistants
and the teachers tended
coke fired furnaces in the middle of the classrooms
and the playground was the one over the road
Coatham High Street
and it was flat concrete
none of the play equipment there these days
and, the incident happened at a school that wasn’t
directly a council school and was dealt with by a GP who
wasn’t entirely integrated into the NHS.
As we understand it, the NHS has no records of Ricker
being a patient of Dr. Fallows.
They have no records of him at all as a child.
Thus they have no record of the incident and
he is working on the assumption that he
became an NHS patient at the time of the incodent
after missing a term of school following his injury
that he was transferred from Coatham Primary to Newcomen Primary.
That would have been early 1962.
He remembers a school dentist at Newcomen battling to
remove a persistent milk tooth from his lower jaw without anaesthetic.
The problem is cold hard reality.
After he had my face kicked in
dental X-rays showed a significant amount of jawbone to be missing and
both my dentist and the consultant dentist at the then
Middlesbrough General Hospital were unwilling to mess with
his teeth in case my jaw fell apart.
To quote the consultant at Middlesbrough General,
‘we’ll just see if it settles down’ .
we conclude that Ricker's term in bed – at home –
was some sort of sepsis-associated coma.
Every time Fallows came to see him
he suggested a different infection to the parents.
At the time his sister had just married and left home and
his father was aged 65 and retired.
To spin on a decade, at that time the term dementia
had not entered public consciousness and
he got a very negative reaction at dental school from
referring to the troubles he was having with my ‘senile’ father.
This reaction was along the lines that I should not be so
disrespectful to my elders.
Consequently, having been declined the opportunity to
intercalate a science degree whilst he sorted things out
he dropped out of medical school and took
a degree in zoology at Durham University.
Regarding his vision, his main memory of the assault was of him
bent over a sink red with my blood and my left eyebrow draped across
the fingers of one of the teachers.
The scar is visible but not obvious.
Clearly, sending him home with an Elastoplast over his wound was
a cover up,
and explains his muscle imbalance and
the difficulty fitting specs to his bridge.
When he first visited London – these days I guess London claims Harrow,
he was at Kodak not the famous school -
a part of the advice he got was
‘ if you knock a man down, never let him get up again’
and so the NHS has always been reluctant to treat him because
to do so may involve admission of previous mistreatment.
Masie was demented
she knew she was demented and she
thought she knew why
almost every day her slightly older cousin
would meet her out of school and every time they met
the cousin would
bash her over the head with her school books
We work mostly from memory and so we may
have got this wrong
in terms of the name and sport of the player but
We think it was
Rio Ferdinand
a soccer player
a famous sportsman retired and then decided to
come back as a boxer
and the experts said
'it won't work
you have to condition your body from an early age
to take the punches
this now gets very personal
the personal experiences of
our Ricker's parents
we have said Tommy had two wives and that
the first one died
we will at this point we want to describe
what shall we say
Tommy and Masie's first
romantic weekend away
it is somewhere on this suite of sites that
Bessie was nee Ord
and Maise's mum was nee Wright
Masie's family - the Wrights - made biscuits on
South Tyneside
South Shields, Tyne Dock
she was a townie
she had a busy early adult life
culminating in being a
NAAFI manager
during the Second World War
she stayed on Tyneside when her parents moved to Redcar
so that George could take up a job in the Steel Works
then she went into the army and
her main boyfriend went to
Northern Ireland to be a customs officer
so she found herself in her mid thirties
on the shelf and out of the NAAFI
so she came to live with her parents in Redcar
and Bessie....
she was the stroppy one amongst the
daughters of
John Ord
and John Ord was a teenage friend of
William Robson
Tommy's father
and John Ord was
Sir Arthur Dorman's
Estate Manager
and so Bessie had grown up on
Home Farm
on the Dorman Estate
and so Tommy shall we assume took the virginity of
both of his wives
but the Bessie experience set Tommy up for a shock with Masie
we can't prove it but we reckon
Bessie didn't fancy Tommy all that much
according to Ricker's slightly unreliable copy of
the family tree
Bessie was born in 1901 and her eldest was born in
and so
what can we say
how should we put this
when Tommy had sex with Bessie she
took the advice to
lie back and think of England
whereas Masie was being approached by a much more
impressive chap and was shall we say
quite the juicy Lucy
and this lead to a bit of a shock for Tommy
with such as larger target - from outer appearances
he did not expect her to
bleed when he got stuck in
and presumably some rather vigourous
horse riding had removed that possibility
from any or Tommy's encounters with Bessie
and as a result of this bleeding on first contact
it is possible that in respect of Masie
Tommy was indeed
only naughty once vicar
and Ricker was the result
it is certain that they only moved from
separate beds
to the marital bed
after over twenty years of marriage
however there is another factor at play
the move occurred when Ricker was
away at university
and this has a twist
Masie was propper miffed that Tommy had the bed
nearest the window
and Masie felt he should have the one nearest the door
to protect her from intruders
she achieved this transposition when
she moved them into the master bedroom
Ricker no longer being in the house
Tommy's daughter had had the marital bed and the
master bedroom from the moment her mother died
until she left on marriage
we think - on balance - Tommy was
keeping Bassie's house as a
shrine to her
and while not willing to sell it
and specifying in his will that Bessie's children should
inherit it
not Masie or Ricker
he was unable to
have sex with Masie
in Bessie's house
and we assume he wasn't going to leave
Ricker with his sister
for any significant number of
romantic weekends
indeed if he had died as young as he had expected to
he probably expected to leave Bessie's house to his daughter
before she married
an added complication was that
Tommy wanted to care for his daughter
he wanted somebody to help with that
Masie was ideal but in the spirit of the time
a man and a woman living together had to be married
so Tommy had to marry Masie
but he couldn't have sex with Masie in Bessie's house
the real problem was
one of Tommy's sons
didn't suffer the same inhibitions
and a race developed between Tommy and Peter over
who could marry Masie and defeat the other's plans
and the elder had to win

16th April 2019

Regarding the rugby players
at this Easter time we wish to remind everyone that
Jesus got into trouble becauseof the
Liberalism of his teaching
and the fact that the orthodox
Jewish Priesthood
resented it and felt threatened by it
if you want to be
you should quote

16th April 2019

sometimes it's not worth the effort...
but we should point out the
bleedin' obvious
we made an effort to record the return of
Redcar's old lifeboat
we should say that these days
commercial vessels and rigs are
self rescuing
they are big
and they carry their own lifeboats
and the RNLI now rescue
small craft and free swimmers
as a result
Redcar no longer has a lifeboat
the nearest is probably at Hartlepool
we do have a
mega Zodiac
an inflatable with more tec than
most military units
and they will sweep you up if your
inflatable gets blown out to sea

When Greggs re-opened on Regent Walk - Redcar
we noted tht they had planning permission to
set up a barrier and tables and chairs in the highway
and that Costa Coffee opposite
probably didn't have permission for their
A board
now Costa have applied for permission to have their own
pavemant cafe

The structure of
Notre Dame de Paris
is not what you would expect
we could contrast it with
Westminster Hall
Westminster Hall has what we call
a hammer beam roof
stone ceiling below the
wooden roof
this fire has proved to be a very cheap method for
removing a rotten old wooden
that was over the stone ceiling
the stonework - including the ceiling - remains
as of this morning it appears that around
ten percent of the ceiling has collapsed
mainly in the area of the
that is mainly onto open space not structures
and most of the important windows
were below the ceiling and re safe
the windows that were lost
looked into the attic
and could not be seen from inside the cathedral
and so were probably not the most precious work
and when a new roof is installed
it will almost certainly have
in it
think of Notre Dame as a very ancient version of
Sage Gateshead
Sage Gateshead is in effect
three buildings under a metal tent
we will have to see how things pan out
however that Victorian spire may not return
We hear that the department store in Hexham
Beals, formerly Robbs
is closing
we reported that an evangelical church had taken over
Beales in Redcar
they stayed open for one quarter - three months
there was a small amount of tec and a lot of clothing
towards the end they were offering and still found themselves hauling most of it back to
the West Midlands they were offering metal detector for £15
ebay price - £10 free delivery
and asking ten quid of a mobile 'phone repair kit
a fiver on ebay
and this at the same time that
Morrisons at the other end of the precinct
are knocking out
magnolia bushes at fifty quid a pop
and we mean selling not just stocking
and an independent interiors shop
near to where Ramsdens used to be have
a special offer on
chalk paint at twenty five quid a tin
half the stock gone in a couple of weeks
people in Redcar want
droves of shoppers milling around
on their 'phones doing
price comparisons

Notre Dame burns
very sad but
nobody has
for decades in France
so it's burned before it fell down from disrepair
it may have to be rebuilt as a Mosque
if the Brits have to pay for it
considering how little damage there was to the scaffolding
it must have been a really rubbish roof
any comment from
Andrew Marr
about how much use
sprinklers would have been?
it all makes the efforts to
burn down
York Minster
look rather pathetic

12th April 2019

We sometimes think
that's beyond a joke
or in our case
beyond a Sam
we will insert here a clearer explanation of what follows
it is an example of the sort of shit that can
get an MP deselected
a constituent has noticed that there will be
53 Tuesdays in 2019
and in the context of the
shortfall in benefit payments
demands their MP ask the government
what they are going to do about it
there are 365 days in three out of four years
there are 366 days in a leap year
2019 is not a leap year
2020 is
there are 52.1428 etc weeks in a year
there are 52.2857 etc weeks in a leap year
that is 365 divided by 7 is 52.1428
and 366 divided by 7 is 52.2857
that won't fly and so
if you get an annual salery you will
work a day for free in February
in leap years
and if you rent anything
on an annual rent
you will get a free day on 29 February
in leap years
if you deal with the private sector
private landlord, works pension
you will get a schedule of payments
your rent will be quoted as
per calendar month
and you will be given a schdule of payments and that may mean
December payment on 23rd December
next payment 31st January
on the basis that payments will not be possible at weekends or on
Bank Holidays
if you are dealing with the state
your payments will be
weekly, two weekly or four weekly
and for example your state pension will be paid
for example, every 4th Tuesday
and so
if your state - not works - pension was paid on
9th April - any year
but it wouldn't be that if the 9th were on a weekend
if you were paid on 9th April
your previous payment would have been on
12th March
and your next payment will be on
7th May
you will not be paid
per day or per year but per week
with the payments arriving in your bank
either once a week, once every two weeks or
once every 4 weeks - not once a month
the day of the payment will stay the same but
the date will change
on account of the existence of
Bank Holidays
that mostly fall on
a Monday
most benefit payments are paid out on
a Tuesday
if you consult a calendar
you will find that
the first and last days of 2019
and this means that despite 2019
not being a
leap year
there are
53 Tuesdays in 2019
and there were 53 Mondays in 2018
because there are 52.14 weeks in a year
except for leap years
except that there aren't
and so the human rights lobby conclude that
in 2019
benefit claimants will get
52 weekly payments of benefit if
they normally get a weekly payment on
a day other than Tuesday
and have to pay
53 weeks' rent
if their rent payments fall on a Tuesday
and on 9th April 2019
one of the
chief gannets
stood up at Question Time in the Commons
and asked the Prime Minister
what she was going to do about it
the number of days in a year is about
physics and geometry
and how far the Earth is from the sun etc.
so we have
less works pension
and less annual pay
per day , but not per year
in leap years
benfits are paid
once every four weeks
if you pay
private rent of
£500 pcm
you pay
12 times a year
if you get benefits you get them paid
52 times a year
26 times a year
13 times a year
so where in all that is the fact that every year
except leap years
takes turn to have
53 of one of the days in it?
in 2020 the first day of the year will be
a Wednesday
the last day of the year will be
a Thursday
and the first day of 2021
will be a Friday
and the last day of 2021
will be a Friday

11th April 2019

Have we got this correct?
Snow White and the
Twenty Seven Dwarves
Hi-ho Hi-ho
it's off to work we go
We're busy doni' nothin' working the whole day through
trying to find
lots of things
not to do

10th April 2019

Generally speaking we try to avoid
giving politicians references
if our Ricker was the
head teacher
of a mythical
Tees Valley High
and asked to give a report on
The Elected Tees Valley Mayor
he would say
on a personal level this boy lies
somewhere between
Lord Bates
Call me Dave
a bit drippy
but with an aura of a boy whose parents
have huge ambitions for him
the first thing we have to say is that
the guy has two jobs and one is
related to
The South Tees Development Corporation
and yet it appears that his office is
in Stockton or Thornaby
he never appears to visit any part of
Redcar other than the SSI ironworks site
his original and perhaps remaining
senior civil servant was warned that
on appointment the role
may involve some visits to Teesside
the original successful candidate could be described as
a civil servant expecting this to be his
last appointment before retirement
however, clearly,
The boy wonder sees Redcar as a stepping stone
into the shoes of Call me Dave
and so
to digress millions of people over the years have
eaten with implements emblazoned
Sheffield Steel
and Sheffield is not a bad place to make cutlery
it is not a good place to make
nuclear submarines
and so
if the people who run the Tory party
and live in
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall
what with the coming of the motorways we could refer to as
The New Home Counties
and so
12 new
Institutes of Technology
are to be set up in
4 in London - natch
2 in the West Midlands
Milton Keynes, Swindon, Durham, Exeter, York, Somerset
from where we sit
why is Port Talbot
more important than
Bristol or Bath?
Turn Teesside Polytechnic into a
University of the Third Age
specialising in adult care
and build your technological hubs
as far from the sea as you can possibly get them
will the Teesside mayor stand for re-election?
or is he auditioning for a
safe Tory seat in the shires
from which
unlike Amber Rudd
he can launch a bit to be
Prime Minister?

5th April 2019

Sometimes we like to come at topics from
as some may say
out of left field
we are not in any way football experts but we do know the lyric
left field in motion
I'm gonna have to penalise you
and so we begin with
Northern England female author
Pat Barker
She was the second wife of
David Barker
Davd Barker was the professor of zoology at
Durham University and he and a chap called
Catz or Katz
were the world authorities on
muscle spindles
and their work was done on
it is probable that UK armed forces medical examinations
included the patella reflex test
cross your legs and get a
rabbit chop blow to the lower part of the knee and
your foot is supposed to rise toward the ceiling
we say it must have been in the army medical because it was in so may
TV sketches at the time of conscription
what we say is
there are supposed to be two sorts of muscle
smooth muscle and skeletal muscle
muscles are made up of bundles or sheets of fibres
some muscle fibres are specialised into being nerve terminals
and when one of them is stretched
a signal goes around quite a shopt loop to
pull the whole muscle back to its original length
anybody who just does the test once is
you have to do it several times and look for a gradual
reduction in the response that show that
higher centres are intervening and
your back isn't broken
and the expert - David Bowsher writing in 1967
basically the reflex depends upon the fact that the
Group 1a primary afferent fibres coming from
spindle organs in intrafusal muscle fibres send an
axon branch to the alpha-motoneurones which innervate
the extrafusal fibres of the same muscle
don't you just love it when experts
dumb things down for you by putting
at the beginning of what they say
thus when the muscle fibres are suddenly elongated
stretched - thanks yeah, elongated means stretched
no it don't not if it ain't elastic
by a tap with a patellar hammer
on a tendon
the spindle organs discharge into the afferent fibres
which fire the alpha-motorneurones
this causes the extrafusal muscle fibres to contract
thus restoring the muscle to its original length
and on and on about how complicated it actually is
here's the thing
we don't know whether the muscles of the
uterine wall
have muscle spindles
they should be smooth muscles and have none but
they are special
it is a part of dysmenorrhea
that people get
functional dysmenorrhea
is the cyclical pain associated with
ovulatory cycles
and the phrase when uttered by men is
punishable by
stoning to death
time of the month
premenstrual tension
occurs in the seven to ten days before
don't fuck me now
I'll only miscarry
and so to cramps in the more general sense
the aclte pain associated by cramp
is alieviated by gently relaxing and stretching the
affected muscle
the initial stab of pain is because
the muscle spindle has been stretched but
due to lactic acid build up or infection
or something such
1 it has developed a hair trigger sensitivity
2 it has been isolated from the calming influence of
higher centres
and the result is
and spasm activates
as opposed to
nerves and
the higher centres feel overruled
patchy loss of bits of womb wall will
and a general confusion of nerve signals
and here we come to a distinction
people who suffer from
period pain
do so every 'month'
but by contrast
when you
go over on your ankle
sprain your ankle
it hurts a lot
the first time
and a lot less the next time
and eventually
it doesn't hurt at all
and the theory is that
as we grow we are moulded by our use of our bodies
and some people are regarded as being
double jointed
and we take it that they have
longer more flexible tendons
we assume that that is genetic in origin
we should check
we do not assume that
although the womb and the tummy wall
stretch without much pain during the
final third of pregnancy
the birth canal's first distension
will not be
the mother of all sprained ankles
we prefer to
get the sprained ankle phase out of the way in
the playground and on the sports field
and not save it for
one day
running for a bus
and landing awkwardly on a
paving stone edge
Vaginismus is a condition in which involuntary muscle spasm prevents
vaginal penetration.
This often results in pain with attempts at sex.
Often it begins when sexual intercourse is first attempted.
The underlying cause is generally a fear that penetration will hurt.
Risk factors include a history of
sexual assault, endometriosis, vaginitis, or a prior episiotomy.
Diagnosis is based on the symptoms and examination.
It requires there to be no anatomical or physical problems and
a desire for penetration on the part of the women.
Treatment may include behavior therapy such as
graduated exposure therapy and gradual vaginal dilatation.
Surgery is not generally indicated.!!!!!!
Botulinum toxin is being studied.
About 0.5% of women are affected.
Outcomes are generally good with treatment.
Episiotomy, also known as perineotomy, is
a surgical incision of the perineum and
the posterior vaginal wall generally done by
a midwife or obstetrician.
Episiotomy is usually performed during second stage of
labour to quickly enlarge the opening for the baby to pass through.
The incision, which can be done at a 90 degree angle from the vulva towards
the anus or at an angle from the posterior end of
the vulva (medio-lateral episiotomy), is
performed under local anesthetic (pudendal anesthesia),
and is sutured after delivery.
Its routine use is no longer recommended.
Despite this, it is one of
the most common medical procedures performed on women.
In the United States, as of 2012,
it was performed in 12% of vaginal births.
It is still widely practiced in many parts of the world, including
Japan, Taiwan, China, and Spain.

A sprain, also known as a torn ligament,
is damage to one or more ligaments in a joint, often caused by
trauma or the joint being taken beyond its functional range of motion.
The severity of sprain ranges from a minor injury which
resolves in a few days to a major rupture of one or more ligaments requiring
surgical fixation and a period of immobilization.
Sprains can occur in any joint but are most common in the ankle and wrist.
Sprains typically occur when the joint is taken beyond its functional range of motion.
There are certain factors which increase risk of sprains.
Fatigue of muscles generally leads to sprains.
When one suddenly starts to exercise after a sedentary lifestyle,
sprains are quite common.
While scientific studies are lacking, it is often thought that
not 'warming up' is a common cause of sprains in athletes.
'Warming up' is thought to loosen the joint,
increasing blood flow and making the joint more flexible

4th April 2019

On 11 April 1990, HM Customs & Excise in Middlesbrough seized parts of
what were believed to be a massive 'supergun' on a ship bound for Iraq.
It was revealed that parts of the gun had been manufactured by Forgemasters
who stated that they had been told that the pipes were to be used in a petrochemical project.
Make it in Sheffield..
you gotta get it to Middlesbrough - well Redcar actually
in order to be able to actually export it
In 2016 Forgemasters obtained a £30 million loan from
US bank Wells Fargo, underwritten by
UK's nuclear submarine programme contractors
BAE Systems, Babcock International and Rolls-Royce,
in view of Forgemasters' vital role in the nuclear submarine programme.
The underwriting arrangements are due to expire in July 2019.
On 19 January 2016 the company unveiled plans to consult on
“up to 100 redundancies across all its divisions” out of
nearly 800 staff.
Chairman Tony Pedder explained that
“The storm clouds which seem to gather periodically over
the steel and steel-related sectors are once again evident.
Of particular concern has been reduced activity in
the traditional oil and gas sector, with oil prices down to a level that is
deferring much potential new investment."
The announcement was made as the company published accounts for
the 18 months to December 2014, which showed a loss for the first time since
the management buyout in 2005, of £9.4m.
Following the United Kingdom general election, 2010, held on 6 May,
the new Government announced a Treasury review of all Government decisions on funding since 1 January,
essentially a review of 'election bribes'
aimed at reducing the country's budget deficit in response to
the preceding financial crisis and concerns over sovereign debt,
which led to a period of uncertainty about the expansion's future.
On 17 June 2010 Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander announced the cancellation of
12 projects totalling £2 billion agreed to by the previous Labour government,
including the £80 million loan to Sheffield Forgemasters.
The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable explained
the reason was that the project required very large loans and promised extraordinary
rates of return with little risk investment by Sheffield Forgemasters,
and given the financial situation the government could not support this.
Forgemasters' chief executive stated that the project was not economic using private finance,
and was unlikely to go ahead without government loans.
Sometimes we feel the need to report on something that is
so outragious that we don't expect anybody to
believe us
There is a company in Sheffield called
Sheffield Forgemasters
we don't know whether they produce forgings
we do know that they produce
steel castings
The company appears to belong to
This bloke
and all sorts of people - companies - around the world think
that name sounds like
The real McCoy
we'll order from them
and this is the bit we don't expect you to believe
the company has a number of small work sites
and on one they
melt scrap in an electric arc furnace
and on another
they pour the molten steel into moulds
they transport the molten steel in
open topped crucibles - as high as a double decker bus
from one site to the other
on public roads
the local council provide permanent
traffic lights
to stop the traffic so that the molten steel can pass
and where are we going to here?
Meridian metal Trading is a company based in Dudley
they process steel sheets and coils and
supply 250,0000 tonnes to customers each year
they employ 170 people
in Guildford Surrey, and Sheffield,
and in sales offices in
Bolton, and
Newport , South Wales
and they have just called in Duff and Phelps as
they are in administration and they are
probably the major
customer of
Port Talbot steel works
have they gone out of business because
their customers have switched from
Port Talbot tat
imported steel products?
every little council
every MP
has a couple of hundred jobs in their area that
they believe are keeping
the sky
from falling in
maybe the government are having trouble figuring out
how to shift decommissioned nuclear subs
overland to

1st April 2019

Here's a statistic to ponder
very few UK children are living in
absolute poverty
half of children live n or near
relative poverty
8 out of every ten children who
live in relative poverty are
under five years old
at first blush that sounds like
the youngest most vulnerable children are
the most likely to be living with the least cash
here's the concept to throw into the mx
work-life balance
most people these days have
zero, one or two children
the time when your children are at their youngest is the time when
being with them so so much more precious than
spending on them
hell, how many under fives know what
an allowance or pocket-money
this statistic is paired with the
to 'choose'
zero hours workng
flexible working
if this statistic remains stable then
each year or each five years
we are seeing a
of toddlers whose parents think
they grow up so quickly
time is more precious than money
and the other line of thought...
women are starting a family at an older age than earlier
and so
although at the time they have babies and toddlers
may be low
including household goods and cash saving
may be significant
you works a job for five years
you get pregnant
you take a year's maternity leave
you go back part time for four or five years and
the subventions from the bank of
Granny and Nanna
never get into the statistics...

1st April 2019

This was supposed to be the 29th March edition
in a point of anti-pro
'our' mainframe
Sun Systems
was down on 29th March
Sometimes we just go home
Speaking of crap engineering
as previously advertised
in 2 weeks time - 12 to 14 March
The 1,000th
F1 Grand Prix motor race will be held in
And Charlie Whiting won't be there
spinning in his grave
We are wondering
we are wondering about why we have
Formula E
We are wondering why
F1 hasn't announced a switch to
hydrogen powered internal combustion engines
What F1 needs is a team
sponsored by a
we finally caught sight of
we finally caught sight of
Richard Rawlings having birthday cakes made by
Buddy and Duff
our message to Richard Rawlings
Air Ride is no substitute for
and that isn't just for the cream in the cakes
right now we reckon
Fantom Works
is the only car show worth watching
shame the budget don't run to a rolling road brake tester
and we think it's hilarious how
semper fi
amounts to
Lucas gear is crap
Americans like that remind us of UK newspaper headlines
Fog in Channel
Continent cut off

29th March 2019

We will try to reference three factors influencing
British Politics
at present
We do not intend researching the
History of the European Union
however it has had twin tracks
Economic Co-Operation
Political Union
when Europe was about economic co-operation
it was , well actually its history rather reflects the
History of the Automobile Association
Back in the day
the AA was for pleb motorists - Sunday Drivers
and the RAC was for toffs
you could say, to oversimplify, along came
Green Flag
and the AA responded by splitting into the
commercial AA
and the political
AA Foundation
and so with Europe
in the EU there is more power with the
unelected executive
than with the MEPs
however, howsoever the power is divided up
over there
the power is
over there
second influence
quotas in elections
all female short lists
This has meant that the quality of candidates for
major parties
has been squeezed from at least two directions
the role of an MP is reduced by power lying in Brussels
and the number of constituencies allowed a
Male White Anglo Saxon Protestant
is reduced
and from these forces
the calibre and responsibilities of a
British MP
have shrunk to the scale of a
County Councillor
of fifty years ago
and so the quality say
haven't got the back story
the jobs a front anyway
and we get the rabble we see on TV today
and the question is
after BrExit
are this rabble suddenly to be
in charge of running the country?
even the
rump of responsibility
have a tendency to
consult with
over every issue
no matter how far it is removed from economics
perhaps there are
'powers that be'
engineering this current
swish back of the curtain behind which
The Wizards of Oz
have been cavorting
We have the people alternately shouting
we want our representatives to be
'one of us'
'where is the leadership?
perhaps in Parliamentary Elections
voters should have two votes
one for a back bencher
one for a minister
let the people, not the government decide
who will
and who will

There may still be buildings in London with
carved into their frontages
LCC stood for
London County Council
and the name was changed to
Greater London Council
some seem to confuse the significance of
leader of the GLC with Prime Minister
partly because
Greater London Council sounds a lot like
Diet of Worms
Geneva Convention
it sounds like it is
The UK's contribution to
worldwide debate a bit like
and some seem to think the shift from
Mayor of London
Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
is a bit of a climb down
because in terms of
funding for your local
Youth Club
it probably is
if individual votes are available to be bought
local politicians are more strongly placed to buy

25th March 2019

25th March 2019

We understand that a woman losing her virginity before marriage can
cause complications in some cultures and societies hence
the desire from some women for hymen repair surgey.
A virgin is often expected to bleed after intercourse on her wedding night
– however it’s worth noting about 25% of women do not bleed, despite being virgins.
Many developing countries now allow doctors to legally perform hymen repair –
this has reduced the number of female deaths due to questioning of virginity.
We’ve been performing Hymenoplasty otherwise known as
regency international clinic
Hymen repair surgery since the late 1990s,
helping many women from different backgrounds and cultures.

Here's one of those questions that
nobody ever asks
how do you 'qualify' to be buried in a
white coffin?
so far as we know the style. colour, etc. of a coffin
is entirely up to the person arranging the funeral
and or paying for it
so perhaps we should ask
what motivates somebody to have a loved one
buried in a white coffin
it would appear to be mostly about
so not - given the concept of original sin
not a Roman Catholic tradition
and yet
probably more likely amongst Roman Catholics
and in that case
subjet to the approval of the
officiating priest
we are here getting around to the origins of the
Christian wedding ceremony
think of it like this
the groom stands waiting at the altar
there is delay
and the father of the bride
eventually, proudly
walks the bride up the aisle
in her wedding dress
her white wedding dress
chosen by her
consider a different scenario
the delay is due to action in an anteroom
there the bride is being examined by the
mother of the groom
or some other designated female representative
of the groom's family
and if she is satisfied that the bride is
viro intacta
SHE hand the bride a white gown
so that she can be walked up the aisle
by her father in garb that signifies her new family's
acceptance that she is a suitable
pure and chaste partner for
their boy
at the very least,
utterly clueless about sex
There was a movie famous in the 1960s
we have no clue about what it was called
and the actor's name that springs to mind is
Julie Christy
but we may be completely wrong there
the movie was about a rape and the consequences of it
and early on there was a rape scene
and this rape scene was entirely composed of a
head shot - just the face
of the woman being raped
and there was outrage that
such a pretty young woman as the actress
would know so much about sex that she could
render the experience of being raped
so accurately
if ignorance is bliss
'tis folly to be wise
young men were suppose to
learn and practice on
sex workers and bring what knowledge of sex they had
to an otherwise completely clueless
marriage bed
and this was an era when it was by no mean unknown for
a girl playing netball in the school gym
would be hauled off the court to the showers
with blood running down her leg
because nobody had thought to tell her about
the curse
It is in the nature of the structure of this web site that
we try to avoid editing already published material
and thus we are here commenting on material below
we absolutely divide potential offenders into three categories
those we completely disregard the law
those who choose to break the law
those who act in a way that they believe to be lawful
but others find unlawful
we have to put Adam Johnson in the third category
regarding the mother of his daughter...
there is acting strictly according to the lw and
public decency
we see more and more charges of
outraging public decency
and we see being practical
when a rich and famous man is about to be presented with a
child of his own and
he is not offering marriage to the mother
despite both parents being single...
the strength of the relationship is in severe doubt
if you are about to give birth and
you are not close to the father
if you wish to claim child support
it is not in your interests or those of the child to
damage the father's career and standing
if you are close and wanting to continue an intimate relationship
and you recognise that you chose the father on the grounds that he is
a regular straight guy
and you recognise that you may find yourself in the grip of
baby blues, post natal depression, whatever
you would be well advised to
arrange, in outline at least, for yer granny to
at least offer the lads a few
hand jobs
while you get yourself straight
as it appears

the view of the judiciary
and law enforcement
is that a single woman who has sex
damages her hymen by
playing sport
or having an accident whilst
climbing trees or
horse riding - other than
side saddle
destroys her marriage prospects
or at least her prospects of
making a 'good marriage'
and that thus the question of
is not a question of consenting to sex
but a question of consenting to trading her entire
future wealth and happiness
for a
momentary session of rumpy pumpy

We have noted the BBC and ITV coverage of the release of
Adam Johnson
The BBC did straight reporting
ITV added a little
Vox pop
The grannies said
He's probably still in a bit of bother
The grandads were clearly
in their fifteen seconds of fame
virtue signally
We will remind ourselves of the case
here is a single man with a young daughter
at the time of the 'offence' newborn
the mother is pre-occupied with the baby and
he is not denying responsibility for the baby
he encounter an opportunity for sex
he checks with the prospect as to her age
she is approximately 15 and a half
and he expresses regret that he cannot have sex with her
because she is under age
and so
in his view he is being very careful not to
break the law as he sees it
this indicates 'ignorance' and not
mental incapacity
over the past few years we have moved through a phase of
considering any involvement between
a male and a female as
some variety of
sexual assault
there is absolutely no doubt that until
twenty or thirty years ago it was generally held that
if it can't get you pregnant
it isn't sex
in the USA such date related activities would
have been referred to as
heavy petting
if a child pets a farm or zoo animal
they are not accused of bestiality
indeed activity in the
movie theatre was classified into four levels
out side top
inside top
outside bottom
inside bottom
and the depth of a relationship measured on this basis
and if things got out of hand
if he's broken through
I'll kill myself
referring to a marriage prospect being expected to be
not frigid
virgo intacta
and so to what we may refer to as non-Christian
marriage traditions
if you think - absolutely wrongly - that
if a female has sex with more than one man
any children she has will carry characteristics of
all the men she has ever had sex with
hey never mind non-christian
we wouldn't put it past our
homeopathic elite
to believe such things
then you want to restrict females to having sex with only the one partner
and thus the 'tradition' of the groom's mother
inspecting the bride to check that her
hymen was intact before agreeing to the marriage
why do we see the justice system in the face of
technological advance
driving itself further and further back into the
Dark Ages
in trying to determine right and wrong?
it is puzzling
we accept that justice should not be
but this concept of
out of an abundance of caution
is damaging but temporary
a lot of American reality TV is
and some of it relates to
Cherry Bustin'
one specific instance is of a
rough terrain cycle route 'jump' being
without explanation
referred to as
the Cherry Buster
and this is the deep thinking
girls should not be allowed to participate in sport
because of the risk of a
tear to the hymen
playing sport can ruin your marriage prospects
and hence
girls of seven being married and locked up in the home to
protect them from becoming
damaged goods
by exerting themselves in any way
married but unawhere for many years as to
who their husband is
In Victorian England
there was a thriving trade in
hymen reconstruction
as a result of a
homeopathy style belief in
sex with a virgin as a cure for
sexually transmitted infections

21st March 2019

We've ripped these graphs of the website of
The Office for national Statistics
We want to note , point out that they are all on the same
but the vertical percentage scales
you don't have to spend much time walking around the
High Streets
Highways and byways
to realise that
when around two and a half percent of
people of working age
are not in work
we can regard that as
as good as it can get
2.5 per cent unemployment is
full employment
nobody fit for work and of working age
out of work
we will be waiting three months at least to see
the effects of
Universal Credit
Job Seekers' Allowance
and we include the graphs for Wales
to point out to
Charlie Boy - The Prince of Wales
and similar
that there is no justification for
re-locating North east Jobs
we would also point out that in both regions
female unemployment is
much more volatile than male
and perhaps one other point
we do believe that there MAY be a solitary
back to work contractor with an office in Redcar
but most unemployed people in Redcar are referred to the likes of
Working Links in Middlesbrough
we are not at all certain that
Redcar Job Centre
is entirely secure
However, it is hard to deny that
whoever was in charge between
2008 and 2010
was a disaster in both Wales and The North East

20th March 2019

From 15th August 2018...
The Whitehaven news
According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS),
there were 5,660 people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance or Universal Credit in July –
a drop of 55 compared to revised figures for June.
It is the third month in a row that unemployment has fallen,
reversing five months of consecutive rises.
In July, four of Cumbria’s six districts saw falls in the number of claims made.
The biggest falls was recorded in Barrow nad Copeland
barrow 970 - 2.4 per cent
Copeland 1,300 - 3.1 per cent
We have a couple of points to make
So far as we can tell
there is not mass unemployment in Whitehaven
Remember that the area has mass employment in
well paid secure jobs in
The Nuclear Industry
and secondly
we do not think a new
coal mine
will offer many
female jobs
We acknowledge that there is
for the days of coal mining
and we suppose that any new deep mine will be subject to the
conditions of the
Health and Safety at Work Act
and so will not be
a brave brute force and ignorance industry
such as the nostalgia is for
We cannot say what sort of market there will be for
coking coal
now that direct coal injection technology is proven
we suspect that some of the £800,000 invested in Redcar
is being re-couped around the world in
implementing the
Redcar process
in other plant

19th March 2019

Our Ricker always accepts the first appointment offered
to him at the dentists
it's always mid-morning
and when he gets there the TV is on and
the programme that's on is
Wanted Downunder
and now it begins to make sense
There are no
English Speakers
left in Australia and New Zealand
and the BBC have to send
Clive Myrie
down there to
translate and interpret

We did not perhaps explain the steel works issue properly
The prime location for a steel works in the UK is
and so around a billion pounds was spent on an upgrade
and then the product was deemed
for export only
here's the question
given that a complete new style
integrated steel works
would cost two to three billion to build
and one billion has already been spent on Redcar
who will invest three billion on
building a new steel works
in the wrong place
what we are saying is
if the government trash Redcar
nobody will replace Redcar at Port Talbot
the consequence is
all the steel used in the UK
will have to be imported
Port Talbot has to close
if three billion isn't invested there
and what message is it to
The World
about the wisdom of
inward investments to
the UK

18th March 2019

Here's the thing
This isn't dangerous
the LOWER gutter drain is blocked
and when the road isn't flooded
the fact that the upper dran isn't blocked
seems adequate
and we did see the news clip of police
not Cleveland Police
rounding off the search of a drain for
a murder weapon
by stuffing a load of dead leaves
into a gully pot
there is clearly a species of human who
think if you can't see it
it does not exist
mainly, coppers
coppers who
almost always regard anybody who is
bored and lonely enough to
ring them for a chat
a client

The story of
Steelmaking in Redcar
continues to unfold
we have some number
in the public domain
we are very clear that the
Three Thai banks
not High Street Banks
but investment banks
possibly the
Sovereign Wealth Fund
that is
The Government of Thailand
have an investment in
Redcar Steel Works
£ 800 million
eight hundred million pounds
and that is mostly made up of the
value of the kit
not the land
and as we have previously said of the
Renault car plant in
Washington, Tyne and Wear
you ain't never gonna
pack that lot into
shipping containers
and the British Government is spending
twenty million pounds a year
keeping it in
working order
There are a handful of security people
twenty million a year must mean some
expenditure on developmental works
from a financial point of view
when does spending
twenty million a year on
closing Port Talbot
redundancy money, redevelopment money
become a better investment than spending
twenty million a year on
a billion quid's worth of state of the art kit?
given that the all up cost to government of
closing Redcar was
fifty to sixty million
we are looking at
why does the
British Car Industry
not use Redcar Steel?
perhaps because
half of it is German
and half of it is Tata
but that is looking back
five years or so
what is the future?
we oft times quote
Hinge and Bracket
late 20th century act of
two men dressing as women
'Patience is a virtue
as well as an opera'
Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket
imaginary musicologists

15th March 2019

DB Rail
stands for
Deutche Bahn
or German Rail
and they have just been fined
a bit less than three million pounds because
someone of the ilk of the people who were
abused at Medonsley Youth Detention Centre
played with their trains and
lost his legs
soon in this
Wonderland of Alice
people will be getting legal aid to sue
vehicle owners when
vehicles moved without the owners consent
break down and inconvenience
the person of appropriate
back story
but here's the thing
Leon Brittan - chancellor of
The University of Teesside
and some Tory called
Peter Lilly
banging on about a
short sharp shock
Gilbert and Sullivan
The Mikado
'There's none of them would be missed'
In the comic opera - The Mikado
to put an end to executions
which have got out of hand being eventually
just about the only sanction available
the court appoint
a condemned man to be
Lord High Executioner
so he has to execute himself before he can execute anybody else
The problem with evoking this as a solution to
loutish behaviour
what these privileged Tory ministers did not realise was that
the people on the ground had it correct
these youths were, in the phrase of the time
not all there
you can't shock somebody into
growing replacements for
the bits of their brains that are
nutters from before they were born
and for lawyers to suggest that they were
perfectly all right until somebody
battered them or buggered them
in the sense that these things happened before
the modern era when it's straight from
the CT scanner
the nut house

sometimes we loose the will to live
there is a clearly defined block of homes in Redcar
bounded by
Corportation Road
Kirkleatham Lane
Roseberry Road
West Dyke Lane (Road)
and in the May 2019 local elections
people living within that Newcomen block, in
Severn, Derwent, Forth and Greta
will be voting for Dormanstown councillors (2)
people living that block but in
Westfield Avenue, Easson Road, and Brooksbank Avenue
will be voting for 2 councillors in Coatham Ward
This is all about population drift
as the number of adults per household falls
mainly due to
widows and single mums
bits of the semi-old town
have to be added to bits of the
really old town
to keep the numbers up
as of May
there will be two councillors for each of
Dormanstown, Newcomen and Coatham
a of today
there are
three for Dormanstown
and to each for Newcomen and Coatham
widows stay in the homes they have lived in all of their
adult lives
and only single mums
will live that close to 'the works'
including Dormanstown - Limerick Road
Industrial Estate
and then their kids get overweight because
they live so far away from the shops
they feed the kids on
'phoned for take-away food

13th March 2019

Menstruation, also known as a period or monthly,
is the regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue (known as menses) from
the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina.
The first period usually begins between twelve and fifteen years of age,
a point in time known as menarche.
However, periods may occasionally start as young as
eight years old and still be considered normal.
The average age of the first period is generally later in the developing world,
and earlier in the developed world.
The typical length of time between the first day of one period and the first day of the next is
21 to 45 days in young women,
and 21 to 31 days in adults (an average of 28 days).
Bleeding usually lasts around 2 to 7 days.
Menstruation stops occurring after menopause, which usually occurs between
45 and 55 years of age.
Periods also stop during pregnancy and typically do not resume during
the initial months of breastfeeding.
Timing is of the essence in conception
addressing miscarriage in particular...
we have said
try for a baby
in the first week, not day or two, after menstruation ends
if you get your egg fertilised before it gets out of the tube and
into the womb
you risk a tubal or ectopic pregnancy
if your egg gets fertilised more than a week after the end of your period
it won't have time to grow enough and
get the message across to the womb that
menstruation must stop
hence miscarriage
so some more scope for mumsnet University of Northumbria style
did you have a miscarriage?
how many days after your period do you think that
you had the sex that caused to pregnancy?
we guess early fertilisation - subject to ectopic pregnancy protection
means less miscarriages

We said
nothing much happened in the middle third of a pregnancy
this makes it rather easy to distinguish
loss of the child in the first third from loss of the child
in the final third
in the beginning we say miscarriage
towards the end we say
and there isn't much overlap
what we can say is that
stillborn children - excluding those of mothers who have
had a major trauma - accident or assault
usually have a discernable
birth defect
we have a lot of trouble accepting that
anybody has any actual proof that children lost
in the early part of pregnancy have
chromosomal abnormalities
a miscarriage is a trauma but
it is not a stillbirth
it is a
mega period
nobody is gonna fish the embryo out of the
toilet bowl
show to the doctor!!!!!!
miscarriage is very common
two miscarriages in a row is
very rare
we are convinced that the majority of miscarriages are the result of
the womb being on
autopilot and
not picking up on the signals from the
that it has been
and ploughing on with the regular
and that matches up with the fact that
even when
pregnancy simulating hormonal contraception is in place
the womb wall does not much thicken
but it does a bit and a bit of
spots of blood on the undies not a flow
a routine signal of an upcoming miscarriage
hence we say
sometimes a female
catches at the least sniff of a sperm
it is the second fertilisation in a row of an egg
that gets the message through to the womb that
pregnancy is afoot

11th March 2019

Cleveland and Whitby was a parliamentary constituency centred on
the town of Whitby in northern England.
It returned one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of
the Parliament of the United Kingdom from February 1974 until
it was abolished for the 1983 general election.
Cleveland and Whitby largely replaced the previous Cleveland constituency.
It was defined as covering the urban districts of
Guisborough, Loftus, Saltburn and Marske by the Sea,
Skelton and Brotton, Whitby, along with Whitby Rural District
A contraceptive implant is an implantable medical device used for
the purpose of birth control.
The implant may depend on the timed release of hormones to
hinder ovulation or sperm development,
the ability of copper to act as a natural spermicide within the uterus,
or it may work using a non-hormonal, physical blocking mechanism.
As with other contraceptives, a contraceptive implant is designed to
prevent pregnancy, but it does not protect against sexually transmitted infections
The contraceptive implant is hormone-based and highly effective,
approved in more than 60 countries and used by millions of women around the world.
The typical implant is a small flexible tube measuring about
40mm in length and is inserted under the skin (typically in the upper arm) by
a health care professional.
After it is inserted it prevents pregnancy by releasing hormones that
prevent ovaries from releasing eggs and thicken cervical mucous.
The two most common versions are the single-rod etonogestrel implant and
the two-rod levonorgestrel implant.
Brands include:
Norplant and Jadelle (Norplant II)
Sino-implant (II), marketed as Zarin, Femplant and Trust
Benefits of the implant include fewer, lighter periods;
improved symptoms of premenstrual syndrome;
long-lasting, up to three years; smoker- and breastfeeding-safe;
and the convenience of not needing to remember to use it every day.
In some cases, negative side effects do occur,
the most common being irregular bleeding for the first six to 12 months.
Less common symptoms include change in appetite,
depression, moodiness, hormonal imbalance, sore breasts,
weight gain, dizziness, pregnancy symptoms, and lethargy.
We're not suggesting that we have had any
over our writings about eggs developing
before they are fertilised
there are many many living things on this planet and they
do the same basic things in very different ways
and so we are not willing to research just exactly how we get
hens eggs that are fertile - which are fertile
some fertile - most that we eat, not fertile
you have to trust that
free range eggs you buy haven't been dug out from
under a broody hen and are a
bloody mess inside
to the point...
hens lay eggs
some hens at some times lay
fertile eggs
to lay fertile eggs - eggs that could develop into chicks
the hens have to have got a supply of
bird type sperm
from somewhere
crack open a new laid fertile hen's egg
and it will be indistinguishable from
an infertile hens egg
they candle possibly fertile eggs to shine a light
through them to detect the shadow of the
developing chick inside
they only do that after they have been
for a while
and to check they haven't as above
swept up a fertile egg from under a broody hen
so you may end up eating an egg containing a
primitive streak
the tiny beginnings of a chick
the eggs come from the hen's ovaries and there is
no way
a sperm could get into the egg through the
shell it has at the time it is laid
the sperm has to join the egg
long before the egg is
fit to be laid
that was just to put some
real world context
into the concept of human eggs
developing and changing
before they are fertilised
and going a bit 'wrong' if they
hang around for too long
and from this the question
ovaries produce - evulse - eggs in a steady stream only held up by pregnancy
only around three species
humans and a couple for cetaceans - whale types
stop and have a menopause
we have said that
females are born with all the eggs they will ever have
and all but these three species
die when they run out of egg
and that is why
is so important
and premature menopause such a serious matter
NOT that HRT - hormone replacement therapy
is essential to life
but it is very important
but since human males live nearly as long as human females
this is something humans have evolved to cope with this
and since you are not shedding eggs during pregnancy
your egg supply will last longer
and your menopause will come later
some conditions - anorexia for instance
suppress ovulation and so
a contraceptive method that
suppresses ovulation
and does not offer the monthly reassurance
that you are not pregnant
should delay the menopause
particularly important if premature menopause
runs in your family
and so hens don't have a womb where the chicks
develop in a fixed spot
hen eggs develop on a conveyor belt or more exactly in a tube or pipe
so there unfertilised human eggs are not swept out by the sort of
beating hairs and waves of tube wall contractions that
sweep hen eggs along
and then the question
why does the human womb wall
become thickened and bloody
when the egg in there has not yet been fertilised?
has this apparent evolutionary miss step developed to
flushing fluid
to expel the eggs past their fertilise by date?
or is it just
gettingahead of the game?
people have tubes like the hen
the fallopian tubes
but then at the end there is this widened out
holding area we call the womb or uterus
and in that area
implantation - that cannot happen in hens
can occur, must occur for
foetal development
there is a distinction between
egg, embryo, and foetus
stages in development
expectant mothers are aware of three sections of pregnancy
they are called trimesters
being pregnant is very different in these three periods
and they are broadly three months long each
firts trimester is the
morning sickness period
the middle trimester is
largely silent - marked only be an absence of periods
and the final trimester in characterised by
lugging around this growing bump
and the kicking

Our Ricker has just watched
episode 1 of series 13 of
Wheeler Dealers
We think it may be the last series with
Edd China
we think we see the problem
without going through all the details the gist appears to be that
the series was sold - the rights to produce were sold
in essence in previous series
Ed China was
presenter and
workshop director
from the s 13 ep 1 - series 13 episode 1 - it is clear that
somebody else s directing the workshop sequences and
Ed is merely
featuring in them
putting that another way
or the most part
the cameras 'missed' the crucial processes
and we got
I'll have to do this
I've done that
and nothing in between
but just like with
Top Gear
there comes a time when
employing apprentices
is more important than
the quality of the product
the new style is much more in keeping with
the approach of the new
workshop presenter
Ant Anstee
wom we have seen in a
Glenister co-presentation
along the same lines
that flopped

We are now on one of our word origin riffs
so here we riff out to those pictures
that photographers persuade
medal winners to pose for on podia such as
when wining at the Olympics
the snappers like to get the athletes to
bite on the medal to
prove it's not chocolate
it is so to say to prove that the medal is
solidus in Latin means
firm or sold
it is also Latin for
a coin
genuine Roman coinage was struck with great force in
very hard metal
a soldier was not
a spare
along the lines of
Lt Col Yardley in the Boer and First World Wars
the spare sent into the army from the cosmetics dynasty
incidentally we thing there were three brothers
the heir, one for the army and one for The Church
a soldier was
and enlisted man or NCO
non commissioned officer
who was
to be in the army
and not there for a laugh
the tales of the officer seating better than the men
in the trenches
the officers were buying their own food etc.
or having it sent by their families
soldiers got rations
they didn't get
mess bills
both ends against the middle
three levels of humanity in the
Roman Army
only the soldiers got paid
but the officers may have had a share in any
Spoils of War
and in the modern commercial world...
Sweat Equity
start-up businesses that
pay expenses and shares to workers
not salary
salarium - salt money
by extension - living (feeding) expenses
and so... not salery or cellery
and from a day when
the forces knew the value of
micro-nutrients - such as salt
and an employee being
worthy of his salt
and above or below the salt
if at dinner you sat between
the master and the salt
you were a very important person

Time was there was a
Football Sam
How do you get to be a
by owning a football club?
start out as a billionaire
concerning the two significant football clubs in
North East England....
Mike Ashley is using
Newcastle United
as a cash cow to finance
his attempt to buy up the High Street
and the Boro Lad
having given up his attempts to use
owning the Boro to get
elected MP for Middlesbrough
is using The Boro to shore up his
Country Club business
Rockliff Park near Darlington
could we say
have taken over the market niche of
To recap
ICI and British Oxygen
used to run tankers around Teesside
with ice forming on the delivery pipes
and fumes coming out of the vents
There was a War on
and the Boro lad got soft loans
to buy safer tanks and tankers
and so he made his money by paying
Bulkhaul drivers and operatives
normal HGV - large goods vehicle - union rates
with no
danger money
soft loans and lower wages equals
enough to guy a completely bankrupt

What we are saying is
from the 1940s to the late 1960s
industry on Teesside was run on a
War Footing
and then in the early 1970s
came in
The Health and Safety at Work Act
along with such as
Clean Air Acts
and there was a switch from
Danger Money
where there's muck, there's brass
to lower wages but longer lives
the railways went from steam to diesel
and as an example
steam engine drivers could
turn up for a shift
more than
'half cut'
from the previous night in the pub
and the wind in their faces on the
open footplates
would keep them awake
stick 'em behind the windscreen in a
heated diesel cab
and they kept falling asleep
and SPAD
signal passed at danger
and so hell these days
even airline 'pilots' who simply
press go
have to be drink and drug tested

and so we are doing a
stream of consciousness riff on
Redcar in the 1960s
and Redcar and a Boys' Grammar School
a Girls' Grammar
and a
Technical College
that is now all concentrated in and
annex of
Stockton Riverside College
called something like
Redcar and Cleveland College
and in the 1960s
Mr Winterschalden
lived in Corporation Road
the road the boys' grammar and
the Tec were in
and Mr. Winterschladen was married to
Zoolimah Hopkins
and Zoolimah Hopkins was
an opera singer
and in the 1960s
Stanley E Hodgson
who was in the choir at St. Peter's church - anglican
and was head of history at
Coatham, the boys' grammar
and Mrs Winterschladen
sang together in the hall or theatre of
Cleveland Tec in
a production of
La Pericole
This is the sort of elitist frippery the
transfer of Redcar from
Whitby to Eston
put an end to
now Redcar is Redcar and
some money at least is to be spent on the
Theatre on the beach -
The Pavilion, the Glasshouse, The Regent Cinema

this transition - the original one
was signified by the transfer of representation of Redcar
in parliament
from Tory Proudfoot
to Labour, Jim Tinn
on first election
Jim Tinn took advantage of a
permanent pair
to retire to
The Lake District
back in the days of two party politics
an Tory and a Labourite would promise that
neither would ever vote in parliament
thus slightly increasing the majority of
the majority party
we don't know how often Jim Tinn was re-elected but
we are pretty sure he never had a constituency
or perhaps even a Houses of Parliament
office or office staff
we would not doubt he paid family members to be staff
the term is sine cure
a vicar has a sine cure if he has a stipend but
is responsible for the cure or care on
no souls
sini cure
no responsibilities
stipendium Latin for wages

5th March 2019

We have a
The Mighty Redcar
The building that featured in the trailers....
has a new roof and
the guy featured as the
property developer
is doing it
Massacre of the Israeli team at the Olympics
our Ricker's cousin
Brian Robson
was the manager of the
Yorkshire Bank in
We're not exactly sure
we think it was Chesterfield
however, we do know that Brian lived in
no he must have been
from the Chesterfield branch to
the Leicester branch because he
lived in
and Ricker was at Leicester University
for a conference - British Association
British Association for the Advancement of Science
and Ricker and a friend were invited to
Brian Robson's house for Sunday lunch
and Oadby is very like the part of Manchester
like Hale Barns
where this aspiring heart surgeon was murdered over the weekend
since Ricker and his friend did not want to arrive too early
they took a short walk around the area
they observed
a very large truck offloading a huge pile of
cheap frying pans
into the garage of one of the grand houses in the area
clearly one way to get to live in a place like that is to be
a sell it cheap, buy it cheaper
Market Trader
and referring to the murdered girl scout
middle class people
want somewhere to buy their drugs
and they won't want
Goodie Twoshoes
queering their pitch
no matter how many police you recruit they will
never get out of their cars
and never stand between
The People
The only bit pleasure they get
given that they aren't allowed to touch each other

4th March 2019

There's a
The Silver Surfer
perhaps in a
'linked move'
a concept of
bored a pensioners surfing the Internet being referred to as a
silver surfer
It's hard to summon up admiration for
David Lammy MP
However, we are not happy with
the BBC
and its calendar of charitable events
journalists have what they call
diary events
they get told a report is to be published on a particular date
and before they have any sight of that report
embargoed or not
they have their reports on the report
on the stocks
like a ship ready for launch
like an epitaph - obituary - waiting for a death
and so we come to bring a number of concepts together
David Lammy has recently decried the
BBC Children in Need, Comic Relief
in terms of
White Saviours
people who do a sort of
self serving self publicising
actors and comics
tour of a benighted land
and so we arrive at the concept of the
Silver Saviour
a bored pensioner who lights on
The Trussell Trust
The Food Bank
as a means of making their lives
have meaning
Trussell seems to be a brand name associated with
mortgages and home purchase
and in a way we are baffled at the BBC's
promotion of the Trussell Trust
at the expense of
The Sutton Trust
perhaps as with the obituaries it is a case of
insert name here
it reminds us of induction training at Tesco
the recruit is told
here is the exam paper
here is the answers sheet copy the answers onto the answer sheet in your own handwriting
and she writes
insert name here
next to
speaking of Tesco...
now that the refurb of Redcar is over
including LED lighting
ever since the new central library in Redcar was opened
neither staff nor visitors have been able to
switch the lights on or off
there may be an emergency override for
caretakers and emergency services
we have no idea about that
but for all normal practical purposes
the lights are operated by
occupancy switches
the lights in each aisle come on and go off
depending on whether there is anybody there
the staff canteen is
posher than the customer caf
and relating to Marks and Spencer
it is interesting that
the Marks and Spencer on Cleveland Retail Park
is for all the world indistinguishable from a
Cash and Carry
will it - being on an Industrial Estate Skippers Lane
soon be taken over by
and run as a
fullfillment centre?
we still have
Poundland in Redcar but it is carrying lines
that cost more than a pound
without any shopfitter involvement
the defunct
outlet is being
restocked as
One below
we guess it's not
One under
since that is code for a
suicide on the railways
we guess that they will be
selling items costing less than a pound and so we
expect that will include
sanitary protection in
packs smaller than the typical
bale of hay
bale of hay
Being a silver saviour and idolising
Ricky Tomlinson....
These people are entitled to go robbin'
because they don't have any money....
in a younger person it would be
unlooked for

25th February 2019

We have a few development notes
There is work going on at what is officially called
The Olympic Fitness centre
They seem to be having the roof off
Money has been approved for some sort of redevelopment of
The Regent Cinema
Tata Steel appear to have confirmed their sale of their
ransom strips along the river frontage - 2 miles
and near the SSI blast furnace site

to clear up a bit of airport confusion
Teesside Airport changed name when
British Midland International decided to
run feeder - connection flights to some other airport
British Midland split into
BMInternational and flyBMI
flyBMI is no more
what was
is to do the same trick but will be running little 'planes
tricked out in Virgin something livery
and feeding passengers to
Virgin Atlantic
There is no reason why
Virgin Atlantic 'planes
could not in time
because it is such a good runway
see the reverse and
use Teesside as Teesside International

we have made mention before about
women getting things they don't want
because they ask for what they think they can get
and not what they want
the coverage of the Scottish island child murder is
tangentially linked
the boy abducted, raped and murdered the girl
and his family lost their anonymity
we do have a couple of problems
firstly with the abduction
did the girl not protest
or were her grandparents
blind drunk?
the boy wanted to know what it was like to murder somebody
he was intent on murder
did he actually rape the girl
did he calculate
I could get life for this
I'd better cash in my possibly last opportunity to have sex?
or did he not rape the girl
but he wants the world to think he did and
if he had clearly not raped her
would his anonymity have been preserved?
boy kidnaps and murders girl...
not the same punch
they could have been having an adventure and she died by accident
it takes sex not murder to make him evil
and so to
sitting as we do
outside the box
we are thinking
all those girls
in a class of girls
14 to 16
you may think that it would be the
brassiest who got pregnant first
but it is often the shy one
because she never believed anybody would
WANT to fuck her
so she made no preparations and told nobody afterwards
couldn't believe it had actually happened
and so with metoo
the true purpose of metoo is to normalise
go to work, get fucked
it's not just you
but men have the power
and men take women at their word
and crack down on
workplace relationships
NOT what women want
women want workplace relationships
proper safeguards
put in place
in other words
not a blanket bad
but mechanisms to ensure they are
the whole point being
the whole problem being
not the sex but the question
did you pretend to consent
to get a promotion?
to avoid getting sacked?
we fail to attack
abuse of power
and settle for
attacking sex

and here we diverge from the current case
why do some men sometimes
1 rape
2 murder
3 rape and murder
before DNA a rape victim may have been murdered to silence her/him
you find better DNA on a dead body than on a
showered or bathed live survivor
broadly speaking a man who rapes and murders
sets out to humiliate the target
we have no problem identifying with that if the target is male
if the perp wants to humiliate the target but
finds that he/she actually enjoys the encounter
he may well be
frustrated and become enraged and
proceed to lethal force
we note in the recent case
the perp had knife but did not use it to kill
he smothered his victim
was there a fairly late stage at which the target
decided to scream for help?
was the lethal action not intended to kill but to
was there a fairly late stage at which the target
decided to scream for help?
was the lethal action not intended to kill but to

The system has prejudices
The basic belief of the system is that
men are only interested in women for sex
the basic belief about women is that
they are willing to
put up with the sex
to get the support and protection
One of the things our Ricker has found most frustrating is
being pushed aside because
a woman needs that job
but at the same time being regarded as very strange
if not gay
taking a woman's work seriously
work, career, job
women don't want to be paid no more than
pin money
enough money for beauty treatments and clothes and shoes
so that they can get out there and snare a man
whatever work they do is supposed to be restricted to
making demands on male workers
no women welders
women in sales, marketing, logistics
ordering the men around
not co-operating with them
if women have equal pay
why would they want anything to do with men
since they are independent and not in need of
protection and support?
and so we give the woman with
spina bifida
the job as office manager
she hasn't got a hope in hell of
getting a bloke
not because she will make an excellent office manager

22nd February 2019

In Germany in the 1930s
The National Socialist Party
recruited an elite force
we know them as
The SS
these were young sons of
respectable working class fathers
sons of carpenters, brewers, plumbers
they were taken from their families for a period of intensive training
and the y were told that they were
in British terms
The Salt of the Earth
the supreme examples of human-kind
and today in the UK we have the equivalent
a paramilitary force with
no officer class
the names change but they are generally referred to as
Special Patrol Group
within the police
and they consider any statement running to more than
a couple of dozen words to be
the ramblings of deranged mind
purity in simplicity
goodies and baddies
The SS
we should find out the difference between the SSand
The Gestapo
small in number and all powerful because of
a sense that at any moment any citizen
could be informed on for
not informing on their family, friends and neighbours
normally The British would not fall for this
however over a couple of decades
mobile 'phone 'breaks' have
come to replace
fag - cigarette - breaks and
not out of fear or malice but out of
boredom and curiosity
an informer culture has developed
and the classic SS tactics of
we don't want evidence , we just want names
have become
media mantras
it will be interesting to see how this will pan out
but knowing The British...
we'll work through it
and of course
recruitment policies in the police will play a part
Thatcher's Storm Troopers
and their sons and nephews are retiring out anyway
after The Irish and The Moslems
we don't see the next
Gullible Group
on the horizon
and we don't see the same appetite to be
agents provocateur
within the forces
although the vegans and such will always be with us
and all of this is sometimes referred to as
pitting both ends against the middle
the elite conspire with the dregs to
keep the middle classes in line
The Russian Royal Family and Rasputin
Bullock noted that Hitler's father, Alois,
had been born out of wedlock to Maria Anna Schicklgruber.
Eventually, the acknowledged father, Johann Georg Heidler, married Maria,
but he never bothered to legitimize his son.
In 1876, however, the brother of Johann Georg Heidler, then dead,
took the necessary steps to legitimize Alois and legally change his name.
Thus, records Bullock, ''From the beginning of 1877, 12 years before Adolf was born,
his father called himself Hitler,
and his son was never known by any other name until
his opponents dug up this long-forgotten village scandal and tried,
without justification, to label him with his grandmother's name of Schicklgruber

The Gestapo , abbreviation of Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police),
was the official secret police of Nazi Germany and German-occupied Europe.
The force was created by Hermann Göring in 1933 by combining
the various security police agencies of Prussia into one organisation.
Beginning on 20 April 1934, it passed to the administration of Schutzstaffel (SS)
national leader Heinrich Himmler, who in 1936 was appointed
Chief of German Police (Chef der Deutschen Polizei) by Hitler.
The Gestapo at this time became a national rather than a Prussian state agency as
a suboffice of the Sicherheitspolizei (SiPo; Security Police).
Then, from 27 September 1939 forward, it was administered by the
Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA; Reich Main Security Office).
It became known as Amt (Dept) 4 of the RSHA and was considered a sister organisation to
the Sicherheitsdienst (SD; Security Service).
During World War II, the Gestapo played a key role in the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe.
The Allgemeine SS (General SS) was a major branch of the Schutzstaffel (SS)
paramilitary forces of Nazi Germany, and it was managed by the SS Main Office (SS-Hauptamt).
The Allgemeine SS was officially established in the autumn of 1934 to
distinguish its members from the SS-Verfügungstruppe (SS Dispositional Troops or SS-VT),
which later became the
and the SS-Totenkopfverbände (SS Death's Head Units or SS-TV),
which were in charge of the Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps, where millions were killed

21st February 2019

21st February 2019

We have some well out of date
international labour Organisation stats

up to November 2018
and there is an up tick
the up tick in female claimants
more closely follows the up tick in all claimants
and this may indicate that
Redcar and Cleveland being a
Universal Credit roll out area
women put onto
Universal Credit
are being added to
the job seeker claimant total
even though they were not previously
Job Seekers' Allowance

20th February 2019

generally speaking
when a boy has a melt down
we put him on the autistic spectrum
when a girl has a melt down
we search of a boy or a man to
brand a pervert, for upsetting her

perhaps sometimes
young people misidentify
autistic girls as
girls who don't like boys
in all female partnerships we do tend to see
one of the couple as more and the other less
tending towards being in touch with their male side
being an autistic female
is not the same thing as
being a lesbian
being female and preferring a
submissive partner is not
a gender issue
in many cases, it appears
the sub-dominant partner in an
all female partnership
could be just as happy in a
mixed gender partnership
so long as the male was a
regular male
and not
an alpha male
she seeing herself in a
sisterly team
with the males of the clan
aloof and only necessary for breeding purposes
and it is doubtful that that
qualifies as a

we have to note that the broadcast media appear to share our
frustration with the Office for National Statistics
particularly in respect of
unemployment figures they have during these months of
goal post moving and ball shape changing
taken to reporting the figures from the press releases
without comment
it is very important that
weather data are collected and reported is a
standardised way that
has not changed since the invention of the
Stephenson Screen
The ONS did resist the move from
reporting the number of people registering as job seekers
monthly to
six monthly or annually
perhaps they are simply embarrassed to publish
quarterly figures that deviate so much from
monthly figures and have
randomly chose quarterly figures
honestly they should only have the following quarters
April, May, June
July, August, September
October, November, December
January February, March
They should also accept that they are the holders of
actual figures
they should make it clear that they are the
statistical authority and should publish
raw data
and not interpreted data such as
seasonally adjusted averages

When we fictionalise the stories of real people to
illustrate a point
we tend to choose
Greater Eston
rather than Redcar itself
and so it is today
we are about to consider the story of
Sam's gran
Ricker can't remember which university
Sam's gran attended
but Janet Stark was a graduate in something biological and
her husband had a better degree from the same course
so they were married and living together when they both got
teaching jobs at
Eston Grammar School
and then
came along and Eston Grammar became
Gillbrook and lost it's sixth form
and got Harry Hindle a Primary School head
as it's head
and Janet Stark stayed at Gillbrook
and Mr. Stark moved to the new and short lived
Eston Sixth Form College
so we infer that
Mr Stark had taught A' level and Janet had taught
O' level
and was confronted with teaching
the likes of Senga McCubbin
and Janet had more than one coping strategy
she rented a flat in Great Ayton and moved out of the family home
later she moved to Stokesley
then we have the
Harry Hindle - Derek Douglas axis
Derek Douglas was not a bad sort of cove
we are talking of the days of
Cleveland County Council
and Derek Douglas had been a local authority
meat inspector - abattoirs and such
he did a teaching qualification and
became a biology teacher
and he had a big old car
and a Hillman Imp
and a wife and a son and a daughter and
his mother living with him
and Harry Hindle - these being the days of
lessons in corridors
got two or three
extra scale points
Harry used one of them to promote
junior biology teacher Derek
to parity with formerly senior biology teacher Janet
and Janet left to
retrain as a social worker
and thus Sam became a
probation officer
given that Harry ha more then one scale point to allocate
he could , without consulting the entire staff as he did
have given both
Derek and Janet a point each
Derek had financial dependents and
Janet had
left the kids with their dad
so .....
so this is why
Working Tax Credit was invented
and why
it has to be protected within
any new benefit system so that
income matches need
authority within the workplace
does not match financial liabilities

19th February 2019

Unemployment in the North East increases
The North East still has the highest unemployment rate in the country.
During the last quarter unemployment in the North East went up by 6,000 to 69,000.
Nationally unemployment fell by 14,000 and now stands at 1.36 million.
on 23rd January 2019
we said
they were not for the quarter after the quarter that was previously reported
Yesterday we got figures for September to November 71,000
We couldn't be arsed to record the previously published figures but we think
they were 74,000 for the period
July to September
so September to November is
the quarter following
July to September
So the unemployment rate went UP by 6,000
from 71,000
to 69,000
they were not for the quarter after the quarter that was previously reported
Yesterday we got figures for September to November 71,000
We couldn't be arsed to record the previously published figures but we think
they were 74,000 for the period
July to September
so September to November is
the quarter following
July to September

18th February 2019

This week we will have the start of the arrival of three
Tunnel Boring Machines
They will be creating a 22 mile
22 mile
tunnel under the
North York Moors National Park
The North York Moors is an upland area in North Yorkshire, England,
containing one of the largest expanses of heather moorland in the United Kingdom.
The North York Moors National Park was designated in 1952,
through the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949.
The National Park covers an area of 554 sq mi (1,430 km2), and has a population of 23,380
The tunnel will run from a fertilizer mine near WhitbyBR> to
processing works and docks in Redcar
we are not sure about
why three/
one to start near Whitby
one to start in Redcar
and one to???
cut a passing loop tunnel at half way???
These things are normally
single use
you assemble them at the bottom of a shaft
and when they are done
you run them into a siding of their own creation and wall them up...
will the steel trains from Redcar to Skiningrove
use the same tunnel?
we shall see
we have to assume that the trains will have electic locos
we think that lower down there will be mention of the
First power from the Hornsea Wind Farm
coming ashore in Coatham Bay last week
Redcar - Wilton International will eventually
within two years
get half the power
all the power would power
one million homes...

The name of the mechanoid in Red Dwarf is spelt
The image is of a drawing made by our Ricker in around 2004
Holly and Hilly
The Red Dwarf ship's computer
before and after
gender re-assignment
Last week there was a rig and for a time
a tender - a tug boat
in Coatham Bay
just off shore from the
Coatham Bay Wind Farm
it was gone by Friday
'Electricity has been produced for the first time at
what will be the world's biggest offshore wind farm
The first turbine at the
Hornsea One development
located 75 miles (120 km) off
The Yorkshire coast started generating on Friday
15th Feb 2019
Each of the 174 turbines will measure
623 feet
190 metres
high and are being made at
Siemens factory in Hull
When fully operational in 2020
the farm will produce enough energy for more than
a million homes
and half that power will run
under the middle of
Kirkleatham Lane
in Redcar
Wilton International

We have written about this before on some other web site
like twenty years ago...
The formula for
producing a kid most nearly matching your
genetic potential
It is not complicated
it is not necessarily easy
It requires co-operation
choose the potential father
stop your contraception
probably a few months ahead of time
and switch to a barrier method
choose a suitable month
thinking what month you would like the child to be
born in
as you come up to your period
what you want is the chosen father to have
only fresh seed on board and so
while you are having your period
get yer granny to milk him dry
as your period ends and you start to feel quite randy
make sure the man does not
ejaculate for between 4 days and a week
to build up a load that is
mature but fresh
and then get get that load up you as
quick as possible
then go back to barrier methods for the rest of the month
and try again the next month if you don't catch
The thing is...
in the UK around now only around
twenty per cent of children - pregnancies are
that does not mean the other
eighty in a hundred are
the result of one night stands
they just happen because
mum 'forgets' her contraception
or somebody misunderstands the
rhythm method
and so we suppose that most parents
want to see a child as a gift from God
a magical, mystical thing that should not be
brought down to earth by
having planning involved
and at best when a couple say they are
trying for a baby
they really mean they have
given up using contraception
and get at it when mum fancies a bit

15th February 2019

We do tend to use rather out-dated cultural references
and so..
The Admirable Crichton
Lord Loam - Cecil Parker
and his family are shipwrecked on a desert island
where his manservant - Kenneth More
proves the undisputed leader
British movie of 1957
based on a famous play
it may be appropriate to quote
horses for courses
in changed circumstances different skill sets are needed
or it could be a reference to
lions led by donkeys
and that would be the basis of the cult TV series
Red Dwarf
but at first
Crichton was split into
Criton and Holly because of the
Hal reference
Authur C Clark
and then
there you go
Holly becomes Hilly
a female version and then disappears
When the university sector trumpets
wider participation - in higher education
what are they offering?
you can't give half the population a qualification
once reserved for five percent and
expect the rarity value to be maintained
back in the day
universities were few and some only acknowledged
Oxford and Cambridge - Oxbridge
and the basic idea of Oxbridge was that
the brightest and separately the richest
half a persent of
late teenage boys
would spend half of each of the three or four
most formative years of their lives
in the company of
the 0.005 per cent of the brightest of adults
adult males
if you go down to your local
Further Education College in the 1950s
and do evening classes in cookery
you don't expect
Brian Turner
to be teaching the class
although he often did
the classes he taught
James Martin
were very small
what with the telly and t'internet
most people can get what they need
without attending classes
going to university these days
aside from the extreme
unconditional offer followed by bought in course work concept
is partly about a three year summer camp
for growing up at
and partly some somewhat experienced feedback
feedback from both fellow students and tutors
and this appears to be the crux
thoughtless feedback to a groundling...,br. could lead to suicide
there is scope for
if ignorance is bliss
'tis folly to be wise
in terms of just what other people are capable of
and you are not
is excluding able students
from whatever background from specialist institutions
filtering experiences and sheltering people from
self knowledge?
we don't know this stat
we would like to
rank conurbations from largest down
which have a higher education in then that is
more than
twenty five miles from
the next nearest higher education institution
Tyne and Wear
would not be on the list
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumbria University
University of Sunderland
opportunity to specialise and distinguish
Oxford bangs on about 5 percent from disadvantaged backgrounds
but, names change
Oxford Brooks, whatever, options
In the world of the Harry Potter sorting hat
any kid can go to any university
local industry and local commerce
depend on the teaching and research of local universities
The geography of The Tees Valley says
steel and chemicals
the university of the tees valley says
social care
it's an economic drag
when the major institutions have
managed decline
written through their bones
what is the morality of letting doctors teach
student nurses
if it denies incompetent nurses the right to
start a fresh career in teaching
those who can, do
those who can't , teach
those who can't teach, write textbooks

14th February 2019

There's a review - probably on their own web site of
Marks and Spencer
at Cleveland Retail Park
it refers to a combination of the tin roof???
and the noise from the freezers and chillers making
mobile 'phone contact with
she who must be obeyed
Leo McKern?
Leo McKern - spelling? - British actor
played an elderly barrister in a UK
sitcom - situation comedy
and always referred to his wife as
she who must be obeyed
regarding what to buy
and so to
Redcar Tesco
the new freezers and chillers
such a lot quieter
except for the fresh milk display because it has
noisy fans being of the
just wheel in the whole cages
no decanting - shelf filling - variety
and thus having no thermal mass or insulation
all the rest....
pull down shutters for enclosure during shop closure,
and central evaporators for store-wide distribution of
in other words the individual freezers and chillers
don't have radiators but they do have
refrigerant circulation pumps but no
fans or radiators
and they still have hot air ducts to
move machinery heat
as opposed to heat removed from the food
into the roof space
and proper drains to avoid
pools of condensed water on the floor
you can hear yourself think n there now
away from the fresh milk
and get your buying instructions by 'phone
oh and equine 'flu?
Redcar is aflat racing course
no jumps, no winter meetings

Regarding an earlier post regarding
The University of Teesside
fish that keeps to the bottom of a river
spectator in the pit of a theatre
a vulgar fellow
not to be confused with
he had a thorough grounding in electrical engineering

13th February 2019

We don't really know what to say about this
This is
The Sustain Programme
it's 35 million quid paid to the
Universities of Swansea, Sheffield, and Warwick
'make the UK Iron and Steel Industry
carbon-neutral by 2040'
are we to assume that the
Old Biddies at The University of Teesside
turned down the offer of this funding
on the grounds that it
Big Boys' Toys
The brief is to
look into
harvesting untapped energy sources
and capturing carbon emissions
as well as
developing new products
and so...
we think Warwick is at
Royal Leamington Spa
just south of Coventry
and so
there are elements of the
motor manufacturing industry
in the Birmingham area
Port Talbot
in South Wales - Swansea University?
Two out of three - Sheffield and Birmingham are
users of steel
Swansea associated with steel making
Not Teesside, Sheffield, and Warwick
Swansea, Sheffield and Warwick
we suspect that the authorities at
The University of Teesside
are hunkered down in their
Managed Decline
preoccupied with
asylum seekers
the unemployable
we are aware that
Tata have just spent tens of millions of pounds on
a refurbishment of one of
Port Talbot's two modest sized blast furnaces
and are planning now to spend some more money at the
Port Talbot BOS plant
the steel maker
Sustain won't be needing those
but here is the point
it appears to us that it is
The University of Teesside that is deliberately
denying The Tees valley the option of
hosting top level employment
in both
The NHS - doctors and dentists
the steel industry
Smart people who venture here
will be arrested for
upsetting the
From University of Warwick
News & Events - Smarter, greener, cleaner steel:
£35 million boost for research to transform UK steel industry
· - Carbon Neutral Steel Making is the future for a sustainable and
world leading industry – meaning the steel industry will need to
transition from coal as its primary energy source to waste materials,
renewable energy and hydrogen. · -
Twenty partners … steel sector. …
If a product isn’t made of steel it’s made using steel .
Steel is at the heart of UK manufacturing sectors such as
the car industry, construction, packaging and defence. …
Dr Cameron Pleydell-Pearce, steel expert at Swansea University and
SUSTAIN’s deputy director, said:
“This news is a massive vote of confidence in the steel industry.
… Gareth Stace, UK Steel Director General, said:
“This new boost of innovation funding into the sector is a vital piece of
the puzzle to help deliver our vision of a cutting-edge,
vibrant, and sustainable steel industry in the UK.
11th Feb 2019

11th February 2019

There's a song lyric somewhere from the 60s? USA
straight razor toting kind of a woman
early 20th century women about town
hat pins as weapons
we like this story about a woman vsiting a hospital
the receptionist asks
would you like a wheelchair?
woman explodes with
why on earth would I need a wheelchair?
well the walking stick
I carry that purely for defence

We note that
Store Twenty one
closed in Redcar last week
We note that
are almost ready to move from
West Dyke Road to
The High Street
If you're desperate for cash
you take your tools, 'phone, laptop etc to
credit jewellers
we have to say that
O'Connor Utilities working for
Northern Electric
have decide not to continue the new
high voltage ring main down
Pybus Place - private property
but double back out of Dundas and along
The Esplanade
and so far....
indications are that they will
by-pass the Woolworths sub-station
they do seen to be installing
low voltage connections
to all customers between the new
Tyne Tees Entertainment sub station
and the relatively new
Palace Hub sub station
as it stands the appearance remains that
the plan to demolish Marks and Spencer
and possibly also Woolworths
remains on track
we suspect that the Woolworths building is already being
supplied by the Palace Hub sub station
it certainly could be
They won't be digging up in front of
The Palace Hub
in this phase
but later
seems a bit odd leaving new cables
terminated in the ground
but we think there will only be one more
phase of installation
probably later this year

We are interested in the concept of
The Outlaw
The Western American
concept of the outlaw was about
a plague on all your houses
but also lead to the actual or movie poster
Wanted, dead or alive
in essence a person who had committed any of a range of offences
would not be arrested but would
loose the protection of the state
There are two concepts involved in London
a killing is only really of interest to the media if it is
perceived as
and the combination of the
Bleeding Heart Liberals and the Trot Tots
childlike adherents to Venezuelan socialism
who propose that non-white violence s
an understandable cry for help
and white violence is a kind of
man bites dog
outrage against the natural order
for the London authorities this only becomes a
Pressing problem if
non-white long term UK residents
killing tourists
locals are supposed to be
perfect and respectful hosts to their visitors
it is hard to find a slum or shanty town in London
but when violence occurs
away from tourist areas
the Bleeding Heart Liberals and the Trot Tots
what happens in the favella
stays in the favella
we can't confirm the spelling of favella
we must respect the cultural traditions of our
long term guests
we really need to research the following
we'll do our normal pre-research think piece
and sort out the clarifications later
back in the 1960s or 70s in the UK
when everybody watched the same TV
there was a famous scientist - anthropologist
Desmond Morris
and his book - one of them and perhaps his TV series?
was called
The Human Zoo
it brings into question the perhaps conflicting concepts of
we throw into the mix at this point
The Lake District Pound
Victorian Navvies being paid in washers or tokens
how integrated should people be?
The concept of the Human Zoo - in our assessment
without checking out the views of Desmond Morris
recalls the likes of
exotic being from far flung lands
brought back to the UK to be displayed as
rather like
The Elephant Man
If we take an area such as a
China Town
we expect to go there and get
some sort of Chinese experience revolving around
we do not expect to step into a time warp in which
different laws and moral standards apply
in the animal zoo
only the
would expect to put the
lions in with the lambs
without mishap
so we think
if you want to come to our country
you are free to integrate
you are also free to aggregate and display your
traditions of cuisine and decor and dress
but we have a bigger problem with
you bringing your medicine and morals and traditions
especially if they abuse females and children

7th February 2019

Note to
Department for People at the BBC
If BrExit ever ends....
Transfer all your BrExit commentators to
The Sports Department - in Manchester
commentate of
Round the World Yacht Racing

Are we going to begin by
straying beyond our
titular bounds
Yes Glaxo in Barnard Castle is in Weardale
not the Tees Valley
we do feel moved to consider this issue
of antibiotics
you know the story of the stranger lost in rural Ireland
asks a local for directions and gets the reply
if I was going there I wouldn't start from here
this is supposed to indicate unhelpful advice
the thing is
if you are asked for directions and that doesn't happen
in the days of satnavs....
if you make a regular journey from somewhere to
the requested destinaton
a more secure way to direct the enquirer is to
direct them to where you would set off from and then add
directions to their target venue
you could easily direct them
in the way of satnavs
into a bog
if you try to invent a more direct route for them
very often we are not encountering a stranger on the road
we are getting a call from somebody whose location is
vague to us
if we don't know where you are
how can we suggest a route to
where you want to be
where we want you to be
in educational terms the choice is between
building for the pupil an island of knowledge
in a sea of ignorance
or building out their territory of knowledge
from the coastline of where they are
a bigger, better continent of
knowledge and understanding
and so with antibiotics
there is a problem with what the punter wants from
and what an expert considers reasonable, sensible, logical
the experts - we - the famous in his own laptop, Ricker
wil progress better if we grasp that
the punters want
to mean
artificial immune system in a pill bottle
they consider pills to be magic
the baby boomer punters anyway
to be able to magically adapt to whatever purpose
Aladdin wishes the genie to dispose
it's not a car
or a truck
it's a Transformer
somehow the punter mind knows that the pill isn't a Transformer
but reverses the roles and declares that the
pathogen is a Transformer
the maths defeat the punters
we can say that if there are
100,000 bacteria in a wound
they will be ALREADY at point of infection
present in a variety of forms
and most will be likely to be killed by simple antibiotics
take a piece of bread
it would have to be a soggy piece of bread
say a number of bacteria fall on it
and a number of fungal - mould - spores fall on it
the bacteria and the fungi
both want to eat the bread
the fungi are higher forms of life than the bacteria
the fungi
piss all over the bread with a secretion that
kills a lot of bacteria but they don't get affected by
frankly the fungi can go through all the bread eating and
spore generating they want to do on that slice of bread
long before the weedy varieties of bacteria they didn't bother to
devise and secrete a poison for
have got their arses into gear
the fungi wouldn't evolve a toxin specific for
any number of bacteria that are too weedy to be a threat
and antibiotics are made for us by fungi
we grow penicillium moulds and extract the penicillin
we get penicillin from mould
just like we get
alcohol from yeast
and what the punters want the experts to do is
make antibiotics from
they expect the experts to
GM - genetically modify the fungi
so they produce an antibiotic that kills a
broader spectrum
of bacteria
bacteria NO VIRUSES will be harmed by
doses of antibiotic
fungi ain't that clever
we will credit this Sam to her granny's old boss
Mike Jackson
he probably picked it up in the
Bowls Club
bloke in a bar needs a wet
he's so bustin' he can't finish his pint before he goes and he
writes on a beer mat I've spat in this
when he gets back
somebody else has added to the beer mat
so have I
just dessert for not trusting his mates to
leave his pint alone while he went for a slash
Here's our thought for the day
if bacteria are mutating into resistant forms
what's their incentive to
mutate back into the susceptible form
which after all these decades
is what we still normally find?
Bottom line...
there are antibiotic resistant bacteria
they just ARE
they are not caused by antibiotics

6th February 2019

we have a new web address
se you there?
one day

Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon,
impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is
a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and
has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".
Despite external evidence of their competence, those experiencing this phenomenon
remain convinced that they are frauds, and do not deserve all they have achieved.
Individuals with impostorism incorrectly attribute their success to luck, or
as a result of deceiving others into thinking they are more intelligent than they perceive themselves to be.
While early research focused on the prevalence among high-achieving women,
impostor syndrome has been recognized to affect both men and women equally.
We have touched on this before to a smaller audience...
We decline to research the dates and details
at some point around the 1960s
King's College Durham
was more like
King's College London
St. Mary's College Durham
or Grey or well any of the others
and essentially,
not gradually
King's College Durham
the parts of Durham University located in Newcastle was
lopped of
lock stock and barrel
to form
The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
and that meant that
the only significant 'science ' department in Durham University was
The Geography Department
there may be some dispute over that
there were definitely no
botany and zoology departments in - at - Durham
and so an entire department had to be recruited over one summer vacation
the zoology department were recruited
under or by Oxford Don Dave Barker
as a job lot from
The University of Hull
Dave - wife of author, Pat Barker
no fair, smartwer less famous husband of Pat Barker
and the one Durham graduate - possibly of the name Grey
willing to make the move from Newcastle to Durham
and hence imposter syndrome and wanting to
keep the likes of Dave Hyde M.Sc. Manchester and our Ricker as pets
whilst dishing out
D.Sc. degrees and professorships to
The likes of Cuddly Ken Bowler
a D.Sc. is not much different to an honourary Ph.D. Doctor of Science, Doctor of Philosaphy
We justr clocked sommat
we had been confused about
Kate Silverton off the BBC
Thought she was Northern and found she was Southern
and now we see she shares with Ricker the honour of being
a Cuth's Grad
Graduate of St. Cuthbert's Society , University of Durham, UK

5th February 2019

We do try to correct our errors....
We want to list the realities of the
Trains from Eaglescliffe
They were a start up using
Intercity 125s
They sold out to
the bus company
There are two routes
Bradford Interchange, Low Moor, Halifax, Brighouse, Mirfield
Wakefield Kirkgate, Pontifract Monkhill, Doncaster, Kings Cross
and the original...
Sunderland, Hartlepool, Eaglescliffe, Northallerton, Thirsk, York
Kings Cross
Hartlepool and Northallerton
Car Parking, Step Free Access, Disabled Assistance,
Self-Service Ticket Machine, Ticket Office, Waiting Room
Refreshments, Bicycle Storage, Toilets (open times vary)
Taxi Rank, Staff for all or part of most days
Eaglescliffe has..
car Parking, Step Free Access, Ticket Office, Waiting Room
Bicycle Storage, Taxi Rank, Staff for all or partof most daysBR> staff on Island Platform, not in car park
and Monday to Friday Azoomas call at eaglescliffe
7.29 - peak service probably costs more - KingsX 10.14
09,28 for KX 12.32
13.13 for 16.08
16.15 for 19.07
18.17 for 21.08
KX 08.06 Eaglescliffe 10.51
KX 11.27 14.04
12.57 for 15.46
Peak Service KX 16.48 for 19.26
Last train 19.27 for 22.52
The same number of trains on weekends
times differ - a bit
Hence thus and therefore and you want
proper disabled services and you can
drive from Eaglescliffe to northallerton in
15 to 20 minutes
get the train there - less parking busier staton
That's the winter timetable...
conecting trains call at
Saltburn, Marske, Longbeck, Redcar East, Redcar Central
British Steel Redcar, like about once a week
South Bank, Middlesbrough, Thornaby (for Stockton)
by whick we mean you can walk over the river bridge
Stockton Railway Station...
well Grand Central runs through Stockton railway station
but they don't stop
in the winter time...
Northern Trains - workie buses
Metro Centre, Newcastle, Heworth
Sunderland, Seaham, Hartlepool, Seaton Carew
Billingham, Stockton, Thornaby, Middlesbrough
with connections from Middlesbrough to
James Cook (hospital), Marton, Gypsy Lane, Nunthorpe
All those on same train - through train
on winter weekends
and on weekdays up to 18.33 Metro Centre departure
We have four or five trough trains from
Middlesbrough to Whitby most winter days
Arriva re thus running Northern and Grand Central trains
TransPennine Express
are running on the East Coast main line,BR> and on the
Yarm Goods loop
and GNER are running on the East Coast Main Line

Ricker is not demented but sometimes
Teesside Airport???
Not exactly nailed down but
it looks that way
Ricker is trying to remember the name of an
Irish writer who
had a bit of a look of
Tintin's dog Snowy
he probably went by
two initials and a surname but wasn't
W B Yates
he means
George Bernard Shaw
never G B Shaw
anyway there is an Irish writer who is said to have said to
a society lady at a function
we'll update the numbers...
and we are taking
into account here
would you sleep with me for a million pounds
well I might
would you sleep with me for a tenner?
what do you take me for, a harlot
Oh we've already established your profession
we are now negotiating a price
people who have no idea of the value of money
for instance asking a politician
how much does a Gregg's sausage roll cost?
often have trouble knowing
right from wrong
legal from illegal
because they can't distinguish the
going rate for a legal act
the going rate for an illegal act
particularly if the supplier asked is
a lawyer or an accountant
when such people are approached by the
super rich
to do something and the price is high
the super rich being also super dim
they don't understand whether the high price is
because it's difficult
because it's illegal
so here we are thinking way outside the box
and we don't know what proportion of people who are
have DNA taken
it could be everyone
it wouldn't alter the story here
Let's just go way weird and suggest that
Jane had a child and some dingbat with dosh
or perhaps a father who was
a ploice officer who missed the lesson on
misconduct in a public office
got it into their head that
Ricker was the father
in the world of mega bucks
and the world of
I've got a Warrant Card
somebody may decide that to get a DNA sample
what simpler than to get Ricker arrested?
Ricker has never made claim to have had a girlfriend
but the first candidate was
and she had a little sister called Sarah
the h was important he got told off for forgetting it
and Sarah was a toddler when Ricker and Gwynneth were
sixth formers
and Sarah's mam was Gwynneth's step mother
there are all sorts of ways the
bored and feeble minded can
imagine things
and if all that hangs together
Ricker could have pleaded not guilty
and not have a - now long expired - criminal record
a spent conviction
except that
in the UK we
not only don't have a viable
Statute of Limitations
we don't have a genuine concept of
The Spent Conviction
In law convictions become spent after five or ten years
so you can tick the box
I have no unspent convictions
not if the job involves
involves working with vulnerable people
they changed the name but it started out as a
Criminal Records Bureau check
the problem is
defining work with vulnerable people
funny they didn't check out the recently resigned
Chief Constable of Cleveland
It's transformed from
a protection for vulnerable service users
an excuse to bin the CV of people you don't want to
and thus circumventing discrimination laws

4th February 2019

We are trying here to put some context into the
announcement that x trail won't be
screwed together at the
Nissan badged Renault plant in
Washington Tyne and Wear UK
Renault did a spin off of the battery manufacturing plant in Washington
We can't at present see global x trail sales figures BUT
They are small compared to the Leaf
What has happened is....
we think
Washington being an assembly plant
it was going to take
Renault diesel engines made in France
and screw them into X trails in Sunderland
Sunderland has the mahusive sheet metal presses
to make body panels, probably much better kit than in France
However, the thing is
the petrol engine designed for the x Trail
is only made by Renault in Japan
Sunderland could mke the bodies BUT
it's one hell of a press to change the press tools on
the engines would have to come at
personal import numbers from Japan
overall not worth the candle
Leaf does not get a mention but it is
the thing that could keep the Sunderland presses
working in the long term
As of March 2013, Nissan has an installed capacity to produce 250,000 Leafs per year:
150,000 at Smyrna, Tennessee,
50,000 at Oppama, Japan, and
50,000 at Sunderland, England.
The first vehicles sold in the U.S. were produced at Nissan’s plant in Oppama, Japan,
which started production on 22 October 2010
U.S. production began in January 2013, at Nissan's manufacturing facility in Smyrna, Tennessee.
Production of the Leaf at Nissan's plant in Sunderland, England, began in March 2013.
In March 2013, the Chinese government announced that a partnership between
Nissan and Dongfeng Motor to build Leafs is being planned.
The initial production line will be able to produce 10,000 units per year until it is upgraded to 50,000 units by 2015.
x trail
On October 27, 2016, Nissan Motor Corporation announced the production of the next X-Trail at NMUK
Niassan motors UK?
In February 2019, these plans were cancelled with production planned to remain in Japan.
Nissan's Sunderland plant in the UK has been in operation since 1986 and
has around 7,000 employees.
Sunderland will continue to manufacture several Nissan models and the company
reaffirmed its commitment to manufacture the new Qashqai for 2020 at the UK plant.
Both Nissan and British officials confirmed that no jobs would be lost due to
the modified arrangement, which will see production of the X-Trail moved to Kyushu.

1st February 2019

The trouble with women is...
they never ask for what they want
they distract themselves by asking for what
they feel they are entitled to
even if they don't want it
and the battle for
is for turning things a man would work or negotiate for
a constitutional right

We are going to have a go at another analogy
If you are a relatively poor home owner
and you have little or no insurance
a burst pipe can be a nightmare
If you are rich
a blocked pipe....
move into a hotel for a couple of days
whilst the concierge sort s things out
on the other hand
if you are really quite rich and own a
cabin in the hills
and the cabin is burnt in a forest fire
or slides away due to subsidence
you may face a huge - un-re-insurable loss
what we are trying to get at is
if you are a normal healthy person
any chance of getting super rich would seem
very attractive
Ricker knows nothing about this but
when at 31 he arrived at City University in London
He could not have known whether
Jane was still single
if she was...
that would put a different light on the apparent pressure
from City University
to swap from Optometry and Visual Science
The Business School
If you are ill and in a lot of pain you want to be
as close to medicine as you can get
in hopes of getting a solution to your problem
rather the very rich person may want to understand
global warming and its effect on forest fires
and the mega rich person
just buys another mountain
Ricker's sister is married to an industrial chemist - retired
and this lead to a short but illuminating exchange between
Ricker and a fellow optometry student
for whatever reason Ricker said
Martin has got his name on some patents
Elastoplast Airstrip
and the young woman then said
what are you doing here then?
there followed a quick explanation that what had been said was
has his name on the patent
owns the patent
the patents resulting from Martin's work belong to
Smith and Nephew
but it illustrated the point
this is a university
it's not for rich or clever people
it's for poor people to get a meal ticket
the degree that unlocks the
well paid, secure, office job
to translate the Japanese
a window watcher
in Japanese business culture, employees who develop
continue to turn up for work and sit at desks near a window
and are never again handed an assignment
and so the student assumed that having your name on a patent
would mean being super rich and
relieving all your relatives of the need to
study or work
and clever people 'competing for'
window watcher roles
was threatening to the security of
the window watching classes
rather well illustrated by
the relative points out to a woman in uniform that
the patient has been sick - vomited
and the uniform replies
I'm a grduate
I don't do sick
and Ricker's motivation in his failed attempts to be a medical student was
The NHS has no time for me
perhaps if I were a medical student
I'd become a test case and
my fellow students would be set on to
try to figure out what's wrong with me

Here's a question
Why should Redcar be
Twinned with Shrewsbury?
well it's thirty miles south west of
That's not the reason
as we understand it there's a
derelict flax mill
around there that is
the first multi-storey building to use a
steel frame
with infill brick
instead of load bearing masonry
and Redcar has
rolling mills

resemblance in essentials
between two things or statements
otherwise different
human animal and plant design is
rife with analogues
a left hand is a mirror image of a right hand
but a foot is an analogue of a hand
hence thus and therefore we have another bit of
giving birth is an analogue of taking a dump
when constipated
mansplaining about childbirth
because we all take a dump so regularly
we may not analyse the process
it has two main sections we push to expel
consider the making of sausages into
we deposit turds
we divide a continuous extrusion into sections
and we retract the material not expelled
from the end
shall we say from the anus to the rectum
what Claire Rayner was on about is
to get the baby out quickly what you got to do
is push and rest and push and rest and not
do the nip off a section and retract the rest bit during the
rest intervals
at worst lets say
dumping the head turd now and saving the shoulder turd
for later
not a good plan
perhaps a good plan is
when not near giving birth
make yourself deliberately constipated
hey does that happen naturally during pregnancy??
and practicing
keeping the pushing going witout
retracting for a rest
just take the rest without retracting
tough love this mansplaining

We are moving into fantasy land here butwe have not traced
the death of Tiny Rowland's wife
she had thre daughters and a son Toby
Toby is an internet entreprneur
So we guess he has a more substantial platform than
Our Ricker
If he was born in 1969
he was 2 or 3 years old when Jane and Ricker began their time at Durham
We judge Josie Rowland as a feisty character and we
that as soon as she produced an ligitimate male heir to
Tiny Rowland
she would want any difficulties regarding children earlier produced
Here was the deal
Ken Bowler was Ricker's moral tutor at Durham
Ken said we can't give you a first and a Ph.D. studentship
but we have secured funding for you to be my research assistant
Dave Hyde suggested it could easily be a job for life
It's kida like
applying a standard solution to a different problem
What was proposed was framed as though
Ricker had got Jane pregnant
not that Tiny wanted Jane out of Josie's life
Ricker let Jane down at one point
She asked him to drive her to a wedding
He declined
he always declines when things are dropped on him
we can guess - pure guess
that the wedding was of Jane's mother
milk will be spilt when the guy with the money
no the wife of the guy with the money
expects to manipulate
the guy with the smarts
Did the offer of funding for a research technician
for Cuddly Ken - Hull Uni mate of Roy Hattersley
come from Tiny Rowland?
Park Jane in Durham well out of the way...

31st January 2019

Of the 136 local authorities
that provided information to
the BBC under the Freedom of Information laws,
123 have overspent on their high needs budget
which ones?
the ones which provided information
136 of local authorities approached
replied and
123 of those have overspent

we don't know about football...
but since Emiliano Sala disappeared
we've heard nothing about
Mo Sala
We are

What's sauce for the goose is
sauce for the gander
what's sauce for the gander
is sauce for the goose
are both true of is
gender equality about
equality or
role reversal?
back in the sixties in the UK there was a
public information campaign along the lines of
if men could get pregnant
they would take more care over contraception
middle aged man in a cardi
with a bump

30th January 2019

We have look for the biography of
Roland Walter 'Tiny' Rowland
and we have come up with
Roland Walter "Tiny" Rowland was a controversial high-profile British businessman,
corporate raider and Chief Executive of the Lonrho conglomerate from 1962 to 1994.
He gained fame from a number of high-profile takeover bids,
in particular his bid to take control of Harrods.
Born: 27 November 1917, Kolkata, India
Died: 25 July 1998, London
Education: Churcher's College
Known for: Corporate raider
Children: Toby Rowland, Anda Rowland, Louisa Rowland, Plum Rowland
Organization founded: Lonrho
We have a couple of dates of birth for the 4 children
they are around 1969
and his wife...
A petite Rhodesian brunette, Josie Rowland was the daughter of
the Lonrho chief's estate manager, Lionel Taylor.
They met in London in 1965 and married three years later,
when Rowland - nicknamed Tiny by his mother - was 50 and Josie was 24.
30 May 1993
In respect of our Ricker
we are interested in a person called
Jane Rowland
Jane Rowland graduated from
Durham University
in the summer of 1976
at the time she lived in Woking, Surrey
Her graduation was attended by a big chap who had
a big look of Tiny Rowland
So she would have been born around 1955
She had been our Ricker's tutorials partner on her course
Durham - two tutees per tutor group
As far as we know Jane Rowland and Peter Robson
both lived in Woodham Way in Woking
or both lived in
Shores Road, Woking
or both
after Ricker left Durham
Peter, his brother, shlepped up to Redcar to ask Ricker
whether he was 'still interested in Jane
Jane got an upper second
Ricker got a third
before the results were announced
maybe a year before but before
Jane told Ricker that
her parents wouldn't know the difference between
a first and a third
The listed dates are consistent with
Jane Rowland being a child Tiny Rowland had before he
about ten years before he married
and her mam was probably not the mother of the other four
Tiny sprogs
and when the results did come out...
Ricker's academic tutor told him
don't worry about the class of your degree
those are just for the parents
than of course
Ricker's dad sold his house - in Croxdale - from under him
because he had failed at uni and should
go home
to Redcar
The British legal system
reference the Jack the speedbaot freak
regards women as
not fully human
and at all time the responsibility of the nearest man
to be controlled and cared for as with a pet
then of course
no other university would want to see
their qualifications devalued by
granting Ricker a higher qualification than Durham had
Is it possible that Tiny Rowland
wanted to reverse roles for his
unacknowledged daughter by
fixing her and Ricker's degree classifications to make him
the pet?

28th January 2019

Our Ricker is very old but even he has trouble remembering that
twenty or thirty years ago
people wrote letters and posted them
a long long time ago Ricker had a friend he called
Keithypops was a doctor who worked as an eye surgeon
one day Keithypops got in touch with Ricker and said
got your letter but
in future could you address letters to me to
The Eye Department
Huddersfield Royal Hospital
you addressed the last one to the
Ophthalmology Department and
that made it virtually undeliverable
Keith had recently been appointed as a consultant
having previously worked in London
so nobody in Huddersfield had ever heard of
him or ophthalmology
but it puts Ricker in mind of an incident at Durham University
it was the summer term - don't pick us up about semesters
and names such as Hillary and Michelmass
and the second years were doing their
research projects
Ricker was working alone but some of the others were working in some way
also with Dave Hyde as supervisor
with vision
and they had set up
now this goes back to the days of film
silver halide film and chemicals
not digital cameras
and people had ready access to
electronic flash guns
and they had a test button
so you could test whether they were working without
opening the shutter
so you could walk around with a flash gun
and no camera and press the test button
and the flash would go off
and Dave Hyde had set up this flash gun as a portable light source
he had covered the lamp with some black card
with slits in it
to reduce the flash intensity
now, not as par of their project
one of the lads with access to this setup
decided that it would be a laugh to
set off the flash in Ricker's face
here's the interesting thing
a little later - half a minute or so perhaps
they asked Ricker - this must had been on the back of a comment
because they had not let Ricker examine the flash gun
how many slits are there in the black paper
Ricker said
hang on a minute, looked at the floor, blinked a few times and said
he was right
he wasn't remembering how many slits there were in the black card
he was checking out how many strips of
rhodopsin - visual purple - were still present in his retinas
there is image latency in human eyes
just thought we would mention that in the context of
Phil the Greek
and another thing
when Ricker was doing his anatomy classes at
Newcastle Medical School
there was a real life
Silent Witness guy
probably dead by then - we have the book....somewhere
called Spillsbury
there was a case where the murder was by gunshot
but the peculiarity was that after shooting the victim dead
the murderer shot out both of the victim's eyes
in pursuit of this concept of the
persistence of vision
he thought there was at least a chance that Spillbury would
be able to print a picture of the last thing the victim saw before death
by using the rhodopsin image as a negative

single in kind
having no like or equal
being the one specimen
single sole
it comes from Old English: anlic, one like
unique is English
very unique is not English
one of the only
will not wash
one of the few
one of the rare
only is only
unique is one of a kind
still... George Clarke... probably Irish
we can't comment on the Irish Language

A thought has occurred
if The University of Newcastle upon Tyne
and Newcastle Medical School
continue to deny the existence of
James Cook University Hospital
will the status of Newcastle Medical School
decline to that of
Sunderland Medical School
what would be the consequenses for
The University of Teesside?

We're gonna have another tilt at the question of
antibiotic resistance
Let's say you have a boat
let's imagine your body as a boat
it's quite a leaky boat but you have two things to keep you afloat
you have a collection of bungs
and you have a bilge pump
Let's say that the vast majority of the holes in your boat are
either square or circular and
the bungs you have were supplied by the boatbuilder and they are
all square or circular
a very small proportion of the holes in your boat are
when you miss hole or a new one appears
some water will get into your boat and that water will be
pumped out by your bilge pump
and the fact that your bilge pump is runnng will alert you to
search for a seal the new holes
but the square bungs won't fit in the triangular holes
and the round bungs won't completely seal the triangular holes and
eventually you bilge pump will fail
and your boat will fill with water and you will sink
without the need for any
Deus ex Machina
invention of a new shape of hole
what we are trying to explain here is that these
supposedly 'new' resistant infections are
running riot through the general population as for instance
threatens to do
these are things people are found to have when they are
at death's door
back in the day
was referred to as
the old man's friend
death from pneumonia is quick and painless
and you gotta die of SOMETHING
you gotta die and they have to put something on
your death certificate
not everybody who dies capable of culturing a
resistant infection is in their 80s
but almost all the rest have something else
very seriously wrong with them
you died of heart or multiple organ failure
we were able to culture something obscure from your remains
we'd killed off everything else
by the time you died
deus ex machina
person - usually a god - who intervenes opportunely to
solve a problem - especially in a stage play, novel etc
a cop out in the case of a plot inconsistency
non sequitur
illogical statement or conclusion
conclusion that does not follow from premisses
premise - is a verb
premiss - is a noun
to premise is to deploy a premiss
non sec wit ur
premise - to set forth beforehand
surmise -imagine or infer something without proper grounds
to make a guess or conjecture
Old French - surmise: accusation - without evidence
600 people a year killed deliberately by somebody else
60 of them kicked the cat when they were ten
every person who kicks a cat at ten
will go on to kill another human....

25th January 2019

the dead cat on the table charge grows
The dead woman's father is a
in the Prisons service
looks like the
Home Secretary
had an arrest warrant issued in
mid January 2019
ten months after the lad skipped court
parents, cat's paw for the Home Secretary?

It's not just the weekend cover amongst
BBC news script writers
who stuff up
climactic refers to a climax
climatic refers to the climate
both Greek
climate is from the Greek for a slope
climax relates to a ladder
so some of our railway pedestrian bridges are
and some are climatic
Tanni Grey Thompson - Eaglescliff station reference
What Baroness Tanni wants
is a couple of passenger lifts at Eaglescliff
Thing is, the only Azuma trains that stop at Eaglescliff
are run by a company tht only runs
Sunderland to Kings Cross
Great Northern Railway
or some such
in the media the Tanni T
complaint is that the ramp is
very long
here's the thing
pedestrian bridges over railways are of two very similar heights
for electrified and non-electrified tracks
given the standard height
if it's very very long....
it won't be steep
id it's short it will be steep
but it still won't be a lift
where muggers can hide
like in a subway
sometimes you just can't win
the trouble at Eaglescliff is that it has
an island platform
it it had two trackside platforms
at least The Dame could get on the train to London
without recourse to a bridge
but apparently she has no problem with the shorter steeper
down line bridge ramp
because when she arrives by car to catch the train
she is alone
but when she arrives -from London - by train
there are staff to help her

There is this
rising from the roots
flavour to
The Tees Valley
Ricker is currently congratulating himself on remembering a trade name
Elementis Chromium
Back in the day there was a green patch alongside the
Darlington to Saltburn railway line
bet you haven't noticed that railway lines are still measured in
miles and chains
surveyors used to measure land with chains
Redcar Central Station is
well there is a notice at the side of the level crossing
a notice installed less than five years ago when the
gates were renewed
that tells visiting engineers
how many miles and chains it is from
The main East Coast Line - at Darlington, not Northallerton
to West Dyke Road, Redcar
none of yer killy metres on the railway
The green patch by the side of the railway was a lot nearer to
Darlington than Redcar is
It was at Urlay Nook
Urlay Nook is a disused railway station
next along the line from
Teesside Airport
For many many years there was a passenger shelter on the station with
Hazel O'Conner
graffiti on it
Frankly we don't get out that way much and
we may be confusing
the closed Urlay Nook with the still open
Allens West
railway station
so we have sympathy for newsreaders who pronounce
Lack en by
Lake n bee
Allens West was a depot that was the last vestage of
RAF Middleton Saint George
and the green patch was a huge
green - actually green, not overgrown
spoil heap from
what at the end was called
Elementis Chromium
and now this
which is on the opposite side of the railway from the airport
is to be
a global centre of excellence for the
heands on training of
helicopter paramedics
due to the site now being the stabling and maintenance base for
The Great North Air Ambulance charity
and their livery is....
green and white - natch
The training centre is based in the old
not very old twenty or thirty years old
Elementis Chromium offices
Newcastle Universty took our
medical school away
got one in Newcastle
got one in
Sunderland, only city in the UKto have
a medical school and no hospital
not exactly true but
is there any medical facility on the scale of
Teesside's James Cook University Hospital
what university exactly is referred to in that name?
Teesside where all the nurses, and parmedics and, and
and NOT doctors, or dentists
train but
all sorts of facilities for training
professions allied to medicine
are building up

23rd January 2019

We are concerned about this speed boat tragedy
Firstly we are concerned that
The Home Secretary
may be biging this up
Trump slinging a dead cat on the table
a a distraction style...
more seriously we have heard some misrepresentations
it has been suggested that this was a hire boat
we understand that it was the defendant's own boat
we think the victim was driving - piloting - the boat at the time of the crash
the question is
what is the proper response to
Can i have a go?
No, you haven't got the skills
I'm a female, you're patronising me
take me home
we suspect
since video and audio from the victim's 'phone was recovered
that the court or the prosecution had evidence of this
and that this is the basis for allowing the appeal

We have visited the exhibition in the
Palace Hub Art Gallery
on Redcar Sea Front
that is devoted to
Beach Litter
specifically plastic waste
The display is
at the rear on the right
this display is well worth a visit
the display of source material does not quite qualify as
it is curated found objects
However, that is important
The prints displayed on the walls around the
do very much qualify as art - fine art
The artist has divided the found objects into around 6
display cabinets and allocated each a category
we would divide the found items in two ways
firstly we would divide the items into
single use plastics
discarded plastics artefacts
the other distinction we would make is between
material discarded overboard by ships crew
as part of routine maintenance
things that may be lost by children
there is a really very small collection of
cotton bud stems
and as we have remarked preciously
the thrown off ships theory is bolstered by
the paucity of local domestic brands
we noted
window frame shims
that indicates that somebody operating as a
double glazing fitter
has been fly tipping on a beach or in the dunes
one case is plastic bottle tops
we did not investigate why there were few
plastic bottles
perhaps the bottles degrade quicker than the tops
they are made of different plastics
good as art
not so good as evidence that local adults are careless with their rubbish

Someone is playing games with the unemployment figures
Yesterday we got quarterly unemployment figures
they were not for the quarter after the quarter that was previously reported
Yesterday we got figures for September to November 71,000
We couldn't be arsed to record the previously published figures but we think
they were 74,000 for the period
July to September
so September to November is
the quarter following
July to September
Will the ONS EVER publish figures that don't include September?
they have figures for a number of things including
in employment
seeking work
economically inactive
we are seeing
employment rise because
economically inactive people are taking up jobs
vacated by departing immigrants
if they become economically active
and suddenly are awakened to the world of the
living wage
they may become economically active
we think that traditionally
people who were not
benefit claimants were ushered out of Job Centres
with a flea in their ear
at the same time as such jobs as
family doctor
were being listed on the kiosks - computer terminals

22nd January 2019

We thought we would not comment on the
lunar eclipse
but we will take the opportunity to explain something else
What we understand of
is related to
The Turn of the Year
we see people celebrating the
Summer Solstice
at Stonehenge
however we think that the whole idea is that what really matters is that
around the 20th December
the nights begin to get shorter
The Winter Solstice
for a long while early civilisations built structures at which
the sun rose over a particular item
a stone or a tree stump or a gap in the hills
on the shortest day
essentially there would be a....
reverie here
Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy reference
The Restaurant at the end of the Universe
big party to go out with a bang as
the sun abandoned the planet and
life as they knew it would come to an end
except that the threat was annual and regular
this requires a line in the sand or more specifically
a line between where you stand to observe and where you see
the sun rise
the gap in the hills is fixed but the stone you observe from
has to be set in the correct place
what the early British did was to find a
natural - not man made - line in the landscape
a rift or glacial scrape
that was naturally on the exact alignment of
winter and summer solstice
this made the site that became
was a God Given Clock
and thus the most sacred site in the country - possibly the world
what is really interesting is the story of the
Abandonment of Stonehenge
It was along the lines of
People loosing their religion when
Men - people - first walked on the moon
All Shiny and New
Supervet catchphrase reference
People came the The British Isles with a new technology
the ability to make household goods of a new type
These people we refer to as
The Beaker People
Fisrt signs of the Beaker People - last signs of use of Stonehenge
something new to believe in
after all the sun had been coming back each year for centuries

21st January 2019

We are not wishing to get too deep into the specifics here
we recently heard a vox pop about switching from
smoking to vaping and the woman said
I know smoking is harmful but
vaping isn't completely safe, is it?
this is like saying
My insurance policy costs
£80 a year
but the alternative costs
twenty pounds a year and so
because the alternative isn't free
I'm not switching
It's no wonder there are communities that doctors
don't want to work in
now we are going to discuss something that has serious potential to
be got out of proportion
before reading this next bit
get it clear in your mind
it is entirely safe to drink tea
however here we want to use a benign example of
how difficult it can be to change somebody's behaviour
to their advantage
there are now several commercially available sources of
caffeine is good
when consumed in sensible quantities
the three main sources are
tea coffee and fizzy drinks
the fizzy drinks can be a problem due to the added sugar
however t this point we are at
tea versus coffee
the difference is
tea contains a lot more
than coffee
quite simply a person set in their ways may find it difficult to
deal with digestive difficulties associated with tannin ingestion
they may resort to weaker and weaker tea
failing to get the caffeine that would be beneficial because
they can't cope with the tannins that come
with the caffeine when taking the caffeine in the form of tea
they resort to weaker and weaker tea
falling short on their caffeine intake
instead of alternating tea with coffee
having coffee early morning
tea during the day
and cocoa of a nigh-time
the approach...
I only drink tea but I have to have it very weak
is a position it is very difficult to get a person
out of
and similarly for more serious
nuisance habits
we have a Tommy Tale for this
So far as we know when Ricker were a lad
only two people in his family bought fags
Tommy - Ricker's dad - and kari the then wife of one of Ricker's brothers
Given the overall state of kari we are not willing to say that
she was not adicted to fags
what we can say with certainty is that
Tommy was habituated to buying fags
in the army he had bartered or given his tobacco ration away
however,at the foot of his office building in
Albert Road, Middlesbrough
there was a tobacconist's cabin
Tommy had to walk past the cabin to get from office to car and back
and so friendly like he didn't wave and walk past
he popped in for a chat
and as soon as Tommy appeared in the cabin door
the tobaconnist slapped Tommy's usual order down on the counter
being a regular customer was part of
Tommy's PR
he knew customers would be in there too and a good work about him from the staff
was good for his business
Tommy was habituated to buying fags
and then he would light them and left them
burn down between his fingers...
whenever Ricker kissed his dad
there were bits of tobacco on his lips
proper cigarettes not filter tips
once Tommy retired he no longer needed the PR and no longer walked along
Albert Road
and he stopped buying fags
stopped dead
no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever
and so
habituation from adiction
is the same sort of probalem as
intollerence from allergy

It used to be called
I will vote for you or your law if you
finance a hog roast for my constituents
Now the trend is
I need to get this grieving family off my back
can you pass a law that they can present to the media as
being in the name of their dead daughter?
it is quite a major line that needs to be drawn between
associating the name of a dead child or a retiring MP
with a law
allowing the grieving couple to
determine the substance and effect of that law
we could end up with a deluge of mad cap laws that remained in force
and had to be enforced until
the parents or the ex-MP
that is a version of democracy that involves
more clout the more touching your
back story
However, we have to admit that
superstition and arbitrary power got us to where we were
fifty years ago
so it's not a complete bust

Pedant's Pulpit
The day on which it occurred
The day that it occurred on
In theory
that is for
the one and only
which is for
which of two or more
hence we can swap the two around
so long as we construct our sentence appropriately
and the
that-phobe can say
The day which it occurred on
but we can't say
The bomb which exploded
without implying that there were other bombs that
didn't explode
The bomb that exploded was a danger to many people.
The bomb which exploded was a danger to many people,
implies that the ones that didn't explode were no danger to anybody
and so the question of
a media editor
'correcting' the English of a contributor
say the original text is
This terrorist act must be condemned in the strongest terms
That is a flat statement
if the editor changes it to
This terrorist act (which) must be condemned in the strongest terms
it implies that some terrorist act don't reach that threshold
to insert 'that' may be correcting the English
to insert 'which' changes the meaning
an editor may change a journalist's copy
but tampering with an official statement from a
political party or other organisation is
treating with fake news

This is one of our
Newton Moments
a situation where we feel the need to explain something in detail
and the writing is quite a slog
Consider the gooseberry bush in Ricker's garden
he bought it and planted it and
every year it produced a set of leaves
and every year they got eaten
all of them
by the specialist fly that the plant was infested with when he bought it
he bought it and it introduced a pest into his garden
eventually Ricker bought some worms
Pippa Greenwood
is it
woman who used to be of
Gardeners' World
on TV
and couple of years later
Ricker's gooseberry bush
managed to keep most of its leaves for
most of the summer
here's the thing
without its leaves the plant - bush
had never produced any berries
in the real world being the only gooseberry bush for miles around
probably an exaggeration
it may still not produce any berries
for other reasons
like not having its flowers fertilised
but say all else is well...
the bush can be moved but it can't move itself
to colonise other gardens
it needs to have somebody or something else
transport its seed
the way that is done is
the bush persuades the something else to
eat its berries
and poo out its seeds in another garden
so here is the bind
the bush
something to drink it's nectar - for fertilisation purposes
and eat its fruit - for colonisation purposes
but it does
want anything to
eat its leaves
hence only the very specialised fly is a problem
because it has evolved to overcome the
gooseberry bush's leave protection measures
and here is the lesson for
who are biological but
much more complicated than gooseberry bushes
as people have got so much more clever
and produced babies with bigger and bigger heads
getting pregnant when you are
young an supple and still growing is
mechanically a good thing
but it leaves you with a baby and then a child
long before you have enough
life experience to be a
good mum
for best result s you have to separate
the mechanical from the mental
the trick is to have a number of
pretend pregnancies
lots of sex
whilst young
to prepare your body
whilst giving your mind time to develop and grow
and that requires
your first pregnancy
not simply
you feel your family is complete
to put it another way
oh this is to introduce an unfmiliar term
Bell JAR
a bell jar is one of those
bell shaped glass covers The Victorians
put over ornate trinkets such as clocks
to keep the soot out of their nooks and crannies
if you put the gooseberry bush
under a bell jar
it will never have any babies
on a slightly tangential note
a man with the chutzpah to
get stuck into
The Queen
would be likely to drive a car
without rearing a seat belt

One of the things we want to point out is that
senior ministers don't stay in post long and
any help available from a
Middlesbrough born secretary of state for trade and industry
will be a
limited time offer
no chance of
deferring to after The Labour get back into power

There is these days less mention of the concept of
positive discrimination
In broad terms the concept of positive discrimination is that
you can't tell a woman or a 'black man' that
they have got something wrong
many organisations now have a
cat's-paw female or ethnic minority
spokesperson or chief executive
who is immune from being
repeatedly asked the same question
Amdrew Neil seems to have taken over in this role from
Jeremy Paxman
There is something else underlying this
tick box accountability
if a university or professional accrediting body is
under scrutiny of an automated variety
the system will expect
most candidates will do OK
some will be super smart and
some will fail
in a context of pressure to carry out
positive discrimination policies
and return statistics relating to
some people must be failed to
demonstrate the rigour of the assessment
we get the
white boys always do worst syndrome in assessments
white boys from deprived backgrounds are
in the statistics
the lowest achieving group
they are the only group it is
to criticise and fail
and when any of the nation's
precious princesses
never told they are wrong
go out and get themselves killed
there will be another raft of legislation
banning something else
that is based on
I don't want my wife or daughter to have
died in vain
and not on
statistics, logic or FACTS
has anybody any idea what
4.5 milligrams is?
There are approx
25 grammes - grams
in an ounce
a microgram is a thuosanth of a gram
if you have in your company
dozens of factories the size of a football pitch
you have scope to dedicate on of them to
producing hypoallergenic foods
f the retailer isn't allowed to display the product in
plastic wrap
how do you avoid cross contamination?
how do you run a commercial kitchen
the size of the average living room or lounge
and avoid cross contamination on the
microgram level
clearly if you offer a
no nuts product
it should not have pea sized chunks of nut in it
being jailed or shut down because
millions of pounds worth of lad equipment found
4.5 mcrogrammes in a korma...
Under the Food Safety ActBR> a korma was found to have contained
4,3 mg of peanut - making it an offence
£2,500 fine plus costs
Spice of Life Grimsby July 2017
what is an mg?
is it a milligram
or a microgram?
how many little girls dying from
overuse of epipens
would it take for
The Mother of Parliaments
to be persuaded to nod through a change from
millgrams to micrograms?

The UK Supreme Court has much less power to deem the
product of the
Bear Pit
that is the
House of Commons
than occurs in paralle with the US Supreme Court

What did the Romans ever do for US?
Well one thing they didn't do is
give us the word
child is Old English
the problem is it covers four different things
four different classifications of people
we've quoted this before
a son's a son until he takes a wife
a daughter's a daughter for all of her life
and we've referred before to
a woman getting grief from her parents
flashing the rings on her ring finger and
you gave me away
some people would have it that a person is only
an independent adult
between the ages of
35 and 65
times change and so does technology
there are still battles about
the voting age sometimes being
but mostly being 18
the age of consent being 16
the age of criminal responsibility being
depending on the nature of the crime
we have referred to the fact that despite the name
we have parent benefit and call it child benefit
we speak of tightened rules on
free school meals
technology says
technology exists that can say
take child benefit
put some of it into the carer's bank account and put some
into credit on a app on the child's 'phone that will allow the child to buy certain things
mainly healthy foods
using their 'phone for contactless payment
experimentally that could start at
10 years old
but it may even work for
five year olds

18th January 2019

Phil the Greek's
the incident has been timed at 3.00 pm
at this time of year....
at that time of year
low sun
anybody driving - age no major factor is
looking for movement in the distance
it is very easy to see a dazzling light and not see movement and
assume nothing is moving
of course in this case this may not be a factor
on what we have seen
low sun
is more likely than
to be the majopr factor

17th January 2019

Yesterday the
Office for National Statistics - UK
published December 2018 figures for
inflation - including house price inflation
we are used to stats coming out mid month for the prevous month
in December we did not get
November unemployment figures
we got quarterly unemployment figures for
August, September , october 2018
we consider ourselves
at or past mid January
no December unemployment figures
can't reasonably re-re-publish
the August October figures
perhaps we will get the
November, December, January quarterly figures
in mid February???
perhaps we will have to wait for
rising figures
before we get more information
Here's the odd thing
The ONS say that they will publish the
next quarterly figures on
22nd January 2019
To that extent
it appaers ONS have abandoned
monthly reporting of unemployment
but it is a little odd that they intend? publishing
the November, December, January figures
on 22nd January
It is also of interest that a search of their web site for
North East England
throws up mainly
North East Lincolnshire
The North East is
getting boring
from a stats point of view

Sajid Javid
Presently the Home Secretary - UK
with a strong background in banking
We remember three government ministaer were involved in the
SSI shutdown
we have forgotten one of them
Anna Soubery is
a barrister
a rent a mouth
not responsible for policy and so
she would have said whatever Sajid Javid told her to say
He served in the Cabinet as Culture Secretary from 2014-15,
Business Secretary and President of the Board of Trade from 2015-16
and Communities Secretary from 2016-18.
He was appointed to his current role as Home Secretary in June 2018
Javid joined Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City immediately after graduation,
working mostly in South America. Aged 25,
he became vice president.
He returned to London in 1997, and later joined Deutsche Bank as a director in 2000.
In 2004, he became a managing director at Deutsche Bank and,
the following year, global head of Emerging Markets Structuring.
His time in the US included a spell as an aide to Rudy Giuliani's winning 1993 New York mayoral campaign.
In 2007, he relocated to Singapore as head of Deutsche Bank's credit trading,
equity convertibles, commodities and private equity businesses in Asia,
and was appointed a board member of Deutsche Bank International Limited.
He left Deutsche Bank in 2009 to pursue a career in politics.
His earnings at Deutsche Bank would have been roughly £3,000,000 a year at the time he left
and the Evening Standard once estimated his career change would have required him to take a 98% pay cut.
There is therefore no
established link
Sajid Javid
Tata Industries
we suspect that he is
Not a details man
and just bought some line sold to him by
an influencer

We are sure there will be a
Tata Team
in government
but the three people who fronted the closure of SSI were
probably acting as somebody else's
cat's paw

and the new bloke in the job...
Gregory David Clark MP (born 28 August 1967) is a British Conservative Party politician who
is the MP for Tunbridge Wells and Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.
Clark was born in Middlesbrough and studied Economics at Magdalene College, Cambridge, where
he was president of Cambridge University Social Democrats.
He then gained his PhD from the London School of Economics.
Clark worked as a business consultant before becoming the BBC's Controller for
Commercial Policy and then Director of Policy for the Conservative Party from 2001 until his
election to parliament in 2005
interesting, very very interesting

15th January 2019

movie, 1966
Fahrenheit 451
a review ten years later said
In a fascist future state, a fireman's job is to
burn books
1984 stuff
a little lacking in plot and
rather tentatively directed
but with charming moments
He barely dramatizes the material at all
and though there are charming childlike moments
the performers seem listless
and the whole enterprse a little drab
This is
Francois Truffaut,
Ray Bradbury
Julie Christie
Cyril Cusack
We are deliving here because of the report of
Cleveland Police
The father of a newborn baby was 'shocked'
to be confronted by police after posting on social media
that he accidentally fed his son chilli sauce
Paul Dawson from Stockton was out with his partner and
five day old Ben
on 5th January
when the mishap occured
Forgetting he had been eating spicy chicken wings
Mr Dawson put his knuckle in Ben's mouth to
pacify him
Cleveland Police Officers visited Mr Dawson
after a member of the public complained about
his Facebook post
We will step back a little here
Recently a bridge collapsed in Italy
a huge bridge
quite a number of people died
the bridge had been built soon after the second world war
at the time of
New Brutalist Architecture
At that time many public buildings and
civil engineering projects were built with
lots of concrete and not much steel
because steel was in short supply and you need
a lot of concrete in a structure if
there isn't going to be much steel
this tidal wave of concrete spawned in
Ray bradbury's mind the idea of a future world where
nothing in the human environment would burn
and so
Fire Fighters would need a new role
firemen - burning books
last vestiges of the combustible
like cladding on tower blocks
people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
people in wooden homes are careful about
fire safety
put people in concrete tower blocks and
fire safety looses priority
then fit plastic window frames and
the lot goes up
now that we live is such a safe and secure environment
we call an ambulance for advice on a
hang nail
and the police about
are chicken wings and babies to come into contact?

Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel by American writer Ray Bradbury,
first published in 1953. It is regarded as one of his best works.
The novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and
"firemen" burn any that are found.
The book's tagline explains the title:
"Fahrenheit 451 – the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns..."
The lead character, Guy Montag, is a fireman who becomes disillusioned with his role of
censoring literature and destroying knowledge,
eventually quitting his job and committing himself to
the preservation of literary and cultural writings.

Should we regard it as amusing or sinister
sinister is the opposite of dexter
sinister refers to 'left handed'
dexter refers to right handed
should we consider it sinister or amusing that Sam on a visit to our Ricker
we think we can allow you to keep the big black books
referring to volumes of
Encyclopaedia Britannica

This past weekend we saw one of the new
a blink and you missed it appearance of
Redcar's Stray Cafe
considering how beautiful
it is a great honour that Redcar
we id blink so we don't know whether the shots of
The Beacon
were in this episode or will feature later

The May 2019 local council elections are creeping up on us
and so we should note there will be
boundary changes
for instance...
the people who in the past have voted in
Dormanstown Ward without living
that side of Kirkleatham Lane
will from now on be voting - if they wish
in Newcomen Ward
but not Dormanstown

14th January 2019

Time for one of Rickers little word games
how the hell did
and hypochondriac
get their meanings?
This yer Ancient Greeks
hupo -hypo- under
fair enough
we have to imagine then Ancient Greeks
walking everywhere and carrying heaavy loads
and dying and having quite deformed joints by the time
they died
and so despite all we see
osteoporosis seen way back as something very painful,br> debilitating but
something that was
never gonna kill ya
of course we are not about to check for rhe first use of the term
that may have happened long after the Ancient Greeks
like with Victorian doctors playing with words
you check, we can't be arsed

We are intrigued by developments at the supermarket
that time forgot
Tesco Redcar
what we see looks like
well in yer ordinary supermarket
the chillers and the freezers
they have a variety of ways to pump heat out of the food
into your face
it looks like Tesco Redcar are fixing some sort of
centralised climate control for their stock displays
some sort of system for running cooling water or
refrigerant through the cabinets and taking the heat
into the ceiling
and from there to ...
who knows where we guess it's an experiment
if it works
maybe there will be a press release
or for all we know Redcar is the last store to get the upgrade
When we say
The Supermarket that time forgot...
There are or should we say were
three well spaced supermarkets on
West Dyke Road, Redcar
The first was
that was built on the site of the old stables at
Redcar - horse - Racecourse
then there was
The Co-Op
built up at the turn in the road on
Top Lakes
and then there was
built between the town centre and Redcar Central railway station
and then
all od Safeway became
Redcar Tesco
the Co-Op was split in two and became
and half
Pound Stretcher
hence people either go to
Aldi or Morrisons
between the two is a turn off onto
Roseberry Road where
something like Netto became
tiny ASDA by asda standards
and there is a Sainsbury's and a Heron Foods
on Roseberry Square too
and the Heron Foods used to be
Roseberry Square library
and the library is now a part of the
amienety block
for the football pitches around the back
All of whch makes Tesco Redcar
The oldest building in Redcar in use as a supermarket
apart from
Heron Foods on the High Street
and Fulton Foods is in the
Frank Dee supermarket
that moved next door
opened by two then
Emerdale stars
and now B and M

We kinda gave up on
Ian and Duncan Smith
when they stopped being in charge of
the benefit changes but we do have an observation about
what we take to have been his
tag line
Make Work pay
The specifics of the recent judicial review seem limited
on the face of it the problem is an automated system that can't
smooth out earned or more specifically non-benefit income
over a period of time
the system appears to be modelled on the
Pay As You Earn tax calculation algorithms
we have long had problems with people
for instance
being put into a higher tax bracket because
they were on one month's pay slip paid
a bonus for the entire year
For instance we wonder how many
John Lewis Partnership partners
had this problem in earlier rosier years
This therefore is not a new problem
it is simply now affecting lower paid workers
with the living wage being now substantial
the main problem is probably with workers on
part time or zero hours contracts
we have memories of bemoaning the
Parent Tax Credit
being named
Child Tax Credit
clearly a genuine child tax credit would never
vary or amount to a taxable amount
what varies is
what adult held bank account should it be paid into?
We, however, consider the major give away in the tale of the
misleading tag line
to be the idea of
one payment per household
the Smith Twins concept is a benefit system that
incentivises - as with the get married tax bonus
the concept of
it will all be plain sailing if households consist of
breadwinner - in full time work and preferably male
and a homemaker - with a pin money job the proceeds of which
are not vital to the family finances
not make work pay
make conventionality pay
and the smoking gun?
This whole saga of Universal Credit began when
Ian and Duncan Smith as government ministers
made visits to sink estates and saw
the extent of the chaos of the lives of the residents
and Universal Credit was devised to
give their lives more structure and stability
the problem was and is that there was no thought given to
more modern and yet stable domestic arrangements
the idea was - even if never codified
take these people back to the 1950s
The 1950s on a middle class Garden Suburb
just the sort of place most teenagers are
more keen to escape than
The Ghetto

There are probably quite a few people still around who remember
Sooty and Sweep
Steptoe and Sons
do you recall
Very clean
Probably a Macca line
or both Lennon and macca saying it
well the reference is to
Wilfred Bramble
Steptoe Senior
in the Beatles Movie
A Hard Day's Night
we can't say whether that line was a reference to
Wilfred Bramble's parallel role in Steptoe and Son
The Sons catch phrase in that was
to his dad
you dirrrty old man
somebody they met on a train?
or a pretend uncle
we don't recall
However it is the other Steptoe, Junior, Harold
Sooty and Sweep the children's puppet show was presented by
Harry Corbett
and Harold Steptoe was played by
Harry Corbett
not the same Harry Corbett
and so Harold was billed as played by
Harry H Corbett
an so Ian Smith being a TOry probably knows who
Ian Smith was
He was something along the lines of
Last white Prime Minister of Rhodesia
and so
Ian Smith the younger may have been better advised to
have himself referred to as
Ian D Smith
reminds us of the son of the headteacher of
Coatham West School
back when it was new
The lad went by
Ian Taylor
but in the Yellow Book at Coatham he was always listed as
G I Taylor
beause he was
Godfrey Ian Taylor
He could not convince anybody he was
Ian Godfrey Taylor
didn't help that he was a git
well you would be if yer dad was on that money
bought a farm at Skelton on the proceeds

10th January 2019

Oooo Errr Mrs - missis
Somebody at Tata has
Thrown a Trump
You builda steel works in Redcar and wella
shut down JLR
Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC is the holding company of
Jaguar Land Rover Limited, a British multinational automotive company with
its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom,
and a subsidiary of Indian automotive company Tata Motors.
The principal activity of Jaguar Land Rover Limited is the
design, development, manufacture and sale of vehicles bearing
the Jaguar and Land Rover marques.
Both marques have long and complex histories prior to their merger
– Jaguar going back to the 1930s and Land Rover to the 1940s –
first coming together in 1968 as part of the ill-fated British Leyland conglomerate
Ford brought them together, and then sold them to Tata Motors
Until Tata acquired them in 2008, Jaguar and Land Rover were both part of
Ford's (NYSE:F) Premier Automotive Group, or PAG. Ford had acquired Jaguar Cars in 1989, hoping to use it as
the basis for an aggressive global push into luxury vehicles.
Eventually, it was folded into PAG, a new Ford division that ultimately included
the Aston Martin, Volvo, Land Rover, and Lincoln brands
However, we can reverse this
Tata were always going to axe 5,000 jobs this month
so there is a point at which the government say
no matter what we do to Redcar...
here's the thing
every weekend a smart looking sleek black Jag parks near
Ricker's gaff
trouble is
it's a debadged X type
it's a diesel
there are quite a few smart looking car in Ricker's street
on examination they mostly prove to be
JLR made a lot of diesels
are they restructuring to make something else or
are they giving up?
in other words
are Tata willing to make carbon free cars out of Redcar steel
or Redcar aluminium
or Redcar plastics?
Redcar's blip is the result of
having industries that are
not the sort of basket case that
mega conglomerates take off governments' hands for a fee
to preserve the jobs....
in terms of
news values
a handful of redundancies is
proper news
a broad sweep of industrial development is

8th January 2019

We can never stand 100 percent behind anything we say
people we report sometimes lie
Here is a perspective on steel in Redcar,Br. at the time of the SSI closure
SSI were producing slab steel for export and
structural steel - girders - was being rolled by
somebody else in Lackenby Mills, using steel
brought in from either
Scunthorpe or Port Talbot
that somebody else was
Tata Steel
the question that moved forward this week is
Tata who have previously 'sold' the mills to
a new start-up with the old name
British Steel
have sold a large section of land to the government
That is the South Tees Development Corporation
and other land on the steelworks site still belongs to
the bannk that are the creditors to the wound up SSI
Were Tata 'ransome stripping' SSI to protect their grip on
the UK steel market?
The land in question - transferred this week
is described as
development land
and as such is probably vacant land between the mills and the blast
rather than the land under the mills
It is possible
only possible
that either
1 now that the UK government own the ransom strip the Thai banks will
sell their Redcar land to the UK government
2 now that the UK government own the ransom strip the Thai banks will
come back and re-open SSI Redcar
subject to the - bin the coke ovens etc - technical upgrades

We are referencing an edition of
Abandoned Engineering
on the Yesterday channel
Some air head from
King's College London?
in the episode
called Ghost Ships
next due for broadcast 11.00am Thu 10th Jan 19
Fressview channel 19
says because so much air is pushed through blast furnaces
modern steel is contaminated with radioactive fall out
and the iron and steel in ancient shipwrecks is less radioactive because the air then?
then being when it was smelted
was not radioactive
but Professor I've never been outside the M25 except to
fly to France and Switzerland???
so far as we know cosmic rays have been producing the same amount of
carbon 14 carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since
before humans discovered fire
if the ancient iron is low in radioactivity....
so must be today's
Christ you can sell anything to the NHS
Talk about Emperor's New Clothes
The idea is tht only super clean non radioactive steel is
good enough for MRI and CAT scanners in them
Halls of Mirrors
London Teaching Hospitals

This comes from
a suggestion from a panellist not one of the elves
we know that newborn babies
benefit greatly from getting
from early breastfeeding
here's the suggestion
if you have a baby girl and you continue to breast feed her
after your own hormones have settled down following
pregnancy and birth
the rebound can be very strong and quite a lot of women get pregnant again
very quickly after birth and then there seems to be a lag
ten months later another birth
no more births for three or four years
here's the thing
does a new mother tone down her own hormone levels
to prevent her dosing her daughter with hormones she isn't ready for?
the suggestion is that some girl babies
have periods in sync with their breast feeding mums
we don't consult mumsnet...
perhaps we should just leave that hanging
except to say
it is quite commonly believed that
breast feeding suppresses female libido
perhaps it is a sacrifice to protect the little ones from female hormones
cue a shoal of papers on
breast feed too long and your little boy will grow up
this is the point where we accept that
this whole thing disgraces the memory of the originators of
we should at this point insert a hyperlink to out stuff about the
origins of gay
but instead
new readers start here
is not a link
perhaps if you search this site for
Waghorne or triplets you can find the original???
a set of triplets
two identical and gay one non identical and staraight
Mrs Waghorn had sex - unprotected sex
around the time the egg that became the straight triplet was shed
thing is Mrs Waghorn was in her mid to late thirties at the time
and so
her ovaries had got out of whack
they are supposed to alternate
each of the two ovaries shedding an egg every 60 days
or 56 or whatever
meaning between them they shed an egg once a 'month'
in the ovaries all the eggs
little girls are born all stocked up with
all the eggs they will ever have
all the eggs are sheltered and protected from
hormones and such things
once shed they are out to get fertilised but also begin to develop
ther were chosen to be shed because they were furthest on of the
remaining at that time
once shed they develop and the egg that became the
gay twins developed so much that it split in two
eggs don't implant into the wall of the womb until
after they are fertilized - after than they are back in
protective custardy
but an egg floating around
not in the ovary and not in the wall of the womb
fishing for sperm
is vulnerable to influences and those influences will be
mum's female hormones
and so the egg sets out to develop into a little girl
but if after quite a time the egg - split or not
and not flushed out with the next menstrual flow
is hit by a sperm with a Y chromosome
no matter how far down the road to being a girl it has got
the Y chromosome will give it
boy bits
whch are the same bits girls have but in different places and
proportioned differently
somewhere we have a very neat
hot dog analogy
and so we have
two gayness generators
not having much unprotected sex and getting Y chromed rather late
being male but being breast fed for rather too long by a horny mum
here's a project for the
New Wave Researchers
is there a link between
gay baby boy
light periods
a light period could fail to flush away a
past its fertilize by date
for the more adventurous....
is there a link between having a gay baby boy and
low fallopian tube motility?

7th January 2019

Re lower down
we was right, broadly
cosmic rays convert nitrogen into carbon 14 or similar...
and that stops for
fossil carbon
but that does not mean that modern steel or wood or whatever is
more radioactive than
pre atmospheric testing, material
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Radiocarbon dating (also referred to as carbon dating or carbon-14 dating) is
a method for determining the age of an object containing organic material by
using the properties of radiocarbon, a radioactive isotope of carbon.
The method was developed in the late 1940s by Willard Libby,
who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in 1960.
It is based on the fact that radiocarbon (14 C) is
constantly being created in the atmosphere by the interaction of
cosmic rays with atmospheric nitrogen.
The resulting 14 C combines with atmospheric oxygen to form
radioactive carbon dioxide, which is
incorporated into plants by photosynthesis;
animals then acquire 14 C by eating the plants.
When the animal or plant dies, it stops exchanging carbon with its environment, and
from that point onwards the amount of 14 C it contains begins to decrease as the
14 C undergoes radioactive decay.
Measuring the amount of 14 C in a sample from a dead plant or animal such as
a piece of wood or a fragment of bone provides information that can
be used to calculate when the animal or plant died.
The older a sample is, the less 14 C there is to be detected, and
because the half-life of 14 C (the period of time after which half of a given sample will have decayed) is
about 5,730 years, the oldest dates that can be reliably measured by this process date to
around 50,000 years ago, although
special preparation methods occasionally permit accurate analysis of older sample

a decade or two ago a form of torture called
achieved some fame
the essence of waterboarding is to make you think you are drowning
even though you are not
it is a version of the
Sword of Damacles
a sword suspended over a diner that may fall and kill him
over and over again we see
Back Bench MPs
seeking their
fifteen days of fame
saying that which the government has decided
may not happen
There is sooo much frustration building up in the UK over
MPs who are supposed to serve constituents
using swathes of constituents as
cannon fodder in their
strutting and preening
for the media
utterly unable to budget and plan
will it end?
probably not
we accept that the hacks are not back from
Klosters as yet
we understood that
Universal Credit
was being rolled out on Teesside over Christmas 2018
now it seems that there are two sorts of
Universal Credit claimants
New Claimants
people who are existing claimants on the old benefits who
will at some point be transferred to Universal Credit
This is The Word
Universal Credit is being rolled out across
Redcar and Cleveland this winter
If you are of working age and need to make a new claim for
housing benefit, income-based job seeker's allowance
income-based employment and support allowance
working tax credit, child tax credit
you may need to claim Universal Credit
where does 'may' come into it?
we are not sure but it seems to depend on
where you live
whether you are in
The Testing Zone
and that appears to have just today
Here's an important detail
If you are making a new claim
it will take five weeks for you to get your first payment
and we suppose a change of circumstances includes
moving home
especially into or out of a pilot area
and the size of pilot areas seems to be...
here's another little gem
your direct debits and your card payments go out as appropriate
here's a thing to understand
the system will not consider the question
this application is from Joe Bloggs,
do you think we should pay him?
the system asks
is this a valid claim?
how much should we pay?
where should we pay it?
when should we pay it?
the system pays THE CLAIM
not the CLAIMANT
we are still working with the 'over Christmas' information but
universally you can make ONE 1 no more than one
application for an advance payment LOAN
to tide you over the 5 week processing period
5 weeks is not so bad, think
you apply when you need to
subject to those wandering pilot zone boundaries
Claim as soon as you need to
not when you run out of money
this means - if it's change of circumstances
you declare your change of circumstances the minute you get
your last 'old system' payment and at that point
you are assumed to not be eligible for a further payment for another 4 weeks and so the
system thinks your next payment will only be delayed by one week
trouble is
people who get more than one of the listed payments
get paid them in different weeks
and so
you claim as soon as you lose entitlement to
the one that pays first
if you don't claim
you may get payments that are not due
that is if you get a child tax credit payment
after your change of circumstances
but you main benefit is working tax credit
your finaces can get very tangled
the repayment of any advance payment
may still be being deducted
12 months later
it may be a cheap loan but there is no guarantee that
the actual rate of Universal Credit you eventually get
will be the same as the Advance Payment
what we are saying is at claim time you may be estimated to be entitled to
say a thousand pounds a month
but six months down the line your circumstances
child coming of age, increase in your wages, change in rent amount
may mean that a twelfth of that grand
makes a very big dent in the Universal Credit you are by then
entitled to
In essence, if the Prima Donnas in Parliament would
leave it alone
your best bet is
if you have time switch your old benefit payments to
to get yourself used to that
tyr to lump your various payments
as Universal Credit will
budget for a five week month from your final
old benefit payment(s)
especially not for a trivial reason sucha as a
missed appointment due to a hangover
do not assume this is like the doctors
you can't just not turn up
and you can't cancel an appointment
at least don't assume that you can cancel an appointment
sanctions can way exceed
loss of benefit on the day

speaking of Klosters...
Dancing on Ice os
Strictly Come Dancing on Ice
The Jump
stood in for Dancing on Ice when it wasn't available,BR> of the three
Strictly is the boss
notwistanding the limited ice area
the production values are not very
perhaps advertising revenues are low in January
why a car reseller not a holiday company as sponsor?
the very least we should expect is live music
a recognisable house band
a lot better than last year
is thre room for
The return of The Jump?
we think so
if Dancing on Ice lost all it's Jump aspects
and they were transferred to a revived Jump
we would probably all fell better served
There were three 'fill in' repeat episodes of
Goblin Garage
over the holidays
and the bearded one featured in a festive sting
We hope it's coming back
and we really really hope the original lass is in any further series
and then there's
The Greatest Dancer
we have not seen all of its first run out...
our impression...
a lot of gymnastics and street
and what happens if a group or troop wins the
place in strictly?
The Strictly format is couples
the prize on the greatest is to be
a non-professional partner in a couple
the link is not yet obvious
We like Oti
we know that Strictly is introducing more Street
we like the new format
we are a bit concerned about the
out and out
this is as much about the back story as the performance
but overall these three or four formats are
very winter-worthy

We are moved to enter a nature note
we think that there are not many
berries on the trees and bushes
we think this is because a mild autumn and winter have
left more birds and animals alive to eat them
we could be wrong but
we think that when people say
'lots of berries mean
it's going to be a harsh winter'
it really means it has already been a harsh autumn
and is not much of a guide about how harsh the winter will be

We are still a bit confused about
the structure of this page
sorry about that
a point has been raised about our confusion over
radio activity
in steel and other metals smelted during and after
the era of Atmospheric Nuclear Weapon testing
the argument is
yes, radio active fallout is a surface effect and ores are mined
'vast amounts of air are blown through the furnaces
during smelting
and that air is contaminated'
because as we have said
the gases that are blasted through the blast furnace are generated
from fossil coal in
atmospheric nitrogen, atmospheric oxygen
neither of which remain in the steel product
and fossil carbon
that's interesting
we would need to consder
radio carbon dating
as in archaeology
to get a handle on that
here's the thing
the carbon in iron and steel comes from
the coal and coke that is fossil
and unaffected by fallout
the amount of carbon dioxide
that is
atmospheric and not fossil
and passes through the furnace is
really quite small
However, considering radio carbon dating
if the idea is that the likes of wood
are constructed from
atmospheric carbon dioxide
new growth timber
timber from trees that have largely grown since the 1950s
would be more radioactive than old grown timber
perhaps 'they' don't do radio carbon dating on
samples that were alive post 1950
perhaps they apply a correction factor but
we understand the idea that once fixed by plants into the likes of
carbon isotopes will decay at a set rate
and the difference between the proportions of different isotopes
in the sample and in atmospheric carbon
give an idea of how long the sample has been 'fixed'
but in the absence of atmospheric testing
a think that only occured for a few decades
what tops up the proportion of unusual carbon isotopes?
are wes aying that
cosmic rays are creating rare carbon isotopes that
decay in wood?
or are we saying that
rare isotopes decay slower when locked up in wood than when
in the atmosphere?
we remain confused
we could however ask
how radioactive are the plants we eat?
and would steel made from sewage sludge be
more radioactive than
steel made from coal?
we think this effect would be
negligible to non-existent

4th January 2019

Today we set out to reinforce the fact that we mentioned that
puritanism is not a sect of or restricted to
so here is one quote
From astanhope's Flickr set on Thailand,
here's a statue of the Fasting Buddha at the Wat U-Mong temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The short version of the story goes like this:
After the young prince Siddhartha Gautama left his palace to
search for enlightenment, he lived as an ascetic for six years.
The emaciated Siddharta finally attained enlightenment and became
Buddha (The Enlightened One) when he discovered the Four Noble Truths .
The statue above depicts this part of his life. If you're only familiar with the fat Buddha, here's another fact for you:
it is not Siddharta at all.
There are 28 Buddhas, of which Siddharta was one.
and from another source...
Scholars are hesitant to make unqualified claims about the
historical facts of the Buddha's life.
Most people accept that the Buddha lived, taught, and founded a
monastic order during the Mahajanapada era during the reign of
Bimbisara (c.?558 – c.?491 BCE, or c. 400 BCE),
the ruler of the Magadha empire, and died during the early years of
the reign of Ajatasatru, who was the successor of Bimbisara,
thus making him a younger contemporary of Mahavira,
the Jain tirthankara.
While the general sequence of
"birth, maturity, renunciation, search, awakening and liberation, teaching, death"
is widely accepted,
there is less consensus on the veracity of many details contained in traditional biographies.
The times of Gautama's birth and death are uncertain.
Most historians in the early 20th century dated his lifetime as c. 563 BCE to 483 BCE.
More recently his death is dated later, between 411 and 400 BCE,
while at a symposium on this question held in 1988,
the majority of those who presented definite opinions gave dates within 20 years either side of
400 BCE for the Buddha's death.
These alternative chronologies, however, have not been accepted by all historians.

to simplify....
some say the Buddha went through an anorexic phase trying to
curry favour with God
and then decided that wasn't working and got serene - fat
we point this out as proof of the universality of the idea of
not pissing off God by
going with the flow
and then there is
The Inquisition
auto da fe

by which we mean
suffering in this world to
save your immortal soul and the planet

The first recorded auto-da-fé was held in Paris in 1242, under Louis IX.
On 1 November 1478, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile received
permission from Pope Sixtus IV to name Inquisitors throughout their domains,
to protect Catholicism as the true faith.
It originally applied to the Crown of Castile—the domain of Isabella—but in 1483,
Ferdinand extended it to his domain of the Crown of Aragon.
Ferdinand's action met with great resistance, and resulted in
the assassination by conversos in 1485 of Pedro de Arbués.
In spite of this social discontent, in the following years between 1487 and 1505
the Chapter of Barcelona processed more than 1,000 people, of which only 25 were absolved.
The monarchs immediately began establishing permanent trials and developing bureaucracies to
carry out investigations in most cities and communities in their empire.
The first Iberian auto-da-fé took place in Seville in 1481;
six of the men and women who participated in this first religious ritual were later executed.
Later, Franciscan missionaries brought the Inquisition to the New World.
The exact number of people executed by the Inquisition is not known.
Juan Antonio Llorente, the ex-secretary of the Holy Office, gave the following numbers for
the Inquisition excluding the American colonies, Sicily and Sardinia:
31,912 burnt, 17,696 burned in effigy, and 291,450 reconciled de vehementi
(required to perform an act of penance).
Later in the nineteenth century, José Amador de los Ríos gave even higher numbers,
stating that between the years 1484 and 1525 alone, 28,540 were burned in person,
16,520 burned in effigy and 303,847 penanced.
However, after extensive examinations of archival records, modern scholars provide lower estimates,
indicating that fewer than 10,000 were actually executed during the whole history of the Spanish Inquisition,
perhaps around 3,000.
The Portuguese Inquisition was established in 1536 and lasted officially until 1821.
Its influence was much weakened by the late 18th century under the government of the Marquês de Pombal.
They were also held in the Portuguese colony of Goa following the establishment of the Inquisition there in 1562–1563.
Autos-da-fé also took place in New Spain, the State of Brazil, and the Viceroyalty of Peru.
Contemporary historians of the Conquistadors, such as Bernal Díaz del Castillo, recorded them.
Although records are incomplete, one historian estimates that about
50 people were executed by the Mexican Inquisition.
some say that the penance was so onerous that
execution was a release
Oh Lord make me good, but not yet
Saint Augustine of Hippo
13 November 354 – 28 August 430 AD) was a Roman African, early Christian theologian and
philosopher from Numidia whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and
Western philosophy.
He was the bishop of Hippo Regius in north Africa and is viewed as
one of the most important Church Fathers in Western Christianity for his writings in the Patristic Period.
Among his most important works are The City of God, On Christian Doctrine and Confessions.

At the age of 17, through the generosity of his fellow citizen Romanianus,
Augustine went to Carthage to continue his education in rhetoric.
It was while he was a student in Carthage that he read Cicero's dialogue Hortensius (now lost),
which he described as leaving a lasting impression and sparking his interest in philosophy.
Although raised as a Christian, Augustine left the church to follow the Manichaean religion,
much to his mother's despair.
As a youth Augustine lived a hedonistic lifestyle for a time,
associating with young men who boasted of their sexual exploits.
The need to gain their acceptance forced inexperienced boys like Augustine to
seek or make up stories about sexual experiences.
It was during this period that he uttered his famous prayer,
"Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet."

3rd January 2019

Due to a bit of holiday cover....
we are running two versions of this page and
bits may appear and disappear
this is an artifact and not
editorial removal

Sometimes we mis-remember things and sometimes
the internet sends us to examples where the same idea has been used twice
what we remember is
Are you in pain my dear
There's a pain in the room somewhere
but I'm not sure I'm in it
perhaps we polished the memory
Hard Times Full Text: Book 2, Chapter 9 Page 5 - Shmoop
‘I want to hear of you, mother; not of myself.’
‘You want to hear of me, my dear?
That’s something new, I am sure,
when anybody wants to hear of me. Not at all well, Louisa.
Very faint and giddy.’
‘Are you in pain, dear mother?’
‘I think there’s a pain somewhere in the room,’ said Mrs. Gradgrind,
‘but I couldn’t positively say that I have got it.’
After this strange speech, she lay silent for some time.
Louisa, holding her hand, could feel no pulse; but kissing it, could
see a slight thin thread of life in fluttering motion.
‘You very seldom see your sister,’ said Mrs. Gradgrind.
‘She grows like you. I wish you would look at her.
Sissy, bring her here.’
what we are referring to is
the sort of delirium that some painful conditions can produce
and our Ricker has had a lot of that

Monotremes (from Greek µ????, monos ("single") and t??µa, trema ("hole"),
referring to the cloaca) are one of the three main groups of living mammals,
along with placentals (Eutheria) and marsupials (Metatheria).
The monotremes are typified by laying eggs rather than bearing live young,
but like marsupials store their newly hatched larvae-like developing newborn puggles in a pouch,
and by structural differences in their brains, jaws, digestive and reproductive tracts, and
other body parts compared to the more common mammalian types.
However, like all mammals, the female monotremes nurse their young with milk.
Monotremes are traditionally referred to as the mammalian subclass Prototheria.
The only surviving examples of monotremes are all indigenous to Australia and New Guinea although
there is evidence that they were once more widespread including some extinct species in South America.
The existing monotreme species are the platypus and four species of echidnas.
There is currently some debate regarding monotreme taxonomy.
What we are therefore saying is
we have complex highly evolved mechanisms to
safely produce and deliver
healthy new examples of our species and through
cultural norms
we conspire to abandon them
The Puritans
The Black Death was a bubonic plague pandemic,
which reached England in June 1348.
It was the first and most severe manifestation of the Second Pandemic,
caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria.
The term "Black Death" was not used until the late 17th century.
Originating in China, it spread west along the trade routes across Europe and arrived
on the British Isles from the English province of Gascony.
The plague seems to have been spread by flea-infected rats,
as well as individuals who had been infected on the continent.
Rats were the reservoir hosts of the Y. pestis bacteria and
the Oriental rat flea was the primary vector.
The Puritans were English Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries who sought to
"purify" the Church of England of Roman Catholic practices,
maintaining that the Church of England had not been fully reformed and
needed to become more Protestant Puritanism played a significant role in English history,
especially during the Protectorate
what we are saying is that
we can be very smug about our understanding of the nature and spread of
the Black Death
but those poor souls were in the dark
lots of people who experienced the Black Death developed coping strategies
those remote and fearful
concluded that
was construed as an affront by God
who responded with plagues
further plagues have been the
influenza pandemic of 1919
and the HIV pandemic of over half a century later
hence, so long as there are infections
there is amunition for the puritans
Nature - God if you will - engineers a pleasurable reward for
appropriate behaviour
drives puritans and conspiracy theorists to
dfoubt the wisdom of nature and decree
austerity of actions
without logic or evidence
And so
UK law, Empire Law , US law etc.
are driven by the determination of the people who
experienced the Black Death
The Great Fire Of London
1666 - 666 the name of satan
to avoid provoking the wrath of God by
having a good time
and doing what comes naturally

2nd January 2019

We lost a bunch of code????
Nobody came to eat the Christmas dinner
our Ricker cooked
no change there then

What we were supposed to be saying was
This was
chocolate shop on Redcar High Street
then it was Thorntons outlet
then it closed and is still in
Thorntons coulours
and this is directly the result of the
tumbleweed and soup kitchens

2nd January 2019
Happy New Year
WE have a few
Mighty Redcar
The lass with the GCSE result and the
downsizing mum with three jobs
is at college in Middlesbrough
and her mum still has three jobs

the lad who lost his job
cold calling
because he admitted to burglary
is working at Tesco after a spell on a
council apprenticeship
the gifted musician
has signed to
Glassnote Records
same as Mumford and Sons
and that motormechanic lass is still working at
Kwikfitin Marske
no word on the netball player....
Here's a word to think about
a smith is a person who shapes metal
perhaps we should know why
we do however have quite a set
tinsmith, silversmith, goldsmith
and blacksmith is interesting
a blacksmith is a different thing from a
a farrier is a person who
shoes horses, a veterinary surgeon
from, Latin ferrum iron
we should have better things to do...
we have scanned the literature.... smith is supposed to be Old English but
it appears to be still in use today in
and appears to mean
this is consistent
in Icelandic it applies to all hammering trades
including people who hammer wood for a living
it appears that black iron is consistently black in the hands of a blacksmith
because using - traditionally - only fire, water, whale oil
an anvil - or as they say
an anvil shaped object
very sniffy about the quality of their few tools
and hammers
they don't traditonaly use tools the like for saws
that would reveal the silvery heart of the metal
and finally
some reference to the word smith
seems to be absent from the literature between
the 15th and 19th centuries
perhaps in that time they WERE referred to as farriers
or perhaps this is some abstruse reference we can't be arsed to follow up
then we trip into the world of the absurd with the likes of
hammering out copy
on tripewriters
strange how words change
a doctor would not be a surgeon
a barber would be a surgeon
there's an old school building in
that is now a fairly lowly part of
The University of Teesside
above the entrance it says
in terracotta
aut disce aut discede
it is Latin and short hand for
enter here only to
teach or to be taught
a doctor in the sense of a GP or
family doctor is
the best substitute you can have for the fact that
there are no university professors
living and working in your community
not M.B. Ch.B.
bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery
These days your GP is just as likely to be
member of the Royal College of General Practitioners
they may be
Ch. B. but fat chance they will be let loose
in a minor surgical clinic
doctor comes from
reciter of doctrine
somebody who has learned the spells and incantations
Ricker had his annual Christmas dose of
Terry Pratchet
channel 11 Pick TV
so why blacksmith?
smith as a metal basher is Old English
it very much pre-dates
there are all sorts of iron based materials
many these days are electro plated
there is a basic distinction
black iron
bright steel
blacksmiths worked traditionally with
iron not steel
ad that was black iron
iron that had a black surface when cooled but not
and here we dirverge or link up with a different current story
iron and steel have their structure significantly altered by
heat treatment
heat treatment involves heating and cooling metals at specific
that involves the concept of
and in history metals have been heated in coke or charcoal
fires but also to specific temperatures in
baths of the likes of
molten salt
and quenched in
water and
whale oil
hot iron - descaled hot iron
quenched in whale oil
develops a
black surface
a blacksmith shapes black iron

We will start the new year with the
Contraception Sam
This is a joke from the era of the
introduction in the UK of
The Pill
it is therefore probably of
Second World War Origin
pre-National Health - NHS
What's the cheapest form of contraception?
how so?
clamp firmly between the knees
Last Year one of the stars of more than one of the
Blues Brothers movies
we won't name her because we can't be arsed to check this story
she died quite old and so when she gave birth twice
before the age of eleven??
if you mean
two children by the age of 16...
that would be
Aretha Flanklin
it was almost 100 years ago
those two children have had time for a
full life before she died
we contemplate
we contemplate at what age did artist
Tracy Emine
first have sex?
at what age - if ever - did Tracy Emine first give birth?
in that context we contemplate...
Iceland, Norway, Japan
whaling countries
what is the link between
wealth and civilisation?
do those three nations indulge in whaling because
they's bored with beef
they's dirt poor
they got a lot of demented citizens who want to
preserve traditional lifestyles?
What is just about the 'worst' thing you could say to somebody
these days?
we guess qute high up the list would be
Yeah, I'll do that for you
if you'll fix it up for me to fuck yer seven year old daughter
the Power Play behind that being
so reprehensible is that that diva got pregnant at eleven
she had sex at seven
but the artist
who may or may not have had sex at seven
didn't - probably didn't - get pregnant at eleven because of
the NHS
The darkest hour is
just before dawn
we can go back to Shakespere for
Taming of the Shrew
fuck my seventeen year old daughter and I'll give you half my wealth
does society always have to
back up a bunch to take a run at
making a social advance?
is it an inevitable reality that society as a whole will always take a
look a gift horse in the mouth
approach to scientific progress?
we like to drag in old sayings on these occasions
when a woman's waters break
as she is giving birth
those waters are
baby's accumulated
and the phrase we will evoke at this time is
arve bin doin' this since before you
had a hole in yer arse
unborn babies wee they don't poo
females have two holes in their arse
so they can be fucked
not because they deserve a spare
here the word we need to research is
mammal of sub-class monotremata
primitive egg laying Australiana including
duck-billed platypus and spiny ant-eater
we will have to look into this further
so we have Aussie animals that have tits but lay eggs
as above and we have other Aussie animals
such as kangaroos
that have tits but keep them inside a pouch
so we have to say
because 'rooes don't have huge play with me pussies
they have to give birth to
proper little runt babies that have to crawl up mum's belly and
hide in the pouch with the tit
until they can grown to the size any normal
self respecting mammal would be born
so we're guessing that monotreme means
having one hole as in mono
in their arse and laying eggs but giving milk to the babies after they hatch
in a system very different in mechanism but
similar in effect to
pigeon milk
where pigeons secrete a type of milk in their crops to regurgitate for their nestlings
not enought synthetic jeapordy in that for yer
David Attenborough
monotreme - one hole in its ares lays eggs but has fur and primitive tits
marsupial - two holes in it's arse but both small andhas
two wombs - tiny internal one
and much larger external one - called a pouch
if women keep having less and less sex and
just the one pregnancy the
post natal intensive care ward will be lined with the
human equivalent of kangaroo pouches
and humans will retro-evolve into marsupials
speaking of which we will reference an appearance of the
lovely Denise Welsh
on Loose Women
she demonstrated an misunderstanding of the concept of
egg bound
she had grown up thinking that being egg bound was
being constipated through having eaten too many eggs
a chicken gets egg bound
when an egg gets stuck and they can't shit - birds don't piss
birds only have
one hole in their arse
speaking of which....
what is the opposite of
if ignorance is bliss
'tis folly to be wise
midwives have a vast range of tales to tell
an example
why are you measuring my pussy?
to see whether you are dilated enough yet
but I thought
the baby would be coming out through my
belly button
I thought that was what it was for
no dear baby has to come out the same way it went in
yer pussy don't suddenly pop open the moment you get
or don't get
it's yer lifelong friend
we do not know whether late great Claire Rayner
wrote this...
some of the pain ( in childbirth etc.)
which civilsed women experience may be
a creation of her civilised state
more tense, more pain...
if ignorance is bliss
'tis follow to be wise
the worried well
the woman pulls against the natural tendency of her
muscles to move in one way
and so causes some of her own misery
midwives will say
push hard into your bottom
what they mean is
giving birth JUST like having a whopping great shit
a real log of floater and
giving birth in front of strangers in a public place
the fact that a huge turd will likely come out before baby
is something the unwise mother to be will stress about
however, we have a number of new problems
if you only plan on having one or two pregnancies
you will be loathe to write off your first born as a
literally a DUMMY run
a first born that will not survive
or may be brain damaged by pioneering the way out
when twins are born it is the one who is left behind who
gets brain damaged because senior twin
'pulls out the afterbirth
before junior twin gets to the fresh air
in terms of retaining the ability to
milk yer man
to secure a future further pregnancy
what you do not want
is an episiotomy
if they threaten to cut you
insist on a C section
tell them this you must have at every opportunity
no twat like a horse, half measures
for 1 future sexual performance
for 2 avoiding MESH implants and
prolpsed womb and such
you need a tracky bottoms elactic hole in your pelvic floor
our Ricker had a bunch of anatomy lecturers at Newcastle
some were junior doctors training to be surgeons
Dr Grey was a non-surgeon anatomist
he expressed some frusration at
in the terms of the profession
surgeons who automatically jump to
resect muscles
the person with the theory
and the person with the massively higher
patient stisfaction rating
looks to
finger dissection
pulling the patient apart may seem
less elegant than slicing them up
muscles, nerves, blood vessels
respond infinitely better to being teased out of the way
as in transplanting seedlings in the garden shed
than to being hacked about like an old buddleia
that you just want out of the way
reemer, nothing but a reemer
to the tune of
dreamer, nothing but a dreamer
pre-natal pelvic floor exercises
otherwise known as

24th December 2018

oe of those words you can discuss for hours
we retain our disdane of the Welsh angle
although the idea originted in 1589
the implication being that The Welsh got to Newfoundland before the English and
told the locals what to call their native birds???
1582 Ingram's Narrative
sounds a lot more like
any laguage we don't recognise must be Welsh
from what we can deduce it appears that
contrary to current realities???
back in the days when they got the name...
pengines were migrating up the west of the Atlantic
and were found in
The earliest spelling of penguine that we have found is
We guess it's cold out there but the one letter refers to the
penguyns of Penguine Island
and that has nothing to do with pinioned wings
there is a lot of support for the idea that
penguine is not the name of the bird
the top of a rather ragged list of posibilities is that
penguines was birds that were discovered on
an island called
Penguine Island
The Penguine Island birds
that brings us no nearer to knowing why it was
called Penguine Island
we tend to the idea that
on account of the fact that the penguine species are the only
that take being poor flyers to the ultimate
not being able to fly at all...
the name of the island got adapted for the bird
explorers would often ask the locals
what is this place called and
write it down = for the first time - wrong
penguine can also refer to pinggin a West Indian Plant
We must therefore conclude that the basis of the movie
Penguines of Madagascar
no we probably have that wrong
you know the one where
Santa gets a bang on the head and forgets he's Santa
and The Reindeer won't pull the sleigh without
direct orders from him and the penguines take over
on the basis that
Santa 'used to be' based at the South Pole and had penguines not reindeer...
perhaps he had penguines at the North Pole and
it's not that penguines can't fly it's just that
they can't fly without a dose of Santa's sparkly stuff
just as likely as relying on 16th century adventurers
Those original Newfoundland accounts say
a bit like lemmings
persuade one penguine to walk up a plank into the ship's hold and the
entire collony follows it
That's in the movie
apart from the three plus the egg
the four - after hatching of Private

WIth our sensible head on...
we suspect that the term
originally referred toa type of auk
that would not be included in the concept of
penguine these days

Between 1892 an 1896 the term
is introduced into popular American culture
hoboland in some respects replaces
in some respects the hobo is a gypsey who
dispenses with pony and living van
because he can
because of the coming of the railways
many people claim to have been responsible for the
defeat of slavery in the US
but athough we see the hobo was represented as a version of
The Irish Navvy
incidentally a digger or excavator such as the RB series
would have been in it's day referred to as a navvy
navvies and wagons
the railways were
remembering that they were at first goods not passenger hauliers
the God diven gift to the
hop a train and the bloodhounds are confounded
whenever owning slaves became illegal...
escaping rural poverty was made possible
by the coming of the railways

many thing can be classified or divided in many ways
one way to classify energy is into
intrinsic energy
the main forms of intrinsic energy are
geothermal and nuclear
carbon based energy is generally
one of two forms of insolation energy
carbon does not exist in the atmosphere in
elemental form
elemental forms of carbon include
diamond, graphite, coal - in an impure form
in the atmosphere carbon - apart from dust
exists as compounds of carbon with
other elements
oxygen and hydrogen
insolation is energy arriving on the planet's surface as
various wavelenghts of light
from the sun
in - inward bound
solation, sol -sun
insolation - incoming from the sun
although more complex elemental molecules and atoms can
degrade - fall apart - to form carbon
we can say that the planet has a fairly fixed stock of
carbon atoms
in the presence of oxygen with a little initiation energy
fire triangle - heat fuel oxygen
carbon soon finds itself part of
carbon dioxide molecules
unless hidden from sources of free oxygen
deep in the ground
the effect of plants is to
take energy from the sun - insolation
and use it to transform the condition of the carbon from being
part of carbon dioxide
to being part of
bigger molecules such as
sugars and
the effect of certain
non plant organisms - bacteri, fungi whatever
is to transform the environment of those carbon atoms into being
part of
hydrocarbons such as methane and
sugars with the oxygen taken out
and so when we put the oxygen back in
by burning them
we get carbon dioxide
the global warming thing s not
how much carbon does the planet have
how much is floating around in the atmosphere
how much is locked up in the ground
the more carbon in the atmosphere...
the less insolation is
from the planet
and the more the sun heats the planet
we have a
Goldielocks concept of
atmosphereic carbon
not too much, not too little
just right
although excess atmospheric carbon causes
overheating of the planet
excess volcanic dust in the atmosphere
blocks insolation
and thus
ice ages
to this extent...
during the early years since the
industrial revolution
the global warming effects of increased
atmospheric carbon dioxide were to some extent
masked of mitigatted by the
pseudo volcanic ash effect of
extra elemental carbon in the atmosphere
in the form of soot and smoke
meaning that
gas is cleaner than coal
cleaner simpler systems
show up fundamental effects more clearly
and this probably explains why
global warming does not show up as significant in the
ice or gelogical record
until after the switch from coal to natural gas
this is not to say we should switch back to coal
the effect on
lung health was immediate
but it explains the lag in
global temperature change

In the modern world we sometimes hear
these rain showers will peter out over the morning
it beats talking about those
as in as the degoes on
on what?
seriously though...
peter out
where to now Saint Peter?
when a ore vein dwindled away
the miners had to search for a new vein
they looked to St. Peter
the patron saint of travellers to
bless and guide their journey to the next ore vein

What is the linguistic difference between
They shared a kiss
he stole a kiss
we are given to understand Paul Gascoigne case pending
that to steal a kiss is now defined in law as
sexual assault by touhing
so on the one hand
a celebrity who refuses to
sign an autograph or
pause to be in somebody's selfie
is an arrogant bastard
if there is no camera to record it
where is the market value in a
peck on the cheek
only in the
criminal injuries compensation
how many men in the UK in 2018 said to another man
words to the effect
are your intentions toward my daughter honourable?
in the Christmas context
somebody put new - independent women - lyrics to the Christmas song
Santa baby
maybe ten years ago
a version of a Chrstmas song the had removed the lines
he'll say are you married
we'll say no man
but you can do the job when you're in town
current version appear to have re-instated those lines
hand bags and glad rags...
something about
spending years trying to
make herself (into) a bride
no wonder young females are stressed
over the past several decades we have seen
British Boys increasigly either
seeking male company to the extent of pretending to be agy
or seeking SOuth East Asian wives
to avoid the angst of the British Female
seeking to be independent and dependent at the same time
we have recently seen the demise of the
LiberalDemocrat peer
Lord Ashdown
formerly known as
Paddy Pantsdown
due to a work based extra marrital affair...
but increasingly
the world seems less and less able to distinguish between
an association between two single people
and an association between two people
one or both of whom may have another relationship
or may have had another relationship
you've made your bed so you must for ever lie in it
no divorce - even from the entirely fictonal
common law marriage
there seems to be some sort of hankering for the concept of the
childhood sweetheart
choose a partner of the opposite sex at nursery
and wander off hand in hand into eternity
anything less pure is a
fall from grace
true love comes before the age of
carnal knowledge
so that..
even when there is no scope whatever for a sense of
in a relationship
it can still be condemned on the grounds of
absence of
parity of esteem
between the partners
if one - particularly the male
is senior
in workplace rank, social standing or age
to the other
he will be condemned as
and she will be condemned as
a golddigger
the golddigger's unspoken wedding vow...
what's yours is ours
what's mine's me own
meaning at divorce it is the husband's assets that are to be shared
not the joint assets
because the contest is not between
husband and wife but between
first and second wife
or second and third etc.
failing a marriage to a childhood sweetheart
amarriage must be between two virgins

the curate's wife gives birth to a baby
and he says
but I was naughty twice, vicar?
in other words we had sex twice , why isn't it twins?

on the same pay
the man exactly 18 months older than the female
and after they buy or rent a house on the basis of their
joint incomes
she must be free to leave work at any time and have
the family income level maintained through benefits
to avoid them having to downsize
'married' women choosing to give up work is
what foodbanks are for
because the husband must not be
promoted from the status level his wife had
when she chose to give up work
in work benfits, not promotions

21st December 2018

The airfield began its life as Royal Air Force Goosepool,
and in 1941 became RAF Middleton St. George
when the aerodrome opened under the auspices of Bomber Command.
Whilst the nearest settlement was Middleton St George,
the station acquired the Goosepool after the nearby farm.
In 1943 it was allocated to No. 6 Group, Royal Canadian Air Force.
A sub-station was located at RAF Croft, Yorkshire.
Squadrons based here include: 76 Squadron, which flew Handley Page Halifaxes,
78 Squadron, which flew Armstrong Whitworth Whitleys,
419 Squadron RCAF, which flew Vickers Wellingtons, Halifaxes, and Avro Lancasters,
420 Squadron RCAF, which flew Wellingtons, and
428 Squadron RCAF, which flew Wellingtons, Halifaxes, and Lancasters

we have a Tommy Tale about Goosepool Aerodrome
As we have said Tommy was a director of George Hodsman and Sons 1928 Ltd
In that capacity he visited a trade exhibition in London in the early days of the war
He bought a 22RB
perhaps an 19RB
he went off for a drink
he came back and found a
requisition notice on his new machine
The bastard government agent had waited until the digger was sold
so that the loss would fall to the user not the manufacturer
Tommy had to go to Churchill - probably not in person and say
Gimme back me digger or you don't get no aerodrome
he got his digger back

Gradually Universal Excavators designed by Bucyrus-Erie replaced
Ruston and Hornsby designed models.
The original range of standardised rope-operated machines included
10RB, 17RB, 19RB and 33RB and were upgraded through some intermediate models
including the 54RB to a main selling range in the 1960s of
22RB, 30RB, 38RB, 61RB and 71RB.
In addition, there were the large machines including
the 110RB which evolved into the 150RB.
Ruston-Bucyrus Ltd was an engineering company established in 1930
and jointly owned by Ruston and Hornsby based in Lincoln, England and Bucyrus-Erie based in Bucyrus, Ohio,
the latter of which had operational control and into which the excavator manufacturing operation of
Ruston and Hornsby was transferred.
The Bucyrus company proper, from which the Bucyrus component of the Ruston-Bucyrus name was created,
was an American company founded in 1880, in Bucyrus, Ohio.
During the Second World War, the company developed a trench cutting machine known by the
code name Cultivator No. 6 at the behest of Winston Churchill.
RAF Middleton-Saint-George opened
January 1941
built on Hodsmans supplied foundations
level and true
unlike the roller coaster at Newcastle

We note the current interest in
prostate cancer
we want to remind people
especially all those uni dons looking for
idiot safe 'reseaerch'
what we need is somebody to test for a link between
prostate cancer and a
high calcium diet
including living in a
hard water
if yer water furs up yer pipes
it'll fur up yer arse
We believe in books
sometimes what we read there is very impressive
we read in a version of Collins Dictionary that
is derived from the Welsh for
white head
we are not impressed
in the same book we read
outermost joint of a bird's wing
a penguine is a
a bird with pinioned wings
pinion - to cut off the pinion
a penguine is a bird with
wings that have bits missing so they can
swim well but fly badly
we say this because since we have
penguines on the Esplanade
penguines are the unofficial bird of Redcar
our penguines neither fly nor swim
being rather steely
they protect the town

and another thing
we reckon that over the ages the butterfly most closely
associated with people has been the
cabbage white
and we reckon
they have evolved gradually
we refer to the classic work on moths
somebody did a classic old time study on a species of moth
they were originally white with black speckles
as the buldings and trees darkened with soot during
the industrial revolution
the species morphed
white with black speckles
black with white speckles
and so to the story of
we reckon
cabbage whiye butterflies started out as
yellow with black speckles
and came to be called cabbage white as the yellow faded
and so we conclude that
butterflies were named in the same way as
and hence
flying curls of butter
and just as moths are not in any really meaningfully different from
the term butterfly spread from the cabbage white to
all day flying moths
we have a couple of Ricker related comments
there was reference to a bucket chair
that should have been
tub chair
regardng penguines
Ricker is half way through his zoology degree and his dad decides that
people are not descended from apes but from
because he waddles like a penguine
he he just gets all sorts of grief and his dad trying to force him to agree,,,,
the classic example of somebody
talking bolocks from a platform is
Charlie Boy - Prince Charles - and his

We never get to see any of those letters sent from
government mnisters to
constituency MPs
however we have the impression that very often the major phrase in use is
'we have consulted with the industry'
a problem?
member of the public? - ring the police
member of the government? - contact an appropriate - or not - trade association
the rest of us are just
ghosts in the machine
On the other hand a couple is examples of how
'industry' regards this approach from government
essentially Ricker contacted Thermos
and they sent samples to his school of
different stages of the construction process of making
Thermos flasks - free
but they declined to comment on
How Thermos flasks WORK
similarly a zoo replying to a question by saying
there is nobody here capable of answering that question
such honesty and humility cuts no ice with government who
will always
consult with the industry, and nobody else
because every issue is to be analysed
exclusively in terms of its implication for

18th December 2018

We don't really want to be negative in the
Festive Season
but we react to inspiration
Ricker is very old
and he dropped out of med school a long time ago
we don't remember exactly how much he paid for it
but he used part of his uni grant to buy
a calculator
in the days when
Durham University bought a new admin computer
for the admin offices in New or Old Elvet
and to deliver it upstairs
they had to bust out the wall and use a
mobile crane
to deliver it
God knows what you could have had for the price of that calculator
at that time
let's say it cost twenty five pounds when a house cost
five thousand
naturally he did not need it at uni
so he left it at home
and he came home weekends
and one weekend early on he had to search for his calculator
he found it under the cushion in the
bucket chair
and it was obvious that
his dad had used his walking stick to
smash the display
before hiding the calculator
not only did he not hold with algebra
he believed that you should always
show all your working
in his first year at Newcastle
hs only year there
and in all his years at Durham
he never left his mam and his dog
alone with his dad for more than
three days at a stretch
and to take up his second year in Newcastle he would have had to
attend classes
nine to five, five days a week, 48 weeks a year
to get the degree his parents wanted for him and to
keep his mam safe
he had to switch from dentistry to
not to put too fine a point on it
the plan was that perhaps he could go back to med school
once his dad was no longer a threat to his mam
and when his dad died he went to City to do Optometry
but there were dons there who were more dangerous than his dad

The sexist, agist, how things have changed issue
regarding Ricker's dad is/was
Ricker's sister was 250 miles away in
for God's sake
and he didn't have a girlfriend in Redcar who would be
willing to pop in and see his parents were OK
two or three times a week
all females have for half a century had
far more important things to do
society has changed

10th December 2018

We said - or suggested - a while ago that
drug companies want to disown and discredit
antibiotics because they are the only one of the 4
most commonly prescribed drugs
that are not addictive
there is a parallel in vaccines
as vaccines have developed they have
analogy time
if you had a pet dragon - your immune system
say you trained it to destroy all
vehicles that came onto your property that had
red painted alloy wheels
you would not be training it to destroy
all vehicles that came onto your property
discounting the cost
anybody wanting to steal from you could easily
avoid dragon problems by
changing the wheels on their vehicle
on the other hand if
you say
all the vehicles with valid reasons to be
on my property are diesel
you could train your dragon to
attack vehicles with petrol engines
in a factory, even easier
all our vehicles are electric
attack the vehicles with exhaust pipes
in that sense
with current vaccines - 'flu vaccines
you make a vaccine that identifies the most
variable part of the virus
not the core elements
and so you have a market for 'flu vaccines
for ever
not a one shot cure, end of market
say you had a small independent country with mountains
say you had a ski-lift
say you wanted people to use the ski-lift and not the road
to the top of the slopes
you could ban vehicles from your country
but the locals may not be too chuffed
say you ban SUVs - sports utility vehicles
but allow Citroen 2CVs
the locals could potter around and
the tourists would stump up for the ski-lift
when the drug companies promote - to government
the concept of
anti-biotic resistance
they are not saying
if you ban SUVs
somebody will invent the 2CV
they are saying
if you ban SUVs
you will boost the market in 2CVs
it's an important distinction
this past weekend we saw an example of
mind creep
somebody on the BBC - no names? Victoria Fritz
don't vaccines cause viruses to mutate?
so don't blame it all on the
autism theory
people are resisting vaccinations because they are
reverse engineering from
'antbiotics cause resistance'
'vaccinations cause resistance'
good news for
Big Pharma
bad news for the planet
find some top brass who
did not grow up with
a pill for every ill
'loosers work in universities'
the smart guys work in
Big Pharma
big pharmaceutical companies
our Ricker has...
taught day release to
workers at a large pharma plant
the names keep changing but
Barnard Castle stays put
Glaxo Smith Kline at one time
not necessarily the
sharpest knives in the box
but way smarter than the
full time students In a nutshell
Big Pharma want
treatments keep
at bay, is that bey?
cures put an end to the matter
particularly those such as
drive smallpox to extinction
save on health care expenditure
cost JARBS
create redundencies
and the reason why the drug companies want
governments to
campaign against antibiotics is that
all the major ones are
out of patent
and hence cheap to buy and
government and pharma want to shovel huge stacks of
tax payer money at drug companies
anf they are now
hoist by their own petard
due to the notion
if antibiotics cause resistance..
so will vaccinations

30th November 2018

Let's try to explain the workings of the
South Tees Redevelopment Corporation
parents who say
please marry my daughter
she's had a few epileptic fits
and we don't think she's safe on her own
we n only afford half a million as a dowry
It's like owning the best house in town and
we buy any house dot com
Just because you want people to
tell yer mother I saved you
owe you
if you didn't play that game
you incite another child to, say
walk along the top of a wall
and then you grab them and say
tell yer mother I saved you

29th November 2018

We now have the two theories about the closure of
Beals in Redcar
remote location
adverse publicity about tumbleweed and soup kitchens
Hexham is as remote as you can get and
still open
Redcar and Bishop Auckland in the heartland of whinge
negative publicity costs jobs
We have the news about Intu
or however they spell it
wanting to sell to Peel Holdings the - ref Teesside Airport - shut down merchants
and not getting a deal
we understand the idea
we will get votes if we arrange handouts
politicians don't see any mileage in
vote for me and I'll get you a BETTER job
we feel we have to excuse those who reflexly say
about anything
this will cost jobs
this will create jobs
it's hard to make a slogan out of
enough with the entry level jobs
we deserve better

28th November 2018

The term laterality refers to the preference most humans show for
one side of their body over the other.
Examples include left-handedness/right-handedness and
it may also refer to the primary use of the left or right hemisphere in the brain.
It may also apply to animals or plants.
The majority of tests have been conducted on humans, specifically to
determine the effects on language.
Language functions such as grammar,
vocabulary and literal meaning are typically lateralized to
the left hemisphere, especially in right handed individuals.
While language production is left-lateralized in up to 90% of right-handers,
it is more bilateral, or even right-lateralized, in approximately 50% of left-handers.
Broca's area and Wernicke's area, two areas associated with the production of speech, are
located in the left cerebral hemisphere for about 95% of right-handers, but
about 70% of left-handers.
Damage to either the right or left hemisphere, and its resulting deficits provide
insight into the function of the damaged area.
Left hemisphere damage has many effects on language production and perception.
Damage or lesions to the right hemisphere can result in
a lack of emotional prosody or intonation when speaking.
Right hemisphere damage also has grave effects on understanding discourse.
People with damage to the right hemisphere have a reduced ability to
generate inferences, comprehend and produce main concepts,
and a reduced ability to manage alternative meanings. Furthermore,
people with right hemisphere damage often exhibit discourse that is
abrupt and perfunctory or verbose and excessive.
They can also have pragmatic deficits in situations of turn taking,
topic maintenance and shared knowledge.[medical citation needed]
Some popularizations oversimplify the science about lateralization, by
presenting the functional differences between hemispheres as being
more absolute than is actually the case.

We need to talk about
cattle and sheep
their digestions are
they emit a lot of methane
methane is a global warming gas
methane naturally oxidises to
carbon dioxide
and that is an even more potent
global warming gas
sheet and cattle get the carbon in the methane they emit
NOT from fossil sources but as
carbon captured from the atmosphere by the plants they eat
so long as you eat sheep, cattle and milk
raised locally from locally grown fodder
negligable food miles
you are eating
carbon neutral food
the plant crops you and the animals eat
are grown with the aid of
fertilizers that are produced using fossil fuel energy
and crop rotation produces
organic fertilizer that contributes less to
fertilizer run off and
the likes of algal blooms in waterways
Ricker ain't smart enough to invent the Internet
but he ain't an ignorant fuckwit neither
to extend the gassy theme
shurrup an'
give yer arse a chance
'cos no doubt yer farts
make more sense than yer words
Here is the problem
people who advocate
seek justification and
we can't get a clear shot on
global warming because
these nutters
hang this crap on the issue
and so
using sewage sludge as the carbon source
IS the means to make the likes of
iron and steel production
in a way that concrete production
which involves liberating carbon from limestone
totally and entirely
although a carbon neutral energy source can be used

This is going to need some checking
but we will make a start
we start from the contention that changing
paranoid schizophrenia to
is understandable but misguided
the problem with bipolar is the association with
polar opposites
other reclassifications refer to a
not poles
we see poles as attractive in this case because
what we are dealing with here is
left brain - right brain
and left or right brain dominance
we should check and quote the
division of labour between the
left and right hemispheres of the brain
we would point out the physically
the entire brain in a distorted hemisphere
and the hemispheres commonly referred to are actually
quarter spheres
perhaps more so as we age
running the brain is a chore
it saps energy
the core theory of people snapping from
Dr Jeckle to Mr Hyde is that
at times of stress and exhaustion
the dominant hemisphere weakens and the
tech speak here
tech speak designed to avoid offence
gains the upper hand and is
how shall we put it
less refined and polished is its approach to life
also less self confident
some treatments for this class of disorder have shown success by
disconnecting or removing the sub-dominant hemisphere of the brain
and naturally when patients are nor
faking it
the voices in their head and
multiple personalities
are in the sub-dominant hemisphere

Westgate was East Anglian Co-OP
Beccles (formerly Westgate)
Bedford (formerly E Braggins & Son)
Chipping Norton (formerly Westgate)
Diss (formerly Westgate)
Hexham (formerly Robbs)
Keighley (formerly Sunwin House and latterly Westgate)
Kendal (formerly J R Taylor and originally Musgroves)
Lowestoft (formerly Westgate)
Mansfield (formerly Westgate)
Peterborough (formerly Westgate)
Skegness (formerly Westgate)
Southport (formerly Broadbents & Boothroyds and originally Boothroyds)
Spalding (formerly Westgate)
St Neots (formerly Westgate)
Tonbridge (formerly Bentalls)
Wisbech (formerly Westgate)
Worthing (formerly Bentalls)
Yeovil (formerly Denners)
Former locations
Beales in Harrogate in 2013. This branch closed in 2014 and was demolished in 2015.
Abingdon (formerly Westgate)
Bishop Auckland (formerly Westgate; closed January 2017)
Bolton (formerly Whitakers)
Cinderford (formerly Westgate; closed July 2013)
Ealing (formerly Bentalls; closed October 2007)
Fareham, Beales for Men, later Beales Boutique (opened 2010)
Harrogate (formerly Sunwin House and latterly Westgate; closed 2014; building demolished 2015)
Horsham (formerly Allders; building now occupied by Dunelm)
King's Lynn (formerly Westgate; closed 2016)
Maidstone, Beales Outlet (formerly a branch of T J Hughes; closed June 2013)
Redcar (formerly Westgate)
Rochdale (formerly Sunwin House and latterly Westgate; closed August 2016)
Saffron Walden (formerly Westgate; closed December 2016)
Skipton (formerly Sunwin House and latterly Westgate; closed November 2012)
Walton-on-Thames (formerly Grant Warden; closed January 2006)
Winchester (closed August 2016)
Strange that none of this was

26th November 2018

F1 motor racing well not be back until
mid March 2019
and as a finale
an example if silo thinking
we are not in a positon to do the following but
we suggest it
draw a line from the middle of a line between the
highest point on each front tyre
to the top of the roll bar behind the driver's head
does that line run above or below
the empty VW split screen frame?
the problem here is that this is
road car racing
it is not rallying
there is always a
road surface
to the extent that
the surface of the track does not
rise by as much as a centimetre
within the length of the cockpit
anything the could itrude
into the cockpit would be
so small as to miss the extra frame
and then of course
who gets out of a car on fire first
the occupant restrained by
a seat belt
or the occupant
restrained by an air bag?

Beals Redcar

That's the second half of a

Locke Park rainbow

small plug for an upcoming event
1st and 2nd of December

The sub station on stilts has been replaced with or by
a brick outhouse
sub station

We wus wrong
New in New life is
nothing to do with ebay versus Amazon
New Life is a branch of
The Pentecostal Church
and we have a big one
On Top Lakes
on West Dyke Road
and we shall see
but this is shades of
The Salvation Army
when you buy from NewLife
are you supporting
care for the poor
for a Christian cult?

strike out references to ebay but
we stand by
Amazon 'donating' surplus stock to
NewLife to avoid
Landfill tax

23rd November 2018

The Beals Store in Redcar is set to become an
Amazon pop-up shop
seling off stuff they have had on line and have discontinued
we don't know any of the following for certain
We think the
East Anglian Co-Op
they had a number of retail centres around the country and
sold them off to Beales
or sold off the freehold of
all of their stores occupied by Beals to Beals
then some gut bought Beals for
the stores near the south coast
and Redcar stopped being a
pioneer for expansion and became an outlier
a logistical and management nightmare
the guy kept it going for a while because he got it
buy five, get one free
Will Amazon stay?
we would say that they have not rushed to
catch the Christmas trade
so this is probably more
no frills
T J Hughes
and the like have missed a trick
passing up on the unit
It will not be branded Amazon
something with
in the name to identify it as selling
remaindered stock
a bricks ebay
a rival to
T K Maxx
Shopping at Newlife is good for the environment,
good for your pocket and good for
disabled children and their families.
We recycle goods from major companies helping them achieve
their environmental social responsibility policies.
As a result we offer clothing, textiles, footwear, accessories,
house wares, gifts and on occasion furniture,
books, electrical items, toys and much more across our stores.
and so Amazon appears to be their major client
It's about avoiding putting unsold stock into landfill
Newlife Pop-up Shop - Redcar
Newlife Redcar is the second store to open in the North of England this year and
takes over the former Beales premises on Regent Walk.
The 30,000 square foot site will open its doors to the public in December with
the sales floor taking up 5,000 square foot selling
a range of fashion and homeware and other goodies at cut-prices.
7 Regent Walk, Redcar, TS10 3FB
so it will begin - and possible end - in a small area at the front of downstairs

Our Riker's parents left school at 14
from his being nine or eleven to the death of his second parent
when he was in his mid thirties....
he was being 'taught' by
and whenever they consulted his tutors
they were told he was an idiot
we now find that universities are spending less than
half the money they spend on teaching
and you can bet your life
they are not spending the rest on research
what the unsuspecting non-graduates do not understand is that
universities are packed with
amateur psychologists
who regard a
Good Degree
as the mental health equivalent of
a wheelchair, false leg, or heart transplant
we have an 'amateur psychologist' don story about Oxford
a guy - prob from Ricker's own school
went for an interview at an Oxford College
he entered the recruiter's study for the interview and
was invited to take a seat
there were three vacant seats
a dinning style chair, a modern designer chair, and a huge comfy
well stuffed leather arm chair
the candidate faced with the choice said
ah, the old, amateur psychologist trick
he didn't get in
dons want to feel superior to students and that is why the trawl for the
dregs of society
the idiot sons of the vastly wealthy have deserted them
so Ricker is working for Dolland & Aitchison opticians
the company say
the only person on our board who is not an optometrist is
the finance director
the university have sole right to nominate student optometrists
they want their student fees
you can't be a pre-reg without OUR degree
D & A will not pay, your mother will have to pay
so she sells her house
then Ricker gets onto the course and then
the other students see Ricker as their probable future boss and
pay more attention to him than to the dons
so the university throw him off the course

21st November 2018

Here we are thinking about
Free From Foods
In broad terms a product that is
gluten free
is made from
rice flour
instead of
wheat flour
now there's one really important thing about rice
cooked rice does not keep - except in the freezer
for some reason - probably easily found and related to
what sugars it contains and that it does not contain gluten
ordinary moulds - such as those in cheese
grow faster in cooked rice
so our Ricker has done an unintended experiment
on his digestion
three days in a row he ate a free from pizza for lunch
each slightly out of date
on day four he had run out of pizzas
by 11.30 a.m. he suddenly had
acid reflux
his smarter than the average nutritianist
was gearing itself up for
another onslaught
and when steak pie - regular pastry - followed by
week old pineapple cottage cheese arrived
calm was immediately restored - stomachwise
and what do the flakes say?
even though I have gone gluten free
I still have a delicate digestion
I couldn't risk going back to what ordinary people eat

We talked about the passing of
Cancer Research UK's Irene
we have a few more details
we can say that
Irene was
Irene Crystal
and her husband was John Crystal of
Crystal Painting and Decorating
and he had recently retired and they had bought a mobile home
and were gettng around quite a bit
to the extent that Irene was only in the shop on Wednesdays
and what happened?
they had a little motor bike accident and
Irene hit her head and
on account of her being on the warfarin for her heart
she ended up with a lethal bleed on the brain
sometimes you just can't win
it was always
Pat and Irene
and Pat's husband had been a bookie in Marske
something like that
then Pat sold up and moved to live with or near her
daughter in Newcastle
perhaps the proceeds were invested in
the future of Pat's grandaughter
Pat had been the brick-a-brack expert
regarding other Old Timers
Val has retired from her voluntary work with
Cancer Research UK
Val lost her daughter - her only child?
to cancer when they were both quite young
and Val dedicated a lot of her life to
sitting by the beds of the terminally ill
so that they would not die alone

at present we are a little confused about the
abandoned Beal's Department Store in Regent Walk
the shop fitters have not been in but
a logistics company from the
West Midlands has stacked a whole load
well five or six artics worth actually
of Amazon boxes in the back of the store
some may say that this is Amazon stockpiling ahead of
but the escalators are being serviced and this is
dump stack
distribution warehousing
we mean the stock is stacked in a way that you could only
access it from the edges
not get at something from the middle
so with no shop fitters
best guess is
re-open as Beals
but time will tell
but if this turns out true
then this hiatus has been entirely engineered by
media stories about
tumbleweed and soup kitchens
speaking of which..
we were recently told
The Trussel Trust has dished out
around 6,000 emergency meals to children in the past year
and it's actually???
twenty per day
or well you work it out
they wouldn't be doing this on
school days...
so less than 100 a day each day in
the school holidays
over 6,000
suggests 6,000 children not 6,000 meals
fake news ??
and this touches on the incentive to both parents and pupils
turn up for school, don't get excluded and
you'll get fed for free
IF your family are genuinely poor
what means test are The Trussell Trust applying?
do free food handouts release funds for
mobile 'phones, drugs, drink and holidays in Spain?

Kerry Louise Pink
died in 2006
Jacqueline Ann Pink
is the licensee of a
micro pub in Station Road, Redcar
that pub hosts
folk groups
recently they showcased a combo with a name similar to
Peggy Pooler
why they weren't called Peggy Pooler we don't know
perhaps it's like
Cliff Richard
not being called
Cliff Richards
to get a second, correction, name check...
Peggy Pooler is the witch that lives in the bottom of
ponds and lakes and
drags you down to drown
if you get too close
Peggy didn't need to get
Kerry Louise all that close
and she could end her life from a distance
because Kerry Louise was
so drunk

19th November 2018

If you fancy a home or room decorated for a
child free Christmas
What used to be called
Ron Hill's Christmas Barn
on the Esplanade
Next to the lifeboat station
may be where you need to be
it is another of those strange Redcar retail venues
cheap as chips hardware store under the same roof as
moderately high end
home furnishing

the rest we can't be bothered to sort out
just a walk in the park...

These are bits of shipwreck
note the way the timbers have been joined with wooden pegs
no metalwork
we were fascinated at how
some sort of tar based sealant had
set as hard as rock
over the centuries

This time of year
the lights come on in the shelters
on the Esplanade
and another set have cught fire due to
salt spray corrosion
you could see how the overheating conductors had
melted their plastic insulation off
no arson posters this time

well here's Nutkin's close up

not universally popular
there are about three in Locke Park
not red

This one of those special moments that
verge on the mystical
it may not be obvious from the pictures but
they are an attempt to capture
a rainbow in a fountain
the mystical bit is that we could refer to the building
in the background as
The Pink Pavillion
because it is where a teenage girl
called Miss Pink
hanged herself
when very drunk
having fallen out wth her friends
nuff said

This is one of those tech think pieces
it means we have no inside information but
things we see on the street make us think
Ricker has never had a gas bill in his adult life
his parents had them
as he recalls, gas utilites don't sell specific gases
except in the case of bottled gas where
the bottle colour indicates
blue for butane, red for propane
people connected to the mains are offered 'gas' that when
burned in approved appliances will produce a guaranteed amount of heat
per standard volume
you may be buying methane but there is no guarantee there is
nothing but methane in the pipes
we don't known how long the gas mains have been laid in Redcar
they would originally have carried
town gas chemically quite a cocktail and the origin of not having a contract that
stated what chemcals you were getting
killing yourself by putting your haed in the gas oven
was based on the carbon monoxide content of town gas
produced by roasting coal and thus also called
coal gas
then in the 1970s we were switched to
Natural Gas
pretty much taken direct from under the North Sea
ever since
new gas mains have been
yellow poly something plastic
and so we wonder why the old cast iron gas mains
that have served us so well for so long
are now being loosely lined with plastic
we don't have a significant gas leak problem
on anything like a scale similar to the
water main leak problem we have
we do this leap of imagination now
are Centrica - the people who distribute gas
anticipating the gas they supply, in the future
what combustible gas is
available in vast quantities and
wetter than Natural Gas?
what if
what if it's possible to increase the amount of hydrogen
and reduce the amount of methane in gas
and still fulfil the contracted heat outputs
by burning the gas in the same appliances
nobody need ever know
just a thought

16th November 2018

A couple of things about
life, training and discipline
in the Allied trenches on World War One
we said that at times they were put in a gas chamber with irritant gas
and at other times with lethal gas
it's the lethal gas we are not sure about
when they were in the gas chamber with the irritant gas and with
their gas masks on
they were ordered to take them off
to impress on them that there was to be no hesitation
if they heard
they dropped everything
and put on their gas masks
and put gas masks on the horses
The other matter relates to
shot at dawn
the firing squad would not be as you probably imagine
what happened was
a blanket with a target on it would be put up
a detatchment would be ordered to fire at the target
nobody - except the officers, MPs
would know whether there was anybody stood on
the other side of the blanket
did they have MPs?
Military Police

the unemployment stats issue
If you ask
how many people had a birthday in July?
How many people had a birthday in August?
How many people had a bithday in September?
How many people had a birthday between
1st July and 30th September?
the last answer will be a lot bigger than the other three
if you ask
how many people had ten fingers in July?
How many people had ten fingers in August?
how many people had ten fingers in September?
how many people had ten fingers between
1st July and 30th September?
all four numbers will be about the same...
in this case
having ten fingers is being
long term unemployed
and having a birthday is
having a change of employment status

There s a saying
in vino veritas
effectively it means
people are more honest when drunk
over the past few days pundits on UK TV
have been drunk on excitement and this emerged
The headbangers want to reinvent the UK as
The Singapore of the North Atlantic
this so clearly demonstrates that all of the
chattering classes see the United Kingdom as
London plus a swamp
tthey cannot recognise that any form of civilisation
exists between
the M25 and Paris
it's hard to know what to say

14th November 2018

Our Ricker has reached that point in his life where
he can't distinguish being
being tired, from beng sad, from being disappointed
we have always worked from BBC figures
not Office for National Statistics figures
in mid October 2018 the BBC published unemployment figures for
September 2018
in mid November 2018 the BBC published figures for
unemployment for
July to September 2018
for The North East of England all the above
where are the unemployment figures for
October 2018?
we have the numbers for the individual months
July, August and September 2018
why, why right now, are we being given the
of every person who
REGISTERED as unemployed in the entire quarter
even if only for a day?
somebody decided some bad news was required?
what we have in the latest figures is a measure of
Labour Market CHURN
the extent to which people are
changing job
about 10,000 people
CHANGED their employment status
in the North East in the July to September 2018 quarter
and as we said prevously
they would mostly be
school and college leavers
15th August we were reporting 54,000 registered unemployed in the North East
for the period April to June 2018
so we have to assume that the BBC at least reports
quarterly figures in November, February, May and August
and monthly figures iin the other months
so these quarterly figures are supposed to be more accurate
because they are reported after more checking?
but it is a diferent measure and< R> we can see how much less
there is in the April to May quarter
with 54,00 for a month and 52,000 for the quarter

Here's a question to think about
while you read this
why - in a era of wooden pit props
did the British army have a need for pit props
during the First World War?
The Western Front in the First and Second World Wars
was fought on
flat, soft, wet land
and on such terrain there are three forms of protection
everywhere plus some tree cover
in a matter of minutes fit young men can
dig a
Fox Hole
over days and weeks that can become
a trench
and we left hanging in the air
why were armour and air cover decisive
when artillery and gas had not been
the months and years evolution of the trench is
The Bunker
proof against a lot of artillery
The Gas Mask
EVERYBODY - including babies and dogs -
had them in the Second War
they were introduced in the First
some of the
were so thick they couldn't manage a gas mask
when they were introduced there was training
there is controversy about this traing
they were issued with th masks and
taught how to fit them and
sent into gas chambers
at first into irritant but non-lethal gas
later into lethal gas
and the lads who could not
get the mask to fit
or could not breathe through them
are reported to have been
written off in the gas training chambers as
a liability to fighting efficiency
we have NO proof of this
although the pit props held up the sides of the trenches
trenches didn't really need vertical sides
the main use for pit props was so that
the miners could dig tunnels under
no-man's land
and pack explosives under enemy emplacements

12th November 2018

Redcar's version of the face in the sand was of
Private Theo Jones
we don't have a drone for pictures but there was one there

You will have heard of a Rock Star sometimes referred to as
Elvis the Pelvis
Elvis Presley
We don't hear much of his work these days
This week we will sort out the words of his recording
most appropriate to the occasion
An American Trilogy
including the Battle Hymn of the Republic and
All my trials
Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old things they are not forgotten
Look away, look away, look away Dixieland
Oh I wish I was in Dixie, away, away
In Dixieland I take my stand to live and die in Dixie
Cause Dixieland, that's where I was born
Early Lord one frosty morning
Look away, look away, look away Dixieland
Glory, glory hallelujah
Glory, glory hallelujah
Glory, glory hallelujah
His truth is marching on
So hush little baby
Don't you cry
You know your daddy's bound to die
But all my trials, Lord will soon be over
Hush little baby, don't you cry,
You know your mother was born to die
All my trials, Lord, soon be over
Too late my brothers, too late…

Hush little baby don't you cry
You know your daddy's bound to die

The British are past masters at self deprecation
we are thinking about the harm The British feel they did throughout their
we should try to get a handle on the scale of
The American War of Independence
and compare its scale to
The American Civil War
we would like to consider how many lives were lost
in the conquest of India
and the battle for Indian Independence
and compare that with the
consequences of the
partition of India
India and Pakistan
and then the division of Pakistan into
Pakistan and Bangladesh
what is the distinction between
Conquest and peacekeeping?
The British have
Turned to Islam
at a governmental level
because of the depredations of
The Roman Catholic Church
and not devastating failure in
The Church of England
or the wider Anglian Communion
It is a blind spot in our knowledge about
that we do not understand how a nation so easily
driven into the thrall of the Nazi pagan cult
and yet emerge with a major political party called the
Christian Democratic Union
it seems to us that Europeans are driven to
plead for a despotic dictator at the slightest sign of
There is a major contrast between the aftermath of
The First World War
The Second World War
after the First
the allies sought
rather as the loosers in a civil court case are required to
pay the winners court costs
and after the Second
Germany got
The Marshall Plan
help with reconstruction
after the First the British
demanded reparations from
The French as well as the Germans
they wanted their fee for liberation
France stood against
Germany, Italy and Spain
who turned to fascism
did the British demand reparations from
Italy and Spain?
The Germans got the Marshall Plan
and they still want to rule the world
treat 'em hard, treat 'em easy
it's all the same
where is the evidence of
negotiation and compromise?
Here's the thing
Marshall was the name of the American military man who
organised the reconstruction of
'Mainland Europe' - continental Europe
after the second world war
so we ask
given that the
European Union
grew out of the
European Coal and Steel Union
set up to exclude Great Britain
under the Marshall Plan
how much influence has America got in
shutting down efficient British steel plants such as Redcar
before Dutch and German plants?
and a German car industry that simply assumes it has
US support for
for instance
cheating diesel emissions tests
has anything changed/
since the Marshall Plan set out to
did it set out to level the playing field between
Germany and the UK?
was it just the threat of having a female President that
drove America into the hands of
The Trump Dynasty?
Not very 'British' are they?
ah yes
Pennsylvania Dutch
Is it a veneer of Britishness that
holds America together?
and maintains America's status in the World
Many people around the world
know The British very well
from literature, art, culture, science and engineering
and they buy American on the assumption that
America is The UK's smarter kid brother
like Sherlock Holmes's smarter brother
whom we never see solve anything
he's only smarter because he never gets wrecked
This brings to mind the reporter's conversation with a miner
a coalminer and so a
reporter: so how are things?
What do you think of
Lord Lodonderry?
Oh he's a fine gentleman
we have no beef with him
Reporter: so where's the problem?
It's them
they treat us like dirt
and you can guess
the coalowner who owns the pit where our pitman works is
Lord Londonderry
bears of very little brain
and Trump supporters...
don't do
joined up thinking
every single thought is firmly
in a silo

to some extent ths illustrates a little of
failure of joined up thinking
or more precisely
making the wrong linkages
people who are
vegetarian or vegan on
moral or compassionate grounds
think they are saving the animals from being eaten
to a large extent - if they had their way and made us all vegan
they would be denying many many animals the opportunty to
in the sense that
if we all stopped wearng hats nobody could afford to
manufacture hats
and so
compassion in agriculture
is a more animal supporting stance than
vegan to prevent the animals from being eaten

We will now introduce a concept not much referred to recently
The concept of the
Battlefield Commission
In the First World War people did go home on leave
there was some two way traffic
a lot of soldiers died in a short period of time and
structures such as
staff officers
non-commissioned officers
began to break down
a serving NCO in theatre was not going to be sent
back to Sandhurst for a couple of years to
earn their promotion
Some people were promoted within their
class derived silo
Tom - not Tommy this time
Tom was in the Second World War
he was from Middlesbrough
there were three sections to his working life
he last worked as a science technician
in a couple of
Cleveland County Secondary Schools
the first being Gillbrook in Eston
he got that job because ICI decided to move
plaster board manufacture
away from Teesside
before starting with ICI
Imperial Chemical Industries
he had been in the army
and being a
lad from The Boro
his highest rank was
Battery Sergeant Major
so he had been in
The Gunners
not the soft Southern soccer playing nancy boys
The Royal Artillery
on the other hand
on Armistice Day 1918
Tommy was wandering around camp - whatever
and he came across
The Major
a hot a amajor
the major
We have said before that we are talking
The Cavalry and we are talking
the commanding Officer being
Lt. Colonel Yardley
Lt. Colonel Yardley was the spare
in the
Heir and spare hierarchy of a cosmetics company called
Col. Yardley had been in the
Boar War
In South Africa
and he had written
The Book
on cavalry tactics
fat lot of use in that
Sea of Mud
we said , or implied that Tommy was
Col. Yardley's ADC
in MASH terms - Radar O'Reiley
we digress
do you recall those Cellnet raprocks
the 1980s mobile 'phone?
think back 60 years to World War One
land lines
land lines from
The Front
The War Office in Whitehall
stretched across the trenches....
so you have Colonel Yardley on the blower to and
he keeps
loosing the connection
so he deputes Tommy to not just
make - set up - the but to impersonate him in conversation with HQ
so back to the Major
Tommy is wandering about in the day or so after the armistice
and he comes across the major
sitting down with his head in his hands
crying his eyes out
sobbing uncontrollably
Tommy had had his pay book stamped
but the major was up for demob
soon he would have to go back home and
return to
managing the family
fish and chip shop

We have this poignent little act of nature
This 'wreath' has grown on the steps of the
sand sculpture cenotaph
at Tuned-In

rememberThe Beast From the East?
remember it stripped the sand off the
drowned forest
some of the sand is back and it is holding the doors closed on
the surface water drains

we got a sand sculpture
on the beach

and it is one of those
I could do that
and so people did
with a bit of help

and this is a part of
The Help
doing some TV

The re-vamped Greggs is open now and
if you were wondering
they did get planning permission for those
tables, chairs and barriers
on the highway
and they are opposite
Costa Coffee
who probably don't have planning permission for that
A board

To quote Paul, the sage of The North
Every day's a school day
We have a new perspective on
the obsession of the
Under Class and their
Praetorian Guard
The Police
kiddy porn
or more specifically any sight of
cameras anywhere near children
and any photographs of children
in this connection we return to the concept of the
people unconsciously inherit
mutated, transformed, evolved versions of original concepts
there was a classic sci-fi example of this
we thing it was a
Star Trek
probably William Shatner era
the crew found themselves in a titanic struggle with a
Red Dwarf
Battle Star
and when they overcame it and examined it
they found that the whole structure had accreted around
the tiny space ship sent out to
boldly split infinitives
and discover non-human life in
the universe beyond
we have just discovered that
apparently, during the First World War
it was a
Court Marshalable offence
akin to
to be in possession of a camera
whilst on active service
when you are a
Bear of Very Little Brain
even if you have never been closer to active service than
having a grandad who was
In The War
you may grow up with
the meme that
photography is heinous and seriously illegal

and thus the basis of an inter generational battle between the
Barack Room Lawyers
and the
wielders of
Smart 'Phones

having reference to
Hill Street Centre
having an access from
Linthorpe Road
gives us pause for thought
at around that point on Linthorpe Road there is
fairly high end men's outfitters in
a restored pub that
sports the first example of the world's first
Registered Trademark
The Bass Triangle
What is more apposite is that the preserved elements include
a ceramic frontage that examplifies
On Linthorpe Road the
Doctor Dresser
style of
Linthorpe Ware
at around the turn of the 19th to the 20th century
a style of ceramic was developed that did not stay in
Linthorpe for long
but over three of four potteries was very influential
the dominant look is a glossy mottled dark green
There's a pale brown version on Redcar High Street
that was for a time called
The Stockton

The "father of industrial design" is being honoured in
the Teesside town where he aimed to set up an art industry colony.
Christopher Dresser has also been described as
the forgotten figure of the Victorian art world,
as he never gained the recognition of contemporaries such as William Morris.
However, he created what were effectively some of the first designer labels in
ceramics, wallpaper, textiles, glass and pottery ware.
In 1879, Dresser helped found Linthorpe Art Pottery in Middlesbrough to
provide employment for redundant ironworkers.
A £10,000 bequest has now led to the formation of
the Christopher Dresser Society at Teesside University,
to recognise his work and create a resource for further scholarship.
It is being launched with a lecture and symposium ,
and there will also be behind-the-scenes events at the Dorman Museum,
which holds the world's largest collection of Linthorpe Pottery.
Dresser was born in Glasgow in 1834 and went on to travel widely in
Japan, America and across Britain.

We now have a slghtly altered view of the military dynamics of
The First World War
digging trenches provided almost perfect protection from
enemy small arms fire
all that was initially available
this lead to long periods of little advance on either side but
high casualties from
sorties out of the trenches
two things changed that
and then casualties were high despite the trenches
what is very surprising is that
the Americans
planned to - in the modern parlance
the final allied victory
Tommy recalled meeting a column of Yanks
sent to relieve the British
and being asked
where's that
God danged shootin' gallery?
the yanks were cut to bits in hours and
the Brits had to go back to the front long before they had expected
on top of that
the Yanks turning up late to claim the glory
turned up too late
and the final defeat of the Germans took only 100 days
and that was probably down to the introduction of
air cover

9th November 2018

Here we go with
Marks and Spencer
Marks and Spencer Middlesbrough
Hill Street Centre
M and S James Cook Hospital
M and S Guisborough Food Hall
Marks and Spencer Middlesbrough, Redcar
Hillstreet Shopping Centre
01642 227811
Open · Closes 6PM
Located in: Hillstreet Shopping Centre
25 Linthorpe Rd, Middlesbrough TS1 1RH Hours: Open · Closes 6PM
Marks & Spencer Middlesbrough Cleveland
01642 457911
Open · Closes 8PM
2B A1085 Cleveland Retail Park Middlesbrough TS6 6UX GB,
A1085, Marske-by-the-Sea, Redcar TS11 8AA
Phone: 01642 457911 Marks & Spencer Teesside
Teesside Retail Park
01642 608452
Open · Closes 9PM
Firstly when a business gives it's address as
Middlesbrough, Cleveland
It's in Redcar and Cleveland
not Middlesbrough

What we are saying is
First we had
Asda South Bank
Then we had Tesco on
The Eston Rec Recreation Ground
then we had
Cleveland Retail Park
Cleveland Retail Park fronts - in case you didn't know
Skippers Lane Industrial Estate
And Marks and Spencer Teesside
is in Thornaby
on the site of the former
Stockton Race Course
An the Teesside unit is the one with
things other than
Half of the defunct Redcar High Street store was
devoted to food
and... Teesside Park has a mega
Morrisons food store
and has lost - amongst others
Toys R Us and Maplin

8th November 2018

We are interested in this concept of
The Decline of the High Street
The Revolution in Retail
what we find interesting is the concept of
retail as it used to be
first we will repeat one of Tommy's retail stories
he was doing a relief shift in a Co-op shop
and somebody came in and asked for
a quarter of broken biscuits
we haven't got any broken biscuits
can't you break some?
shops are local
perhaps they get too close to their
client base
how many friends and family are entitled to
benefit from a worker's staff discount?
but there is loyalty and trust
deeper and more meaningful than
discount vouchers and points and
Green Stamps - nobody remember those??
what is missed in this conversation is the idea that
The Internet
is the first iteration or example of
consumers - end users, consumers - getting
direct access to warehousing
bypassing the retail shop
this is clearly not so
to be pedantic...,BR> the railways came to America and
a chap called
decide to use the
US postal service to
distribute a catalogue
and sell to the nation
Mail Order
the moves from
Mail Room
Call Centre
On Line
are trivial compared to
the mass printing of retail catalogues
and so
is no explanation for the
decline of the High Street
the decline of the High Street
relates - mostly - to
parking charges, congestion charges
that class of thing
along with other
stealth taxes such as
business rates
supermarkets steal customers from high streets
local authorities can't
fuck up supermarket car parks
like they do town centre roads
and to give the local example
Redcar is slowly emerging from the era of
Can't have it in Redcar
it's gotta be in Greater Eston
Pathetic Tesco in Redcar - built as a Safeway
mega Tesco in South Bank
South Bank and Grangetown have a combined population of
around 4,000
So they build a massive Asda
then they build a massive Tesco
'cos they think
if we build a couple of massive providers of
entry level employment
on the doorstep of the
indigent poor
they will take up the work
shoals of people commuting from Redcar to
work in South Bank and not live there

6th November 2018

It's way too late to make this suggestion now
let us record the thought
It would be good to sound the sirens on
Wilton International
for eleven seconds
at eleven minutes past eleven on Sunday 11th November
to broadcast something similar on the
Tannoy at Redcar Race Course
We can make the suggestion that
Wilton changes it's regular siren test to
the eleventh of each month
instead of 11 am on a Tuesday
The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists (1914) is
a semi-biographical novel by the Irish writer Robert Tressell,
published after his death from tuberculosis in 1911,
about a house painter's efforts to find work in the fictional English town of
Mugsborough (based on the coastal town of Hastings) to
stave off the workhouse for himself and his daughter.
An explicitly political work, it is widely regarded as
a classic of working-class literature.
Writing in the Manchester Evening News in April 1946 George Orwell praised the book's
ability to convey "without sensationalism and almost without plot ...
the actual detail of manual work and the tiny things almost unimaginable to
any comfortably situated person which make life a misery when
one's income drops below a certain level".
He considered it "a book that everyone should read"
and a piece of social history that left one
"with the feeling that a considerable novelist was lost in
this young working-man whom society could not bother to keep alive".
Ricker has read this book
it is long and he did not annotate his copy
He believes half of it was written by
'the author'
and half by an editor
the line he cannot find time to locate is
a discussion between workers in a meal break where one of them says
What we need is a
Great War
This was written before 1914
we suggest that
The Scottish Highlands were
subject to
The Highland Clearances
replacing people with sheep
when automation came to industry
steam and diesel power
some people flocked to the likes of
for factory work
but further to the
South East
opportunities were less obvious
there is a simple two stage logic to this
There was no welfare state
no industry in some areas
the government - all toffs at the time
no universal adult sufferage
said lets' put the surplus men into the army
and get
the middle calss and neuveau riche industrialists
to pay for it
and they said
we ain't paying all this tax for the forces
if there isn't a war on
hence the 'need' for
A Great War
and the frustration of
The Press
about the lack of
re-runs of the Charge of The Light Brigade

The Safe to Sleep campaign, formerly known as the Back to Sleep campaign
is an initiative backed by the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)
at the US National Institutes of Health to encourage parents to
have their infants sleep on their backs (supine position) to
reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.
Since "Safe to Sleep" was launched in 1994,
the incidence of SIDS has declined by more than 50 per cent

The teaching of
The Recovery Position
Safe to Sleep
and it should stop
clealy babies are snottered to hell and
preventing cross contamination from
one lung to the other is

5th November 2018

A quote from The British Cavalry
oft quoted in the First World War
relating in part to the demise of
The King's Shilling
We get men for nought
we 'ave to buy 'orses
The King's shilling, sometimes called the Queen's shilling when
the Sovereign is female, is
a historical slang term referring to the earnest payment of one shilling given to
recruits to the Armed forces of the United Kingdom in the 18th and 19th centuries,
although the practice dates back to the end of the English Civil War.
To "take the King's shilling" was to agree to serve as a sailor or soldier in
the Royal Navy or the British Army.
It is closely related to the act of
The practice officially stopped in 1879, although the term is still used informally
men sometimes drank a pint in a pub
and found a shilling in the bottom of the mug
and were deemed enlisted
pewter mugs with a shilling under glass in the base are made and sold today
in memory

2nd November 2018

Somewhere in our archive we have a picture of
Cauldron Snout
it's black and white and taken
around the time that
Cow Green Reservoir
was built
but since we can't be bothered to find it
and this colour picture is almost identical
we've ripped it off a website called something like
The Teesdale Cow

we will one day find our own image
and perhaps make further use of that

We want to mark
The Centenary of the Armistice
with a Tommy - Ricker story
Ricker's mam paid for him to have some piano lessons
they did not go well and ended quickly
there was a reason for this
Tommy could play the piano
Tommy couldn't read music
Tommy's idea of musical notation was something called
Tonic Sol Fa
Sound of Music stuff
do a deer, a female deer
ray a drop of golden sun
me a name I call myself
fa a long long long way to run
so a needle pulling thread
la ?
te a drink with jam and bread
that brings us back to do
none of this
staves and minims and crotchets stuff
this feeds into Ricker not doing well at school
he was a bookkeeper by qualification and
saw algebra as a way to
cook the books
with all its fiddle factors
so Ricker had to do his maths homework in secret
returning to Tommy and the Armistice
Two movies come to mind
captain Correli's Mandolin
The Piano
we will add that Tommy played
popular tunes but at the same time he did
it's not singing and not humming but a
specific jazz form
and so... when Ricker's dad played the piano
he always thought of
Louis Armstrong
What we are establishing is the
Tommy was an accomplished entertainer playing
popular tunes of the early Twentieth Century
so we are filling in gaps here but we have said that
Tommy was in Army Remounts
and that he started around 1916 at Romsey Camp in Hampshire
and stayed until 1919 or 1920
so we can picture him playing for the troops at Romsey Camp
but we have to use our imagination to see
a couple of shires
dragging a cart with a piano on it through
Flanders mud
nonetheless it PROBABLY happened
We have said that
The Cavalry got a bad press
Alley Slopers Cavalry
The cavalry being accused for
sloping off into a back alley of the fighting
because there was only one
cavalry charge
in the whole war for the
war correspondents
to write about
by contrast with the fairly recent
Charge of the Light Brigade
but - we think it was
6th Army Remounts
deal in draft horses
only the likes of
The Earl of Essex
had chargers
and the highlight of their service was the opportunity one day to
fall in behind
The Black Watch
when marching to a new depot

We want to consider a phenomenon we refer to as Newton Syndrome
There are two aspects to this
1 Yes we know you've always been right in the past
but this time you're wrong
here's the answer
I'll write up my reasoning when I get time
in a sense, when you are a Primary School pupil
every adult is a teacher or a parent
the worst thing about being a teenager is
the discovery that despite having jobs and money
adults get things wrong
there is this conflict between
common sense
we won't be held to account for not researching this properly
but it's a tradition that we say that
wise things are quotes from Einstein
who is said to be quoting
and so one of these possibly misattributed sayings is
common sense is that layer of prejudices we
build up before our teenage years
teenagers hadn't been invented in Einstein's day
let alone Newton's
and so the response
it stands to reason
often means
that's what we always say
rather than
this is a logical argument
and another phrase that has crept in is
out of an abundance of caution
that means
stuff evidence, stuff logic
that's a new idea
the old one was rubbish but it was
and still is, regarded as
best practice
for legal and disciplinary purposes
and so we will stick to that
in the American Independence??? spirit of
Gentlemen we must hang together or we will
hang separately
in other words
not breaking ranks
is more valuable than
not being catastrophically wrong
we could contrast
be reasonable
it stands to reason
be reasonable
amongst other things
including don't ask such a high price
don't give us too many new ideas to digest
it stands to reason
SAYS this is a logical argument
but it means
bye bye, I'm going back into my shell
in other words
reasonable comes from ratio or balance
and logic comes from
well it comes from the
Greek for speech
in other words
you have an idea
stand up in front of an audience
and persuade them that it makes sense
in theory the rules should include
the audience should be intelligent and educated
- citizens not slaves
and so there will be no
pressing the buttons of the illiterate
these days - particularly in complex fraud cases
finding a capable jury
is next to impossible
playing to the gallery
has all but consumed discourse
in court a jury should be comprised of
normal adults with no personal connection to the case
often this is impossible to establish in
the court of Social Media

Alexander "Ally" Sloper is the eponymous fictional character of
the comic strip Ally Sloper.
He is one of the earliest comic strip characters and he is regarded as the first recurring character in comics.
Red-nosed and blustery, an archetypal lazy schemer often found "sloping" through
alleys to avoid his landlord and other creditors,
he was created for the British magazine Judy by writer and fledgling artist
Charles H. Ross, and inked and later fully illustrated by his French wife
Émilie de Tessier—a rare woman comic-strip artist at the time—
under the pseudonym "Marie Duval" (or "Marie Du Val"; sources differ).
The strips, which used text narrative beneath unbordered panels,
premiered in the 14 August 1867 issue of Judy,
a humour-magazine rival of the famous Punch.
Punch and Judy geddit?
The highly popular character was spun off into his own comic, Ally Sloper's Half Holiday, in 1884.
Ally Sloper's Cavalry:
From Mons to Loos with
the Army Service Corps
During the First World War Hardcover – 14 Nov 2015
by Herbert A. Stewart (Author)
Before Tommy's time
but not before the time of
Ricker's gandad
and somebody else was at the same gig....
Ally Sloper’s Cavalry
submitted by Michael Sieve’s granddaughter,
Natalie Seeve-McKenna (Faculty of Education, Health and Community, LJMU)
Liverpool John Moore's University
Michael Sieve, far right, with his ambulance team in
the Army Service Corps at Passchendaele 1917
In the summer of 1917, five young men from
Ireland and North West England arrive at Passchendaele,
ready for ‘the big match at Wipers’.
Soldiers of the Army Service Corps (ASC – ‘Ally Sloper’s Cavalry’ – named after a newspaper cartoon of the time)
, they drove ambulances, evacuating the dead and injured from the front;
or, in the words of my grandfather Michael Sieve,
“putting the bits and bloody pieces back together again”.
Michael came to Flanders from his home in Limerick, Ireland,
where his family had settled after fleeing from anti-Semitic pogroms in
19th century Lithuania.
He had grown up during the Boycott of Limerick’s Jewish community,
and work was hard to find.
After a spell selling coal around the streets of Belfast,
he volunteered for steady work with the British Army.
Saved from the frontline by his poor eyesight,
George had a hernia
inugial - they didn't operate in those days
Mike spent the war years aboard his ambulance,
driving back and forth with its precious cargo of thousands of
damaged and dying young men.
A quiet man, he spoke little of the war subsequently,
except to damn the politicians and rulers who directed it.
He left the army to settle in Liverpool, to marry and raise three sons
. Kindly and placid, he suffered from his ‘nerves’,
and getting work was always difficult.
His wife Bluma, a migrant from pre-war Russia and a full-time midwife, kept things afloat.
Meanwhile Mike would take refuge in his card games,
a quiet figure in the formal dress of the time,
smoking his pipe and taking long walks along the dockside.
Little remains to us of Michael’s part in this calamitous time;
an abiding family refusal to wear Field Marshall Haig’s blood red poppies;
a recollection of his softly singing some few lively verses from
the popular battlefield song of the time,
‘Mademoiselle from Armentieres…parlez-vous’;
and the memory of a life lived humbly through the storms of the last century.

29th October 2018

As the crow flies it is about
twenty five miles from
the mouth of the River Wear to
the mouth of the Tees
The mouth of the Tyne about is
about nine miles north of
further away from the Tees
the River Wear
a couple of things
the Tyne has two sources
The North Tyne and
The South Tyne
the confluence is near
the North Tyne
flows around the back of rivers such as
The Wansbeck that drains into Morpeth
The South Tyne flows south around the back of
The Wansbeck, The Cocket, The Blyth, The Pont etc. etc
The Pont flows through
Tommy only believed in
he was a bookkeeper by qualification and
saw algebra as a way to
cook the books
with all its fiddle factors
so Ricker had do do his maths homework in secret
returning to Tommy and the Armistice
Two movies come to mind
captain Correli's Mandolin
The Piano
we will add that Tommy played
popular tunes but at the same time he did
it's not singing and not humming but a
specific jazz form
that's Pont ee land
not Pontyland
the South Tyne flows due west - east
all diddly squat 'rivers'
where we are going here is
many people have heard of
the waterfall known as
High Force
some have heard of
Low Force
but few ever refer to
Cauldron Snout
Cauldron Snout is the water fall that drains
Cow Green Reservoir
Cauldron Snout is the official source of
The River Tees
the stream that feed Cow Green Reservoir are called
the likes of
Trout Beck
and Burnhope Reservoir
is the official source of
The River Wear
and Cow Green and Burnhope are
five or six miles apart
people in the Tees Valley have a choice of
pointing their Freeview aerials at either
Burnhope of Billsdale transmitter
The Wear is in County Durham
and County Durham grew when the boundary between
Durham and Yorkshire was moved from the
bed of the Tees to the Pennine tops
to listen to
The London Chatterers
you would think that Teesside was nearer to
Newcastle than Sunderland is
tain't so
The aggregate for the concrete used to build
Cow Green Reservoir was
Quarried as Winstone - a form of granite
from High Force Quarry by Tommy's George Hodsman and Sons
and one of the industrial accidents that were
the cost of water
The Blind Shepherd of Teesdale
blinded whilst scratting for 'lost' explosives
in the quarry
A trip to Specsaver wouldn't have done him much good
referencing to ad where the shepherd shears the sheepdog

We try to fly the flag for all things
Tees Valley
we are a bit concerned by a stat about
James Cook Hospital and the patients of Tees Valley
It is said that The Tees Valley has the highest incidence of
lower limb amputation in the country
due to smoking and pollution bunging up local lungs
and arteries
the top line story is that
stop smoking advice has
removed the Tees Valley from that place on the league table
all good
however we notice that a lot of people in the area
with a lower limp amputation
do not appear to have been fitted with an
indwelling prosthesis
they seem to be knocking around in wheel chairs
because their surgeons have not replaced the leg bit with
a metal peg sticking out
to which to attach a
Help for Heroes style
that's a bit sad

continuing with the medical...
do not put friends who are
that's paralytic
in the
Recovery Position
lie them on their back with knees but not feet
in the air and
put something the likes of
a three litre bottle of water
under their neck
to keep their air way open
the recovery position is only to
drain a punctured lung
put shooting and stabbing victims in the recovery position
we assume in these cases that
one lung is less injured than the other and so
we want any fluid in the less compromised lung to
drain into the more compromised lung
and possibly out through the wound
laying the patient
on their wound will act as a form of
so long as the substrate is solid
not mesh or sand without
a water proof covering
or course not if that will drive a weapon
or shrapnel deeper into the wound
it's not magic or a deal with God

22nd October 2018

This is by way of a side note without
much of a deeper meaning, but
it is interesting to see some comment at a current inquest
relating to the specifics of
as opposed to simple
getting drunk and falling in the water
There was traditionally some sort of even along the lines of
a rugby football match
referred to as the
The Dental-Agrics are in that sense the
Newcastle equivalent of the
Oxford University Bullingdon Club
two things to consider about being
1 a dentist
2 a farm manager
well paid and shitty jobs
an uncommon combination
it can be assumed that there are in vets at Newcastle
and actually the Agrics will probably inherit the farm
Now that most dental and vet students are
dentals have a short time to make friends because
once they qualify
their work colleagues will be
dental nurses and hygienists, who hang around for five minutes
the Agrics are probably now in a class of their own
back in the day though better to find out early whether
you are cut out for a life
up to your knees in shit
and up to your arm pits in guts....
It is said that the most precious commodity in
Posh Girl Schools
biscuit tins full of
horse manure
top antidote for
home sickness
does the following constitute hazing
in a class the tutor takes a sample of urine and
dips a finger in it and
then suggests that a lot can be learned from the
taste of a patient's urine
he them sucks his finger
and invites the students to do the same
here's the twist
he is trying to impress on the students
the importance of
paying attention to detail
HE didn't suck the same finger he had dipped in the urine
will the students?
thus if you are asked to bring your own spirits to a party
should you bring a bottle of watered down spirits?
if you are in line to inherit
half of Northumberland
The South Island of New Zealand
why do you go to university?
not to get a qualification but to
get an education
fat chance, comparing the internet with
the sort of low life universites employ
no, you go to university to make
life long partnerships
like daughter of a Party Favour seller
going to St Andrews
is your only hope in hell of
becoming Queen of England

back in the day
the day before the deep freeze
council would restrict the location of
fish and chip shops because of the smell of rotting fish
by-laws about noxious trades...

22nd October 2018

The fossil boys have opened up a fresh front
so far we have seen
screen subliminal images of
their foods being cooked on
gas rings
we expect to see a lot more of this in future
we expect there is a financial incentive involved
a pecuniary advantage

Eeee sometimes we go somewhere quite
arrant nonsense
and what does that come from
never heard of this before but
arrant is a
of errant
Latin errare to wander
one of two words derived originally
from the same root but varying in
spelling and meaning
arrant nonsense
knight errant
this is what we set out to say
sometimes we speak disparagingly about
kicking the can down the road
so we got into
what does disparage mean?
in English we should say
sometimes we speak negatively about
but back to disparage
to decry, to belittle
to lower in rank or reputation
to deprecate, to depreciate
unjust comparison
and so to
what is the difference between
disparate - essentially different
desperate - to be without hope
and so to
perform invisible mending - dispatch
to send away - despatch
in American English there are two parallel vocabularies
words that are often used are spelt
phonetically - as they sound
words that are less often used are spelt
according to a set of rules
there are a lot of high profile contests
along the lines of
spelling bees
in America
and there is this classic answer
universally accepted as deserving full marks
to ask that question is a
demonstration of Imperialist Elitism
you get full marks for rejecting the question as
no need for President Trump to bring that in
and here is the answer
a Young Nation prizes
and tolerence and elitism are not good bedfellows
The question is
Why is London regarded as a Young Nation?
kicking the can down the road??
Europe is dominated by Germany and
Germany is dominated by
people who grew up in East Germany
and are dominated by
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
relating to
The Berlin Wall
and thus have a visceral response to any sort of
Border Control
kick the can down the road a decade or so and these
will fall out of power

19th October 2018

When not thinking too clearly or
consulting a map..
it's easy to conclude that there are
thousands of sovereign - separate - countries around the world
there are in fact around 200
and they use less than 50 commonly traded or exchanged
US dollar, Great British pound, Euro, Japanese Yen
and then all sorts from
the Argentine Peso
to the
Vietnamese Dong
nevertheless many trades are in US dollars
how many recognised countries
don't have a recognised currency we don't know
some of those are the countries that only use
the Euro
and one of those countries is
The Republic of Ireland
This Macron character in France...
is getting very anti-British in his rhetoric
we said...
when the UK leaves the EU
Ireland won't be able to hide behind the UK
when attacked by France
on the Common Agriculture policy in particular
imagine all those folk
turfed out of
North Africa and The Middle East
heading for
after being kicked out of Greece and Italy
Here is the question nobody is asking
could Ireland leave the EU and continue to be in
The Euro?
if it could then
there would be no problem with the
internal border within or on the Island of Ireland
there would just be a customs union of
the English Speaking
Union of The United Kingdom and Ireland
hence, we think, the
Transition Period
may not be a transition at all
but a period to see what will be the
effect of BrExit on The Republic of Ireland
in other words
at the end of the transition period
BrExit is stopped
Ireland leaves too
the original proposal is deemed safe
transitioning from one gender to another is
a process
gradually stepping up the drugs and the surgeries
the BrExit transition period appears to be
publish the proposals
wait two years
implement the proposals overnight
that's more a
grace period
a transition
a bit like a
gap year
you know you goin' from school to uni
but not right now

we caught a little clip of
Frank Field MP in the UK House of Commons
he seemed to be saying that
any hitch in the supply of state benefits to
drove them to, as he said
the red light districts of his constituency
for men - weighing in scrap, including church roof lead
for women - a knee trembler by the bins round the back
of the boozer
it leads to the idea that
men are being forced out of
girl jobs
so that wimin can be
kept off the streets
we have to ask
if women can earn 80 quid a day in a regular job
and 80 quid an hour turning tricks
where does paying or not paying them benefits fit in?
men are less likely to turn tricks than women so
women should have the jobs and the benefit payouts?
is that the Frank Field road to a
Tidy Britain?

18th October 2018

On the positive
the builders are in at
the former Clark's shoes in Regent Walk
to develop the extension to
Greggs snack shack next door
not so good
O'Conner Utilities have re-opened their
ducts to the Dundas Street sub station
the gas supply to the
Woolworths - Marks and Spencer duo units
has been disconnected
it looks like more work and an
all electric future
planning is a complex beast
some people submit planning proposals on
property they don't own
there is outline planning permission
detailed planning permission
perhaps the gas supply has been disconnected from
only the Marks and Spencer building and
the council 'line' is that nobody wants to
occupy it because of
sometimes disconnecting the gas is the first step in
what if somebody wants to
demolish the Marks and Spencer building and
perhaps build a
Regent Walk style arcade?
perhaps for the location the unit is too big
in business rates terms for
one business to occupy

17th October 2018

as is routine we refer back to
12th September 2018
We suppose it had to happen
the number of unemployed in the North East has risen
April to June it was 4.3 per cent of the workforce
it is now 4.4 per cent
that is the measure of the effect of
people graduating from schools colleges and universities
and not having jobs to move directly into
that's a lift from 54,000 to 56,000

and now...
what we assume to be the figure for
September 2018
up 1,000 on the previous month
down 4,000 on the same month in the previous year
September being a neutral sort of month
no surge of school and college leavers
no seasonal employment - retail for Christmas etc.
and September being the month when people loose their
seasonal Tourist Industry jobs
if we accept say 25,000 unemployed as full employment
accounting for churn and the unemployable
and a 4,000 a year rate of decline
and no sign of any
major employers
packing up
the trend is for 'full employment'
in five of six years time
speaking of major employers...
these September figures probably do not reflect
the recent major uptake of employees at
Sirius Mining - between Redcar and Scarborough
that is - including those previously there
well over a thousand jobs
much more in the pipeline
perhaps not so much help on Tyneside and Wearside
we suggest that fit willing and able young people
on Teesside will have little trouble in finding work in
the 2020s
we are not holding our breath for separate
Tees Valley unemployment figures

15th October 2018

We feel the need to remember
just another person who has passed away
and her name is Irene
and here's the thing
she was one of the longest serving volunteers at
The Cancer Research UK charity shop in Redcar
her life had been dominated by a really quite different
medical problem
essentially although Irene lived quite a long life
it was not a normal life
even though to see her at work in the shop
or living her life around town
she did not look special
she may have behave a bit
but she was not really apparently very remarkable
perhaps there is some drive to distract yourself from
your own problem
by busying yourself with other people's problems
Irene's problems were not cancer related
although we cannot say whether she died from cancer
her life was dominated by two things
she had really serious heart problems
they were so severe that it would have been
suicidal for her to attempt to have children
and then again
there was a third element to Irene's story because
she was one of the people who volunteered to
have experimental treatments
experiments that paved the way for today's situation where
heart surgery is ten to twenty times safer than
the amputation of a limb
Thank you Irene

Let's try to put this
Tyne -Tees
thing into some perspective
if you had a business based in Southampton or Portsmouth
you may wish to have a small head - sales office in
you would be looked at a bit askance if you
decided that you needed to be headquartered in
go figure

We have a Strictly theory
We think theat this Sean(n) character didn't shine in the assessment period
and got allocated to a professional who wasn't supposed to progress
hence the Megan's dad style pap set up
it turned into a good test of public opinion
but a problem for the press trying to find somebody to
trangress etiquette in a way that will
outrage public opinion
it's getting thin pickings

11th October 2018

Here is a different perspective on the
Ian Swales saga
what we find is that the emails that the police took to court
where there was the bizarre spectacle of
Officer Lindsey Forbes - female - acting out
the contents of emails
the main thing was
the emails that the police chose were emails sent
to a doctor at their - his - official NHS
email address and
CC'd to the personal email address of
the local MP
two issues here
a police officer 'assisting' Lyndsey Forbes asking
why did you cc these emails to the MP not
us the police
Ricker's reply was
you - the police - are not legislators
an NHS psychiatric nurse asking
how Ricker got hold of the doctor's email address
in the first place
the answer being that he had been given it by the doctor
and thus to the concept of the
post code prejudice
the underlying idea that if Ricker were
not a nutter
he'd have an office in London
the converse of this is even more significant
most MPs represent either provincial constituencies
or the refugee camps in London
they disregard any advice coming from
local experts
even if local means universities such as
Durham, Manchester, Oxford Cambridge
and are bedazzled by
with smart offices in London and
expenses accounts at posh hotels and restaurants
and swallow any amount of sheer bollocks
We see Cleveland Police are producing more
stuff about cold cases
we have to admit that we are in two minds about
statute of limitations and double jeopardy
we belive that after around six years
many solicitors destroy their notes on
cases the courts have finalised
we are not happy - for instance
with a situation where there may have been an assault
and ten years later some form of
medical negligence leads to the death of the victim
and the original charge is upped to murder
all of which relates to
our not having the documents for the following
but perhaps others do
we are referring back to our Ricker's brush with
Ian Swales
this is how we understand it went down
on some particular date Ricker emailed Ian Swales
he used the Ian at not the info at email address
so given that this was along the lines of and not
this was his email not a government
official type communication
and not directed to his office staff
that was crucial to the case against Ricker
but not the case against Ian Swales
the case against Ian Swales and Cleveland Police is this
Ricker sent an email to Ian Swales about the risk
that anything built on the Redcar Central Station car park
could be deemed temporary and subject to demolition
because of the covenant
three days later Ricker was arrested over
sending the skid marks emails
emails that had been sent over a month earlier
the charge therefore is that
Ian Swales contacted the police and asked them to
silence Ricker over the covenant issue and
the police trawled back through the Swales inbox to
find something that might stand up in court as
top and bottom

This Curse of Strictly meme...
we are not Dawkins fans but we must keep up with cultural trends
a meme is the cultural equivalent of a gene
in the sense of being subject
Chinese Whispers style
to mutation and evolution
This Curse of Strictly issue, theme
is significant
in the pre-20th century world of
gender segregation
and no divorce
a woman only had two people to please
her mother and her husband
what an extreme distance from the
1950s housewife to
the pop or movie star with as many as
hundreds of millions of internet followers
when a person's livelihood depends on their
appeal to tens of thousands of people or
just a couple of dozen work colleagues
how do we square that circle with
if you even look at another woman
I'll dump you?
should all female actors be lesbian so that
when they play across from male actors
their partners who are wives
will not get jealous?
we have contraception
we have DNA based paternity tests
remember Michael Jackson
a song about pre-DNA testing paternity suits?
the boy is not my child
not so long ago...
this drills down
because of contraception and morning after pills and
DNA testing
women can't
get a lumper after a one night stand
by claiming the bloke got her pregnant
and so
the blessed lawyers talk of
post traumatic shock
lives being ruined
to persue their quest for
non-tax based wealth re-distribution

We like this gate
we;ve never seen one like this before
we reckon it's intended to keep out vehicles but
let horse and rider through without unlocking

we are not in Locke Park here
we are in
Kirkleatham Woods

this one is supposed to be arty clever
the spire of the Old Alma Houses
framed by the poles of a
power transformer on stilts

the Kirkleatham Walled Garden redevlopment scheme

tree lined walks in the woods
just south of the
east-west part of West Dyke Road

we took a special interest in this fence
back in the days of
the enclosures
when the gentry laid claim to common land
they surrounded it with a
quick set hedge
and many land boundaries are still marked by these
hedges the core of which is
come the industrial revolution...
the gentry took to marking their boundaries
for legal not security purposes
with this distinctive
cheap and easy to errect
iron fencing

reductio ad absurdam
reducing the position to an absurdity
disproof of a proposition by proving that its
logical conclusion is absurd
carrying of anything to absurd lengths
oh what distances we have covered
our Ricker remembers
a primary school teacher who had for some reason
been to America - the United States - during
the summer holidays and
presumably at the airport
had been on
a horizontal escalator
a travelator
and remarked on the huge
warning sign at the end
we honestly cannot imagine that this apparatus was
particularly long
presumably it was installed simply because
it was possible
many people appreciate the help of
an escalator
but a travelator is
reductio ad absuram
as are many of the demands of the
snowflake generation
for child and female 'protection'
in the UK we have a chef from York
who disappeared
a doctor's daughter
a couple of little girls who disappeared abroad
one of whom was the daughter of doctors
the other who's case went quiet until
her father retired
in short a cast of characters who could be counted on the
fingers of one hand
and if it's a quiet news month
there will be a demand for a few more
million for the police to continue their enquiries
and then we get pundits on the news saying
look people are being swept off the streets in
their thousands
we hear about it every week
except that every week it's the same handful of cases
because there is always some
up and coming journalist who
wants to do a
Cliff Richard
and what is the inevitable consequence of
reductio ad absurdam?
the fable of the boy who cried
Americans may be more familiar with the story of
Chicken Little
who said the sky was falling in
there is an animated movie
two consequences
that and the fact that deriving from
familiarity breeds contempt
we see Halloween - a celebration
evolve out of a traditional fear of the
and so it will be in time with

if you not sure that an allergic reaction
shows up within ten minutes...
ask yer granny
first time you get a
'flu jab
they ask you
are you allergic to eggs
if you say no they give you the jab but
they ask you to go back and sit in the waiting room - area
for ten minutes before you leave
just to check you are not going to have a reaction

We have a further example of the
hierarchy of disinformation
The National BBC - London and Manchester
say there will be work on servicing
Royal Navy Ships
they say it will be done
on Tyneside
The regional BBC based on Tyneside say
it will be done
(on Teesside) in Middlesbrough
it will actually be done
in South Bank - in Redcar
it's a biy like saying that
something that is going to happen in
is going to happen
in London

This allergy thing is a job for our Ricker
this is thinking outside the box stuff
we've quoted the text book
we need to report the more extreme thoughts
this is not orthodoxy
we do get upset when people refer to a
peanut allergy as a nut allergy
peanuts are a form of pea
not a form of nut
that problem clouds everything else
Greek allos other, ergon work
The Thought of Chairman Ricker...
he's picked up on the fact that the sesame seeds
see, seeds not nuts...
weren't seeds but some sort of semame derived product
perhaps seeds, perhaps sesame seed flour
but siad to have been
baked into the bread
not - as with burgers - sprinkled on the top
and visible
at first blush that may move towards explaining any time delay
however, this is not where his mind is moving
he can't see how a bread dough could be manufactured
with a sesame flour content
without that being well known
this smacks of defending the victim against a charge of negligence
the time delay may be key
if there really was a time delay this raises the notion of
incubation period
we are here drawing together
we are familiar with the concept of an infection
having an incubation period
we have these two extremes that we consider separate
we expect the incubation period of an infection to be
we expect an allergic reaction to set in within
like with those allergen droplet tests on a
person's arm
this brings us back to the
anthropomorphisation of pathogens in
public health publicity
in the mid twentieth century
the idea that germs are
out to get you
we know about people who are hardly affected by pathogens
that kill other people
such people - especially before more modern concepts of immunity
were often referred to as
the mid maturity concept of immunity divided people into
those without immunity who would die
and those with immunity who would be carriers
in a way this is why immunisation schemes
require almost 100 per cent vaccination uptake
however we are beginning to see people more as in
three categories
another manifestation of
Goldilocks syndrome
those who have no immunity
those who have too much immunity
and those who's level of immunity is
just right
and thus we have
desensitisation therapies
are so to the famous case
if we were to design a desensatisation therapy for
somebody hypersensitive to whole sesmame seeds
we may well feed them bread with small amounts of
sesame flour added to the dough
what has to be recognised is that
food allergens
as opposed to
pathogens with allergic properties
do not reproduce or increase in any way
in quantity after ingestion
the wise know that if the spices are
too hot
a glass of milk is the cure
it does not destroy the spice
it wraps it up and delivers it to
the stomach
where stomach acids
destroy it
this is why an allergic reaction to an allergen
that is not alive and not capable of
is expected to take no more than ten minutes to develop
and should peak that quickly
then subside
at worst it should stimulate the secretion of
excessive quantities of stomach acid
leading to
acid reflux
because anything in your gut
is not by definition
in your body but
in a tube that runs through your body
a few bits of post conference goverment business
does anybody outside Liverpool demand
a Christian Burial for patients bloody bandages?

We need to say at this time that we understand that
The 2020 cycling Tour de Yorkshire will visit
we have no idea of the route but
as for cycling challenges
relating to local roads
depending on your definition of Redcar
there could be cross winds if racing along the
Coast Road
between Redcar and Marske
there is Yearby Bank
and Flatts Lane
The thing is, in 2019
all stages will start or end or take place in Harrogate
that is not confirmed for 2020
however, Harrogate is 40 kilometers from Redcar
and since stages are a lot longer than that
a Harrogate Redcar Harrogate stage is quite possible

We should tidy that up a bit
What WE would do is
Hellenic Macedonia
Just thought we'd say that before we forget

The Supreme Court appointment
we listen to the chattering classes
what we heard was a panel of two female commentators
with a female chair and no men present
doing a paper review and saying
why was this woman not believed?
She's a married woman
a 'Freudian' slip disclosing that a woman only
gains gravitas through marriage?
we scrabble for any other explanation
is it marriage confers gravitas
or is it
all single women are
pathologically attention seeking?

O'Conner Utilities have got the new electricity
cable ducting to
Dundas Street sub station
and some cables - low voltage - laid but not yet connected
they can get from there to
Pybus Place
but if they need to connect to
Woolworths Redcar
currently Goodwins, not changed the sub station name
along the front of the empty
Marks and Spencer
and a few amusements
back round to Bath Street
This is the thing
back in the daywhat now presents itself as
Noble Amusements was
an arcade that served as the other
choose front of back
entrance to the Palace Cinema
so the arcade is no more and so public utilities
cannot run back to the High Street
having nipped around
Woolies and Markies
so they amy have to go along the Esplanade to
Bath Street
and loop back to serve the
High Street North side shops between the
Palace Hub art gallery and
Bath Street
The Palace Hub - art gallery with space for
pop-up offices above
probably has its own sub station
they will have to come back out to
The Esplanade
that should not cause much disruption
at this time of year
except to Pacittos ice cream factory and shop

1st October 2018

We know nothing about the politics of
Greece and Macedonia
speaking entirely from an outside perspective
we recognise that Macedonia is a smaller country than Greece
but we also expect a country to be
to be more important than a county
except in the case of Yorkshire....
Yorkshire is
God's own country
it may be
God's own Country
but it is NOT
God's own County
East Anglia
can't write Anglia without thinking of Harry Potter
East Anglia is a region of England
it is a form of
Eastern England
nobody considering this issue from outside the box would
suggest re-naming a country
and leaving a county with the same name
in other words
WE would expect
Macedonia to be the country
South Macedonia to be the county
if Greece wants South Macedonia to remain a part of Greece
they should accept that it is not a country
and hence gets
second dibs
on a choice of name
This should be a problem for Greece not Macedonia
It is difficult to see why
organisations such as the EU
would take Greece's case seriously

regarding THIS from earlier...
in other words
wrenching something out of another person's grasp
is theft and a crime
but burglary is just
appropriate redistribution

most of us may casually thing that a person could
steal a car
in the UK
this does not happen
in the UK a thief is - sometimes - charged with
taking without owner's consent
if you take it and move it and abandon it
you have MOVED it not stolen it
and regarding livestock
if they choose a new owner
Pied Piper style….
That’s a loyalty issue, hence
Rustle not steal
After that…
possession is
Nine tenths of the law
Contact you insurer

We would like to refer to our being picked up on
our use of
microrhizal bacteria
and not microrhizal fungi
this is a bit complicated so we won't comment beyond
we know fungi are involved
we suspect bacteria are also involved

we need to quote from our favourite medical text book
Anaphylaxis can be aggravated or even induced
de novo
by exercise
and some patients have recurrent symptoms for
no identifiable reason
end quote
we have a problem here
in the specific circumstances of
anaphylactic shock whist aboard an aeroplane
this is a confined space
in normal circumstances
lie down on yer back and elevate the legs
could prove tricky
what we think is
first give oxygen
we are a bit puzzled by the idea that the needle on an
epipen should be 25 mm
you administer this to a thigh
you need it to act on the BR> smooth muscle between the ribs and
on the diaphragm
what we are saying is
this form of shock paralyses the
breathing muscles rather than the heart
the heart may stop eventually not initially
in this case it the
bit of
cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
that matters
we are not sure about the case currently
in the news but
the suggestion is that the 'plane was
half an hour from landing
but the flight was not long haul and so
it was probably less than half an hour after
no information was given about
how often the patient flew
what, if any, problems she had had on
any previous flights - long or short haul
we would not rule out
a reaction to
cabin air
the experience of flying - including
air pressure change
in short
there is a - in our opinion
a close link between
anaphylactic shock and
panic attacks
the symptoms of a panic attack can include
chest pain and discomfort
dizzyness unsteady feelings or faintness
fear of dying
palpitations or accelerated heart rate
shortness of breath or smothering sensation
flushes chills trembling shaking
all sorts
can you die of fright?
panic attacks by definition
last no more then ten minutes
pass off without treatment and are
if somebody has a panic attack and are
given very strong treatments as for
anaphylactic shock
that cannot be regarded as
a double dose of adrenaline
could adversely affect
somebody experiencing a
panic attack
This is the time line we have been left to
construct for ourselves
buy food in airport
eat food in airport
wait half an hour or so for flight boarding
get ten minutes to half an hour into flight
gradually fall into anaphylactic shock
what would make sense is
buy food at airport
put it into hand luggage
half way through flight take out food and eat it
proceed to die from anaphylactic shock
within ten minutes
What we were actually told was that
the cabin crew could not get the
defib gear
to the patient
because they were in the midst of
landing procedure
not 'within half an hour of landing'
and so a panic attack at the prospect of
the perils of landing
is not contraindicated
in short
around a third of people report having had
at least one panic attack
classic example
a person who entirely safe getting a panic attack
volunteer in a Cancer Research UK charity shop
on a courtesy visit - reward
to the Manchester labs of the charity
we have to think that the apparent increase in
anaphylactic shock diagnoses
could be almost entirely down to
misdiagnosis of panic attacks
There are related issues
There was that TV comedy series where one
of the character's catch phrase was
I'm the only gay in the village
when he clearly wasn't
so not
I'm gay
Oh I'm gay too
I'm the only gay in the village
no I'M the only gay in the village
what am I if I'm not anorexic?
in other words
for many, being anorexic isn't an eating disorder
it's a search for identity
preferably unique, high up the pyramid, identity
autistic savant style identity
naturally that is often mislabeled
attention seeking
significantly different
attention seeking - searching for an identity
self harm
triggers similar physiological reactions to
early, birth canal stretching, sex

There is a saying
farmers should
live as if he were going to died tomorrow
farm as if they were going to live for ever
here's the thing
whilst the leftist wing of the chattering classes
treat the poor as pets
creatures with no concept of time
the unions are increasingly selling themselves in terms of
deferred benfits
such as sick pay and works pensions
Momentum are setting themselves up as toffs
knowing what is best for the goundlings
the unions are being more inclusive and looking at
as the new middle class
that is the Labour Party split

28th September 2018

Perhaps this is
too much information but
we are considering Ricker got arrested for
not knowing Ian Swales' involvement
pointing out the covenant on the bridge site
so the authorities dredged up some emails about
essentially the balance to be sought between
keeping your children clean and abusing them
including to phrase
putting up with the skid marks
to keep on the safe side
Sam gets the gig of talking to Ricker
and amongst other things asks
how often do you masturbate?
he replied rarely, just to confirm that
everything is still in working order
what he didn't say was
because his illness meant that
he was incapable of the physical effort involved

On 11 February,1797
the British frigate HMS Minerve,
under the command of Commodore Horatio Nelson,
passed through the Spanish fleet unseen thanks to heavy fog.
Nelson reached the British fleet of 15 ships off Spain on 13 February,
and passed the location of the Spanish fleet to Jervis,
commanding the fleet from his flagship Victory.
Unaware of the size of his opponent's fleet—in the fog,
Nelson had not been able to count them—Jervis's squadron immediately sailed to intercept.
and so...
the Coatham Terrace names commemorate
Admiral Lord Nelson?
Funny now that
being gay is more acceptable than being straight
we don't hear much about
kiss me Hardy
once supposed to be Nelson's famous last words

The Mighty Redcar is complete
We have a couple of comments
but first
for ex-pats
we are pretty sure the betball player
was at
Coatham West
Redcar Community College
and so going to Queen Ethelbergers would have been like
The Waterboy
and it's around 25 miles each way
from Redcar to Flamingoland<
quite a commute to sell ice cream
and we may do a bit later about
Chris Rea
singer songwriter
Rea's ice cream parlour was on
The Front
on the opposite side of what is now
Pybus Place
That's the
Back entrance to Boots
the front entrance is on the High Street
when Regent Place was built
Boots swapped from the south to the north side of the high street
and so they got a
difficult to find
seafront entrance
up Pybus Place
so in a way
Boots stands between
Regent Walk and Pybus Place
and you could - nobody does
walk out of Morrisons
down Regent Walk
cross the pedestrianised high street
walk through Boots along Pybus Place
to Pacitto's on the sea front
we are expecting O'Conner utilities to have completed
the ducting under the Esplanade
for the new electricity cables
before Sunday 30th Sept. in time for the
Redcar Half Marathon
to pass
from now it's route to
the Graffenberg Street sub station
should be more along the back streets - actually
they only have the bit from Dundas Street to
France Street - actually called
Moore Street north of the High Street
to do
regarding Moore Street
Northern Gas utilities should be
in the record books
they managed to dig up the new blacktop - tarmac
on Moore Street, this week
before it had gone cold
it must make them very proud
from Pacitto's ices, that is still open
we have had a lot of businesses in the Rea's unit
including a horse tackle shop
at present it is a temporarily closed?
motobility - disability scooter - outlet
there has been a scheme for visitors to hire an
electric wheelchair
for some time
to some extent the council see that in the same light as
providing a
disabled toilet

The Steel closure taskforce was given around
ninety million
they have only managed to give away
fifty million
because the money had to be given to
redundant steel workers
to set up businesses
if three thousand people get
fifty million
they get
16,556 each
we guess a quarter of that number got
4 times that amount each most of the rest found paid work or
took their pensions
and it's like Lottery Money
if it isn't claimed
it isn't paid
so the SSI task force will never see the other
40 million
and so
for the government
closing SSI cost half what the budgeted
which will encourage them to proceed with
steel industry rationalisation
That said
referring to the show...
you can sum it up in a definition of being
middle class
being middle class required the facility to
live on
deferred gratification
the 14 year old said that very well
you don't get paid for handing in your homework
you get paid for weighing in scrap
irrespective of how much money you have
or how little
this is the Tory Project
and Universal Credit
is a part of it
paid once every 4 weeks
monster interest rates for
getting a sub
subscription? no
when Tommy was the wages clerk
the men would like up for their pay packets
and then go to the back of the queue and
return to the window to ask why it was empty
you've had it in subs
being middle class is
half way to delayed gratification
you buy a house and you live in it whilst you
pay for it
the living in the house isn't delayed
but the not being three pay packets away from
if you are middle class you buy your home
and risk eviction - re-possession
if you are working class
you live in social housing
and you get housing benefit if you can't pay
here's another phrase from the under belly
two scenarios
dad is the only wage earner in the house
there is no wage earner in the house
homes can be models of communism
within the home
things can be held in common
and so the phrase that characterises these communities is
when accused of theft...

nobody was using it

in other words
wrenching something out of another person's grasp
is theft and a crime
but burglary is just
appropriate redistribution

Early Autumn in Locke Park

Now, a bit more about
The bombing of Redcar.
West Terrace, which is a modern
amalgamation of the two sides of the
ancient boundary between
Coatham and Redcar
The Terraces of Coatham
Have different names on the two sides of the road
except that Nelson Terrace and it's partner are
not on either side of a road but
on either side of
The Cricket Ground
Hence, there is a road in Coatham that is
St. Vincent Terrace on the east side and
Victory Terrace on the west side
and it looks like the Germans blew a huge hole in
Victory Terrace
well it wsan't a conservation area back in those days

That's four new houses on the site of
or two?

26th September 2018

It's one of the minor mysteries of the modern world
why, when called to the
Coatham Road Surgery
do ambulance crews intitially drive to the
Lagan - Saltscar surgery on Kirkleatham Street
and then have to drive
against the flow of the one way system through
The Community Heart
to get to the
Coatham Road Surgery???

Sometimes we remember saying and wonder
how limited in space and time was their popularity?
Today we are thinking about
You throw your rubbish
where you throw your love
to some extent it points up the current concept of
the snowflake generation
every agency is running around falling over itself to
banish stress from the lives of people
especially women and children
alongside the above saying was
you've made your bed
now you have to lie in it
social stability, to some extent
meant having the same argument with the same person
over and over again
restraining orders today handed out like parking tickets, mean
you never discuss any topic with the same person twice
it's a different kind of
Groundhog Day
we are seeing a sense of
Gender Reversal
once women get into a workplace
they demand that it become a
female only safe space
and as women used to work in the home
not just cooking and cleaning but also doing
spinning, weaving sewing etc.
not so much female weavers
now women go to 'work' to
and men stay home and
and in the workplace
a Queen Bee emerges who
seeks to be the only member of the work group who is
having sex
even though they are past having children themselves
they want the attention of their female minions
focused on them and not children
The Bill Cosby thing is interesting
we are considering two types of fear of apprehension
so we'll take skydiving as our example
could be bunji jumping
some people with a fear of heights and falling
do it once and it opens up a whole exciting new world
some will have their fears deepened
from what we have seen
we think Bill Cosby
saw himself as a sort of
amateur sex therapist
introducing shy women to
the joy of sex
not wise in the era of the
Queen Bee
moving out of the domestic context

24th September 2018

We have this uncertainty about
swan family life
from the evidence of moulted out feathers
we would say that the pair on the east pond of the marsh
are hiding at least one cygnet
but these pics are from
The Fleet
three cygnets
two adult males
one adult female
two of the cygnets were sticking to
one male and one female
the other cygnet was staying close to the other male
we do suspect that closely related adults
look after each other's cygnets
leading to the appearance that one pair has produced
an enormous brood

Here's the problem with people who believe in a
pyramid structure for society
they believe that they - in particular
and anybody else is part of a minority
they must by definition be
superior to anybody more ordinary
whereas they may be a part of the
under pyramid
a world made of things arranged in a
diamond configuration
two pyramids joined together
at their bases
The Inquest into the Westminster Bridge murders
provides a different perspective
the thing happened because
this guy got off on previous charges
on the basis that he lost control when defending the
honour of his religion
so he felt indebted to his religion and his version of God
and Westminster Bridge was his
payback to God
for getting him off
to make sure that his debt to God didn't
shift him down the pyramid
In heaven
and that is for eternity...

We don't know what Comcast will do with Sky
Here's the thing
It was Comcast who put the
fibreoptic cables into Redcar
they passed it on to
fairly early and
then they bought into the Virgin brand
so Sky?
not so sky now, more fibreoptic
saves putting up them satellites
Comcast are a cable company

We have Suzannah Constantine on Strictly
Did you know that
The University oof Teesside was originally
Constantine College
and the Borough Road frontage of the university is
the original Constantine College building - the grey rocks
and the shipping company that Constantine founded
Constantine Hogg
and Connie Hogg
lived in a house in Corporation Road, Redcar
a spinster
it brings to Ricker's mind how
his mam sometimes related to him in
what should we say
more like a daughter than a son
sharing things only a daughter would find useful
down to a rather intimate response from
Connie to the question
how are you

Black plastic
the first principle of plastic recycling is
if the raw material is multi-coloured
add a load of soot and make the product black
so black plastic is
1 recycled
2 packed with soot
can't add more soot, things would fall apart
two stated problems
photo sorters get confused
by all that soot?
non black plastic
lets light through that
upsets the roots of potted plants

We're gonna put a marker down here because we may forget the
details if we don't and we have no time to research this
HMS Endeavour, Captain Cook's ship
scuttled as Lord Sandwich II
in the war of American Independence
presumably still working for the British??
as a troop carrier
is said to be one of a dozen or so ships scuttled
sunk deliberately
at the same time
off Rhode Island in 1776 by the British
and the People of Rhode Island reckon to own it
not The British, not the Australians, not the finders
it's kind of symbolic of
The British giving The Americas their Independence
as much as the
Founding of Australia
This is a perspective we don't often see
one decade between
Discovering Australia and giving up America
We have to think
The British would have fought a lot harder
or just allowed some Americans to sit in
Parliament in London
if they didn't have their brand new toy
That was the whole point
No taxation without representation
write off the taxes from America and
put your energies into exploiting Australia
here's the technical bit
bits of wood...
they have found bits of wood they think are from Endeavour
they want to try to show that that wood came from trees
harvested from the Whitby - North Yorkshire, UK - area
because Endeavour was built in Whitby and
the other ships recorded as scuttled at the same time
were not??
if the Whitby ship builders imported their timber
the identification process my be sunk
we doubt many 'artifacts' were left on a
hulk deliberately scuttled
it does seem Cook was allowed to sail around the world in
a ship that was near its scrap by date
a troop carrier is not a fighting ship
1770 was Australia foundation year

We get these flyers through our doors
regularly - probably once a year - from
Queen Ethelberger's girl school in York
this The Mighty Redcar related
here's the math
the fees are 18,000 pounds a year but you get
a 90 per cent discount if you from Grangetown
Now we have a bit or an idea about
educational economics and
we would expect that 18 grand a year would buy you
a place at a
Boarding School
at the very least we would expect
boarding Monday to Thursday night every week
if you have the facilities
letting the poorest pupils stay over on the weekends
no prob
SO what the hell
is that netball lass doing commuting daily
from Redcar to York?
or more exactly
not taking the course because her mum
couldn't afford the train fares
on the other hand
1,800 a year fees for a day pupil
not so much of a discount is it
Queen Ethelbergers don't appear to have had a right of reply
to us, as broadcast it looks like
an open and shut case of
modern slavery
perpetrated by the mother on the daughter
because it involves childcare
and not
the bleedin' heart
won't be interested
the whole enterprise is driven
not by the identity of the'victim'
but whether the case puts a
class or gender enemy
in the frame
we do wonder how long it will be before
men are being criticised for
failing to consummate a relationship
compete a marriage by sexual intercourse
no sign of bursaries for
girls with no father to help them
escape their demanding mothers
thinking about such families and
children now in their seventies
the father of a boy and a girl living in Corporation Road
died when they were in their mid teens and the lad
was taken straight out of school - Coatham
and given a job in Barclays Bank
so he could support himself, his mother and sister
his sister got a job in the same bank as
the manager's secretary
now that's the sort of thing
the sort of local Freemason sort of thing
that head office was always going to put a stop to
a couple of
no marriage, no kids, early retirements
there then
speaking of which
they were - the brother and sister
stalwarts of fundraising for the
now we are not happy with the RNLI
they took away our lifeboat
not the seafront zodiacs
the mariners lifeboat at South Gare
and then they got into this thing about
The Ginner
if you want to stay Royal you'll have to
come out against sex
and that is why
the NSPCC refused to go Royal

we may get the name eventually but let's call
The Home Guard, Dad's Army
let's suppose there was a lad in the Home Guard who was
a Private Pike type character
we understand
Redcar had never been bombed any other time before or since
and most of the bombs - about three - landed in Locke Park Lake
damaging houses in Corporation Road
The ceiling fell down on Pat Robson's bed
and that indicates she was sleeping in the back bedroom
not the side bedroom at the time
it must have been early evening if Pat wasn't in bed
her mam had dug her out of bed and taken her to the
Air raid Shelter at
The Quarendons
her dad may well not have been home because he was often
Fire Watching
on the roof of the office building
the old version of
Prudential House
in Albert Road, Middlesbrough
they didn't have
Anderson Shelters
In Corporation Road
they had the brick built ones with
a foot thick of concrete for a roof
there's an Anderston Shelter in Ricker's garden
to this day
somebody put a mezanine in it
to act as a rabbit hutch
the bottom is frog heaven
it's flooded as the water table has risen
and while we're at it
the playing field of
Coatham Church of England Primary school
near the bridge approach
a megga shelter called a
decontamination unit - centre
the blast blew the bedroom door open
this is the Private Pike bit
there is this guy - may be alive to this day
we forget his name
either he heard the air-raid siren and failed to
muster to the Home Guard post
or he mustered and sneaked out
but when the bomb landed
he was in the cinema
and not the Home Guard HQ
and he lived hapily ever after
sliding doors again

we caught an episode of the rather tiresome series about the
a family of loggers in North America
this particularly irksome sequence related to a
rookie driver
we don't know what side of the road these guys are supposed to use
what we got was an image of a loaded truck
slammed into the side of the trailer of an empty
here's the thing
they could have hit head on
they could have passed - road wide enough
but the driver of the empty slewed across the road
into the path of the loaded
and the driver of the loaded was fired for
not having his radio switched on
red necks protecting each other against
townies who
follow the rules

21st September 2018

20th September 2018

The disruption due to storm Ali
lead to us listening to a really nice chap
a historian
discussing Teesside history on
Wednesday lunch time on
BBC Radio Tees
and one topic was
the bombing of Redcar
so we thought we should clarify
There are two relevant
Blue Plaques
some mention was made of Zetland Road
we don't follow that
there is a plaque at the corner of
Coast Road and Zetland Park
that dedicates some seats to
use by veterans
we forget whether that is
seafarers or military
the other blue plaque is on Coatham Road
where the mayor and other notables were killed by a stray bomb
that landed on a Social Club in a house
and the house was not re-built
and the site is
a memorial park
We have pictures
It appears that there were so many people in the house because
It was being used as the Headquarters of the local
Home Guard
and so around 17 people died
including the mayor who was also a JP
many other services have added their memorials and
the site is opposite
the War Memorial in front of Cherry Trees
on Coatham Road
and is actually on the corner of
Coatham Road and Elliot Street

This is not yet the time of year when
office work appeals
however, we are moved to do a bit of maths
we want to do this now because it seems
timely or time appropriate
our first instinct is to reach inot the past for
an analogy or example but
that could be prejudicial
cause readers to polarise due to the choice of example
so we will tread carefully
we will start with
frequency distributions
experiment 1
27 heads and 23 tails out of 50 coin tosses
is a distribution of the frequency of
50 throws into two classes
heads and tails
the total number of observations or measurements
the total frequency
is classified or distributed amongst various
classes or classifications
a famous kind of frequency distribution is called
has the name
normal distribution
it has many observations clustering
around the middle
and fewer at the extremes
at the sides - when thinking of a graph
what we say here is
we expect that over a vast number of coin tosses
and excluding the freak landing and holding on the edge
you would eventually do enough tosses to get
exactly the same number of heads and tails
say you split it up
say you do a series of experiments
each of fifty tosses
and you record the result of each set of 50 separately
results such as as follows can be expected
number of heads number of sets with that number of heads
0, 0
1, 0
2, 0
etc , etc
11, 0
12, 1
13, 3
14, 8
15, 20
16, 44
17, 87
18, 160
19, 270
20, 419
21, 596
22, 788
23, 960
24, 1080
25, 1123
26, 108